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IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging, mid-career and established artists

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Jonathan Vizcuna

    Jonathan Vizcuna

  • Carlos Alves

    Carlos Alves

  • Jhonattan Arango

    Jhonattan Arango

  • Johannah Birney

    Johannah Birney

  • Pablo Cano

    Pablo Cano

    Biography : Pablo D. Cano Born in Havana, Cuba in 1961, Pablo Cano was on the last flight out of the country before the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. He has since been a resident of Miami’s Little Havana, and is regarded by art patrons and critics alike as one of Florida’s premier contemporary fine artists. Since childhood, marionettes have fascinated Pablo. At the age of ten, he was mounting elaborate plays for his family featuring puppets constructed of household bric-a-brac. His primary work today continues to center around the marionettes that he fashions from found objects, and the performance pieces he composes to showcase these protagonists. Cano reveals, “I create a dream world where inanimate objects come to life – springing from my imagination in the Surrealist tradition. But my work is founded on Dada ideals. The Dadaists used chance, spontaneity, and childlike innocence in order to create their statement. Their intention, as is mine, was to break with tradition and painting technique and to return to the elemental basics of art; to start from scratch; to allow the process of imagination to unfold and begin anew each time I create.” Bonnie Clearwater, Director and Chief Curator, MOCA North Miami observes, “Each marionette is a complete sculpture in its own right that is exhibited in the museum in its inanimate state; but when their creator and grand puppeteer Cano performs them, the figures take on a life force that causes the audience members to suspend their disbelief.”Cano employs numerous art forms in his work including oil and watercolor painting, fine drawing, charcoal and ceramic sculpture and is accomplished in each of these areas. He earned a MFA from Queens College of the City University of New York in 1985 and has studied and worked in New York, Paris, Baltimore and Miami. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami, Florida has commissioned his work annually since 1997. Pablo Cano’s work is found in numerous public and

  • Brian Cattelle

    Brian Cattelle

    Biography : For Brian photography is an escape, a way to explore the world, studying every detail of the simple things. It gives him an opportunity to find beauty in unexpected places and in all walks of life. It forces him to challenge and push the bounds of his comfort zone, enabling him to grow as a person and as an artist. Over the years he has explored a wide range of photographic narratives while remaining loyal to his black and white roots Brian has had a number of notable accomplishments which include a few international contests, features in publications, art shows, galleries, and large commissioned projects. These accomplishments only help fuel the fire that keeps him going.

  • Adrienne Chadwick

    Adrienne Chadwick

    Biography : Adrienne Chadwick is a visual artist who uses accumulation, repetition, translucence, and layers to express ideas related to power and resistance, in society and nature. She is an eternal cultural arts advocate, who has worked as a museum administrator since 1994, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New World School of the Arts and a Master of Public Administration from Nova Southeastern University.

  • Sid Daniels

    Sid Daniels

    Biography : Sid Daniels was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and as a young boy he remembers the stick figure doodles he created in the margins of his mother's Cosmetology books, (the study of Hairdressing & Grooming). During his adolescence, while working part time at his uncle's shoe store, he discovered a treasure trove of dusty unopened boxes of shoes from the 1940s and '50s. This connection is where his fascination with shoes began. Sid's early paintings and drawings, created during his Ontario College of Art years circa 1970-1974, combined elements of theater, fashion, music, theater, and architecture. His fascination with nostalgia, Art Deco, Brazilian music, and MGM movie musicals starring Carmen Miranda, Judy Garland, Cyd Charise and Gene Kelly to name a few, were the catalysts that would play a dominant role in shaping the direction of his future works. Sid Daniels' relocation to New York City in 1979, during the height and euphoria of the Disco Era, spawned his "cirque-du-samba" large scale works of women and fashion. In 1981 he was asked to place a painting on the set of the motion picture "Tootsie." That same year, Sid designed the shopping bag and scarf for the Ann Taylor stores and a series of album and CD covers for CBS, GRP, JVC and Arista Record labels. In 1983 he designed the concept for artistic display fixtures for the fashionable Fiorucci store on 57th St. He was the first to create wooden cut out figures. Sid designed and created the murals for the Touche Nightclubs in New Jersey, the Zanzibar nightclub in New York City, and the Holiday Inn ballroom murals in Mt. Kisco, New York. An interior designer who spotted the artist at his opening at New York's On The Wall Gallery flew him to Yokahama, Japan, where he created a mural for the "Las Paras" Caribbean restaurant. In 1990 his calendar, 'Brazilian Follies' was published by Landmark Calendars. In the 1990's Sid designed a series of commemorative posters for the New York Philharmonic, Detailed Description :
    My work revolves around themes that encompasses fashion, architecture and abstract geometrics, which I group into series of collections. My style, which I have coined “Latin Deco,” is presented with a sense of humor, rhythm and style, presenting works that look theatrical. My influences come from an infatuation with nostalgia of the 1940s, the world of burlesque, Brazilian music, high fashion, and vintage Swing music . My early days as a fashion illustrator, progressed to working in large scale acrylic paintings, bordering on looking commercial, yet contemporary. What defines my style, is the juxtaposition of inventive optic designs and patterns that have elements of pop, effects of camouflage and sharp crisp linear work and surface textures, executed in a hard-edge technique.
  • Adam Fernando

