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Red Sky at Night -  Cristina Getson
Ultra Blue Folds -  Chloe Hedden
Stella Ripley
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E-mail address : stellaripleycontemporary@gmail.com
Website : http://www.stellaripley.com
Stella Ripley specializes in the representation of contemporary visual art practices that explore materiality in hybrid forms.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Cristina Getson

    Cristina Getson

    Biography : Cristina Getson’s latest body of work uses abstraction to capture fleeting moments in time. By applying layers of acrylic paint on wood panels or canvas, Cristina plays with the fluidity of shapes and textures, while exploring abstraction and movement. The processes of layering, scraping, diluting, staining, and fragmenting ultimately lead to the discovery of brilliant and unexpected patterns. A self-taught artist, Cristina Getson received her BASc in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1998. She has been exhibiting her work for over a decade, in Canada and the US. She lives and works out of her home studio in Toronto, Canada. Exhibition : Publications 2018 ​House & Garden Magazine, featured in ​The Art Edit​ (July - September) 2017​​ Art​ ​Maze​ ​Magazine,​ ​Anniversary​ ​edition​ (​October​) Residencies 2018​​ Artist residency, Palazzo Monti. Brescia, Italy (August) Select​​ ​​Group​​ ​​Exhibitions 2018 Aqua Art Miami. Miami, Florida (Dec. 5 - 9) 2018 Texas Contemporary Art Fair. Houston, Texas (Oct. 4 - 7) 2018 Queen West Art Crawl. Toronto, Canada (September 22 - 23) 2018 ​Summer Exhibition​, Blue Crow Gallery. Toronto (July - August) 2018 The Other Art Fair. Brooklyn, New York (May 3 - 6) 2018​ ​​Stripes​​,​ ​bG​ ​Gallery.​ ​Santa​ ​Monica,​ ​California​ ​(May) 2018 ​​Wondrous Ways​​, Arta Gallery. Toronto, Canada (March 22 - April 2) 2017​ ​The​ ​Other​ ​Art​ ​Fair.​ ​Brooklyn,​ ​New​ ​York​ ​(November​ ​9​ ​-​ ​12) 2017​ ​Queen​ ​West​ ​Art​ ​Crawl.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(September​ ​23​ ​-​ ​24) 2016​ ​​Group​​ ​​Show​​,​ ​Art​ ​Square​ ​Gallery.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(December) 2016​ ​​5th​​ ​​Annual​​ ​​Group​​ ​​Show​​,​ ​Project:​ ​Art​ ​Studio.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(June) 2015​ ​​Eclectic​​ ​​Journey​​,​ ​Art​ ​Square​ ​Gallery.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(December) 2015​ ​​Pop-Up​​ ​​Show​​,​ ​Project:​ ​Art​ ​Studio.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(December) 2011​ ​​2nd​​ ​​Annual​​ ​​Art​​ ​​Exhibition​​,​ ​Project:​ ​Art​ ​Studio.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(December) 2010​ ​​12”​​ ​​x​​ ​​12”​​ ​​Exhibition​​,​ ​Project:​ ​Art​ ​Studio.​ ​Toronto,​ ​Canada​ ​(December) 2010​ ​​Square​​ ​​Foot
     Cristina Getson - Red Sky at Night
    Red Sky at Night

  • Chloe Hedden

    Chloe Hedden

    Biography : Chloe Hedden looks for the unseen patterns and hidden narratives that reveal the magnificence in all things. Hedden uses the language of light patterns and believes it is the luminous self-made manifest in this world. In her sculptures, the elegant folds or layered facets are carefully built up and add intricacy to the structure while the bright monochromatic colors add impact. This creates a dynamic artwork where light circulates on the surface and shadows are projected on the surrounding wall. Conceptually, she is interested in the history of women in art, specifically the way in which textiles were often the only means of creative expression available. She then plays with the edge between gorgeous object and piece of trash by using upcycled and often garish raw materials in an effort to remind the viewer of our insane and unsustainable culture. ​A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002, Chloe's paintings and sculptures can be found in numerous public and private collections. Exhibition : • Walker Fine Art, “New Work,” November 9, Denver, CO — 2018 • SOFA Chicago, “15th Anniversary Show,” Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery (Cordoba, Argentia), November 1-4, Chicago, IL — 2018 • Gallery Vibe, “Season Premiere,” Naples, FL — 2018 • e Other Art Fair, Brooklyn, NY, November 9-12 — 2017 • McNicol’s Building, “Tectonic Shi,” Denver, CO — 2017 • “Rubber Stamp Art Projects,” Red Dot, Miami, FL — Art Basel Week 2016 • Walker Fine Art, “Simplifying the Essentials,” Denver, CO — 2016 • Walker Fine Art, “Shades in Time,” Denver, CO — 2014 • Walker Fine Art, “Cross Pollinate,” Denver, CO — 2013 • e Mark Gallery, “Awakening,” Englewood, NJ — 2013 • Walker Fine Art “Introductions,” Denver, CO — 2012 • Meyer Gallery, “Introduction,” Park City, UT — 2010 • KOLB Studio, “Wild about Children’s Books: Wildlife Art for Kids”, Grand Canyon, AZ — 2008 • e Seedcorn Gallery, Group Show, Berkely, CA — 2008 • e Mina Dresden Gallery, RISD NOCAL Juried “One Night Stand” San Francisco, CA — 2007 • Caldecott Gallery, Solo Show, Oakland, CA — 2007
     Chloe Hedden  - Ultra Blue Folds
    Ultra Blue Folds

