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Chi -  Bruno DaVenza
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The Janus Gallery represents a collective of artists from the school of temporal abstractionism, with locations in New York City and Atlanta, GA. Connecting over a common theme, these artists create captivatingly intricate paintings that reflect their unique relationships with time and memory. Working with oils, acrylics, and spray paints on canvas, they seek to crystalize the ever-evolving essence of time in a contemporary abstract style.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Carlos Adissi

    Carlos Adissi

    Biography : Brazilian artist Carlos Adissi is an international figure through South America for his ground breaking work in abstraction. For almost a decade, he has dedicated himself totally to painting, developing and participating in several projects. He is one of the founders of the USINA 14 Art Collective and remains an active participant in its coordination. Detailed Description : “Abstractionism in my painting excels in rhythm and movement, from continuous traces and overlapping paintings - velvets. The luminous points moving on various planes originate from the unconscious, stimulating the observer to emerge the images of his own unconscious. The works presented deal with themes related to the essence of being.” In his works, he presents themes related to the essence of being. Carlos injects rhythm and movement in his paintings, at once using continuous strokes and overlapping textures that develop into complex images of light and shadow. The luminous points of his art are complemented by the rich, dark layers, representing visions originating in the unconscious. In this way, he seeks to stimulate the observer to focus on and merge the images in their own unconscious. Born in São Paulo, Carlos Adissi started his career by training at SESC in São Paulo, gaining notoriety through the Art Fairs and Jury Shows before breaking into the North American art collectors market.
  • Bruno DaVenza

    Bruno DaVenza

     Bruno DaVenza - Chi
    Biography : Bruno Davenza is an artist who over the last 35 years has acted as a bridge between the community of abstract expressionism in order to understand how the distortions of time can be viewed through the mind’s eye. Detailed Description : Bruno started painting 1958, under the tutelage of Annette Lesser, his great grand-aunt who was traditionally trained at the end of the 19th century in Russia, and made a living in NYC in the depression as an artist painting floral trays and shower curtains for B.Altman and Company. Studying color and method for 15 years before entering the world of commerce, where he was trained as a furrier, corsetiere, sign maker, visual merchandiser, display person, designer, and manufacturer of women’s clothing. Commerce led him to other areas before returning solely to artistic endeavors in 1991. Bruno has channeled his success as an artist through charities that support young artists and allow them to learn, grown and flourish.
  • Nima Veiseh

    Nima Veiseh

    Biography : As an artist and scientist, Nima Veiseh translates the many interacting layers of memory onto canvas in a kaleidoscopic display of textures and colors. He is enabled by a rare memory condition called Hyperthymesia, which is an anomaly that causes him to remember every day of his life since he was age 15 in acute detail. This condition affects only 50 people worldwide, and Nima is the only one known to paint using this unique ability that allows him to see time differently. Nima’s paintings explore the dynamic nature of memory and its reflection on the human condition, rendering natural moments of transition and connectivity into artistic expression. Hyperthymesia allows him to see life in terms of many layers, and Nima’s process for each piece, which takes 40 to 100 hours spanning over a number of months, involves dozens of overlays of paint that represent the ever-changing, resilient structure of memory. He has been featured on the BBC and NPR, and shared his experience and knowledge through a fascinating TED Talk. Training at the Arts League of New York, MIT, Columbia University, Georgetown University, and The George Washington University, Nima has developed an action painting technique that allows him to texturize his works so that the images respond differently depending on the surrounding space and lighting. Detailed Description : Hyperthymestic & TED Speaker, Nima is one of 50 people on earth who can see the world through this lens. Art is about taking a moment, memory or vibration, distilling it into a single space & time, and exploding it as a real world artifact on canvas.


The contemporary abstractionism found in the works of Carlos Adissi, Bruno DaVenza, Nima Veiseh & other represented artists reflect each of their unique experiences with time, being, and memory. Their paintings capture the interlocking quality of these aspects of life and depict them onto canvas as real-world artifacts.

The Janus Gallery is proud to display these intricate works, each of its own ecosystem of color, texture, and meaning.