Exhibitor listing
N/A - Marcella  Casal
N/A - Liliana  ANtonow
N/A - Betiana Bradas
Rorschach Marine  - ingrid Haubrich
The nuances of life - Maria Claudia Berraondo
Endless Poem - Liliana Livneh
Serie MONA POP - Andrea Degiacomo
CUBES Series  - Diana Gattegno
Serie POST - OCEAN - valeria Real
N/A - Claudia - VECLA Vergara
no title -
N/A - Norberto Estrin
El Vigilante” (“The Guardian”)
 - Marianella  Antonietti
Solar II,  - Morela Avilan
Nacimiento, cubes serie - Andres Bardales
N/A - Ana Maria Rodriguez Conca
"El hilo rojo" - Ana Elisa Fernandez
N/A - Diana Teran
N/A - Eugenia Ulivi
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GALLERyLABs Represents Latin American artists from all disciplines

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Marianella Antonietti

    Marianella Antonietti

    Marianella  Antonietti - El Vigilante” (“The Guardian”)
    El Vigilante” (“The Guardian”)
    Biography : MARIANELLA ANTONETTI PUIG-CORVÉ I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on September 23, 1964. Veterinary doctor graduated from the UCV in 1993. After some years of personal work in the molding area and experimenting with different media, I started sculpture classes from March 2014 to March 2016, in the Ceramics and Sculpture workshop of the renowned artist Eleonora Tugues, in Caracas, Venezuela. It is there where I formally start as a sculptor, using various techniques such as clay, fiberglass, plasticine, iron, papier machê and polyurethane foam carving. From there, I created several art works that highlight the movement, body expression and emotion implicit in each work. Since June 2015, I exhibited permanently in galleries / art stores in Caracas, Venezuela. In January 2015, I was chosen to create an image of Saint Francis of Assisi, patroness of animals, for the School of Veterinary Sciences of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where it remains and is used as the main image in the different important events of the Veterinary School. In June 2015, I began studying goldsmithing at Fernando Silva’s Jewelry School, Caracas, Venezuela; and since then I alternate techniques in the two artistic areas. Since February 2018, I am creating sculptures in Aluminum, especially with the character "Kanda" and my male character. Exhibition : - "VIP GALLERY TOUR". Belgium / USA. September 17 - October 10, 2019.
    - "PETITS FORMATS D'AMERIQUE LATINE" Brussels. Galerie La Spirale. August 2019.
    -“CREATIVE EXHIBITION” . White's Art Gallery. July 2019
    - "PETITS FORMATS D'AMERIQUE LATINE" Liechtenstein. Galerie La Spirale. June 2019.
    - "TOUR EUROPE" With Solution Art Company. June / August 2019 (Holland (Rosmolen Museum). Paris (Galerie ARTES) & Rome (Gallery IL Laboratorio)
    - "SUMMER Art Fest". White's Art Gallery. June 2019
    - "HOPE". White's Art Gallery. May 2019
    - "EASTER". White's Art Gallery. April 2019
    - "SPRING". White's Art Gallery. March 2019
    - "LOVE" White's Art Gallery. February 2019
    - "VORTEX". February 2019. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Little River New Art District, FL.
    - "2019". White's Art Gallery. Miami January 2019.
    - "Touched by Angels". Auction for the benefit of "Angels Path Foundation", against the child sexual abuse. Wynwood. January 11, 2019
    - "Art Contest Basel Season 2018". 28 November 2018 - 22 January 2019.
    - "Wynwood Juried Show Fall Edition". October 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Little River New Art District, FL.
    - "One Artwork for Venezuela". June 2018. Downtown Miami, FL.
    - "Confronted Aesthetics". June 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "True Colors". May - June 2018. Yellow Bench Studio. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "Wynwood Juried Show Winter Edition". March 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "Trends & More". March 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "Currents". February 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "Selections" from Art Basel Season. January - February 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - "Art Contest Miami - Art Basel Season 2017". December 2017 - January 2018. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.
    - Wynwood Juried Show Fall Edition. October 2017. Curator's Voice Art Projects. Wynwood, Miami, FL.

