Exhibitor listing
Color is LIfe - Carole Pavio
Les Fond des Choses - JM Robert
Andy - Vincent Gachaga
Nr°19 - Christian Della Giustina
N°15 - Christian Della Giustina
Captain America Muse - Nelson Fabiano
NY Times Wonder Woman - Nelson Fabiano
Without you I am nothing - Nolvenn Samson
Mc Queen  Bache - Vincent Gachaga
ELLE - Fabien Novarino
The Horse - Olivier Courty
Tigre Bengale - Olivier Courty
Bird man - Christophe Gallard
N/A - Christophe Gallard
SuperDavid - Fabien Novarino
Le Loup - Olivier Courty
Gorilla - Olivier Courty
Fabulous Mothers - Nolvenn Samson
Make-Up - Alain Vaissiere
Sunset; Mak- up - Alain Vaissiere
Galerie le Capricorne
Stand n°  Room 124

E-mail address : fernandmale@galeriecapricorne.com
Website : http://www.galeriecapricorne.com

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Olivier Courty

    Olivier Courty

    Olivier Courty - Gorilla
    Olivier Courty - Le Loup
    Le Loup
    Olivier Courty - Tigre Bengale
    Tigre Bengale
    Olivier Courty - The Horse
    The Horse
    Detailed Description : Olivier began sculpting in 2000. His work evolved into the field of animal sculpture and his favourite materials were clay, plaster, wax, ciporex. For 5 years, Courty extensively researched the anatomy, behaviour and emotions of the animals of his interest and passionately transformed is love for the powerful creatures into stunning sculptures.! ! In 2007 he discovered metal and started experimenting with this new material, creating miraculous works, bending the works with his bare hands and breathing the movement into the animal statues.
  • Christian Della Giustina

    Christian Della Giustina

    Christian Della Giustina - N°15
    Christian Della Giustina - Nr°19
    Detailed Description : Christian Della Giustina is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. He is always pushing his limits further, challenging himself into a new artistic territory, the talented sculptor and painter has chosen to bring painting and sculpture together in a new stunning realisation … the optical art, 3D-art. ! ! It is very hard to stand still in front one of his artworks as you quickly feel the need to turn around it to feel the depth of it . You do feel the urge to touch it and literally enter the creation. His artworks are absolutely mind blowing, striking and original! Della Giustinahas spend two years developing his 3D technique and successfully presented it in the spring of 2016. Since then he has been the « talk of the town » and has caught the eye of the Art World making the headlines in all the major art magazines.
  • Nelson Fabiano

    Nelson Fabiano

    Nelson Fabiano - NY Times Wonder Woman
    NY Times Wonder Woman
    Nelson Fabiano - Captain America Muse
    Captain America Muse
    Detailed Description : Nelson Fabiano, also known as MNFF is a french artist who lives and works in Cannes, France. He has a successful background in photography and architectural design and his strongest quality as an artist is a constant desire to search for new techniques and new media to bring his world onto the vibrant Pop Art and Street Art scene.! ! He is a hard working and quick thinking artist. His success today is a reward for 20 years of dedication and passion for creation, to bring urban spaces, calligraphy, icons and colours together in a well synchronised and balanced artistic fashion. His works have a strong North american influence, borrowing icons from the world of comics and the pop art world of the 2000s. He has now acquired quite a reputation and his works can be seen and purchased in main galleries around the world.
  • Vincent Gachaga

    Vincent Gachaga

    Vincent Gachaga - Mc Queen  Bache
    Mc Queen Bache
    Vincent Gachaga - Andy
    Detailed Description : Vincent Gachaga lives and works in Lyon, France. After his first career in communications the self-taught artist has since 2005 decided to fulfil his passion and put into fruition a desire for creativity that had been invading him for a while. Inspired by Pop Art and new realism, Warhol and Rauschenberg are amongst his main artistic references. Vincent Gachaga likes to use new technologies such as digigraphie, enhanced with acrylic, felt pen, pastel, resin posters to add a touch of “create and paste”. `Resolutely « urban » in style he likes to portray the city with a preference for mega poles in all their aspect, architectural or human, still or in motion. The artist has a pictorial vocabulary made of real faces and places blending perfectly with the signs and words that inspire him.
  • Christophe Gallard

