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  • Andrés Compagnucci

    Andrés Compagnucci

    Biography : Born in La Plata, Argentina in 1966, Andrés Compagnucci is known as the artist who introduced hyperrealism in Argentina in the 1990s. He earned his degree as a Graphic Designer at Universidad Nacional de La Plata in 1992, and two years later, he was awarded a scholarship by Fundación ROA to work together with the contemporary artist Guillermo Kuitca. He studied painting and drawing with Carlos Pacheco, and decorative art with Armando Miotti, experiences that help him achieve remarkable skills. His oil work displays a flawless technique and a great attention to detail. So much so, that it has been displayed in distinguished international art fairs: BASEL-Miami (2003, 2004), and ARCO-Madrid (1998, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005). He has also participated in group exhibitions all around the world like Vienna, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Miami and Marbella. Exhibition : 2016. Now Gallery. Miami. FL. (USA). 2015. Del Paseo Gallery. Manantiales (Uruguay). 2015. Zavaleta Lab Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013. Summer Salon Show 2013 - Rarity Gallery. Mykonos (Greece). 2011. Now Gallery. Miami. FL. (USA). 2011. Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes. La Plata (Argentina). 2011. Colección Gomez. Porsche Museum. Stuttgart (Germany). 2011. “Arte+Tango”, Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2010. Holz Gallery in ArteBA. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2009. Sokoa Gallery. Madrid (Spain). 2008. DPM Gallery in Arte Americas. Miami. FL (USA). 2008. “Seis realistas de España”, Albermarle Gallery. London (UK). 2007. DPM Gallery. Miami. FL (USA). 2006. Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Arte Americas. Miami. FL. (USA). 2005. Sannmer Gallery, Marbella (Spain). 2004. Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Bassel-Miami. Miami. FL. (USA). 2003. Mauricio Pontual Gallery in ART MIAMI. Miami. FL. (USA). 2003. Ruth Benzacar Gallery in ARCO. Madrid (Spain). 2002. Peace banners, Football World Cup. (Japan-Korea). 2001. Centro Cultural España. Cordoba (Argentina). 2001. Ruth Benzacar Gallery in Arte Cordoba. Cordoba (Argentina). 2001. La Plata Art, Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2000. Prodaltec Award, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2000. Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes. La Plata (Argentina). 1999. Argentinian XXth century Art and Culture, Centro Cultural Recoleta. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1999. Andanzas, a tribute to Julio Bocca, Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1998. Argentine Consulate in New York (USA). 1998. Sixth Biennale of Cuenca (Ecuador). 1998. Sarajevo 2000 Museum of modern art. Vienna (Switzerland). 1998. Jacob Karpio Gallery in ARCO. Madrid (Spain). 1997. Ruth Benzacar Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1997. "Andres Compagnucci at the Museo Nacional de BeIlas Artes". Buenos Aires (Argentina). 1995. Jeune Peinture, Espace Eiffel Branly (Paris). 1994. “Filetes y Colectivos" Salon Cultural Bernardino Rivada

  • Juan Del Balso

    Juan Del Balso

    Biography : Juan Del Balso was born in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1978. As a self-taught artist, and with the opportunity for traveling, living and working abroad, Del Balso has been involved in the contemporary art scene as a timeless artist. In his works, you can appreciate classic lines; however, he fills them with current content from his world and the outer world we live in. His paintings and drawings clearly explain themselves. They are stories that accompany, and that captivate viewers. They are covered in a horror vacui that mysteriously does not take our breath away, but rather invites us to come in, and to make discoveries inside the apparent chaos. His works are multi-faceted; viewing them up close is quite different from when you are viewing them from afar. He dislikes repetition, which is why his works are created out of the most diverse materials and techniques. He divides his time between producing sculptures, paintings, drawings and art objects, always adding his personal touch to them. In his sculptures, on the other hand, he focuses on the lines, and in expressing meaning through shapes. The idea is one, but the content strives to be universal. Del Balso, when using the third dimension, forgets the incidental, the adds-on. Instead, he searches for the essence in the abstraction. Exhibition : 2018. Solo exhibition “A World to Show” at Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami (USA). 2018. Art Wynwood fair. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery’s booth. Miami (USA). 2017. "The Stone in the Road" Monteviejo Winery. Clos de los siete. Mendoza (Argentina). 2016. Group exhibition at “Jardines del Museo Fader”. Mendoza (Argentina). 2013. “Mendoza en talla libertad”. Parque Cívico. Mendoza (Argentina). 2010. Group exhibition at the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam (The Netherlands). 2009. “Human Rights?” Group exhibition. Monumental Complex of the Belvedere of San Leucio. Caserta (Italy). 2008. Freud Prize - 1st Place - Art & Forte. Lavarone – Trento (Italy). 2007. Solo exhibition at "Biennale di Firenze" Fortezza da Basso. Florence (Italy). 2006. “Muti aneliti di vento” Group exhibition. Art Point Black Gallery. Firenze (Italy). 2006. IX Edition of "Abstracta". Special mention- Young artists section. Art Point Black Gallery, Firenze (Italy). 2005. "Della memoria, volo secreto". Art Point Black Gallery. Firenze (Italy). 2003. Exhibition during the ¨Noche de Galerías¨. Recoleta, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

