Exhibitor listing
Plastic Series - Kim Kiseok

 -  Nadya Kovba
Luz de Luna -  Ivan Loboguerrero
Solitaire - Niko Rakusa
A gracious woman retaineth honour -  Gustavo Vasquez
Untitled  -  Yunier Gomez
A Mask -  Iris Apollo
Aglomerados - Fabia Nitti
Untitled -  Felton Weller
Amy Winehouse -  Andy Hirst
Alusiones Femeninas -  Margarita Barroso
The Portal - Caterina Mejia
Colour Senses Project
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Contemporary Art

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Iris Apollo

    Iris Apollo

     Iris Apollo - A Mask
    A Mask
    Biography : Iris Apollo is contemporary international artist based in Moscow, Russia. Many of her unusual and elegant artworks form the parts of private collections in Italy, France and the United States. In Iris’ artworks mythical characters and symbolism of the cultures of Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, India and Ancient Egypt harmoniously coexist with the rhythms of modern life. The main subject of the artist’s research is the wealth of human’s inner world, the endless flight of his soul. Opening this topic in her artworks, Iris turns to the elements of different periods in art - from Antiquity to Modern. The unique artistic style of Iris Apollo combines the rich color palette with contrasting graphic elements and decor using real Italian gold which makes her artworks truly exclusive. The amazingly beautiful forms and figures that inhabit the artist’s canvases are always in constant motion: some elements flow smoothly into others symbolizing the harmonious flow of life itself.
  • Margarita Barroso

    Margarita Barroso

     Margarita Barroso  - Alusiones Femeninas
    Alusiones Femeninas
    Biography : Margarita Barroso currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she is inspired by the pulse of the city. She extracts her creativity from the emotions evoked by her interactions with the environment and its diverse people. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on January 22, 1958, she is the daughter of a Venezuelan mother and Spanish father. The oldest of five children, she was raised under the severe guidance of her father, who did not hide his disapproval towards her ability. This upbringing was not conducive to the development of her natural talents during her childhood and adolescence because artistic expression was considered unnecessary. Despite this perceived limitation, Margarita’s passion for self-expression through any means could not be extinguished. As a young adult, she strove to accomplish her dream of becoming a full-time artist. Under the direction of Wladimir Zabaleta, who had won the Andrés Pérez Mujica Prize at the Michelena Hall in Venezuela. Zabaleta’s ability to recognize and appreciate Margarita’s gift motivated her to move forward. She continued her training for several years with Antonio Aguilar, the director of the School of Fine Arts of Valencia at that time. Nowadays, Margarita’s focus is on different styles of modern art that present diverse themes through colors and textures. She describes her abstract works as an evolving game of colors and textures that create unexpected images. While her figurative works are inspired by the mysticism of Atlantis and the powerful women in his life. Margarita aspires to communicate a world of harmony and the happiness of the here and now through her art.
  • Yunier Gomez

    Yunier Gomez

     Yunier Gomez - Untitled
    Biography : Yunier Gomez Torres was born in Remedios Villa Clara, Cuba on February 25, 1982. Arts and education background include: Fine Arts Professional, Member of the AHS, Member of the Cuban Fund of Cultural Property. Career in Letters of Sociocultural Studies at University “Marta Abreu “– Santa Clara,Cuba. Director of Fine Arts sessions at Portico Gallery AHS, Santa Clara, Cuba Yunier has participated in numerous exhibitions in different countries and part of his work is in private collections in countries such as France , USA , Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Ecuador, Chile and others. His work has been discussed by important Cuban Art Critics such as Rufo Caballero, Danilo Vega, Yaisi Ojeda, etc. Yunier also participated in the exhibition called “The Last Supper” at Fine Arts Santa Clara Gallery in Cuba.
  • Andy Hirst

    Andy Hirst

     Andy Hirst - Amy Winehouse
    Amy Winehouse
    Biography : Andy Hirst is a 41-year-old collage artist based in Boca Raton, Florida. The collage works are usually large portraits (5ft x 4.5ft) on canvas comprised of magazine clippings built up in layers to form the facial features. Additional clippings and ripped-out pieces of various relevant words are used to form phrases incorporated into the image adding more meaning and depth. Characterized by texture, detail and vibrant colors, the collage portraits work equally well up close or from a distance. Detailed Description : “The collage work was born out of an experimental piece I created of Salvador Dali for a friend, using black and white newsprint. It received such great reactions, that I decided to produce more portrait work using predominantly the medium of collage … this time using discarded magazines. It has taken on a life of its own from there, prompting numerous commission requests, of which I am receiving on a weekly basis. As an artist, all I want to do is create, producing a body of work to be proud of. To be able to do this and also have people, some of whom are prominent art collectors, want my work on their wall is a huge compliment and incredibly encouraging.” Artist's Documents: N/A  
  • Kiseok Kim