    - SHENZEN ART FAIR. November 21 -
  • Liliana ANtonow

    Liliana ANtonow

    Liliana  ANtonow - N/A
  • Morela Avilan

    Morela Avilan

    Morela Avilan - Solar II,
    Solar II,
    Biography : I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In 1983, I received a degree in Civil Engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. From 1983-1984, I studied photography with Professor Claudio Nieves at the Universidad Santa María in Caracas. In 1985, I received a grant from the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos (Celarg), where I attended a poetry workshop. From 1986-1996, I also studied painting at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Cristóbal Rojas and the Instituto de Arte Federico Brandt in Caracas. From 2000-2005, I studied “New Techniques for Expression and Psychoanalysis in Art: The Archetypes” at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Cristóbal Rojas. Less Exhibition : Selected solo exhibitions: Grupo Mobel, Mobel’s headquarters, Barquisimeto, Venezuela (2000); Expresiones del signo, Fundación Arte 125, Caracas, Venezuela (2001); Zahorí, Alliance Française, Chacaíto, Caracas, Venezuela (2007); and Sonata en Sol, Alliance Française, Chacaíto, Caracas, Venezuela, (2015). Chromatic Capriccio, Humboldt Group Foundation, Miami, FL - USA (2016). Solar, curated by Milagros Bello, Ph.D Wynwood, Miami, FL - USA (2017).
    2019, ArtMarket San Francisco curated by AC Contemporary
    2019 Paris Contemporary FIAC week, curated by AC Contemporary
  • Andres Bardales

    Andres Bardales

    Andres Bardales - Nacimiento, cubes serie
    Nacimiento, cubes serie
    Exhibition : 2018

    ​"Defining Form" The Untitled space. New York, NY, Jul 11- Aug 1

    "Works on Paper" LBIF. Long Beach Island, NJ, Jun 1-26

    "Piece of Paper" St. Louis artist's guild. Clayton, Missouri, Jun 8-July 21

    "Papier" Mount Dora center for the arts, Mount Dora, Fl, Mar 9- Apr 30

    "Art Ft Lauderdale" Ft Lauderdale, FL, Jan 24-28


    ​"Americans In London II" Gallery@OXO, London, UK, Jul 18-23/2017

    "Universes of Clay & Paper" Lmercado studios, Hollywood, FL, Apr 15-May 16/2017

    "Art Ft Lauderdale" Ft Lauderdale, FL, Jan 12-15/2017


    "SCOPE art show" with Miami Independent Thinkers, Miami Beach, FL, Nov 29-Dec 4/2016

    "Paperworks 2016" B.J spoke gallery (Juried by Heidi Hirschl), Huntington, NY, Aug 2-28/2016

    Showcase at the Baker furniture showrooms - DCOTA, Miami, FL, Jul- /2016

    "Installation at FIU Biscayne Bay campus, Miami, Fl, Apr /2016-Feb /2017

    "19/8.9" Miami Beach Urban studios, Miami, FL, Mar-Apr/2016

    "Synchronicity in Multicolors" Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL, Jan-Mar/2016


    "Infused" Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL, Oct-Dec/2015

    ​"Glimpse" RAW at LMNT, Miami, FL, July/2015

    "Pixel Box II" Digital viewing at Wolfsonian Museum, Miami, FL, April/2015
    Detailed Description : Andres Felipe Bardales was born in Cali, Colombia. He later moved to Miami, Florida, U.S where he received his BFA from Florida International University. He works predominantly with paper to create complex sculptures and installations using origami techniques to incorporate the use of lines, repetition and geometric shapes. He is interested in exploring the meditative state acquired by this process and the relationship this has with the meaning of presence and time. His most recent installation also studies the relationship between structure, space and the viewer. Bardales has exhibited is several galleries and is part of numerous private collections. He currently lives and works in Miami.
  • Maria Claudia Berraondo

    Maria Claudia Berraondo

    Maria Claudia Berraondo - The nuances of life
    The nuances of life
    Biography : Born in San Miguel de Tucuman, province of Northern Argentina. Detailed Description : My work as a designer and then as coordinator of a foundation that receives disabled children was marking the need to express myself. He taught at the University history of contemporary art. In different places I found the need to forge an expression code and a personal way of healing. His studies: Interior designer of the arts faculty of the UNT Diploma in autism and Asperger syndrome of the University of Belgrade Buenos Aires Degree in educational technology UTN regional faculty of Tucuman
  • Betiana Bradas