    Adam Fernando

    Biography : Born in Caracas (1955), he studied art and design at the Instituto Neumann. He complemented his artistic studies with professional practices in carpentry and industrial design to be later integrated in the early stages of his art work. By overlaying diverse techniques in the use of industrial paints over wood supports, Adam seeks to explore the limits of painting as construction in the creation of his first Objetos Límite (limit objects) as expressive media. The same object becomes later a support for a dialectical relation with the pictorial space in his bi-dimensional work. From the initial paintings of weightless tension between the abstract environments and the objects, Adam evolves into a more representational proposal where the house —as a main theme— becomes the locus for examining subjective notions of identity, displacement and temporality. In the creation of illusionary perspectives, the chair, the table, the stair, the window, or the door are stable presences to inhabit domestic space from which to regard the world and the existence. But the house becomes also an unfinished object floating into an ever changing landscape to challenge essential human questions over the sense of time and permanence. In his recent work Adam goes further in the investigation of these constructive and poetic qualities. The surface of the canvas is broken into fragments to create a sense of something between two and three dimensions. The compositional values of light, weight and balance found in his refined pictorial technique are clearly set up in the assembly of the parts. The painting as an object becomes then a frame to rearm the scattered pieces together. But the dialectical tension between representation and materiality in this work seems to capture one photographic instant, a present built from different dimensions of time. This back and forward in the observation of the house as unattached object, but also as environment of architectural enclosure in the framing

  • Carol Gregorie

    Carol Gregorie

  • Sussi Hodel

    Sussi Hodel

    Biography : Sussi Hodel is a Danish Swiss painter, born in Brædstrup, Jytland, and now living in Switzerland. Despite being raised in an artistic family, it was not Hodel’s original intention to become an artist. After completing an apprenticeship in economics, she worked in this field for many years before being encouraged by her spouse to take art classes to refine her skills. From this point onwards, Hodel decided to concentrate solely on her art. Detailed Description :
    Hodel believes in the importance of thematic exploration which allows her to delve deeper into the subject to reveal its different facets. For instance, her latest series revolved around the theme “Wild” with people showing animal traits and strong emotions in the form of anger, despair and desire. Reinforcing her subject matter, Hodel’s work can be classified as a combination of expressionism with subtle hints of pop art. She feels that expressionist allows her to capture the intended emotive feel in the most effective way whereas she uses elements of pop art, more specifically, the strong colour, to induce a calming undertone with her portraits.
  • Scott Jeffries

    Scott Jeffries

  • Susan McLaughin

    Susan McLaughin

    Biography : Susan McLaughlin is recognized for her hauntingly imaginative and energetic paintings depicting harmony between humanity and nature. John Torreano, Co-Director of NYU’s Painting Program, wrote in his foreword to her book, Depingo Ergo Sum, Ms. McLaughlin’s paintings show authority with brushwork and she maintains a consistently assertive and convincing quality in both style and image. She moves nimbly across subject matter, context and medium, in order to present a coherent artistic vision. When reviewing Ms. McLaughlin’s paintings, the well-known curator Ethan Karp wrote, “Ms. McLaughlin's paintings appear to be wonderfully obsessive and subversive as well as beautifully made.” Ms. McLaughlin’s work has been exhibited in museums such as the Monmouth Museum, NJ, The Bonnet House Museum, Ft. Lauderdale, NSU Art Museum, FL, and The Arnot Art Museum, NY. Her gallery exhibits include Artexpo, New York; Art Basel Miami, FL; 3rd Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentia; Municipal Gallery, Cultural Arts Commission of Newtown, CT; Martha Gault Gallery, PA; Armstrong Gallery, GA; The Guild 545, FL; Dacia Gallery, NY and 13 Saatchi Artists (online). She also exhibits and is an Artist in Residence at Fat Village Center for the Arts, FL. She is an exhibiting member of the Society of Creative Artists of Newtown, where she has won the Judges’ Award. She has also received a Judges' Award and Best in Show Award from the Broward Art Guild, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Ms. McLaughlin’s art is in many private collections including Calvin Klein and BBDO. Ms. McLaughlin was born in Manhattan and painted and lived there for most of her life. She earned a BFA from Parsons and an MA from NYU. She currently maintains two other studios – one in Lauderdale by the Sea, FL and the other in Newtown, CT. The varied locations at which she paints have had a positive influence on her artistic vision. She has been especially influenced by her wooded, lakeside environment in Newtown, wh