    Christophe Gallard

    Christophe Gallard - N/A
    Christophe Gallard - Bird man
    Bird man
    Detailed Description : Christophe Gallard creates his sculptures in altu-glas. This gives them an incredible luminescence. As two-dimensional images they are pleasing to the eye. And as threedimensional sculptures they are breathtaking.! ! ! 1 Rue Grande, 06570, Saint Paul de Vence, France Christophe Gallard lives and works in South of France. He has been creating the most original sculptures for more than 35 years with an undeniable cubist influence. His unique creations remind us of DALI, Miro, Picasso and Cocteau to name just few. His production is minimal as he emphasises perfection and uniqueness, making him a perfect target for aware collectors.
  • Fabien Novarino

    Fabien Novarino

    Fabien Novarino - SuperDavid
    Fabien Novarino - ELLE
    Detailed Description : Originally from Savoie, Novarino spent his childhood at the heart of the mountains where he devoted himself to the pleasures of drawing, painting and model making. Since 2010, Fabien has integrated photography into his works, evolving his pictorial work towards a more contemporary language. From personal or professional clichés acquired in offices, Fabien designs original graphic works that come from the Neo Pop style – a worthy successor to the Pop Art movement born in the 1950s. Produced from a subtle mixture of collages, drawings and stencils, his canvases are inspired by icons of American and French cinema, modern urbanism and the world of comics. Firmly contemporary, his art is a true homage to the society of entertainment.
  • Carole Pavio

    Carole Pavio

    Carole Pavio - Color is LIfe
    Color is LIfe
    Detailed Description : Carole Pavio is a French artist born in Lorraine, currently lives and works in the South of France. Since her childhood, she is passionate for art and drawing, but it was until 1996 that she started taking water-colour classes and art therapy courses. Pavio worked as cultural ambassador for the Unesco network and since 2014, she is the sponsor of the French Association CRIGLER-NAJJAR which fights against this genetic disease. Pavio's style is geometric, abstract and minimalist. The lines structure her paintings, organising the arrangement of the colors and the orientation of light. The artist focuses on subjects such as life in general, exploring big problems that life poses us as finite beings. Her work is joyful, subtle and varied. Carole Pavio is an award-winning artist in France and abroad. She regularly exhibits her work all around Europe.
  • JM Robert

    JM Robert

    JM Robert - Les Fond des Choses
    Les Fond des Choses
    Detailed Description : JM Robert started painting at an early age by reproducing the effects of patina, dirt and the degradations observed on the walls of buildings. He first studied Graphic Arts and decoration and learned professional techniques of “trompe l'œil”.Urban art and painters of the late 20th century inspired his first pictorial experiments. Gradually he started developing his own style using incisive and powerful graphics, drawing stencil portraits on abstract backgrounds with effects of damaged urban walls. "The damaged façades of houses and buildings fascinate me. I have always felt strong emotions in front of deteriorated walls, and ruins.! ! JM Robert, captures our attention instantly and invites us to seize this strong, brief and punchy presence of a look or an anonymous face.The black graphics used to capture this expression contrasts with his very personal flashy palette of colours.
  • Nolvenn Samson

    Nolvenn Samson

    Nolvenn Samson - Fabulous Mothers
    Fabulous Mothers
    Nolvenn Samson - Without you I am nothing
    Without you I am nothing
    Detailed Description : Nolwenn Samson is a young French artist woman artist. Self-taught, she had a brief passage through Marseille Art School where she improved her sense of SAMON portrait graphics and illustration. Nolwenn now performs with acrylic, china ink, resin and marker pen on canvas. Naive, fun, trash, wild tempered, her various artistic moods come to life on all sizes canvas with a preference for larger sizes. ! ! In constant progress and motion the works of Nolwenn Samson, influenced by the cinematographic rhythmic of Tarantino and Kitano, reminds us of Basquiat, Keith Haring, Warhol or even Combas to find their place on the busy and vibrant Street Art scene. Between Paris, Miami and Saint Paul de Vence her vivid creations are a sell-out in galleries and more recently in auction rooms.!
  • Alain Vaissiere

    Alain Vaissiere

    Alain Vaissiere - Sunset; Mak- up
    Sunset; Mak- up
    Alain Vaissiere - Make-Up


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Le Capricorne is one of the oldest art galleries in Saint-Paul de Vence, the art Mecca of South of France, known as a home and a creative space of Picasso, Chagall, Miro and other great artists.

Le Capricorne has 35 years of experience and consists of 3 galleries, all located on Rue Grande which is the main street of this famous provençal village.

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