    Betiana Bradas

    Betiana Bradas - N/A
  • Marcella Casal

    Marcella Casal

    Marcella  Casal - N/A
  • Maria Emilia Cunliffe

    Maria Emilia Cunliffe

    Biography : 1987–1990 Atiende Museo de Arte de Lima 1992–1993 Academia “Constantin Meunier” – Bruselas, Bélgic 1995 IV Encuentro Educacional “Cerámica en el Desarrollo del Niño” - Expositora - Perú 1995 1995 Curso Didáctico para Profesoras de Arte “Cerámica en el Desarrollo del Niño” – Expositora - Perú 1994–1996 Escuela de Arte “Edith Saachs” - Perú 1994–1996 Taller de Arte Integral La Maqueta - Profesora de Arte - Perú 1994–1997 Edith Saachs School of Art – Profesora de Cerámica – Peru 1993–1998 Profesora de Arte Colegio Los Reyes Rojos – Lima, Perú 1998–2000 1998-2000 Nido Sonrisitas – Profesora de Arte - Perú 2000 Escuela de Arte “Corriente Alterna” - Perú 2000 Universidad Católica – Perú 2000 Conferencia para Profesores “Creatividad en el Desarrollo del Niño” – Expositora - Colombia 2000 Primera Trianual de Cerámica – Participe en el Taller Internacional dirigido por Eduardo Moras - Perú 1994–2001 Taller Personal – Profesora de Cerámica – Perú 2001 Creative Arts Center – Dallas, TX 2001 Integral Art Workshop for Children – Art Teacher and Director - Peru 2001 Mexican Institute – Children Summer Camp – Dallas, TX 2001 Travis Elementary – Profesora de Cerámica – Dallas, TX 2001 “Human or not Human” – Expositora- Henaine Fine Arts Gallery - New York, USA 2005–2006 Taller de Eugenio Dittborg –Taller guia de proyectos personales Exhibition : 2006
    Arte en Kapala Galería Forum
    Art Miami participación con Galería Forum Perú
    Aniversario Galería Forum Perú
    Galería Lyle O. Reitzel – Santo Domingo –“ On the right Track”
    Galería Arte Espacio – Santiago de Chile-“ 70%H2o” (solo)
    Galería Forum- Perú – 70%H20 (solo)
    Art Miami participación con Galería Forum Perú
    Galería Obsidiana – “Tasas” - Perú
    ICPNA (Instituto Peruano Norte Americano) – “Ser Humano” – Perú (solo)
    Galería Obsidiana – “Artistas invitados a Alemania” - Perú
    Galería Cecilia Gonzáles – “Arte en Kapala” - Perú
    Galería Forum – “Arte en Playa Blanca” – Perú
    Galería Cecilia Gonzáles - Perú (solo)
    Galería Cecilia Gonzáles – “Arte en Kapala” - Perú
    Feria Ibero Americana de Arte (FIA) – Caracas, Venezuela
    Galería Luis Adelantado – “Jóvenes Valores” – Valencia, España
    Galería Cecilia Gonzáles – “Arte en Kapala” - Perú
    Galería Cecilia Gonzáles – “La Fiesta VI Aniversario”- Perú
    Embajada de Colombia - Perú
    Academia Constantin Meunier – Bruselas, Bélgica
  • Andrea Degiacomo

    Andrea Degiacomo

    Andrea Degiacomo - Serie MONA POP
    Serie MONA POP
    Biography : In 2015 she founded “Datasapiens” a Big Data consulting company together with a partner after she discovered the power of technology combined with communication. Later on she also applied technology to art as a way of enhancing and potentiating it and started “Digipop Art”. Exhibition : In 2015 she founded “Datasapiens” a Big Data consulting company together with a partner after she discovered the power of technology combined with communication. Later on she also applied technology to art as a way of enhancing and potentiating it and started “Digipop Art”.
    In 2018 Digipop Art participated in some important art events in Buenos Aires such as BADA, Feria EC in Palermo, Galeria Arenales, and “Inusual Circuito no convencional” exhibitions in several Hotels. 2019. ARTonPaper NY.
    Detailed Description : Her first glimpse of inspiration with digital pop art enabled her to start a series of feminine portraits of iconic women she felt she shared some values with. With this in mind she created a new experimental technique which purpose was to bring old pictures back to life. By means of digital Photoshop tools and artistic interventions with several materials such as: paint, glitter, sequins, stones, etc. she accomplished disruptive 3D portraits that combine old glamour and history with new concepts of freedom, and expression that aim to propose different meanings and/or visions.
  • Norberto Estrin

