Exhibitor listing
Peace  -  Pieter Ceizer
Fuck Yeah  -  Pieter Ceizer
People Green  - Seunghwui Koo
Piggies 39 - Seunghwui Koo
Love Néon  -  Pieter Ceizer
People Blue  - Seunghwui Koo
Le Theil Nolant  -  Lucas Beaufort
La Valse Bleu  -  Lucas Beaufort
La Romande -  Lucas Beaufort
Stand n°  Room 119

83 boulevard du Montparnasse
75006 Paris
T  1 (646) 292 - 3276
E-mail address : marion.sailhen@singulart.com
Website : http://www.singulart.com/en/

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Lucas Beaufort

    Lucas Beaufort

     Lucas Beaufort - La Romande
    La Romande
     Lucas Beaufort - La Valse Bleu
    La Valse Bleu
     Lucas Beaufort - Le Theil Nolant
    Le Theil Nolant
    Biography : Lucas Beaufort is a distinguished French painter whose work has featured in prestigious exhibitions, publications and collections across France and the United States. He studied international business and worked for a magazine before discovering a passion for illustration out of nowhere, which then led him to dedicate himself to art full-time from 2013. His aesthetic is fueled by and responds to skateboarding culture, and is visually characterized by intricate geometric forms, curious characters and impactful colors.
  • Pieter Ceizer

    Pieter Ceizer

     Pieter Ceizer - Love Néon
    Love Néon
     Pieter Ceizer - Fuck Yeah
    Fuck Yeah
     Pieter Ceizer - Peace
    Biography : Pieter Ceizer is a Dutch typographer and multi-media artist currently living and working in Paris. Ceizer's oeuvre is a variable universe of bright colors, dancing shapes, poetry and empowerment. His work is particularly engaged with the theme of escapism and a desire to passively resist life's daily hassles by creating an invigorating, playful visual experience. By employing positive phrases or words in his art and combining them with bright, exuberant colors, Ceizer hopes to implant an idea in the mind of the reader, which can in turn positively influence the reader's thoughts.
  • Seunghwui Koo

    Seunghwui Koo

    Seunghwui Koo - People Blue
    People Blue
    Seunghwui Koo - Piggies 39
    Piggies 39
    Seunghwui Koo - People Green
    People Green
    Biography : Seunghwui Koo is an exciting young talent from The United States who has already exhibited her work in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Belgium and Seoul. The artist carves minuscule wooden figurines before painting and arranging them into incredibly detailed, captivating pieces that make expert use of dimension and scale. Her stimulating sculptures and 3D canvases are exceptionally colorful, exuberant works of art that have received widespread praise and appreciation. Exhibition : 2017 - Art Context Miami' / Blank Space Gallery NY - Miami, FL, United States


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Marion SAILHEN   
Singulart is a contemporary online art gallery founded in 2017 by Véra Kempf. Based in Paris, our aim is to empower artists and to break down the physical and intellectual barriers between collectors and artists.

Singulart promotes and supports artists from more than 80 nationalities with a focus on emerging artists to offer them global visibility and gain recognition in the art world thanks to specialized press articles, exhibitions in international art fairs and showrooms. Singulart is also particularly involved in promoting artists from emerging countries in which the art market is not as well developed, such as various countries in Africa and South Asia. Thanks to our digital expertise, our young gallery gives the opportunity for our artists to be exposed to an international audience, and allows our collectors to discover rising talents never-before seen in Europe or America.

Singulart is praised for its diversity and exhibits artists who express themselves through different media (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture), even if painting is our core business and the essence of the gallery.

After two years of operation and a clientele of collectors in 42 countries, Singulart became aware of the significance of a strong presence in the physical Art world. Always looking to support both our established and emerging artists by physically exhibiting their latest works, Singulart decided to meet our international collectors in their own countries and guide them through our curated shows.