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Ahol Sniffs Glue | Miami Art Society, Miami

Michael Gitter | Gitter Studios, New York

Projects & Performances by SHIM Art Network, Brooklyn

Pia Cruzalegui | KA Projects, Chicago

Susan Krueger-Barber | KA Projects, Chicago

Abiola Akintola | Belo Art, Miami

Caron Tabb | Beacon Gallery, Boston

Cabell Molina & Cindy Press | Love Art Gallery, Norwalk

Richard Pitts | Space 776, Brooklyn


Wednesday, Dec 4 

Visual Performance Art
The Rise of Plastzilla is conceived as an artistic response to worldwide plastic pollution in the oceans. It is a standalone project following the multimedia performance Deep Surface premiered in Miami Beach with support from UNESCO.

Plastic is ubiquitous. Despite its numerous functions, we are now confronted with serious plastic pollution challenges: from visible debris to microplastics, including chemicals that have been linked to hormonal disorders in animals (including humans.)

Wednesday, Dec 4 - Friday, Dec 6 | Open to close | Terrace Lounge
Visual Performance Art
SHIM Art Network brings to view Works in Progress, in which artist Alan King employs a totemic relation to surface painting through his working method of micro abstraction in real time.
@shimartnetwork | @alanking55

Wednesday, Dec 4 - Sunday, Dec 8 | Open to close | Throughout fair
Visual Performance Art
SHIM Art Network focuses on creating an open sourced space at Aqua to capture connection through the lens of the Miami Photo Project, an interactive portraiture initiative led by photographer Murphy McCoy of Aspen Art Curation.
@shimartnetwork | @aspenartcuration | @murphyannestudios

Wednesday, Dec 4 | 6:30 - 9:00 PM | Penthouse Balcony
DJ Live Performance 
Gabó transforms Aqua into a soundscape with an experimental multimedia performance featuring songs from his album Some Moments of Sweetness and Sensuality.

Thursday, Dec 5 | 5:30 - 8:30 PM | Penthouse Balcony
DJ Live Performance
Architectural designer by day, music curator by night, Citizen: Dane returns to Aqua for a live electronic performance with some new sounds. 

Friday, Dec 6 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM | Throughout fair

SHIM Art Network in partnership with Mas Tassini Studio, IFA Paris, LCBio Normandie and the mask master Sergio Boldrin present NO PLASTIC, a performance by Alexandra Mas underlining the ecological emergency associated with plastic pollution and our shared responsibility for greater sustainability.
@shimartnetwork | @mastassinistudio | @ifaparis | @alexndramas_artist

Friday, Dec 6 | 7:30 - 9:00 PM | Courtyard
Auditory Performance Art 
UOM returns for a third year to explore its world of sounds in a multidisciplinary sound project that pairs non-traditional, vintage and electronic instruments with improvised performance techniques and variants of spoken word. 

Saturday, Dec 7 - Sunday, Dec 8 | Open to close | Terrace Lounge

Visual Performance Art
SHIM Art Network reveals the art of divination through Deming King Harriman's genesis of hand-painted Tarot cards and custom readings performed as The Tarot Card Paintings.
@shimartnetwork | @demingkingharrimanart