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  • 11/28/15

    Aqua Art Miami Work of the Day: Tim Conlon "CN #14"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Tim Conlon

    CN #14, 2015

    7″ x 24″ x 5″

    Spray paint, paint marker 

    Courtesy of J Fergeson Gallery, Farmville VA

  • 11/23/15

    Aqua Art Miami Work of the Day: Caitlin Karolczak "Petal"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Caitlin Karolczak (1984)


    Oil on Canvas, 36" diameter 

    Courtesy of The Signature Shop, Atlanta 

  • 11/20/15

    Aqua Work of the Day: Jean Joseph Jean Baptiste "Zange"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Jean Joseph Jean Baptiste


    Courtesy of Haiti Friends, Pittsburgh PA 

    Born in 1967 and raised in Croix-des-Bouquets, Baptiste's mother had a vision that he had been chosen by Erzulie and Papa Loko, and so he began threading their images in to his artwork. His work can be found all over the world.

  • 11/17/15

    Aqua Work of the Day: Brian Willmont "Sweaty Dawn"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Brian Willmont

    Sweaty Dawn, 2014 

    Acrylic on panel, 18 x 24 in.

    Courtesy of Victori + Mo, New York 

  • 11/14/15

    Aqua Work of the Day: Mauricio Vergara "Ya Te Olvide"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Mauricio Vergara (Argentina)

    Ya Te Olvide, 2015

    oil on canvas

    35" x 38" 

    Courtesy of Emerson Fine Arts, St Petersburg Florida 

  • 11/08/15

    Aqua Work of the Day: Vonn Sumner "Totem"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Vonn Sumner 


    watercolor on paper, 13" x 11" 

    Courtesy of Morton Fine Art, Washington DC 


  • 10/27/15

    Aqua Work of the Day: Helmut Ditsch "Point of No Return II"

    by Aqua Art Miami

    Helmut Ditsch 

    Point Of No Return II, 2005

    150 x 240 cm

    Oil on Canvas

    Courtesy of The ArtFactory Club, Vienna/Vaduz 

  • 11/27/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Greg Slick "Crannog"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Greg Slick (Jersey City, NJ 1961) 

    Crannog, 2014

    acrylic on wood panel, 35 3/4 x 47 3/4 in

    Courtesy Matteawan Gallery, Beacon NY 

  • 11/24/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Fred Tieken "Sanctuary"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Fred Tieken 

    Sanctuary, 2014

    acrylic on canvas 36" x 48" 

    Courtesy Perihelion Arts, Phoenix AZ 

  • 11/22/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Ion Yamazaki "30 Days of Barefoot"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Ion Yamazaki 

    30 Days of Barefoot (2013)

    Inkjet prints mounted on foam board

    22' wide / 10" tall 

    Courtesy of Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, Georgia State University 

    30 Days of Barefoot documents the Yamazaki’s daily, barefoot walks throughout downtown Atlanta. Yamazaki uses his own feet to capture and document the residual traces of the individual lives and activities of the city.  The visible emergence and re-healing of blisters on his feet over the duration of the performance indicate both the vulnerability and strength of the Yamazaki’s body when subjected to the public urban space.

  • 11/18/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Benjamin Sack "Will to Pleasure"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Benjamin Sack 

    Will to Pleasure

    ink on paper 25.5" x 19.5" 

    Courtesy Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond VA 

    Ben Sack creates imaginary cityscapes of extraordinary complexity and detail, filled with myriads of miniature and sometimes recognizable buildings. His technical skill is matched by his vision :

    “I've always been fascinated by "the big picture." The grand idea of sublimity. All the artists who I admire have in their careers been able to capture this idea. An artist is one who creates worlds, for me I'm after the world of the sublime.”
    - See more at: http://www.aquaartmiami.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=13&tabindex=12&switchportal=0&highlightID=45377#sthash.MoHsLw9K.dpuf

  • 11/16/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Clint Imboden "Dug #1-7"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Clint Imboden 

    Dug #1 through 7

    cast polyester resin and found shovel 

    Courtesy Autobody Fine Art, Alameda CA  

  • 11/09/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Dale Thompson "Your Apathy Kill Me"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Dale Thompson (Toronto)

    your apathy kill me

    acriylic on birch

    24" x 48"


    Courtesy AWOL Gallery, Toronto 

  • 11/05/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Dominique Labauvie "Fractals 1"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Dominique Labauvie (Strasbourg, France 1948)

    "Fractals 1" (2014)

    22 x 30 inches

    Charcoal and pastel on sommerset paper 

    Courtesy Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami 

    Artist Biography: Before leaving Strasbourg in 1968, Dominique Labauvie studied Art History with Roland Recht and Louis Grodecki, then continued his formation in sculpture in Paris. He had his first one-man show at the Gallery Bernard Jordan, Paris (catalogue) in 1985 and in 1986 receives the Villa Medecis Hors les Murs (catalogue) and spends one year in Germany. In 1989 he has a sold out solo exhibit at the FIAC with the Gallery Maeght. 1997 brings him a commission by the city of Paris of a monumental cast iron sculpture Horizons Suspendus, which is installed on the Quai de Seine. Labauvie is the recipient of the prestigious Grant from The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation in 2009 and in 2010 the new Tampa Museum of Art gives him a solo exhibition of recent and commissioned works entitled Musical Lines in My Hand (catalogue).