  • Mario Segundo Pérez

    Mario Segundo Pérez

    Biography : Mario Pérez was born in San Juan, Argentina in 1960. The second of seven children, and the son of a housepainter. He obtained his degree in Visual Arts at Universidad Nacional de San Juan in Argentina. Although, he is a draughtsman and a painter, he is also interested in interdisciplinary artistic expressions. In 2003, Pérez was the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner Foundation grant, one of his greatest achievements. He also had the honor of being part of the National Exhibition “200 Years-200 Masters of Argentinean Art”, commemorating the country’s bicentennial. Mario has won international distinctions such as the Cecilia Grierson Award at the Salón Nacional de Pintura in La Plata in 1992; the Marco A. Roca Award at the Salón Pro-Arte, Córdoba, also in 1992; and the first prize in the LXXXVIII Salón Nacional de Pintura in Buenos Aires in 1999. His art often features tiny figures in immense landscapes, and unique backgrounds. His work has been regularly featured in leading auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s in New York, and private and public collections. Since 1988 he has been exhibiting regularly in various shows in Argentina and abroad. His latest shows took place in Miami at ArtSpace-Virginia Miller Galleries, and at Ascaso Gallery. Exhibition : 2019 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Santiago – Chile. 2016 Monumento al Holocausto. San Juan – Argentina. 2008 Cámara de Comercio Bogotá. Bogotá – Colombia. 2005 Museo del Puerto de Tarragona. Tarragona – Spain. 2004 Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA). Long Beach - California. 2004 Museum of Art South Dakota. South Dakota- USA. 2003 Museo de Asturias. Asturias – Spain. 2002 Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires - Argentina. 1999 Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires - Argentina. Detailed Description :
    Awards & Recognitions: 2003 Pollock Krasner Grant. USA. 2002 Leonardo Prize, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires- Argentina. 2000 Second Prize, VII Salón de Arte Sacro. Morón-Buenos Aires. Argentina. 1999 First Prize, Paintings, LXXXVIII Salón Nacional - Argentina. First Prize, LXXVII Salón Nacional de Santa Fé- Argentina. 1998 Prize, Salón de Arte Sacro. Tandil - Argentina. Prize, XVII Pro-Arte Salón. Córdoba- Argentina. Selected for the VII Sacred Art Biennale. Moron – Buenos Aires. Argentina. 1997 Prize, XVI Universidad del Salvador. Centro Cultural Borges. Buenos Aires- Argentina. Invited to the VI Chandon Biennale. Buenos Aires- Argentina. 1996 First Prize II American Religious Paintings. Salón Fraternitas. Rosario- Argentina. Armando Sica Prize. XVI Salón Pro-Arte. Córdoba. Argentina. 1993 Second Prize Drawings. XXX Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado. San Luis- Argentina. Prize, Salón de Arte Sacro. Tandil- Argentina. 1992 Cecilia Grierson Prize Paintings. Salón Nacional de La Plata - Argentina. Marco A. Roca Prize. Salón Pro-Arte. Cordoba - Argentina. Leguizamón Pondal de Vigo Prize. Salón Nacional de Santa Fé - Argentina. Second Prize Drawings. Salón Vendimia. Mendoza - Argentina. Rotary Club 70 Prize, Paintings. Salón Nacional de Santa Fé - Argentina. 1991 Prize, Salón Nacional de Dibujo y Grabado. Tucumán. - Argentina.
  • Natalia Sanchez Valdemoros

