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<Wednesday, December 4 | 3PM-10PM | Aqua Art Miami VIP Preview
Admission for Aqua Art Miami + Art Miami + CONTEXT VIP Passholders, Accredited Press and Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Passholders .

Tuesday, December 3  | 6:30PM-10PM | Art Miami + CONTEXT VIP Preview
Admission for Art Miami + CONTEXT + Aqua VIP Passholders, Accredited Press and Art Basel Miami Beach VIP Passholders


VIP Opening Performance
Wednesday, December 6th 8:00PM
LUCK is a Singer/Songwriter/Designer of @FOPSEVEN who’s pioneered her own unique fusion of R&B, Hip Hop, and Rock & Roll. LUCK has been featured in VICE, PAPER MAGAZINE, COMPLEX, Galore Magazine, and Flaunt Magazine - effortlessly curating & carving out a culture of music and fashion through her lenz.

Max Baum
Wednesday, December 6th 6PM-8PM

Miami native Max Baum has recently been called “the most dynamic man about town”-Miami New Time for a good reason. He’s been creating, hosting, djing, and sponsoring some of the top events for over a decade. Behind the decks his eclectic sound really shines with great song selection and timing. You can find him at his residencies at the Miami Beach Edition, Esme Hotel, Eagle room, or one of the other venues in Miami he plays like LIV, Gala, Faena, Freehold, and many more. He has also played shows across North America with such artists as Rufus Du Sol, Skream, Carl Craig, Danny Tegnalia, Young Bae, Soul Clap, Kaz James, The Knocks, Calussa, A-Trak and many more. He is a master of the disco/funk and nu-disco sound but no slouch when it comes to house. Max is bringing that Miami heat to a city near you.

Deconstructing Identity
Presented by: IFA Paris in collaboration with artist, Jase King Room 202
Made possible through the support of Kent State University and Mode Estah

“Deconstructing Identity” is a series of 3 performances that aim at blurring the lines and dissolving stereotypes. The 36 designs developed by the students of IFA Paris, paired with the face sculptures of artist Jase King, will progressively weave an intricate tapestry of identities that will transcend the ordinary.

Performance 1 – Adaptive Resilience
Thursday, December 7th 4:00PM
The first 12 outfits and masks presented on September 7th will reflect the ability of individuals to endure and rebound from adversity but to also learn, grow, and thrive in the face of ever-changing challenges. It will explore how unavoidable events can bring to the surface our most inner thoughts and let them shine.

Performance 2 – Fashion and Migration
Friday, December 8th 4:00PM

In the world of fashion, identity is not merely about clothes; it's about the power of self-expression and the celebration of diversity. The next 12 outfits and masks will tell the story of a metaphorical journey erasing frontiers and nationalities.

Performance 3 – Women Empowerment
Saturday, December 9th 4:00PM

The conclusion of Deconstructing Identity will present 12 pairing of masks and fashion creations that illustrate the removal of systemic barriers and discrimination that have hindered women’s progress.

The Androgyne Symposium
Presented by: Alexandra Mas featuring, Elton Ilirjani and SHIM Art Network Room 201
Thursday, December 7th 5:45PM

Alexandra takes us into a performance on gender dysphoria, a deeply emotional and sensitive subject. LGBTQ icon Elton Ilirjani inspires her to seamlessly integrate with this subject. He metamorphoses into a living work of art, becoming both instrument and the creator.

Blaze Olsen
Friday, December 8th 8PM

Blaze originally from Miami Florida, drove to LA during 2020 in his van. He began living on the beach in Malibu, making music, and surfing. Blaze received some love in 2020 on Tik Tok for his music and lifestyle. He has gone on from there to make lots of music, continually evolving his sound. 

Touch (sound emotional performance)

2pm and 5pm

"Music will be generated based on emotional pulses elaborated by an AI dataset, processed on multiple data of human origin, thanks to the instantaneous evaluation of emotional states. The public is invited  to step in and freely touch Alexandra Mas just like Ennio Spadini who is initiating the performance with her. Inspired by the human biometric signals generated sound Alexandra will create at the same time an automatic drawing"