Exhibitor listing
Mixed Media/Digital Art Collective - Jennifer L. Gray and Phillip Johnson known as Gray-Johnson Art
Shiny Objects & Woman. - Rashelle Roos
Mixed Media/Installation Artist - Rachael Zur
Interdisciplinary Artist - Lori Cuisinier
Visual Artist - Diane Ponder
Multidisciplinary Artist - Janice  Marin
Mixed Media Artist - Faun Manne
scorched earth - Maja Bosen
Multimedia, video, installation artist - Galina Shevchenko
Installation Artist - Claudia Caffarena
Visual/Mixed Media Artist - Sally Ko
Installation Artist - Chrity Lee better known as CHRISTYBOMB
Visual /Mixed Media Artist - Diana Leviton Gondek
KA Projects
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KA Projects

United States
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KA Projects

United States
T  305-761-8921
E-mail address : kineticartprojects@gmail.com
Website : http://https://kineticprojects.wordpress.com/
Contemporary digital media arts, installation works, sculpture, VR/AR, sound and video arts

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Chrity Lee better known as CHRISTYBOMB

    Chrity Lee better known as CHRISTYBOMB

    Chrity Lee better known as CHRISTYBOMB - Installation Artist
    Installation Artist
    Biography : I am Christy Lee, better known as Christybomb, a visual artist based out of New York City and Charleston, WV. The "Christybomb" moniker was given to me by friends because of the energy and vivaciousness embodied within my art. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky and graduated from the University of North Florida with a bachelor's degree in biology and a minor in public health. In spite of my research biologist training, I ultimately came to the realization that creating art could be more than a hobby. Exhibition : TBA. Giggle Gallery at FAO Schwartz NYC. Rockefeller Center Plaza, Manhattan, NYC. Est Mar 2020.
    Aqua Art Miami. KAProjects. Art Basel Miami Art Week. Miami Beach, Florida. Dec 4 – 8, 2019.
    Holiday Pop. Heron Arts. San Francisco, CA. Dec 14, 2019 – TBA.
    Once Upon an Enchanted Forest. Oglebay Institute Stifel Fine Arts Center. Wheeling, WV. Sep 6 – Nov 2019.
    Sun Kissed. Parlor Gallery. Asbury Park, NJ. Aug 24 - Oct 14, 2019.
    Official Sanrio Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Group Show. Corey Helford Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. Jun 29 — Aug 3, 2019.
    Metamorphesis. Curated by Okuda San Migel. Heron Arts. San Francisco, CA. Apr 26 – May 11, 2019.
    Inaugural Juliet Art Museum Invitational Exhibition. Juliet Art Museum at the Clay Center. Charleston, WV. Mar 21 – June 16, 2019.
    Googly-Eyed in Wonderland. Solo Exhibition. TAS Gallery. Charleston, WV. Oct 20 – Dec 1, 2018.
    Red Eye Black Tie. MEAD Art Museum at Amherst College. Amherst, Massachusetts. Apr 12 — 13, 2018.
    Theriomorphism V. Kreisler Gallery. Ink and Movement Exhibition for Madrid Art Week. Madrid, Spain. Feb 20 — 28, 2018.
    Small Works. Sidney Mishkin Gallery. Manhattan, NYC. Feb 16 – Mar 15, 2018.
    Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge. Gallery 524. Manhattan, NYC. Jan 19 – 21, 2018.
    The Greatest Show On Earth. Sideshow Gallery. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Jan 6 – Apr 14, 2018.
    SCOPE Miami Beach International Contemporary Art Show. Art Basel Miami Art Week. Miami Beach, Florida. Dec 5 – 10, 2017.
    The Access Room: A Small Works Exhibition. 33 Contemporary Gallery. Chicago, IL. Nov 17 – Dec 30, 2017.
    Upprisa, a collaboration with Yoko Ono. Reykjavík Art Museum. Reykjavík, Iceland. Oct 7 – Feb 5, 2017
    RuPaul's DragCon New York. Inaugural event. Manhattan, NYC. Sept 9 – 10, 2017.
    Small Works. Sidney Mishkin Gallery. Manhattan, NYC. Mar 2 – Mar 28, 2017.
    Heartbomb. Solo Exhibition at BAF Gallery. Brooklyn, NYC. Feb 12 – Feb 28, 2017.
    Visual AIDS: Postcards from the Edge. Metro Picture
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Installation Artist
  • Maja Bosen