    Norberto Estrin

    Norberto Estrin - N/A
    Biography : sculptor He began sculpture studies with Osvaldo Decastelli, with whom he continues to do clinics. Exhibition : 2014– Exhibition at the Borges Cultural Center. "Dialogues in diversity." Borthwick Fluff Curator
    2008.-Exhibition at Decastelli Arte. "Wood beats". Curator Corinne Sacca Abadi
    2005. Exhibition in “Trench Gallery”, La Barra, Punta del Este
    Group exhibitions
    2018 - AAVRA. Association of Visual Artists of the Argentine Republic. "Think Gender." Borges Cultural Center - Berni Room. Collective exhibition. With Adorno, Analía and others.
    2017 - Archimboldo Gallery. Artists books.
    2016 - Artists Books. Borthwick Fluff Curator. UADE
    2015 - Plaza Castelli Cultural Center. Belgrano R
    2009.-Collective installation “The wake of the chicken” in Decastelli-Arte.
    - “Expotrastiendas”. City Exhibition Center. Contemporary Argentine Art Fair, organized by the AGA (Argentine Association of Art Galleries). Borthwick Fluff Director.
    2008.-Collective exhibition in Decastelli-Arte.
    -Collective Exhibition in “The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.
    2006.-Exhibition at the College of Notaries of Buenos Aires in the framework of "The Night of Museums."
    -College of Notaries of the Federal Capital. Notary Week
    Detailed Description : Norberto Estrin Takes the main structural element of the tree - Log - showing its nature in state pure, in a first stage it intervenes with sheets, rods and wires of polished iron accentuating the vigor of his work, or with color giving another look to his previous stage, but maintaining the discourse of opposites.
  • Ana Elisa Fernandez

    Ana Elisa Fernandez

    Ana Elisa Fernandez - "El hilo rojo"
    "El hilo rojo"
    Biography : Estudios 1987 Dibujo en el taller de David Manzur con Augusto Ardila. Bogotá – Colombia 1989 Administración de empresas CESA – Bogotá Colombia 1994 Diseño de moda Istituto Marangoni – Milán Italia 2001 Pintura con la maestra Elsa Junguito. Bogotá – Colombia 2007 Pintura en la escuela de pintura Atenea. Bogotá – Colombia 2008 Teoría del color con el maestro Miguel Moyano, Espacio 106. Bogotá – Colombia 2009 Pintura y dibujo Tridimensional con el maestro Miguel Moyano. Bogotá – Colombia 2011 Historia del arte con el maestro Miguel Moyano. Bogotá-Colombia 2016 Taller de pintura alla prima con el Maestro Sergio Verdezza, Taller Trescientos Uno. Bogotá-Colombia 2016 Taller de retrato con el maestro Irving Rodriguez, Taller Trescientos Uno. Bogotá-Colombia Exposiciones individuales 2012 Geografías. Centro Colombo Americano de Bogotá. Bogotá – Colombia 2013 Flora. CESA Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración. Bogotá – Colombia Exhibition : Exposiciones individuales
    2012 Geografías. Centro Colombo Americano de Bogotá. Bogotá – Colombia

    2013 Flora. CESA Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración. Bogotá – Colombia

    Exposiciones colectivas
    2009 Arte Tu Otra Parte. Centro Colombo Americano. Bogotá – Colombia

