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Santa Hey - Molly  Goldfarb
Bonsai 5 - Molly  Goldfarb
Ocean Suites - Molly  Goldfarb
Three's a Party - Molly  Goldfarb
Georgette - Molly  Goldfarb
Molly Goldfarb
Stand n°  Room 120

E-mail address : molly@artbymag.com
Website : http://www.artbymag.com
Emerging artist Molly Goldfarb will be exhibiting her vibrant, limited edition digital creations at the 15th Edition of Aqua Art Miami. Her works, created to scale using the paintbrush tool on her laptop, come to life in the form of large scale prints produced on archival paper.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Molly Goldfarb

    Molly Goldfarb

    Molly  Goldfarb - Georgette
    Molly  Goldfarb - Three's a Party
    Three's a Party
    Molly  Goldfarb - Ocean Suites
    Ocean Suites
    Molly  Goldfarb - Bonsai 5
    Bonsai 5
    Molly  Goldfarb - Santa Hey
    Santa Hey


Molly (b.1992) lives and works in lower Manhattan, where she has built a robust portfolio of acrylic paintings, digital works and marker drawings since beginning her artistic career in 2014. In those 5 years, her work has been featured in major fairs (such as the LA Art Show, Market Art + Design Hamptons and now Aqua Art Miami) and gallery shows (most recently "Color" Juried by MOMA Ps1 Assistant Curator Jocelyn Miller at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition). While geographically expanding her audience and collector base, Molly remains active in New York City's local art scene through pop-up shows, charity events and open studio exhibitions. In total, she has participated in over 40 art events to date, highlighting her commitment to remaining prolific in both creating and sharing her work.

As an independent artist, Molly has had the privilege of having her work featured by Kevin Barry Fine Art, Vellum Magazine/ Projects and the NYC-based Treat Gallery, among others.

About This Series:
After producing her first large-format digital painting in 2017, Molly channeled the flood of inspiration she derived from the process and has since created 44 unique pieces using her laptop as a medium. Molly creates these on-average 3 x 3 foot works to scale on a 14 inch screen, requiring her to "zoom in" up to 500% to conduct detail work on each portion of each image. This hyper-focused process contributes to the distinct visual crispness and overall vibrance of her final prints, which are produced in extremely limited editions of 3, 5 or 10.

In line with her irregular-shaped acrylic paintings and marker drawings, Molly's digital creations feature a bold, energizing color pallet channeled through a pop-meets-punk aesthetic. The subject matter of her works range from free-association abstract portraits, to plants, to pop-objects and "otherworldly" scenes placed against the backdrop of the contemporary United States. Her inspiration is largely derived from the people, places and objects she comes across in New York City, as well as during her travels to other cities throughout the country.