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Revisionist History - Rebecca Williams
Minds Eye - Rebecca Williams
RBG Reigns Supreme 7 - Rebecca Williams
RBG Reigns Supreme 1 - Rebecca Williams
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E-mail address : rebecca@topomixedmedia.com
Website : http://www.rebeccawilliams.art

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  • Rebecca Williams

    Rebecca Williams

    Biography : Rebecca Williams has been a Creative Director for over 10 years, working and living in Washington, DC. She has helped business leaders find their voice and express strategy through visualization — and now she turns inward to express her own. Rebecca is tackling her artist and curatorial career in earnest with unwavering support from her brilliant husband and house full of boys and dogs. Detailed Description :
    Trained as a graphic and interactive designer, Rebecca Williams’ visual interests reside in building tension and juxtaposition between long-held traditional expectations of women with a modern reinterpretation, challenging the impact women have had throughout history and pop culture. Pulling from her innate curiosity of information design, technology, and culture change, Rebecca mines for narratives to bring to life through screen printing, found items collage, and color application. Strength, femininity, brilliant colors, and pop culture references combine to grab attention and question assumptions. Enabled by her strong work ethic, Rebecca’s art is precise, yet gritty, feminine, yet bold. Her pieces are conceptually and visually interesting because of their multi-dimensional storytelling and cultural contradictions.
    Rebecca Williams - RBG Reigns Supreme 7
    RBG Reigns Supreme 7
    Rebecca Williams - RBG Reigns Supreme 1
    RBG Reigns Supreme 1
    Rebecca Williams - Minds Eye
    Minds Eye
    Rebecca Williams - Revisionist History
    Revisionist History