  • 11/03/14

    AQUA Work of the Day: Andi Arnovitz "Nuclear Tehran"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Andi Arnovitz

    Nuclear Tehran: Fordow’s Underground Evil (2014)

    Mixed media on paper 32 x 32 inches

    Courtesy Shulamit Gallery, Venice CA 

  • 11/02/14

    Aqua Work of the Day: Michael Sanzone "Distillery Building Blocks"

    by Aqua Art Fair

    Michael Sanzone (New Haven, CT 1977)

    Whisky cask

    48 x 48 inches (122 x 122 cm) 

    Courtesy Kathryn Miriam Contemporary, Greenwich CT 

    The works included in Sanzone's 'Distillery Series' began during his time spent as an Artist in Residence at the Glenfiddich Distillery. Inspired by the journey of wood used to make the casks, some over fifty years old, Sanzone became increasingly fascinated by the subsistence of each piece. The barrels were built from Spanish or American oak, transported to Scotland, and then filled, used, thrown away, found and finally resurrected. The works in this this series not only convey the narrative of this journey, but also act as Sanzone's memento of a time and place. The distinct colors and shapes of each piece, united with the damp scent of whisky soaked wood, lends to a sensory experience that is the Scottish Landscape from the artist's viewpoint.

    Artist Biography: Michael Sanzone was born in 1977 and grew up just steps outside the Stony Creek Quarry in Branford, Connecticut. In this rural and blue-collar New England community, Sanzone spent his childhood working in his family's Millwork business. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Sanzone combined his fine art training with his knowledge of woodworking, the result of which can be seen in his sculptural paintings that the artist refers to as ‘Wood Constructions.’ He often creates unique wood frames or handcrafted boxes to hold artwork, enabling pieces to spin and encouraging the viewer to interact. Works in his 'Distillery Series,' created from whisky casks salvaged from the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland, are some of his most popular works, and began during his time as an Artist in Residence at the distillery located in the Scottish Highlands. 

    Michael’s work is in public collections including a recent acquisition by Rubicon Technology Partners and previous installations include the Truffles Building, Tribeca, and large-scale commissions at the NYC and Scotland headquarters of William Grant & Sons, Ltd. makers of such top spirits as Glenfiddich and Hendrick’s. Private collectors include Grant Gordon and Lloyd Gordon, owners of William Grant & Sons, Ltd.; Dante Di Loreto, Executive Producer of the television show Glee; Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events; and Heather Greene, leading whiskey expert and author of Whiskey Distilled. Sanzone’s work is represented by Kathryn Miriam Contemporary and on view at Cafiero Select, NYC and Art & Soul Gallery, Boulder, CO.

  • 12/01/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Chanel4

    by Mari KIm

    Mari Kim

    Chanel4 (2013)
    Ultra chrome ink printed on canvas
    100 cm x 80 cm

    Courtesy EJMQ, Seoul

  • 11/29/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Fuck You (Camel Blue)

    by Kevin Berlin

    Kevin Berlin

    Fuck You (Camel Blue)
    oil on canvas, 45" x 60", 2012


    "FOR WHICH IT STANDS, Americana in Contemporary Art,"
    Carla Sakamoto, The Curated Collection, Farameh Media.
    34.3 x 24.8 cm / 13.5 x 9.75 inches
    400 pp. hardcover
    Over 200 color photos
    ISBN 978-0-9840-3411-6

    Exhibitions :
    "UNCENSORED," new works by Kevin Berlin, Mark Miller Gallery, AQUA Art Miami, 2013.

    Courtesy Mark Miller Gallery, New York

  • 11/27/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Self Portrait as a Venetian Gentleman

    by Eric Finzi

    Eric Finzi

    Self Portrait as a Venetian Gentleman
    48 x 39, 2012, epoxy resin, mixed media on wood

    Artist Biography :
    Eric Finzi was born and raised in New York City. His art career started at age ten after his art teacher accused him of cheating on a book cover project. She believed he must have stenciled a copy of the Egyptian mummy he drew free hand. To convince her, he created a new cover in a different size. His parents decided then to get him private lessons in oil painting.

    When Finzi turned 13, he received a scholarship to a life painting class at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. By the age of 15 he was studying with Harvey Dinnerstein at the Arts Student League in New York City. Finzi then received another scholarship to Greenwich House School of Pottery in New York. At age 16, Finzi taught ceramics at Cornwall Summer Workshop in Connecticut and started college in the fall at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied biology and fine arts. Finzi began taking evening classes at the Art Students League under the tutelage of Vincent Malta and Raphael Soyer.

