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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Stella Baudiffier

    Stella Baudiffier

    Biography : She wants refocus on the essentials and be full of good emotions and energy.  Stella searches through her paintings to make everyone live positive emotions: love, sweetness, joy, enthusiasm, positivity, fullness, etc. Her practice of art is above all emotional and spontaneous.

  • Moisés Bentata

    Moisés Bentata

    Biography : Spanish artist Moises Bentata was born in Ceuta (Spain) in 1963. After graduating in Systems Engineering, he joined the telecom industry where he spent the majority of his career. However, since 2016, he is entirely devoted to his real passion: Art. His work reflects constant thought revolving around the shape and outline of letters, focusing on the impact they cause on our thinking. He currently lives and works in Madrid, focusing his activity on a varied and fruitful artistic creation. The wood and its live appearance become an essential element (... almost necessary) in his creations, revealing a vocabulary of signs and shapes in different planes which reiterate as an expressive language of metaphors and feelings in most of his works, fluctuating between textual and figurative. His three-dimensional imaginations provide his work with depth and tactile dimension, with overlapped planes close to the spectator inviting them to be an active part of his works. Both the carved wood as a life element and the chromatic simplicity that emanates from his darker palette show an equilibrium constant in all his creations. The expressive force of the letters and his permanentconcern about what they convey and imply in our lives are at the core of the metaphoric language of his art works.

  • Nanda Botella

    Nanda Botella

    Biography : Vuelos is a series of light, freedom, color, strength, happiness. For her painting always meant the need to express what I feel in my language, I believe that every artist has the same need.

  • Pascal Caperon

    Pascal Caperon

  • Kim Chesney

    Kim Chesney

    Biography : Kim was born in Wakefield Rhode Island, the middle of seven children. She is a graduate of the University of South Florida. What sets Kim apart, is that at a young age, she discovered that she had a passion for the performing arts. This would later blossom into a desire to express herself through a variety of art forms, from the culinary arts to portraiture, and her own brand, of art mixed media encaustic. Kim has also dedicated herself to raising money and awareness for children's non-profits both locally and internationally. Kim has organized charity events, served as chair and co-chair, donated artworks, and volunteered countless hours all helping to raise over $300,000.

  • Tiny de Bruin

    Tiny de Bruin

    Biography : The paintings by Tiny de Bruin give an impression of different defining moments from a human life based on the central theme 'Patterns of life'. They tell at a glance the story of the change processes that are so important in life. She gets inspiration from nature, her immediate surroundings and stories that she hears or reads. Cheerful colors and wild paintings are an expression of creativity and enthusiasm. Soft colors are more of an expression of a melancholy mood.

  • Christian De Wulf

    Christian De Wulf

    Biography : Christian is a graphic designer and trained psychotherapist. His artist studio is also where he conducts his therapy practice, a cross-fertilisation that is key to Christian’s work. His canvases act as the expression of his study of the human psyche, and as a way for the viewer to explore their own frames of reference and emotions. Christian’s style is sculptural in nature, providing dimension as well as color to explore key themes of what it means to be a person within society. The works seek to display what happens when the will of the individual meets the normative aspects of the group. Giving shape to this thin line is the challenge he faces, defining this boundary in many contexts. Each work is a lyrical expression of the artists own experiences of a tension that all of us face. In our observation, we are made to recall our own experiences of this beautiful tension. Christian has exhibited his works in solo shows in Brussels as well as group shows in Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Cologne and in New York at Sotheby’s. He has also participated at numerous art fairs, The Other Art Fair (London and New York), the Accessible Art Fair (Brussels), MvvO art fair (New York) and The Affordable Art Fair (Brussels).

  • Cuca Ferrá

    Cuca Ferrá

    Biography : She studied Fashion Superior Designer at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. She expanded her academic training in the artistic branch of engraving in the School TNP, where she became part of the teaching staff. After a period dedicated to fashion and teaching as a university professor, currently my work and my projects are entirely focused on painting. Abstract composition of structured stain, importance to the theme of inspiration, study of the behavior of the supports, color and optical effects of volume and visual texture.