    Maja Bosen

    Maja Bosen - scorched earth
    scorched earth
    Biography : Maja Bosen, artist, dreamer, walking poet whose present encaustic work weaves wax, pigment and various materials – both manmade and of nature – into potential moments of reflection and a shared intimacy with nature and time’s passage. “Observing the interconnectivity of nature and humanity, I attempt to create an intimate space to reflect upon our shared cycles – the rise, fall, ebb, flow, evolution, fruition and ultimate dissipation. These quiet moments of grace are a celebration of what is, was and remains but is not yet gone. This journey influences my drawings, paintings and sculptures.” As well as having received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, Maja has pursued studies at Parson’s School of Design, the NewSchool for Social Research in NYC and the San Francisco Art Institute. She has explored many artistic channels in an attempt to find one that most clearly resonates with the message at hand. Maja has exhibited and performed in Chicago, San Francisco and New York in both solo and with group exhibitions at various times throughout her creative career. At this time, she is proud to call the Zhou B Arts Center in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, home. Exhibition : Zhou B Art Center, Chicago - Centerline, a group exhibition showcasing resident artists.
    Lill Street Art Center, Chicago - 3rd floor gallery, group exhibition showcasing varies artists and media
    Ravenswood Art Walk, Chicago - Annual event showcasing area artists, businesses and musicians
    FAB [Fine Arts Building], Chicago - Solo exhibition
    TAC [The Art Center], Highland Park, IL - Group exhibitions, Spring 2015 & 2016
    CAM [Chicago Artists Month], Chicago - HIVE, group exhibition, 2015. Holding Spaces Small, a group exhibition, 2016 & 2017
    Freeport Art Museum, Freeport, IL - Group encaustic exhibit, 2016
    Horses of Honor, Chicago, Il, Public art campaign in honor of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty
    Layered, Gallery 33, Chicago, - Group exhibition curated by Sergio Gomez
    K9 for Cops, Chicago, Il, Public art campaign in honor of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty
  • Claudia Caffarena

    Claudia Caffarena

    Claudia Caffarena - Installation Artist
    Installation Artist
    Biography : Multidisciplinary artist Claudia Caffarena lives and works in Lima, Peru Exhibition : 2015 "Imperfecto", Individual // Sala Junin 150
    2016 Sueños y Matería, Colectiva // Sala Céspedes
    2017 Casa Tomada, Colectiva
    2017 Tarea Mi Perú, Colectiva // Galería Forum
    2017 Subasta de Gerardo Chavez
    2018 Puntos de Vista, Galería Ginsberg
    2018 Shicras, Tiempo de renovación, Museo Amano
    2018 Jardin Chancay, Vestíbulo Casacor Peru
    2019 Arco Madrid / Ocultos Aparentes
    2019 Atemporal
    2019 Galeria Forum Colectiva "Ponte la Camiseta"
    2019 Museo Amano, Textil Precolombino "El arte como modo de expresión"
    2019 Sur es Sur, Galeria Enlace
    2019 Lleno Vacio, Luz Verde
    2019 Subasta de Gerardo Chavez
    2019 Art Basel Aqua Miami
    Detailed Description : Claudia Caffarena, artista peruana, desde sus comienzos hasta la actualidad en el contexto de las artes visuales ha seguido una línea estética y conceptual basada en la exploración de la cerámica; producción muy personal e íntima que reflexiona en torno a la identidad, al pasado y presente, a la tradición y a su historia. Su mirada, desde la contemporaneidad, nos traslada hacia un mundo antropológico y mágico-religioso, es un nuevo imaginario construido para dialogar y hablar sobre el ser latino, lo que somos y nos hace únicos y diferentes. Su obra es toda una producción visual que presenta su sello muy personal que la hace inconfundible en el contexto del arte peruano, su modo de trabajar, de colocar cada pieza y elemento en el lugar que le corresponde y el empleo de una iconografía típica del continente latinoamericano adaptada a sus necesidades creativas. Entonces, apreciamos como grandes paredes se convierten en su lienzo en blanco, un espacio en el que Caffarena interviene, cuenta una historia y genera un rico intercambio con el espectador. Son enunciaciones de nuestras raíces que nos marcan como diferentes y que constituyen una prueba fehaciente de una nación capaz de tener voz propia a través del arte.
  • Lori Cuisinier