    2010 Barrio Bienal. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá – Colombia

    2012 Estudio abierto 2012. Bogotá – Colombia

    2013 Entornos. Estudio 39. Bogotá – Colombia

    2014 El Bosque pintado. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo. Bogotá – Colombia

    2015 Cinco dimensiones. Espacio compartido. Bogotá – Colombia

    2016 Homenaje a Gabriel García Márquez. Biblioteca Julio Mario Santodomingo. Bogotá- Colombia

    2016 Artistas por la paz. El Solar. Bucaramanga-Colombia

    2016 Ahí están pintadas. Museo de Arte Moderno de Bucaramanga. Bucaramanga, Colombia

    2017 Artistas por la paz. Colegio Reyes Católicos. Bogotá-Colombia

    2017 ARCOT. Instituto Cervantes. Tokio-Japón

    2018 Casa Legado. Bogotá-Colombia

    2018 Aqua Art Miami. AC Contemporary. Miami-Estados Unidos

    2019 Art on paper. Pier 39 New York, Estados Unidos. whit AC Contemporary
    2019. ArtMarket San Francisco, whit AC Contemporary
    2019. Paris Contemporary ArtShow by YIA whit AC Contemporary

    2019 InTemporal Zona L Galería, Bogotá, Colombia

    2009 Nominación convocatoria nacional Arte tu Otra Parte. Bogotá – Colombia

    2010 Nominación convocatoria nacional Barrio Bienal. Bogotá – Colombia

    2012 Primer puesto convocatoria nacional Arte tu Otra Parte. Bogotá – Colombia

    2015 Cinco maestros de la figuración en Colombia. Cesa. Bogotá-Colombia
    Detailed Description : He has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Colombia and abroad. Colombian artist, born in Bogotá; studied fashion design at the Marangoni Institute, Italy; drawing in the workshop of master David Manzur; painting, drawing and color theory with the teacher Miguel Moyano. His work has been selected in “ARCOT”, “Arte Tu Otra Parte” and “Barrio Bienal”. His work is mainly developed in oil painting and graphite drawing.
    Also exhibited by: AC Contemporary Art,
  • Diana Gattegno

    Diana Gattegno

    Diana Gattegno - CUBES Series
    CUBES Series
    Biography : Diana Gattegno Contemporary artist. Born in 1963, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives and works in Uruguay, France and Argentina. Exhibition : Since 2004, she exhibited and published her paintings. Captivated by reflects and shadows, in 2012 she began to investigate the effect of light in transparent materials. She now creates art objects, working with led lights, acrylic, polycarbonate and silicones.
    In 2017 she showed her last works in Expoartistas Art Fair (Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and won the 2nd. Prize.
    2018 Aqua Miami
    Detailed Description : Diana Gattegno Luminous sculpture/ Acrylic and silicone Acrylic and led light Objects and acrylics are synonyms of toughness. However, works modify the innate nature of the object. Nothing is what it seems, nothing is used as it should be. A kind of rebellion appropriates the matter and transforms it. His transparency seduces, his light fascinates, his vision hypnotizes. Cubes is a series of silicone, acrylic and light objects that pretends to call up nature and beauty.
  • ingrid Haubrich

    ingrid Haubrich

    ingrid Haubrich - Rorschach Marine
    Rorschach Marine
  • Liliana Livneh

    Liliana Livneh

    Liliana Livneh - Endless Poem
    Endless Poem
    Biography : Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and works and live in Hertzliya, Israel. In present times she is working in her studio in Manhattan, New York. Exhibition : Solo Exhibition

    2013 - Painting And Sculpture Inspired In Julio Cortazar Rayuela, Cervantes Istitute, Tel Aviv.

    2013 - Printed Painiting Inspired In Julio Cortazar Rayuela, Jerusalem 28 International Book Fair, Jerusalem.

    2012 - Encuentro Livneh - Bofill, Carlos Enriques Gallery, Remedios, Cuba.

    2009 - Painted Poems And Caryatides In New York. Art Gallery Consulate Of Argentina In New York.

    2008 - Back To Itaca, Migdalor Gallery, Old Jaffa.

    2007 - Itinerant Exhibition, Muzej Pozega, Pozega, Croatia .

    2007 - Paintings And Drawings, Gallery Marisall, Zagreb, Croatia.

    2006 - Bridges And Sea,Art Gallery, Instituto Cervantes, Tel-Aviv.

    2006 - 250 Years Of Bjelovar City Project,Itinerant Exhibition, Muzej Gradski Bjelovar, Bjelovar, Croatia.

    2006 - Itinerant Exhibition,Muzej Gradski Virovitica, Viroviticar, Croatia.

    2006 - Caryatide Women, The Fourth Woodrow Borah International Colloquium Femenine Protagonism In History Of Latin America And Spain, Tel-Aviv University.