  • Aitor González

    Aitor González

    Biography : His journey begins in the architectural painting without caring about the conventions, getting to be a pioneer and a reference within their sector. The step to the canvas came after a commission by a client. It was in large scale, to which he was accustomed, and he discovered a range of possibilities that led him to investigate new media to express their ideas, their colors, their techniques, such as wood, stone, PVC. It is there where he considers that a new creative process began, letting loose to his ideas, which naturally leads him to a more abstract and informal work, research with the mixtures. Before starting a job, he needs a period of inactivity, when ideas come, images that serve to begin to give the first brushstrokes, letting themselves be carried away by the intuition, with spontaneous, loose strokes, capturing the force of color in a space where chaos and balance go hand in hand to create the beauty of the imperfect, making the paint, its shape, texture and color are visually attractive.

  • Alfredo Molero

    Alfredo Molero

    Biography : From a very young age he enjoyed painting and drawing, the charcoal and the diffuser served to give shape and volume to everything he created, something that in the future would be a constant in his work: the reliefs. Soon he was attracted by natural materials, minerals, earth, tree bark and everything aged by time, including recycled materials, being an influence for him the colors and reliefs he saw in the trips he made, the reddish brown of Jaipur , the worn walls of Rome and the strong contrasts that he could even photograph. Also important the sensation of movement that he could experience in the stage he lived in New York.
    Artist's Documents:
  • Jake Nason

    Jake Nason

    Biography : Working closely with music and sound, his work is created around the visualisation and physicalisation of engagement with audio stimulus, and reimagining painting and sensory perception as data. Layering these textures, tones and movements onto canvas allows him to manipulate the final images digitally, creating cascading colour sequences that are projected to fit their surroundings, becoming audio-synchronous visual narratives, or a synthesised synaesthesia.

  • Kerstin Paillard

    Kerstin Paillard

    Biography : Her abstract paintings are a personal expression of her fascination for colours and forms, the mysterious atmosphere of the North and the brightness of the South, the skies and their ever changing design. Rhythm, harmony and textures are very important. She only uses the pure pigments of the dry pastels from Blockx and Sennelier (because of their high quality pigments), that she crushes, smashes and smears on the canvas, with her fingers and hands, kneeling on the floor, feeling the textures: it is a very physical way of painting. The multiple layers create new combinations and collisions, the light appears or disappears like a cloudy sky, a blooming flower, a dream landscape, an ethereal world. The paintings are organic, deep, spiritual, celestial, dreamful and romantic, they aim to be expressive and sensitive. She creates images that question the spectator and invite him to take part of an immaterial world, filled with serenity, existentialism and poetry.

  • Jaime Sicilia

    Jaime Sicilia

    Biography : Born in Madrid, architect doctorate at the School of Architecture of Madrid UPM (1997), specialized in housing and sustainable social development. As an artist, his work is about a reflection on nature, light, space, matter, color and time. Seascapes (2016) is a reflection on nature, matter, light, space, colour and time.
    Artist's Documents:
  • Guillem Vicens

    Guillem Vicens

    Biography : Mallorca, Spain ,1978. The artworks of Guillem are inspired in the four elements of the nature. With them he experiments with the reliefs, textures and organic forms, creating this wonderful pieces. He uses the colour and his technique to make monochromatic collections, as a concept and a process of unification, reflexion and connexion with its personal experiences.


VAN GOGH Art Gallery was born with the intention of creating a unique space for contemporary art in the heart of Madrid and aims to become a benchmark in the national and international art scene.
Betting for works from different disciplines and styles, created by both emerging and consolidated artists, offer exhibitions in its headquarters in Madrid as well as international fairs and art projects.

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