    Lori Cuisinier

    Lori Cuisinier - Interdisciplinary Artist
    Interdisciplinary Artist
    Biography : Lori Cuisinier was born in Dayton, Ohio and has been a longtime New York City resident. As the daughter of an Air Force officer, she grew up in Albuquerque NM, Cape Canaveral FL, San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA and Boston, MA. Cuisinier emigrated to Canada with her family and received a B.A. Honors Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa. Following her return to the United States, she participated in the Hunter College Master’s Degree program and received her Juris Doctor from The City University of New York at Queens College. While working a full-time “day-job” as an attorney, her art evolved from painting and drawing to include photography and multimedia installation. She is known for her large-scale imagery where her body serves subject/object/still life. From the perspective of the female gaze, Cuisinier channels historical and mythological female archetypes while she confronts the viewer’s conceptions and preconceptions of female strength and vulnerability. Cuisinier’s photographs and installations have been exhibited in New York, Miami, France and Italy. Detailed Description : Multidisciplinary Artist
  • Jennifer L. Gray and Phillip Johnson known as Gray-Johnson Art

    Jennifer L. Gray and Phillip Johnson known as Gray-Johnson Art

    Jennifer L. Gray and Phillip Johnson known as Gray-Johnson Art - Mixed Media/Digital Art Collective
    Mixed Media/Digital Art Collective
    Biography : Gray and Johnson Art is comprised of two artists; Jennifer L Gray and Phillip Johnson. Detailed Description : Artist Statement: Our work captures a pure energy that comes from communities and its people. Through this spirit we are able to harness its energy and blend it with our vision to create a visual interaction between the viewer and the art piece. This engagement becomes the genesis of the piece. It is this synergy that brings an organic and raw visual experience to the art. We consciously position a multitude of layers between our graphic works and drawings to create a captivating fantasy. This allows the viewer an opportunity to immerse themselves into the depth and vastness of the art piece. Our vision is to have the viewer become a part of the piece and tell their own story with every visit.
  • Sally Ko

    Sally Ko

    Sally Ko - Visual/Mixed Media Artist
    Visual/Mixed Media Artist
    Biography : Sally is a Korean-American artist. She lives and works in Chicago, IL Exhibition : 2018
    "Vital Signs" Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL
    “Tempo Memoria, Daring to Dream Again” Museo Internationale
    Italia Arte, (Turin Italy)
    “Parallel Lives” Parenthesis Art Space, (Brooklyn NY)
    “Miami Unlimited” Irreversible Magazine 10 Year Anniversary Show
    Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)

    “I AM American” Traveling Show Curated by Sergio Gomez,
    Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)
    “I AM American” Traveling Show Curated by Sergio Gomez, Dordt College (Sioux IA)
    “Modernist Outlook” Gallery 19 (Chicago IL)
    “Centerline” Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)

    “Miami Art Basel Week-Spectrum” 33 Contemporary Art Gallery (Miami FL)
    “Contemporary Citizens” 15th & West Gallery (Chicago IL)
    “12-A Group Show of 12 Visions” 15th & West Gallery (Chicago IL)
    “Horses of Honor” City of Chicago Public Art Installation (Chicago IL)
    “Centerline” Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)
    “Individual Directions” 33 Contemporary Gallery (Chicago IL)

    “Pouring it Out” Solo Show, Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago IL)
    “Centerline” Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)

    “Paintings & Pinot with Sally Ko” Solo Show, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
    (Chicago IL)
    “Buste en Rose” 4Art Inc. Gallery (Chicago IL)
    “Centerline” Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)

    “Centerline” Zhou B Art Center (Chicago IL)

    “Ladylike” Kosciek Gallery (Chicago IL)
    “Sally Ko Art Dinner with Chef Paul Kahn” Blackbird Restaurant (Chicago IL)

    “Art Santa Fe” Moka Gallery (Santa Fe NM)
    “Sally Ko” Solo Show, Moka Gallery (Chicago IL)

    Blackbird Salon Series, hosted by Chef Paul Kahan, Blackbird Restaurant, Chicago, IL.
    Grand Opening Party Exhibition, Marshall McGearty's, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL.