    Kiseok Kim

    Kim Kiseok - Plastic Series
    Plastic Series
    Biography : Born in Korea Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY Exhibition : Group Exhibitions
    2017 With(out) Judgment, Helac Fine Art, New York, NY
    Superme, The Local, LIC, NY
    2016 Art Southampton, Art Southampton Pavilion, Bridgehampton, NY
    Context New York, Pier 94, New York, NY
    2015 The Writing on the Wall, The Painting Center, New York, NY
    2015 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
    2015 Captain Planet, Kavachnina Contemporary, Miami, FL
    2014 Art Wynwood, Miami, FL
    2013 Houston Fine Art Fair, Reliant Center, Houston, TX
    2013 Art Aspen, Benefits Paepcke Gallery, Aspen, CO
    2013 Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach Convention Center, West Palm Beach, FL
    2012 Year One, Hionas Gallery, New York, NY
    Detailed Description : My work is the portrait related to contemporary people but there is no specific model. I choose something from unspecified persons and shape it according to my taste, so why I entitled my recent work "Plastic" connected with the idea of plasticity. The word “Plastic” is a very attractive word to me. It can be everything and is widely used in contemporary culture. With this idea, I also take a close look at everyday objects, especially patterns and colors in the media, and then I reflect them on canvas with my language.
  • Nadya Kovba

    Nadya Kovba

     Nadya Kovba - 
    Biography : She study at a famous Saint Martins University in London and passion for photography. The journey to the great art started. In 2004 Nadya first felt interest in art. The transition from photocamera to painting was very easy. An impeccable sense of composition, which also took place in her photographs, helped Nadya to feel comfort in the space of picturesque canvases. There are almost no particular images in her pictures. In most cases, the main character of her works is the color that structures the space of the canvas. According to the artist, the work with color allows her to have a dialogue with the audience and release her aggression or tenderness Detailed Description : CosmoMatryoshka is the modern interpretation for the symbols of Russia. It’s the synthesis of history, technology, aesthetics of the embodiment of values and artistic experience of the artist. CosmoMatryoshka is the century-old history of symbols of Russia from Russian dolls to spacemen. More than a hundred years ago there was a matryoshka as a symbol of borderless, inscrutable Russia. 50 years later, in the Soviet Union, the main achievement of the country was the exploration of space. The superiority of Russia in space has forever secured the status of a space power for the country.
  • Ivan Loboguerrero

    Ivan Loboguerrero

     Ivan Loboguerrero - Luz de Luna
    Luz de Luna
    Biography : Colombian artist who graduated in 1992 from the Faculty of Art at the Universidad Nacional of Colombia. His work is characterized by managing an abstract environment, which slowly transforms before the viewer's gaze into a figurative work whose intention is to invite us to have an encounter with spirituality. He has participated in a large number of individual and collective exhibitions beginning in 1988. In 1997, he won the second prize in the V national painting hall of the Banco Ganadero. His participation in international exhibitions began in 1998, at the Bernheim Gallery in Panama City. Later he participated in the collective exhibition at the Latin American art museum in Miami, and in the Jorge M. Sori Fine Art also in Miami, with whom he will later participate in the CHRISTIE ́S auction house, New York. During 2005 he was invited to participate in the auction organized by the MolAA, Museum of Latin American Art, of Long Beach CA, with a work entitled “A Woman Between Autumn Leaves. In 2010, he is part of the artists of the Habitante gallery of Panama City, who participate in the ARTE AMERICAS fair, in the city of Miami, FL. He won first place in painting at the V meeting of international artists Alberto Urdaneta. He has also participated in Art Wynwood as part of the Allapattah Art center group. During this year he participated in Art Palm Beach and the Bogota Art Fair BARCÚ. Detailed Description : In the words of the late distinguished poet and art critic Armando Álvarez Bravo, “Lobo-Guerrero's paintings consist of two large planes. The first is like an evaporation, a nebula. It is fundamentally the subtle fabric of a foliage curtain behind which someone does something or gives himself to immobility. If that plot is fascinating in its nuances and when seen from a distance the work practically turns into an abstraction, no less fascinating is the protagonist who profiles and blurs his shelter.” (Armando Álvarez Bravo, art critic, Gallery Dominical Arts and Letters, El Nuevo Herald, Miami, FL 2004)
  • CateKarate


