Exhibitor listing
Luz de Luna -  Ivan Loboguerrero
Solitaire - Niko Rakusa
A gracious woman retaineth honour -  Gustavo Vasquez
Untitled  -  Yunier Gomez
A Mask -  Iris Apollo
Aglomerados -
Untitled -  Felton Weller
Amy Winehouse -  Andy Hirst
Alusiones Femeninas -  Margarita Barroso
The Portal - Caterina Mejia
Colour Senses Project
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Colour Senses Project
3454 NW 7th AVE suite C
Miami, FL 33127
United States
T  7544225942
M   9294614122
E-mail address : coloursenses@gmail.com
Contemporary Art

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Iris Apollo

    Iris Apollo

     Iris Apollo - A Mask
    A Mask
    Biography : Iris Apollo is contemporary international artist based in Moscow, Russia. Many of her unusual and elegant artworks form the parts of private collections in Italy, France and the United States. In Iris’ artworks mythical characters and symbolism of the cultures of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, India and Ancient Egypt harmoniously coexist with the rhythms of modern life. The main subject of the artist’s research is the wealth of human’s inner world, the endless flight of his soul. Opening this topic in her artworks, Iris turns to the elements of different periods in art - from Antiquity to Modern. The unique artistic style of Iris Apollo combines the rich color palette with contrasting graphic elements and decor using real Italian gold which makes her artworks truly exclusive. The amazingly beautiful forms and figures that inhabit the artist’s canvases are always in constant motion: some elements flow smoothly into others symbolizing the harmonious flow of life itself.
  • Margarita Barroso

    Margarita Barroso

     Margarita Barroso  - Alusiones Femeninas
    Alusiones Femeninas
  • Yunier Gomez

    Yunier Gomez

     Yunier Gomez - Untitled
  • Andy Hirst

    Andy Hirst

     Andy Hirst - Amy Winehouse
    Amy Winehouse
    Artist's Documents: N/A  
  • Ivan Loboguerrero

    Ivan Loboguerrero

     Ivan Loboguerrero - Luz de Luna
    Luz de Luna
  • CateKarate


    Caterina Mejia - The Portal
    The Portal
    Biography : CateKarate is a young international newcomer artist , her contemporary artwork is inspired by the colors of Miami´s big city lights. She uses neon colors to bring movement onto her art and activate its lively effects. Born in Miami,FL on July 1986, raised in Cali, Colombia, till she was 14 years old then she grew up in Rottweil, Germany. In her early 20´s she moved to Stuttgart, where she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Photography. After College she decided to go back to Miami, FL. In the city of the Sunshine State is where she started developing an interest in Painting. At the moment she's a Co-founder of the Colour Senses Project located in Allapattah, managing and helping other New Comer artists to expose their Art to the public. Exhibitions: -AIDS Health Care Foundation. PAMM Art Museum 2018 -Spectrum Art Fair ACA Art Center 2018 -Art Palm Beach. ACA Art Center 2019 -ArtBravo.ArtServe 2019 -DAS PORTAL.ArtServe 2019 -Summer Exhibition Colour Senses Project 2019
  • Fabia Nitti

    Fabia Nitti
  • Niko Rakusa

    Niko Rakusa

    Niko Rakusa - Solitaire
  • Gustavo Vasquez

    Gustavo Vasquez

     Gustavo Vasquez - A gracious woman retaineth honour
    A gracious woman retaineth honour
  • Felton Weller

    Felton Weller

     Felton Weller - Untitled


Caterina Mejia    Visual Artist (Co-funder)
Sonia Acosta    Art Consultant
Yunier Gomez    Visual Artist ( Co-funder)
German Chaves    Art Consultant (Co-funder)
Collective artists project,exhibit paintings,sculptures,print maker and photography.
Art for sale.