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United States
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Virtual Gallery of wearable art.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Juan Erman Gonzalez

    Juan Erman Gonzalez

  • Jen Neame Collins

    Jen Neame Collins

    Biography : INSPIRED BY MANY THINGS, FROM RENAISSANCE ART TO DOLLY PARTON, CLASSICAL TO KITSCH, EACH COLLECTION EVOLVES NATURALLY FROM THE LAST, WITH NEW COLOURS, SHAPES AND PATTERNS FITTING SEAMLESSLY INTO THE ATELIER JEN AESTHETIC. This jewellery is a collection of bespoke statement pieces that are colourful, decorative and highly detailed. Made from layers of paper, securely glued together, then decorated with gold and silver leaf overlayed with a riot of pattern and colour. When finished they are coated in waterproof varnish. The result is jewellery which is so light it can be worn all day and night, but which is surprisingly hardwearing. Jen has a degree in textile design and has had a successful career as a designer and artist, using papier mâché as her medium for many years. After living in London, she and her husband moved to France in 2004. She began applying her techniques to creating the jewellery 4 years ago.

  • Elizabeth Garvin

    Elizabeth Garvin

    Biography : Elizabeth Garvin graduated with honors from New York University in 1986, earning a bachelor of Arts degree, with further studies at Parsons School of Design and Massachusetts College of Art. Jewelry by Elizabeth Garvin is exhibited internationally in many galleries and museum stores as well as home furnishing and design focus boutiques as an example of contemporary design in wearable art. Her goal as a designer has been to create forms with classic elegance and enduring quality, while integrating various techniques and at times parting with tradition as a part of her overall design concept. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in her New York studio from sterling silver. Applying various techniques of patterning and finishing, each piece is playfully graphic, yet sensibly made to be surprisingly affordable. Her approach to designing form, engineering movement and developing techniques often draws as much from architecture and industrial design as from the traditional craft of jewelry making. The result is an approach to design that is at once timely and timeless. Being a self-taught cook, I can wrap my brain around. Perhaps even teaching yourself how to dance. But being a self-taught fine jeweler? That’s on a whole other level! Self-taught Elizabeth Garvin, based in the Village in NYC, has been designing jewelry for over 20 years, and she launched her fine jewelry line a couple years ago. It’s very modern, full of geometric design, and extremely wearable. Her signature is the “Cyclone Ring,” and I’m sure you can see why. "I draw inspiration as much from industrial objects and processes as from nature and its examples of repetition and geometry. I am intrigued by design that is reduced to its simplest form, where all unnecessary elements have been removed and all that is left is the essence of the idea."

  • Iris Saar Isaacs

    Iris Saar Isaacs

  • Deb karash

    Deb karash

    Biography : Dori Csengeri is an internationally recognized award winning jewelry artist specializing in soutache textile design. Her embroidery technique utilizes silky cord to frame handmade glass, cabochons, natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals, ethnic beads, pearls and snakeskin elements, and are all backed with soft leather. Dori has passions for art and fashion. Her creations are for women who have defined taste and personality and want fresh and exciting ways to play with fashion. Dori is a textile designer by profession. She graduated from Shankar Collage of fashion in Tel-Aviv Israel, Tootal Fabric in Manchester and at Cyril Kowalewsky’s Paris studio. She studied History of Art at Zurich University and painting at the Academy de Port-Royal in Paris. She also regularly collaborates with Swarovski on their various collections. While not recommended for the beach, her inspired designs are serious fun that fit anywhere from Haute Couture, Bridal gowns, to casual jeans.

  • Francis Marion

    Francis Marion

    Biography : I make things. Currently I make jewelry that is scultpural, lightweight, fun and colorful. My work consists of joining common and exotic wood with eco-friendly epoxy resin. I personally design, color, tint, shape, sand and polish every jewelry piece by hand into wearable pieces of art. Every piece is unique. ​

  • Gillian Preston

    Gillian Preston

  • Penelope Rakov

    Penelope Rakov

    Biography : Penelope Rakov is a glass artist that works a particular process of making glass patterns called murrini. Penelope pulls hot glass color into long thin rods, called “canes”. When the canes are cool she cuts and assembles them with other canes to create the intricate patterns. Each cane is usually pulled five or six times before the finished rods are created. With a bundle of those rods grouped together, they are then fused to create a single mass that is then cut into thin slices, ground and polished into form. Since she makes all of her own glass patterns, Penelope is continually coming up with new patterns to create her unique glass jewelry.


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