    After receiving his PhD on yeast mitochondrial protein synthesis in the fall, he enrolled full-time in the Art Students League with artist Knox Martin. Finzi then moved to Montpellier, France to paint. He moved back to America to finish his medical studies and began a full time position as a Laboratory Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Shortly thereafter, he started a weekend sculpture class at the Corcoran in Washington, DC.

    Finzi’s art career got its next boost when he was kicked out of the research laboratory at the National Cancer Institute for spending too much of his free time making art. He left the lab to start his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Dermatology department. After completing his residency in 1991, he began pursuing a mixture of painting, sculpture and dermatology. In 2003, Finzi began exhibiting his unique epoxy resin paintings in New York. Since then he has had solo exhibitions in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Cologne, Germany.

    Finzi's work was recently selected for Issue #100 of New American Paintings. Sloan Fine Art will exhibit his work at the Scope Art Fair, Art Basel Miami, 2012. His book, “Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Moods and Relationships,” will be published by Palgrave-MacMillan in January, 2013.

    Courtesy Perihelion Arts, Phoenix AZ

  • 11/22/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: There Once Was a Man From Nantucket

    by Jonathan Langfield

    Jonathan Langfield (Fall River, Mass. Feb. 1987)

    There Once Was a Man From Nantucket
    Oil on canvas
    72 x 72 in.

    Courtesy JAG Modern Art, Philadelphia

  • 11/21/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Woman in White Perpetually Turning

    by Kasumi


    Woman In White Perpetually Turning
    23" Monitor Triptych, perpetually looping gif

    Kasumi, a 2011 Guggenheim Fellow, is an artist working primarily in film. Kasumi has won global acclaim for her experimental films and video performance pieces, receiving, among other awards, the 2010 Vimeo Remix Award, the Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival Director’s and Program Staff Citation, the Sapporo International Short Film Festival 1st prize in Experimental film, the Adriano Asti Award, and the Chicago IFP Best Experimental Film award. Kasumi has performed and held large solo installations in settings including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Chroma Festival de Arte Audiovisual and has collaborated with artists as diverse as Grandmaster Flash, DJ Spooky, Modeselektor, the New York Philharmonic, members of the Cleveland Orchestra, the American Composers Orchestra, and the creators of Comedy Central's Adult Swim.

    Courtesy Gallery at Gray's, Cleveland OH 

  • 11/20/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Doom Loop #24

    by Tim Biskup

    Tim Biskup

    Doom Loop #24
    acrylic on paper
    12x16 inches



    Courtesy Antonio Colombo Gallery, Milan




  • 11/12/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Midlife Crisis

    by David Lyons

    David Lyle

    Midlife Crisis
    Oil on panel, 28 x 36 in / 71.1 x 91.4 cm

    Courtesy of Lyons Wier Music & Audiophile Plus, New York

  • 11/11/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Dark Side of the Moon

    by Tomas Vu

    Tomas Vu

    Dark Side of The Moon
    Mixed media on mylar, mounted on silver panel, encased in plexi frame

    The Artist

    Courtesy LOOC ART, Southampton NY

  • 11/09/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Beneath a Shadow, Under a Doubt

    by Paul Robert Turner

    Paul Robert Turner

    Beneath a Shadow, Under a Doubt
    oil and paper on panel
    42” x 52”, 2012

    Courtesy of AWOL Gallery, Toronto 

  • 11/05/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Head with Flower

    by Alejandro Salazar

    Alejandro Salazar

    Head with Flower

    Courtesy of Gallery 300, Santa Rosa CA

  • 11/04/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Untitled Orange "Bounce with me/Artforum"

    by Lisa Liedgren

    Lisa Liedgren

    Untitled Orange "Bounce with me/Artforum" series, 2011
    gouache on paper, 15 x 23 inches

    Courtesy Prole Drift, Seattle

  • 11/01/13

    Aqua Work of the Day: Sorry Reservoir Troopers (Pink)

    by RYCA


    Sorry Reservoir Troopers (Pink)

    Color Silkscreen
    Signed and dated
    22 x 30 inches

    Courtesy Robert Fontaine Gallery, Wynwood 

  • 10/28/13

    Work of the Day: WGM-34340

    by Eric Mack


    10" x 16"
    mixed media on canvas

    Courtesy Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta GA

  • 10/25/13

    Curious Walk

    by Susan Jamison

    Susan Jamison
    Curious Walk
    egg tempera on panel, 72 x 44"

    Courtesy j fergeson gallery, Farmville VA

  • 10/22/13

    Emerging Head

    by Mark Chatterley

    Mark Chatterley

    Emerging Head (USA 1960)
    hand built clay, fired to cone 6, crater glaze

    Courtesy Mayer Fine Art, Norfolk VA

  • 10/19/13

    Work of the Day: Big Fish

    by Marcelo Suaznabar

    Marcelo Suaznabar (Oruro, Bolivia 1970) 

    Mixed media on panel, 28" x 28"
    Courtesy Projects Gallery Miami