Jase King

Stand n° 202

38 Rue Francois 1er
Paris, 75008
T +33781356125

E-mail address : kingjase@gmail.com

Website : https://www.jaseking.eu/

Jase King is an Australian contemporary artist based in Paris, known globally for merging art and fashion. 
His masks, or face sculptures, are his pieces de resistance. They gained international coverage as we were facing our most difficult period as a global community: the COVID-19 Pandemic. During his confinement, King decided to upcycle materials he found at home and created characters representative of his universe. Each piece shows the ebbs and flows of the artist’s mind. 
King uses artisanal skills, such as hand-beading and fabric manipulation, combined with the sculpting of clay and resin, to bring to life otherworldly masks. During the creative process, his movements and gestures are mindful and slow, evoking an almost meditative state as the artist is patiently manifesting his inner thoughts.
Qualified by the French media as “Tres Bizarres”, his masks represent the duality of their wearers, the constant battle of selves. King flips around the notion of identity by bringing out our most secret desires as our true forms.
His creations are all framed in custom-designed mirrored acrylic. The material refracts and reflects light, producing different colour hues according to the time of day. The frames incarnate King’s face sculptures: they change and evolve with each minute that passes, like a biological organism.
In 2022, King collaborated with the United Nations, to pair his works on refugees in a fashion presentation that speaks on migration during world migrants day in Bosnia. His works have also been worn on dancers in Paris, artists at their art installations as well as models during New York Fashion Week 2022. He has been published in magazines such as METAL, Sacrebleu, Kaltblut, BOYFRIEND, The Edge and It’s a Passion Thing amongst others.
He has exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Miami and Sarajevo.