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  • Simon Vargas

    Simon Vargas

    Biography : Simon Vargas is a multidisciplinary artist working and living between Miami, Fl and New York City. Originally raised between Bogota and Madrid, Simon has spent a great deal of his life working in the arts. From producing several art house films to acting in theater productions and various movies in New York, he has always had a flair for creative expression and continues to create and elevate his art on a daily basis. Simon attended SVA (School of Visual Arts) in NYC and has branched out to a solo career in the ever expanding art world. His breadth of work ranges from large scale hyper realistic oil on canvas portraits, to whimsical one of a kind collages, and unique works on paper. The focus of his work ranges from cultural awareness, to environmental sustainability and anthropological exploration. Exhibition : Private Show New York City - December 2017 Solo Exhibition - Bogota Colombia May 2018 Solo Exhibition - Medellin, Colombia July 2018 ArtBo 2018 - Bogota, Colombia Feria de Millón - Colombia 2018 Detailed Description :
    For this edition of Aqua Simon will present a series of large scale oil on canvas portraits. The series of 8-10 pieces have been crafted over the past two years and is a complete labor of love. The project started in Providencia, Colombia in 2016. Providencia is a small Caribbean Island off the coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, the creole population of the island is very intimate and for the most part fairly untouched by tourism and outside visitors. The project included meeting and photographing the locals in their natural environment and in their every day wardrobe and activities. Simon and his team photographed women and girls ages five to seventy. Visiting their homes, gardens, orchards etc. He photographed them, listened to their stories, recorded their voices, tasted their food and bonded with their families. This population just received basic internet access and was completely surprised by the amount of interest Simon showed in painting and representing the women and culture of this island. In the end the artist selected around 15-20 images from the ones that were taken and proceeded to paint them in a large scale format using vegetation and backgrounds from around the island. The series has been an ongoing evolving project and finally culminates with this exhibition in Aqua during Art Basel 2018.