Exhibitor listing
Cupid and Psyche / Forbidden Fire -  John Lendis
Wounds on my Body -  Hasti  Sardashti
Waves in Blue and White -  Debra Van Tuinen
Warhol -  Ty Joseph
Tomorrow's Light - Lisa Cirenza
El Susurro -  Lorena Garcia Mateu
Cloud Landscape Turquoise Amber - Tessa Eastman
40.12 -  Aristotelis Deligiannidis
33 Colors -  Ariel Gold
Elizabeth EB - Tina Psoinos
Steidel Contemporary
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Steidel Contemporary
500 N Dixie Hwy
Suite 305
Lake Worth, FL 33460
United States
T  5612832446
Studio 657
657 Fulham Road
London, SW6 5PY
United Kingdom
T  +44 (0)20 3239 4240
E-mail address : email@steidelcontemporary.com
Website : http://www.steidelcontemporary.com
Steidel Contemporary is dedicated to representing intriguing sculptural collections as well as sourcing top emerging and mid-career artists from London

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Lisa Cirenza

    Lisa Cirenza

    Lisa Cirenza - Tomorrow's Light
    Tomorrow's Light

  • Aristotelis Deligiannidis

    Aristotelis Deligiannidis

     Aristotelis Deligiannidis - 40.12

  • Mark Henry Doolittle

    Mark Henry Doolittle

  • Tessa Eastman

    Tessa Eastman

    Tessa Eastman - Cloud Landscape Turquoise Amber
    Cloud Landscape Turquoise Amber

  • Lorena Garcia Mateu

    Lorena Garcia Mateu

     Lorena Garcia Mateu - El Susurro
    El Susurro

  • Ariel Gold

    Ariel Gold

     Ariel Gold - 33 Colors
    33 Colors

  • Tom Hoitsma

    Tom Hoitsma

    Biography : Tom Hoitsma was raised in New Jersey 15 miles from New York City and pursued a fine arts degree at Skidmore College. While at Skidmore, Tom studied with world-renowned art historian and author Harry Gaugh PhD, who was integral in fostering Tom’s interest and understanding of the abstract expressionist painters. While still attending college, Tom had the opportunity to intern with the celebrated feminist artist Miriam Schapiro. His experience with Schapiro would change the course of his work and continues to influence his painting to this day. After graduating from Skidmore, Tom worked for the prestigious Barbara Gladstone Gallery in New York City. Working in the SOHO New York art scene of the early 1980s introduced Tom to a huge group of up and coming artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Cindy Sherman and Jenny Holtzer, all of whom showed at The Barbara Gladstone Gallery. However, his primary influences continue to be the abstract artist he was exposed to in college, under the guidance of Harry Gaugh PhD. In the mid-1980s Tom moved to Dallas, Texas and began to also focus on documentary filmmaking. In addition to his painting, Tom has produced a variety of award-winning music television series including the documentary series, “The Texas Music Scene,” which continues to air throughout the country.

  • Ty Joseph

    Ty Joseph

     Ty Joseph - Warhol

  • John Lendis

    John Lendis

     John Lendis - Cupid and Psyche / Forbidden Fire
    Cupid and Psyche / Forbidden Fire

  • Jennifer McCurdy

    Jennifer McCurdy

  • Tina Psoinos

    Tina Psoinos

    Tina Psoinos - Elizabeth EB
    Elizabeth EB

  • Ian Rayer-Smith

    Ian Rayer-Smith

  • Hasti Sardashti

    Hasti Sardashti

     Hasti  Sardashti - Wounds on my Body
    Wounds on my Body

  • Debra Steidel

    Debra Steidel

    Biography : Debra Steidel’s career dates back to the American Craft Council shows of the 1990’s where she debuted her marine-inspired textural, ceramic sculptures and was widely represented by numerous international galleries. In the early 2000’s, Debra began to experiment with her now-famed crystalline glazes and continued to develop the form and sculptural aspects of her work. Since 2003, she has been based just outside Austin, Texas helping establish the Steidel Fine Art gallery while incorporating new styles and techniques to continuously broaden her artistic vision.

 Debra Steidel has dedicated the last ten years of her artistic career to the perfection of the lidded vessel. Debra’s recent work ushers a renaissance of the Art Nouveau period, when art was defined by organic forms, flowing curvature, and a philosophy of artistic liberty in conjunction with the natural environment. The composition of her ceramic carvings and ornamental lids are reminiscent of the works by French visionaries Émile Gallé and René Lalique. Yet she also shares the versatility of American designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, well known for his dedication to aestheticism, opalescence, and elegance. 

 Debra Steidel’s self-taught style is also ever-present in the unorthodox porcelain sculptures that are crowned with intricate cast glass lids. The harmonious bond between the form of each vessel and the intricacy of each sculptural lid creates an alluring, natural vitality within the final piece. The beauty and purpose of Debra’s work tread the border between the archaic and the contemporary yet her pioneering spirit maintains a timeless essence.

  • Debra Van Tuinen

    Debra Van Tuinen

     Debra Van Tuinen - Waves in Blue and White
    Waves in Blue and White


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Steidel Contemporary, attractively based on both sides of the Pond, London and Palm Beach, is a leading platform for international, contemporary works of art. 

The gallery is dedicated to bringing emerging and mid-career artists from the London art scene to the greater United States audience as well as maintaining a focus on intriguing sculptural collections. In both London and Palm Beach, Steidel Contemporary hosts a number of diverse exhibitions throughout the year and keeps a constantly evolving collection of works on display to keep discerning clients engaged. 

Steidel Contemporary has a keen eye for style and detail. These qualities are at the forefront of the contemporary artists we represent. Our artists work in a wide range of materials including oil on canvas, acrylic, ceramics, wood, precious metals, silk, glass, and paper.

Expertise in contemporary art allows Steidel Contemporary and its team to provide tailored service to each individual client. Meanwhile, the gallery has gained a reputation for exhibiting stimulating, never-before-seen works in exceptional booth designs at art fairs.