    2005 - Paintings And Drawings Itinerant Exhibition, Muzej Galerja Grada Koprivnica Croatia.

    2005 - Memoria Centro Pignatelli Fundacion Seminario Por La Paz,
    Zaragoza, Spain.

    2002 - Between Heaven And Earth, Cervantes Institute, Tel-Aviv.

    2001 - Dialog And Rescue Of The Memory, Museum Windows, Ramat Aviv, Israel.

    2000 - Logo Design For Catedra Interdisciplinaria Por La Paz Shimon Peres, University Anahuac, Mexico City.

    1999 - Hands And Doves, Special Work For The Peres Center For Peace.

    1998 - Fifty Years –Fifty Works, Embassy Of Chile.

    1998 - Men And Caryatides, Arte X Arte Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina Belgrano Puertas Abiertas II.

    1997 - 25 Paintings From Dialog With Cerruto, The American Presidents Convention Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

    1996 - Dialog With Oscar Cerruto,50 Anniversary Of UNESCO, La Paz, Bolivia.
    Detailed Description : Liliana Livneh is the creator of the logo for the Cathedra Shimon Peres for Peace in Anahuac University Mexico, and Pignatelli Center for Peace at Zaragoza, Spain. Her works explore the Beauty of Diversity, the light of Poetry and emphasize the Sea as guardian of culture and a unifier of the universe. She includes handwriting in her paintings as an imprint of the visual structure. She was honored with multiple awards, among them the Dean Prize for originality in her work from Tel Aviv University, and a high ranking scholarship from the French Government to work at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. She traveled and exposed her work at the most prestigious art centers in Europe. Of special remark is her Itinerary exhibition in Croatia’s National museums. The spirit and motive of her work could be synthesized by Hermann Hesse’s phrase “ Water is stronger than rocks, love is stronger than violence”
  • valeria Real

    valeria Real

    valeria Real - Serie POST - OCEAN
    Serie POST - OCEAN
    Biography : POST - OCEAN Synopsis / Abstract During December 2018, Valeria Real takes a series of photographs about experiments that aim to show the formation of intermediate water and deep in the ocean, developed in a laboratory at the University of Miami along with the Argentine oceanographer, Josefina Olascoaga. Exhibition : 2019
    “Recreo” Van Gogh Art Gallery (Madrid-Milan)
    “Conjugando” Ateneo Grand Splending- CABA.
    “Recreo” Regional Museum of painting, Jose Antonio Terry, Tilcara
    “Aqua Art Miami” + GALLERyLABs. Buenos Aires- New Haven (USA).
    "Recreation" Par Foundation. CABA
    “Latin American Exhibit” DaSilva Gallery. New Haven (USA).
    Detailed Description : concept. Post-Ocean is a series generated from experiments developed in a laboratory of the University of Miami during December 2018, together with the Argentine oceanographer, Josefina Olascoaga. The photos record the geometric shapes naturally achieved by the variation of temperatures and densities, in a small-scale simulation of the ocean (with its glaciers, warm waters and the encounters between freshwater and salt water) that accounts for the conditions and changes that He suffers.
  • Ana Maria Rodriguez Conca

    Ana Maria Rodriguez Conca

    Ana Maria Rodriguez Conca - N/A
    Detailed Description : The work originates when a connection and movement between the stain and the color is generated, where there is a flow of emotions integrated into the dream component of the work. Elements of the unconscious depths arise, which are reflected in the material-texture present in each work, which is intensified by the luminosity and brightness of the color. The work is born from a dreamlike landscape, territories that perhaps were traveled in some dream, or childhood memories come alive and communicate with the unconscious of the observer. The landscapes are inspired by territories of the Latin American extremities, where the indomitable and desolate nature flows with the strength of the stain, texture and color. The above converges in an intersubjective reality, which invites the observer to a "re-encounter" with their own routes and internal landscapes.
  • Diana Teran

    Diana Teran

    Diana Teran - N/A
    Biography : For over 25 years she has worked locally and internationally as a professional photographer, specializing in family portraits, nature, and special events.
  • Eugenia Ulivi