    2005 - 2004
    "Pilsen Art Walk" Open Studios Second Fridays, Chicago, IL.

    "Annual Black & White Party," Jerry Kleiner's Illuminating Company, Chicago, IL.
    "SWK Group Show," a group show also featuring Gary Weidner and JC Steinbrunner
    Detailed Description : Sally Ko was born in Seoul, Korea in 1971. She immigrated to the United States with her family when she was two-years old. She grew up in the city and north suburbs of Chicago and now lives in Chicago. Sally attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. Sally works in a variety of styles and media but is especially known for her style of pouring and manipulating paint to create the loose, yet controlled sensation of her paintings. The organic patterns and appearance of this variety of her paintings reflect not only the actual theme or content of the particular painting in which they appear but also the mental process that gives life to the work. Sally’s work is widely appreciated and can be found in the personal collections of a variety of clients that includes everyone from teachers to producers, executives to restaurateurs and several prominent national and international names. Her works have been featured in various magazines and have been displayed in organized shows, art fairs, corporate spaces, hotels, fashionable restaurants, galleries and international museums.
  • Diana Leviton Gondek

    Diana Leviton Gondek

    Diana Leviton Gondek - Visual /Mixed Media Artist
    Visual /Mixed Media Artist
    Biography : Diana lives and works in Chicago, IL Detailed Description : Artist Statement: Art is created in stories. Stories are created in art. My paintings have their foundations in stories of my life told in bold, engaging one act plays. They draw the audience in and holds them in the theatre of canvas. How each tale is received and meaning conveyed is left to those experiencing my work. Years of water color influence have welcomed new freedoms created by the addition of thin layers of oil - as all of our life stories are ingrained with many layers. Original. Individual. Unique. Our past and where we may go.
  • Faun Manne

    Faun Manne

    Faun Manne - Mixed Media Artist
    Mixed Media Artist
    Biography : Faun's work over the last several years has focused on exploring figurative narrative while utilizing mixed media in order to create texture in painting and drawing. Color and form translate content, thereby revealing the multiple facets of female identity in the context of the sacred and the secular. While some work is a commentary on the experience of memory, social relationships, sexuality and fantasy, other work focuses on the nature of the deity, culture and mythology. Experimenting with the application of paint, ink, charcoal, crayons, poster markers, fabric, antique papers, fiberglass, acrylic , oil and collage, Faun engages in a visceral and tactile relationship by using medium to communicate her deepest feelings. One could say Faun speaks through her work by auto-biographically sharing her “story”. Faun's goal is that through sharing, her audience will recognize the common thread that unites us all. Exhibition : Works on Walls 2
    A group Exhibition
    June 29th, 2014
    The Art House
    3453 N. Albany Ave.
    Chicago IL, 60618

    Jennifer Faun Manne
    Recent Works
    October 4th, 2014
    Arts on Elston
    3446 N. Albany
    Chicago, IL 60618

    Group Exhibit
    December 20th and 21rst, 2014
    Arts on Elston
    3446 N. Albany
    Chicago, IL 60618

    April 11th, 2015
    Arts on Elston
    3446 N. Albany
    Chicago, IL 60618

    Art by America
    2015 Juried Exhibition
    A National Review of Two Dimensional Contemporary Art
    June 1st through June 30th, 2015
    Arts on Elston
    3446 N. Albany
    Chicago, IL 2015

    Illuminating the Obscure
    Solo show by J. Faun Manne
    Graduate of a Certificate of Fine Arts
    July 25th, 2015
    Arts on Elston
    3446 N. Albany
    Chicago, IL 60618
  • Janice Marin

    Janice Marin

    Janice  Marin - Multidisciplinary Artist
    Multidisciplinary Artist
    Biography : Janice Marin is an Argentine-Canadian multidisciplinary artist. She lives and works in Miami, FL,
  • Diane Ponder

