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Surf boards 3 - Anastasia Omelchenko
Rain in the jungle - Anastasia Omelchenko

 - Anastasia Omelchenko
Rams Surfing Beach

 - Anastasia Omelchenko
 -  Natalia Gudovich
Friendship -  Natalia Gudovich
Horizon #2 -  Natalia Gudovich
Spectators -  Olga Eliseeva

 -  Olga Eliseeva
The Frame

 -  Olga Eliseeva
Tuk tuk. 3
 - Anastasia Omelchenko
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Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Olga Eliseeva

    Olga Eliseeva

     Olga Eliseeva - The Frame
    The Frame
     Olga Eliseeva - Green
     Olga Eliseeva - Spectators
    Biography : Olga Eliseeva (1987) lives between Moscow and London. She focused on the spiritual and sensual aspects of life, including the complexity of metaphysics. Through a combination of colors, textures, and combining ideas and stories through visual forms and images, the artist creates soft picturesque transitions, complementing them with anxiety of understatement, unclear facial expressions, and not always clear lines. This semantic stratification is common to her practice, this technique involves the viewer in the further conversation with art-works. The artist is interested in collective actions and self-organization.The artist is interested in collective actions and self-organization. As well as environmental issues ,social purity, distribution of wealth. Education 2016- 2017 Central St. Martins, UAL, London, UK BA (Hons) Fine Art, Diploma on Professional Studies 2014-2018 Central St. Martin’s, UAL, London, UK BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2D pathway 2013-2014 Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, with Distinction August 2016 Short course Film, Storyboarding and Animation at CSM PROJECTS 2016 Curating and organising collaborative art expedition “Going Native” Moscow - Voroneg - Rostov - Krasnodar -Sukhum - Moscow 2017 The head of the project White Room Not profit organisation based in Moscow 2018 Project management “Discovering Siberia” 2018 Project management exhibition "Discovering Siberia. Jogging around Tobolsk" 2018 Participation in the Art-werk Forum Creative Initiatives in Moscow 2018 Curator of Performance Lab, Art space Shalash, Moscow 2019 Project management Salon of Conviviality, Tverskaya 15, Moscow-London Exhibition : Exhibitions
    2013 “Rebirth” London
    2014 “Life with an Acent” Curated by Sona Stepanyan Moscow
    2014 “3-d Moscow Saturnaliy” Moscow
    2015 “Mother Russia” London
    2015 “Come Closer” London
    2016 “Sacred Blue” London
    2016 “Site 12” Group Performance at Performance festival in LEM Gallery
    2016 Going Native reporting exhibition
    2017 Biomimicry Moscow Omelchenko Gallery
    2017 Sleeves of Time Moscow Kandinsky House
    2018 ‘Call That Art’ Old Parcels Office Scarborough
    2018 From The Arhive of Omelchenko Gallery Moscow
    2018 “Missing Element”; Art Laguna London
    2018 “First Earth” Shalash Art Space, Moscow
    2018 “Second Water” Shalash Art Space, Moscow
    2018 “5 Life Hacks for the Drummers” Exhibition was the part of Young
    Biennale, Moscow
    2019 Chorus Interim Show Central Saint Martins
    2019 “Personal Narratives” Crypt Gallery
    2019 A3/33 A3 Gallery, Moscow
    Detailed Description : Olga Eliseeva reveals the spiritual and sensual aspects of life, using soft picturesque transitions contrasting with the dense texture, anxiety of understatement and fuzzy facial expressions. This semantic stratification is common to rer practice,this technique, involves the viewer in the further conversation of the author's art-works. Olga Eliseeva artworks are included to the private collections of Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams who is an American physician, comedian, social activist, clown, and author, Ilya Segalovich, Rostislav Ordovsky, Tanaevsky Blanco, Jan Thatcher Adams and others.
  • Natalia Gudovich

