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Internal Universe -  Teresa  Olavarria
Alchemy -  RealLord Dada
Jacob's Ladder - Brian Altenburg
Occam's Razor - Brian Altenburg
Ryan Bolton Gallery
Stand n°  Room 216

E-mail address : ryanboltongallery@gmail.com
Website : http://Instagram - @ryanboltongallery, Artist Instagrams -@bm_altenburg, @reallorddada

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Brian Altenburg

    Brian Altenburg

    Brian Altenburg - Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor
    Brian Altenburg - Jacob's Ladder
    Jacob's Ladder
    Biography : Educated at Harvard and Oxford with studies in math and computer science, Brian Altenburg deals with complex scientific and political themes such as technology, artificial intelligence, climate change and extinction. Detailed Description : I have always been interested in art and its ability to convey both basic and complex concepts, display hidden meaning, or deep emotion. My art is influenced by history, literature, and science, and a deep interest in the future and its relationship with the past. Through my work I have always experimented with technique and media, and continue to do so - no one technique or approach defines my work. Oil, acrylic, wax, charcoal, pencil, and water feature in the creation of many of the pieces I produce, but are not limited to these media. Using brushes, pens, and pencils I often mix the method, medium and approach in each piece. I find painting with a canvas or panel allows me to control the output more easily and better interact with the piece. It is common for me to use my hands and fingers in applying or manipulating the medium to the canvas or panel that often results in unexpected or unplanned outputs. Often, it is in the unexpected that I find my pieces reach their best level of success. ​ My own training outside of art, has also impacted my artistic output. The process of analyzing a subject and telling a story through data in particular was influenced by my research which evolved during the completion of my doctorate at Oxford University. ​ At its core, my PhD focused on understanding patterns of data and extracting meaning from those relationships. The influence of that research is found at the core of my work. My means of expression over time has evolved from the creation of pieces which are unique in time and place and reflect a specific inspiration or emotion, to a focus on the creation of art as part of a defined conceptual series. I call these series Narrative Sets, as they tell a story. Narrative Sets aim to convey a concept or theme through a series of set pieces of art and can be experienced as a singular piece or as part of a narrative whole.
  • RealLord Dada

    RealLord Dada

     RealLord Dada - Alchemy
    Biography : Real Lord Dada is an anonymous artist of unknown origins who appeared in the New York and LA art scenes in the late 2010's (just on time for the roaring 20's, he notes).  He is extremely reclusive and private, but makes occasional public appearances.  Fully concealed by his outfits, he evokes a style reminiscent of the anonymous music duo Daft Punk.   His style and palette of his early work in abstract landscapes suggest the influence of modern artists such as Robert Motherwell, Hellen Frankenthaller and Roberto Matta.   His newer work suggests the influence of the contemporary artists Kawara, Christopher Wool, Jenny Holzer, Kaws and Takashi Murakami, whose former painters he has employed to produce the works of his latest series Instant Superfice, from which the painting "Alchemy," will be displayed. Consisting of 3 ft x 3 ft panels, meticulously painted in the super-flat style (a term Murakami coined 2001), this body of work reflects a series of Real Lord Dada's Instagram posts and the smartphone screens upon which these posts are viewed.  The full series of instagram posts for this series can be viewed @RealLordDada. 
  • Teresa Olavarria

    Teresa Olavarria

     Teresa  Olavarria - Internal Universe
    Internal Universe
    Biography : Teresa Olavarria is a mid-career artist who grew up in the midwest U.S. and lived for several years in Colorado and later Virginia. She graduated from University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1984, after which she studied Art Therapy at the University of Louisville. She moved to Colorado and started a family, moving frequently due to her husbands job. Eventually returning to Ohio, her interest in enameling and metal casting was rekindled. She has also produced several works in drawing and collage as well as digital work through training in both two and 3D digital design. Her art has been exhibited primarily in Ohio, but collected nationally. She has collaborated on public art installations. Detailed Description : My intent is to challenge the viewer to understand and appreciate themselves and the world around them more fully. I use a combination of materials: cast metal, stone, enamels, found and fabricated objects to create sculptures that express an idea or emotion with symbolic imagery. My works are inspired by psychology, neuroscience, biomimicry.


Bolton Ryan    Director/Owner