    Caterina Mejia - The Portal
    The Portal
    Biography : CateKarate is a young international newcomer artist , her contemporary artwork is inspired by the colors of Miami´s big city lights. She uses neon colors to bring movement onto her art and activate its lively effects. Born in Miami,FL on July 1986, raised in Cali, Colombia, till she was 14 years old then she grew up in Rottweil, Germany. In her early 20´s she moved to Stuttgart, where she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Photography. After College she decided to go back to Miami, FL. In the city of the Sunshine State is where she started developing an interest in Painting. At the moment she's a Co-founder of the Colour Senses Project located in Allapattah, managing and helping other New Comer artists to expose their Art to the public. Exhibitions: -AIDS Health Care Foundation. PAMM Art Museum 2018 -Spectrum Art Fair ACA Art Center 2018 -Art Palm Beach. ACA Art Center 2019 -ArtBravo.ArtServe 2019 -DAS PORTAL.ArtServe 2019 -Summer Exhibition Colour Senses Project 2019
  • Fabia Nitti

    Fabia Nitti

    Fabia Nitti - Aglomerados
    Biography : Fabia Nitti: Architect, Sculptor , Caracas Venezuela 1974 Detailed Description : THE SCULPTURE: MY SCULPTURE When expressed in geometrical form, “THE SQUARE” transforms the artist into a superimposed sequence based on real life, due to the perfection of the square’s shape. Day to day life experiences are shown to form episodes of life. This wood, shaped in opposite forms, is the symbol of purity and nature. Things which the human race ignores in the world’s day to day confrontations, without depth, energetic situations, or the opposites: happiness and anguish. The architects anguish is revealed as they constantly search for constant equilibrium, which is at times imperceptible because they barely relate to the surrounding world. Life is more than an intention, it is a constant work. It is a search for one’s inner being, one’s perfection, distinct for each person. In my life, this work is the depiction of a life that at times we do not dare take charge of, being exposed to the environment in which we are born, growing and evolving according to our ideals, circumstances, and perception, our inner and outer worlds.
  • Niko Rakusa

    Niko Rakusa

    Niko Rakusa - Solitaire
    Biography : Niko Rakusa's work shows a dialectic that takes us from shadows to ligh, from caos to equilibrium. His irregular solids find harmony meddling with mathematic's perfect proportions. Each one unique, deconstructed, but splendid like the sublime beauty of a perfect equation. Rakusa's impossible geometries tell a story of equilibrium, force, harmony and light. Detailed Description : The Solitaire Series: In The Solitaires Sculpture Series, Rakusa created delicate still strong stainless steel irregular chrystals that borrow flower's colors and capture a moment of eternal frozen beauty The Solitaire Sculpture Series offer a fluid, creative experience, where artist and observer are cocreators of new aesthetics and meaning by composing and constructing unique, original "objects d'art", that resonate with the pulse of each particular moment.
  • Gustavo Vasquez

    Gustavo Vasquez

     Gustavo Vasquez - A gracious woman retaineth honour
    A gracious woman retaineth honour
    Biography : Gustavo Vasquez is a Mexican-American artist born and raised in Chicago, IL. As a child he had an affinity for drawing and his artistry developed through his love of comic books. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and has always been inspired by the intricacies and beauty of the the human form or the hidden crevices of the mind.
  • Felton Weller

    Felton Weller

     Felton Weller - Untitled
    Biography : Felton Weller is a NYC artist and a Colorist with Minimalistic Sensibilities. He received his undergraduate and graduate training at the Chicago Art Institute and has been working in the media of Photography, Drawing and Painting for 30 years. He is influenced by the color theories of Josef Albers and his most recent work has been in color theory creating a series of studies and works of both stripe and color arrangements and square and color images. Felton Weller's artwork has been sold in the American art markets of New York, Miami and Los Angeles and in the international art markets of Brazil, Germany and Russia.


Caterina Mejia    Visual Artist (Co-funder)
Sonia Acosta    Art Consultant
Yunier Gomez    Visual Artist ( Co-funder)
German Chaves    Art Consultant (Co-funder)
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