    Natalia Gudovich

     Natalia Gudovich - Horizon #2
    Horizon #2
     Natalia Gudovich - Friendship
     Natalia Gudovich - Loneliness
    Biography : Natalya Gudovich (b.1994) works in painting, collage, sculpture, video and installation media. Main themes of her research is the post humanism discourse, globalization and exploration of personal insights. She is interested in the topics of wishes, desires, digitalization and man of the future. The artist’s practice is influenced by: Aidan Salakhova, Erik Bulatov, Maurizio Cattelan, Michelangelo Pistoletto among others. Theme of insights was realized in painting and photo series named Let me go. There was the white cloth that hides the figure of a man who grabbed the material from the inside. Today she works with insights issue again in her project Red line painting and total installation. From 2015 her working on the topic of digitalization, which was presented in the self-portrait Projection presented in Aidan Studios at Winzavod (Online / Offline exhibition), in the Renaissance 2.0 series at her personal exhibition in the Omelchenko Gallery in 2018. “Sistem. Anabiosis” – research of post humanism discourse, creating a situation where a person is replaced by anthropomorphic characters, and the system created for human comfort loses its functionality, retaining external recognition, it was shown in Cosmoscow art fair in Moscow in 2018. Education 2011 Artschool 548 Tsaritsyno 2017 Moscow State Pedagogical University, Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy, Moscow, Russia 2015 GVA LAUNCH GURUS business accelerator, Smart City, Moscow, Russia 2017 Event Production School of Alexey Bokov, Moscow, Russia 2018 Aidan Salakhova workshop in Surikov State Institute of Arts, Moscow, Russia 2019 Free workshops, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia 2019 Open studios, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia Exhibition : Selected exhibitions
    2015 Online / Offline, Aidan Studio, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2016 I want, Aidan Studio, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2016 On the Human Side, European Center for Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia
    2017 Today, Grebenchuk gallery, Basel, Switzerland
    2017 On the side of human, the gallery “Here”; in Taganka, Moscow, Russia
    2017 “Time is waiting”, Pskov GMZ, Omelchenko gallery, A3 Gallery in
    Moscow, Russia
    2018 “140 years together”, international press center of the IIA “Russia
    Today”, Moscow, Russia|Sofia, Bulgaria
    2018 “Children Draw Here”, Taganka Gallery “Here”, Moscow
    2018 Cosmoscow international artfair 2018 participant from Omelchenko
    gallery, booth C14
    2018 “Beauty!”, The State Geological Vernadsky Museum, Russian Academy
    of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
    2019 “Coordinates”, Fabrika Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia
    2019 Participation in the art market “Tsvetnoy” from the Open Studios
    2019 «Look it’s cool» Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia
    2019 «Common table», Open Studios, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2019 «The Gold», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2019 «The Process. New Academy», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2019 OFF White Cosmoscow Beyond Luxury, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
    2019 Fem Festival «-КА», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2019 New materialism: from tool to sculpture, Omelchenko gallery, Russia
    2019 «Horizon», Kreativraum gallery, Wien, Austria

    Personal exhibitions
    2018 System. Anabiosis, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia | Supported by
    Untitled Foundation
    2019 New Humanity, Gazprombank, Moscow, Russia

    2019 The third charity auction in favor of the Children of Mary Foundation,
    Omelchenko gallery
    2019 OFF White Cosmoscow Beyond Luxury, MMOMA, Москва, Россия

    Since 2013 Art director of the gallery “Krysha”;
    Since 2013 the Organizer of the International Competition for Children named
    Detailed Description : Natalya Gudovich is the leading young artist of her generation, all the paintings from the Horizon series presented at Cosmoscow Art Fair in 2018 entered private collections. At the OFF White auction (2019), the painting Golden Rain was sold at the value of 12 000 $ holding a second market value at the auction after legendary Oleg Kulik`s piece. In the series Anabiosis Gudovich explores what place a person occupies in the world of new technologies and communication methods, whether a person is a subject or object to processes of technological advancement. Human personality is replaced by an objectification of such, and a system created to maintain the comfort of a person’s existence becomes autonomous and loses its functionality. The Horizon series is devoted to the isolation and cyclicity of the physiological and social processes. The deliberately flat red bar illustrates the limit of possibilities and the reference point to which our existence is tied as a system of vital coordinates.
  • Anastasia Omelchenko