  • Melisa Taylor Metzger

    Melisa Taylor Metzger

    Biography : In Melisa Taylor’s work, the natural world acts as blue-print while ideas are sourced from historical art and contemporary culture. She pursued studies in Marine Biology before training in classical art of the Old Masters. She grew fascinated by the works of flemish painters Vermeer and Rembrandt whose symbolic use of light influences her practice up to this day. Melisa explores the notion of the sublime through blur and precision. She develops an aesthetic of duality by hybridizing divergent approaches to art. Her studio practice is labour-intensive; various instruments and electric tools are used out-of-context to inject unpredictability in the painting gesture. She has assimilated in her practice an eclectic multilayering process combining pyrography, sanding and detailed stencil compositions on wood. Wabi-sabi -embracing chance- is a central idea in her work, equally so is meticulous control. This results in a subterranean tension that jeopardizes the ethereal appearance of her pieces; arbitrariness and mechanical execution fuse to create what she calls "systèmes faillibles" where spectral motifs seek to emerge out of obscuring lattices. Her work has been exhibited internationally and acquired in private and corporate collections across North America and abroad. Exhibition : 2018 / December - Aqua Art Miami, Stella Ripley, Miami, Florida, USA 2018 / Fall Group show, galerie Michel Guimont, Quebec, Qc, Canada 2018 / October - Texas Contemporary Art Fair, gallery Stella Ripley, Houston, Texas, USA   2018 / June FAAQ, curator Marc-Antoine Phaneuf, Qc, PQ, Canada 2018 / Group show at Le Cercle Lab Vivant 10th anniversary, Curator Phelipe Soldevila, Qc, PQCanada 2017 / Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Hamburg avec K+Y Gallery (Paris), Germany  2017 / AAF Amsterdam avec K+Y Gallery (Paris), Netherlands  2017 / AAF Battersea avec K+Y Gallery (Paris), Londres, UK  2017/ Artprize 9 International Competition, Curator Robert Dykstra, Harris Building, GR, MI, USA  2017/ AAF NYC avec K+Y Gallery (Paris)  2017/ Duo show Gesture, Reference Contemporary, Toronto, ON, Canada   2017/ GPS 2 avec collectif Canadian Bacon, Qc, Canada 2017/ AAF NYC - Reference Contemporary, NYC, USA  2016 / Group show at PDA Projects, curator Brendan A. De Montigny, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2016 / Invitation au 10e anniversaire DAM Nulle p’Art Ailleurs, la Tohu, Mtl, Canada 2016 / Foire d'Art MURAL, Mtl, Canada   2016 / Hampstead Affordable Art Fair, UK  2016 / Art New York, USA    2015 / Group show ArtPrize7 International Competition, Filippo Tagliati à GRCC, MI, USA   2015 / Seoul Affordable Art Fair, South Korea    2015 / New York Affordable Art Fair, NY, USA   2015 / Invitation to "International Exhibition NordArt 2015", Catalogue, Büdelsdorf, Germany 2014 / Singapore AAF, Singapore 2014 / Houston Fine Art Show, Texas, USA 2011 / The Works Art and Design Festival, Edmonton, AB, Canada Detailed Description :
    I have been engaging my work with notions of repetition, mark-making and blur derived from the pictorial works of artists Jack Whitten, Sterling Ruby and Gerhard Richter. A synthesis of these interests is materializing in this latest body of work in which I explore the assimilation of aerosol painting, pyrography and sanding techniques on wood. This ethereal series solicits our visual perception by suggesting a discoverable lattice of motifs emerging out of defacement and obscuration.


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Stella Ripley is an artist-run gallery based in Canada representing an international roster of contemporary visual artists. Stella Ripley's aesthetic is characterized by art practices that are both personal and engaging. Our mandate is to diffuse the artistic program we showcase online to a global audience at international art fairs and group exhibitions.