    Diane Ponder

    Diane Ponder - Visual Artist
    Visual Artist
    Cornelia Arts Building
    Chicago Cultural Center
    Studio 26 Gallery East Village
    Dia building, chelsea
    Chicago Art Department
    Didier Nolet Studio/GalleryZhou B Art Center
    Roman Susan
    Hyde Park Art Center
    Fulton Street Collective

    Group shows with:
    Douglas Alan-Conkel
    Nelson Armour
    Doug Birkenheuer
    Sarah Boyle
    Sally Brandl
    Judith Brotman
    Jeanne Carava
    Katherine Chial
    Becky Chmielewski
    Marco Fleseri
    Jan Fokkens
    Friends of the Arts
    Douglas Frohman
    Paula Frohman
    Josh Garber
    Molly Greenberg
    Antonia Gurkovska
    Philip Hartigan
    Alan Hobscheid
    Ellen Holtzblatt
    Sara HuttBeth Kamhi
    John Otto Kuhlmann
    Lindsey Liss-Gell
    Jaclyn Mednicov
    Jason Messinger
    Laleh Motlagh
    Matt Nichols
    Detailed Description : Diane Ponder studied Art History, Anthropology and Linguistics as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, earning a Visual Arts certificate through the University of Chicago Graham School. She had a childhood in nature climbing trees, reading books and swimming in creeks. Her father was an engineer who worked on the moon landing and many other research projects. She currently lives in Chicago and works in two studios. Her work is currently showing at Osom Gallery in Humboldt Park and the Herman Miller showroom in the Merchandise Mart. Her art encompasses painting in the abstract and figure drawings. Her technique has developed over many years of experience and study of contemporary art and art history, linguistics, logic, anatomy and anthropology. She has shown art in many galleries, art fairs and institutions in London, Chicago, New York City and worldwide. She has held performances in many iconic buildings. Her work is in many private collections and the collection of the City of New York.
  • Rashelle Roos

    Rashelle Roos

    Rashelle Roos - Shiny Objects & Woman.
    Shiny Objects & Woman.
    Biography : Rashelle Roos received her BFA in Painting from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her MFA in Painting from the University of Illinois. She also studied at Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey, while teaching art at Copadam Atolyesi. She then got her MA in Middle Eastern Studies while doing research for her thesis on Middle Eastern contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates. She received 8 fellowships, 6 artist and travel grants, and 3 international artist residency awards. Roos has taught art in various capacities, from the university level to elementary schools. Roos then went on to earn an MAC in Art Therapy, and served as an art therapist for adults with chronic mental illness and youths in juvenile services. She has participated in over 50 exhibits, nationally and internationally. Recently, she received Tony Karman’s Juror’s Pick award at Art for Life Chicago. Rashelle’s studio is in Miller Beach, IN, overlooking Lake Michigan, where she gains much inspiration. She also loves to make art while traveling to various locations, especially Palm Springs, CA in the winters. Detailed Description : Statement: The RHYTHMS series is made up of expressionistic brushwork and colors found in nature. They are created through ecotherapy in the great outdoors. I am happiest when I can paint barefoot in the grass. I strive for purity in creativity. I take risks with wild brush strokes. Sometimes the process, when left to chance in a stroke, splatter or drip, determine the uniqueness, character and beauty of a painting. I relish the risky moments of flying paint because it reminds me of what it is to be human and part of nature. It is within the flow of authenticity, that character (and original art) surfaces. We are literally biologically dependent upon nature. Healing energy is in the sun, the wind, the rain, the cycles… I strive to stay connected to nature and capture an interpretation of nature (both subject matter and process) through this work.
  • Galina Shevchenko