    Eugenia Ulivi

    Eugenia Ulivi - N/A
    Biography : María Eugenia Ulivi (Caracas, 1963) Photographer. He gets involved in each subject, approaching the subjects portrayed, whom he treats with respect, gaining his trust and establishing an open and fluid communication that prints depth, warmth and intimacy to his work, as evidenced in “Cages” , an investigation carried out over two years that led her to photograph and interview more than 200 women of different nationalities, who shared their testimonies with Ulivi, collected in a photobook and presented in an individual exhibition. He has received awards such as that of the European Union for his photographs of people with disabilities, showing the beauty that arises from his struggles. He has participated in the art and feminism project "Women Looking at Women", an experience of international scope, to which other events he has developed in Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Colombia, United States, sharing the scene with different specialists . His vision of art is associated with internal and external transformations driven from the creative act, aesthetic value and the possibility of connecting sensibilities.
  • Claudia - VECLA Vergara

    Claudia - VECLA Vergara

    Claudia - VECLA Vergara - N/A
    Biography : ESTUDIOS /ACADEMIC Licenciada Estudios en Arte , mención Pintura Diplomado Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago Chile 2013 Diplomado en fotografía / Escuela foto arte de Chile /Santiago Chile/ 2009 Taller de Pintura Avanzado / Ricardo Fuentealba | Santiago, Chile 2011 Pintura figura humana creación | Alejandra Wolff/ Santiago ,Chile 2013 Pintura contemporánea, cuerpo y contexto | Roberto Farriol/ Santiago ,Chile 2012 5 temas para un proyecto de pintura/ Patricia Claro/ Santiago Chile 2010 / 2011 Estética de la fotografía moderna / Vera Carneiro 2013 Taller de emulsiones Fotográficas / Catalina de la Cruz / 2012 Taller apreciación y análisis de obra/ Roberto Farriol / 2012/2014/2015 Curso Pintura al Óleo/ Santos Assereto/ Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes/ 2006-2007 Curso Pintura al Óleo / Raúl Herrera/ Sociedad Nacional de Bellas Artes / 2008 EXHIBICIONES/ EXHIBITIONS Art on Paper / Nueva York EEUU / Marzo 2019 Paris Contemporary Art Show/ Le Carreau du temple/ Paris France/ Octubre 2018 “ 85,6 Km a paseo Estado” / Museo Regional de Rancagua/ Santiago Chile /2015 Taller Roberto Farriol / Santiago Chile /2014 Muestra colectiva / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, campus Oriente/ 2013 Salón de otoño/ Sociedad Nacional de Bellas artes/ Santiago de Chile/ 2007 Salón de alumnos/ Sociedad Nacional de Bellas artes/ Santiago Chile/ 2006 PREMIOS/ AWARDS Premio excelencia académica / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile/ 2013 Exhibition : con AC Contemporary exhibe en: Aqua ArtMiami 2018, ArtOnPaper New York 2019, obra vendida en Art On Paper New York Detailed Description : Claudia Vergara, (VECLA) has a degree in art mention painting from the Diploma of the Catholic University of Chile, in which she attended various workshops and courses with leading artists and national teachers and where she was also awarded for academic excellence. Previously and subsequently, he participates in independent courses, all of them in outstanding institutions and contemporary artists, such as the diploma of photography at the Chilean art school of photography, workshops of criticism and conversation, analysis of pictorial work, classes of photographic emulsions, among others. Vecla has participated in various exhibitions in Chile, as well as internationally, being the last at the Paris Contemporary Art Show in October 2018. His work in mixed media is characterized by the study of color, shapes and that invite the viewer to search for a beginning and end of the strokes or silhouettes that seem to simulate moorings or swarms and that endlessly wrap those, manifesting in turn in the expression of sensations that under and over transparencies and layers shows us abstract scenes. He currently lives in the city of Santiago Chile.


grace sapia    Fundadora y Directora de GALLERyLABs
In 2014, GALLERyLABs begins with Gabriel DaSilva, Director of DaSILVA Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut, and Graciela Sapia, an architect dedicated to the management and communication of Latin American art, to give visibility to contemporary Latin American artists.
We have participated in SCOPE MIAMI 2016, SCOPE MIAMI 2017, SCOPE MIAMI 2018, AQUA MIAMI 2018, ARTonPAPERNY 2019, ARTMarketSF 2019