    Anastasia Omelchenko

    Anastasia Omelchenko - Tuk tuk. 3
    Tuk tuk. 3
    Anastasia Omelchenko - Rams Surfing Beach
    Rams Surfing Beach
    Anastasia Omelchenko - Ocean
    Anastasia Omelchenko - Rain in the jungle
    Rain in the jungle
    Anastasia Omelchenko - Surf boards 3
    Surf boards 3
    Biography : Anastasia Omelchenko (b.1991) is based in Moscow and has graduated from The Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, class of T.G. Nazarenko. Anastasia Omelchenko exhibits her new body of work inspired by the culture and nature of Sri Lanka, India. It translates the pantheistic perception of the world, where the cornerstone of existence does not orbit around humans but around the chthonic power of nature and its elements. Images of people are absent altogether or they are devoid of specificity, depersonalised, but there are traces and symbols of their presence in every artwork: surfboards, trash and decoration items. They are all subjects to entropy, the result of the passage of time and the influence natural of forces, like a person who becomes not a separate object, but is synthesised into the environment. The artworks of Anastasia Omelchenko are in private collections of Valentin Segalovich, Elina Felyushkina, Maria Eliseeva, Evgeny Krivoshein, as well as public collection of the White Room Foundation. In 2018, the artist presented the video installation Frames at the 6th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art. Art Projects 2015 Established the gallery of contemporary art Omelchenko gallery (managed and curated more than 50 exhibitions and Biennale projects) 2018 Project manager in art residency / plein air “Discovering Siberia” Tobolsk, Russia. The project involved 20 contemporary artists from all over Russia, public talks and master classes. The final exhibition of the project “Jogging around Tobolsk”; was held in Tobolsk and Moscow (supported by SIBUR) Exhibition : Exhibitions
    2019 Cosmoscow Art Fair, booth D13, Moscow, Russia
    2019 A3 / 33, A3 GALLERY, Moscow, Russia
    2019 Personal narratives, Crypt gallery, London, UK
    2018 “5 Life Hacks for the Drummers”, 6. Moscow international Biennale of
    young art // Parallel program, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia
    2018 “Second water”, Whiteroom foundation, Moscow, Russia
    2018 “From the archive Omelchenko gallery”, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow,
    2017 BIOMIMICRY. Mixed-media exhibition, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow,
    2015 “EgoCentriya”, Red workshop Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
    2015 “Fatflity”, Omelchenko gallery, Moscow, Russia
    2014 “Industrial”, Baker Mamonova Gallery, Hastings, United Kingdom 2014 “Night of arts”, “Picture in the window” Pyatnitskaya str., Moscow,
    2014 “Parallels”, East& WEST gallery, Moscow, Russia
    2014 “ART SLOY”, Volgograd international festival, Volgograd, Russia 2014 ХXXIV Youth exhibition of Moscow artists, Moscow, Russia 2014 “Love” supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Moscow, Russia 2013 Moscow Art salon, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia 2010 “Hastings through the eyes of Russian artists”, Baker Mamonova
    Gallery, London, UK
    2010 The Young palette of Russia, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
    Detailed Description : She works across mediums, such as painting, collage and video. In her work, she explores the dichotomy of the essence of a person who is a creator of their reality, but at the same time the person cannot resist external circumstances, which often force to adapt to the surrounding reality. Inspired by the cultural contexts of different countries and cultures, the artist focuses on lyrical experiences that correlate with current social problems, thus, transforming impersonal issues into the personal dimension of the characters in the paintings and the audience.


Omelchenko Gallery is gallery founded in 2015 in Moscow, which is aiming to support and popularise contemporary Russian art and one from the neighbouring countries. The gallery both represents already honoured artists of international level and actively works with the young artists. During the gallery’s work more than sixty projects were organised, including six charity projects (V-day “She is us” Alena Fedotkina, an exhibition against violence against women; “Hold your breath” Paulina Siniatkina, an exhibition dedicated to the fight against tuberculosis and others)

Omelchenko Gallery participated in the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair 2017 (Julia Malinina), 2018 (Natalya Tolstaya, Natalya Gudovich) and 2019 (Anastasia Omelchenko). In 2017, the gallery participated in a parallel program of the Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, and in 2018 at the 6th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art.
In 2018, together with the White Room Foundation the gallery, won a grant from the SIBUR Holding petrochemical company and organised an art residence in Siberia, in the city of Tobolsk. The final exhibition of the project was held in Moscow at the Theater of Nations.