    Galina Shevchenko

    Galina Shevchenko - Multimedia, video, installation artist
    Multimedia, video, installation artist
    Biography : I am a Moscow born, Chicago based multimedia artist. My practice encompasses multiple modes of expression and image processing: I am experimenting with precision of digital fabrication, visceral materiality of printmaking and fiber production, drawing, animation and video matter. My work is preoccupied with creating and processing the image of a body: body in its beautiful disobedience. I am interested in its multiple iterations: as a vulnerable, magnificent life giving entity, body in transition, androgynous, animal body, non-human/post human body. A grotesque body of a Monster >> Mother/Other: distorted, powerful, vulnerable, loving and procreating. My work has been shown at numerous venues nationally and internationally, including international Art Fairs in Miami and Chicago, Berlin’s Director’s Lounge Video Festival, New York’s Red Shift Film Festival, Chicago’s Motion Graphics Festival, Media ART LAB segment of Moscow International Film Festival, where my work took a second Prize in 2007; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Art Institute of Chicago and numerous Chicago Art galleries. Exhibition : :: Solo Exhibitions
    Open Your body Tame Your Beasts :: Work in Progress Report
    Chicago Art Department, CAD West, Chicago IL November 10 -17 2017
    Interactions with Light Collaboration with Connie Wolfe. Video installation,
    multiple projections. Chicago Art Department Chicago IL February, 2015
    Precious Video installation, multiple projections Chicago Art Department
    Chicago IL February 14 – 25, 2014
    Daniel’s Dreams Immersive video installation Chicago Art Department Gallery,
    Chicago IL November 9 –18, 2012
    Fashion Between the Lines :: Heaven Gallery, CHICAGO 2010
    Movement Equals Matter :: MOKA Gallery, CHICAGO 2009
    Projects on paper and video :: I Space Gallery, CHICAGO 2006
    :: Select Group Exhibitions
    Bodies: Materia & Digital; Substances & Containers(4 person show)
    Chicago Art Department, CAD EAST, Chicago IL February 8 -22, 2019
    Long Time No See (Showcase of Chicago Art Department Resident Artists) (Pt1-3)
    Curated by Carris Adams Chicago Art Department IL September-November 2018
    Vital Signs
    Curated by Pia Cruzalegui
    Zhou B Art Center Chicago IL July 20 - August 5, 2018
    Embracing the Grotesque
    SAIC Low Res MFA Thesis Exhibition
    Sullivan Galleries Chicago IL July 12-30, 2018
    Light Matters (3 person show)
    Chicago Art Department, CAD EAST, Chicago IL April 13 -24, 2018
    Power of the Feminine
    Curated by Pia Cruzalegui
    Art NXT Level Projects/33 Contemporary
    Chicago IL October 20, 2017
    Art Forms in Flux
    Hairpin Art Center, Chicago IL April 16, 2016
    Longing for Transcendence (3 person show)
    Chicago Art Department, CAD EAST & West,
    Chicago IL November 11 -26, 2016
    Renaissance Re-visited : New Eyes on the Woman in the Black Chicago
    Renaissance Curated by Jess Bader and Stephanie Burke South Side Community
    Art Center, Chicago IL March 14 – April 11, 2014
    N3w M3dia Art Festival Live Lab, Chicago November 2, 2013
    • Eclipse single channel 7 minutes video loop
    3rd Prize award Prak-sis Contemporary Arts Association
    AXIS international Art Festival Video Lounge curated by
    Detailed Description : Galina Shevchenko is a Russian-American Artist. She lives and works in Chicago, IL
  • Rachael Zur

    Rachael Zur

    Rachael Zur - Mixed Media/Installation Artist
    Mixed Media/Installation Artist
    Detailed Description : Statement: Texture becomes a way of communicating touch—my own touch held in my work, and what my viewer imagines feeling with their own hand. By not concealing my touch, I invite my viewer to be close with my thinking and process. Conflating an assortment of materials, those materials become less recognizable as their former selves, and new relationships are forged between disparate items. Bright colors convey a sense of optimism; after all, these are paintings that have been torn apart then stitched or plastered back together. Taking forms that seem to have order—a grid, a number, a hand, or a room—I deliberately lose accuracy and allow for imagination to run rampant. Negative space in my work is created not just through how I apply paint, but by cutting away at the work, resulting in paintings that have irregular sculptural qualities. I make images that have a logic that can only be held in painting, in pursuit of depicting wordless ideas and adding to the visual vocabulary of an ancient art practice.


Bailey Abbe    Gallery assistance
Miriam Brack    Showroom Assistant
Pia Cruzalegui    Founder - Director - Curator
Janice Marin    Gallery Staff
James Eaton    Art handler and curator assistant
KA Projects is directed by Pia Cruzalegui, independent curator in Chicago and Miami. It is mostly known for curating large projects like Twisted Oyster Film & New Media Arts Festival and Unlock Hause.