    Natalia Sanchez Valdemoros

    Biography : Natalia Sanchez Valdemoros was born on August 5th, 1981 in Mendoza (Argentina), city where she stills resides. Even though, in 2006 she obtained her degree as Architect at Universidad de Mendoza, she had already decided to become a full time artist long before. Since then, her life and passions have been connected to art. In painting, she acknowledges masters like Guillermo Garrido and Martín Villalonga, with whom she studied for 10 and 3 years, respectively. “Being mentored by these artists has been a pleasure. They have taught me wonderful things and I will be eternally thankful…”, expressed Natalia. Within the scope of the art world, she admires Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso as fathers of the modern art, and Joseph Beuys because of his conceptual nature, his performances and happenings. Around the middle of 2012, she moved her studio to the city’s Cultural Center, where numerous workshops and courses for children and adults take place. In her new studio, where she works the majority of the day, she paints, prepares installations, studies new techniques, plans, dreams and defines her art. Sometimes, she expresses herself in works that are “clean of ideas”; however, she also offers conceptual works in which she considers the esthetics to be subordinated to the message provided. In her series “Fachadas” (Facades), the artist reflects on the “proximity and distance and, at the same time, on people, human relationships and their contradictions. The idea is to show that even though windows are close to each other, people are disconnected from each other. Each person lives in a different world, despite being next to each other…” In her diverse series, with courage and disposition, Sanchez Valdemoros’ work presents itself transparent, with nothing to hide, and in a clear reference to the artist’s personality. Exhibition : 2017. “Windows”. Solo exhibition at Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. FL. (US). 2017. Art Wynwood Fair. Booth AW501. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Miami. FL. (US). 2017. Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Fair. Booth PB 501. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. West Palm Beach. FL. (US). 2016. “The Best of the Year”. Group exhibition. Wynwood 28 | Art Gallery. Art Basel Week. Miami. FL. (US). 2015. Group exhibition with the artist Claudio Barragan. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2015. Solo exhibition. "Mendoza Eterna" El Enemigo Winery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2014. “6 relatos 6 artistas”. Espacio Killka. Mendoza (Argentina). 2014. “Globalización vs. Identidad”. Park Hyatt’s Gallery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2013. Solo exhibition "Reflejos". Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2013. Solo exhibition. Zurbarán Gallery. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2012. Group exhibition “Nuevos Talentos” Zurbarán Selection. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2011. Group exhibition “Juego de Damas”. Navarro Correas Winery. Mendoza (Argentina). 2011. Selected for "Intervención de Esferas" Intercontinental Hotel. Mendoza (Argentina). 2011. Group exhibition. Bolsa de Comercio. Mendoza (Argentina). 2010. Group exhibition “Tripartita”. Diplomatic Hotel. Mendoza (Argentina). 2009. “Noches de Arte”. Legislatura de Mendoza (Argentina). 2009. “Luján es Otoño” XII Painting Hall. Casa de Fader Museum. Mendoza (Argentina). 2008 Group exhibition “El Encuentro”. La Garita Gallery. Mendoza (Argentina). Detailed Description :
    2013. Chosen as one of the “35 young promises under 35 in Argentina” by Forbes Magazine. 2009. Special Mention at XII Provincial Hall “Luján es Otoño”. Casa de Fader Museum. Mendoza (Argentina).
  • Enrique Testasecca

    Enrique Testasecca

    Biography : Enrique Testasecca was born in Mendoza (Argentina) in 1974. In his early years, he studied architecture at University of Mendoza, graduating in 1994. Two years later, his passion for art became stronger when he decided to change his career path. Therefore, he attended the Art & Design Faculty at National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) from 1996 to 1999. At that moment, Enrique was working as the Heritage’s Manager at Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes “Emiliano Guiñazú” (Casa de Fader), which is the major art museum in Mendoza. During that time, he learnt how to be an art restorer, as he started to develop his creative art work. By the year 2000, he moved to Buenos Aires and began to work at Foundation Elia-Mario Alberto Robirosa, a remarkable art gallery in Argentina´s capital city, known all over Latin America. It was there where Enrique, by participating in some of the many art fairs that took place both, in Buenos Aires and other cities of South America, gained expertise as a gallerist. After 4 years, he returned to Mendoza and re-launched his projects as an artist. He was part of the team that worked in the complete restoration of the murals of Fernando Fader, one of the major artists in Argentina. It took over 2 years to have the job done. It was key to his career being part of Kilka (Espacio Salentein), the new venue for Art exhibitions in Uco Valley, Mendoza. Currently and since 2006, Enrique has been working as a Curator and Mounting’s Chief at Museo del Área Fundacional of Mendoza’s City Hall. By the end of 2014, Testasecca joined Wynwood 28, a US art gallery that is representing him in some international markets. A few months ago, he exhibited his art series named “Payunia & Estepa”, in Manhattan. It was his first activity as a Wynwood 28’s international artist. The critic Alfredo Cernadas, from the Buenos Aires Herald, said about his art work: “Although Testasecca uses quite an almost monochromatic palette, he is an outstandin Exhibition : 1996/1998: “Enrique Testasecca. Pinturas”. Museo del Área Fundacional. Mendoza (Argentina). 2003: “Paisajes del alma”. Liquid Design Space. Buenos Aires. (Argentina). 2004: Museo del Area Fundacional. Mendoza (Argentina). 2006: “Paisaje interior”. Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. Mendoza (Argentina). 2006: “Paisaje interior”. Centro Cultural Estación San Martín. San Juan (Argentina). 2007: “Arte y Vino”. Bodega Zuccardi. Mendoza (Argentina). 2010/2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo. Buenos Aires (Argentina). 2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno. Mendoza (Argentina). 2011: “Registros cuyanos”. Centro Cultural “Amadeo Conte Grand”. San Juan. (Argentina). 2012: “Registros Cuyanos”. Museo Contemporáneo de Salta. Salta (Argentina). 2015. “Paisajes del alma”. Espacio Kilka. Bodega Salentein. Mendoza. (Argentina). 2015: “Payunia&Estepa”. Pier 92/94. Manhattan. New York. (US).