Exhibitor listing
N/T - Mabel Benitez
N/T - Mabel Benitez
Pájaro rupestre - Juan Manuel Romero
Fenix - Juan Manuel Romero
N/T - Carlos De Viró
N/T - Carlos De Viró
Entretiempo - Marcela Zelikowicz
Ocróxido - Thiago Li
Aqua - Thiago Li
N/T - Sandra Lavigne
N/T - Sandra Lavigne
N/T - Sandra Lavigne
Peludo 2 -  Paco Bosio
N/A - Juan Manuel Romero
Her - Marcela Zelikowicz
N/T  - Mabel Benitez
“S/T”  - Sandra Lavigne
Golden Lies - Thiago Li
n/t - Carlos De Viró
Tango - Carlos Terán
Adriana Budich Contemporary Art
Stand n°  Room 220

Adriana Budich
Gurruchaga 1145
Buenos Aires 1414 Buenos Aires
T  +54 11 4775 2243
M   +54 9 11 6172 2112
E-mail address : galeria@adrianabudich.com
Website : http://www.adrianabudich.com
We are an important Argentinian Art Gallery with experience and expertise in the national and international markets.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Mabel Benitez

    Mabel Benitez

    Mabel Benitez - N/T
    Mabel Benitez - N/T
    Mabel Benitez - N/T
    Detailed Description : Artist of a great career, awarded in several competitions. Her work is related to the work of women, with handmade craftsmanship. Is a work with strong materials and subtleties of fabrics.
  • Paco Bosio

    Paco Bosio

     Paco Bosio - Peludo 2
    Peludo 2
    Detailed Description : Paco Bosio intends that his works reflect valuable concepts, from the spontaneous, both aesthetically and ethically. It is proposed, in that kind of combination, to achieve a transcendent work. Something apparently simple, but complex when it comes to reality. This is for Bosio the constant challenge and that all human beings have in all orders of life. In his case he tries to apply it as an artist to painting.
  • Carlos De Viró

    Carlos De Viró

    Carlos De Viró - n/t
    Carlos De Viró - N/T
    Carlos De Viró - N/T
    Detailed Description : He is a Gestural, fauve, temperamental artist. Has a great trajectory, today he is Director of Visual Arts of the Tiger Museum. He made many individual exhibitions and was displayed at various fairs in the country and abroad, including Hong Kong and Tokyo. His works are in museums and collectors around the world
  • Sandra Lavigne

    Sandra Lavigne

    Sandra Lavigne - “S/T”
    Sandra Lavigne - N/T
    Sandra Lavigne - N/T
    Sandra Lavigne - N/T
    Detailed Description : She is an artist who values the process itself, working with several layers of color. It is distinguished in the strident combination of colors that generates an exaltation of warm and cold. She exhibits in international fairs since 2000 and in several galleries in Europe.
  • Thiago Li

    Thiago Li

    Thiago Li - Golden Lies
    Golden Lies
    Thiago Li - Aqua
    Thiago Li - Ocróxido
    Detailed Description : He Works with Digital reformulation of photographic fragmentations of an original work, the last one created under whatever technique. In this way, textures, plans and semiplans are achieved; light and darkness, contrasts,composition, symmetry, in small details, that Invites to observe them in short distances, that otherwise would not be unattainable; if they also blended, moving away from them, in order to appreciate shades and nuances.
  • Juan Manuel Romero

    Juan Manuel Romero

    Juan Manuel Romero - N/A
    Juan Manuel Romero - Fenix
    Juan Manuel Romero - Pájaro rupestre
    Pájaro rupestre
    Detailed Description : He is a young artist. Passionate about painting and graffiti, which makes on large and some smaller scale cloth bathed in resin. He has traveled all over the world, so that he has a lot of information about art. He likes to experiment with different materials and is inspired by avant-garde artists.
  • Carlos Terán

    Carlos Terán

    Carlos Terán - Tango
    Biography : Pop artist, colorful, his work has a great reception in the public. Art Attack producer and animator for Disney and Nickelodeon in Latin America. In a cheerful and childish way, in his works he interprets everyday situations of life. He exhibited at national and international fairs.
  • Marcela Zelikowicz

    Marcela Zelikowicz

    Marcela Zelikowicz - Her
    Marcela Zelikowicz - Entretiempo
    Detailed Description : She is an artist with a rich poetic thinking that relates literature to painting. Her paintings in general of large dimensions, have indefinable words immersed in them, so it is related to conceptual art.


Lucia Savio    Assistant
Mirta Suttin    Assistant
Adriana Budich    Director
We are the Adriana Budich Gallery of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded in 1996, carrying out avant-garde activities that had great repercussion, which collaborated with the consolidation of the cultural development of the country.
The Gallery represents very important local and foreign artists such as Leon Ferrari, Kenneth Kemble, Benito Laren, Gretchen Minnhaart, Eduardo Pla and many others.

Our Art Space not only performs exhibitions in Fairs and in different areas in Argentina and abroad, but also we have developed for 10 years the Guide of Visual Arts, which groups all the artists, galleries and museums of the country and the world.