  • Alejandro Mendoza

    Alejandro Mendoza

    Biography : Born on 1967, Havana, Cuba, Alejandro Mendoza’s work was included at an early age in the permanent collection of Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte and Centro Wifredo Lam (today’s Havana Biennial organizers). Leaves Cuba on 1992 to Mexico after completing high levels of academia where he would spend the next 15 years producing an important body of work leading him to show and to be included at prestigious institutions like at the acclaimed Museo del Chopo, U.N.A.M, and Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. Later he moved Buenos Aires, Argentina for two years where his career matures. Then he relocates between Miami and Philadelphia. Since then, his work has been included in prestigious The Farber Collection and at The Noyes Museum in New Jersey. He now works and resides since 2005 in Miami, Where he achieves honors and grants like The John & James L. Knight Foundation Awarded at Knight Foundation Arts Partnership Grant, 2008. He has become a very important contributor to the Miami community as an Art in Public Spaces supporter by bringing to the “Magic City” the overwhelming explosive monumental sculptures known as The Giants in the City. His work evolves into environments that are constant on his aesthetic proposal. Some of the artist’s most important and strong elements are Man and his associations with life and society and the Modern Condition leading to the simplification of common sense to become understood.

  • Gustavo Ramirez

    Gustavo Ramirez

  • Jose Tonito

    Jose Tonito

    Biography : My name is Jose Antonio but since childhood, I was called Tonito and decided to adopt this nickname. I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1961 and I am currently living in Cooper City, Florida. I was graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Florida International University. I worked for ten years at Miami-Dade College as a staff photographer and my specialty was documenting art, artists and gallery openings. During this period I made friends with many artists and my interest shifted towards experimentation with other mediums and techniques. I discovered that the same materials that I was using to print my photographs(paper, inks, and chemicals) could be used in other unique ways to create my art. Since, I never stopped experimenting, discovering and create almost every single day

  • Grace Stott

    Grace Stott

    Biography : Grace Stott is a visual artist currently living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina. A graduate of Tufts University, with additional educational experience at CalArts, she is a studio artist focused on experimenting with the application of narrative to surface. Grace’s work includes an investigation in mixed media painting and ceramic techniques. In conjunction with her studio practice, she has also organized curatorial and community projects and is an active member of the Goodyear Arts Collective. Detailed Description :
    Artist Statement: My work is an assemblage of sculptural surfaces that map my nostalgia for the everyday. Reoccurring images and dimensional textures create both a charming fantasy and a disturbing hyper-reality: a layered narrative lending to a subjective experience. My latest works are inspired by objects and imagery from my Tex-Mex roots.
  • Virginia Subinaghi

    Virginia Subinaghi

  • Sinuhe Vega Negrin

    Sinuhe Vega Negrin

    Biography : The central theme of my work is the still life. It has always been about the relationship between the object or subject and me. From the time of learning, to the time of exploring, to the time of a defined line of work, the constant was the still subject. This continues whether I was dealing with Identity, migration, or the human condition. It was all done through the still life. Still life has always been considered a minor genre, the stepchild of high art, despite its great tradition and such practitioners as Caravaggio, Chardin, and Cezanne. But what really is the difference between a still life and portrait? The subject, that’s all. Yet fruits on a table are dismissed for their lack of heroism. We revere the human, but not the earth. The fruit on the table is there for us, not us for them. This is the genesis of the work, and so I embark in the study of the disclaimed, the marginalized. To search in the opposite direction, against the current, one also ends up analyzing human beliefs and their implications. Our perception of nature manifests in our behavior; it resounds in our actions. And so I enter this natural world to observe this life form that lives in still—nature’s trees, fruits and flowers all in their static, statuesque, wise existence.

  • Jonathan Vizcuña

    Jonathan Vizcuña

    Detailed Description :
    My work is inspired by geometry and angular structure of contemporary architecture and design. I always consider the audience before I create a piece because I want to make it visually appealing, relevant and complementary to the space. My sculptures are minimalist, geometric abstractions and polygonal forms. I am currently using paper to explore three-dimensional geometric forms. Using the technique of folded paper and the principles of origami, I design angular and planar forms to create highlights and shadows that protrude and extend through the connes of the canvas to create a dynamic, three-dimensional viewing experience.


Alejandro Mendoza   
IRREVERSIBLE is a multidisciplinary collective for emerging, mid-career and established artists. Our exhibitions make buying and collecting art accessible and affordable. Irreversible offer arts programming built-in collaboration with galleries and art fairs, succeeding outside of the traditional format. Our Projects and limited Editions have become breeding grounds for cutting-edge exhibitions. Our goal is to create a platform for emerging and mid-career artists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their ideas presenting the freshest contemporary art from across the globe, as well as offering more established artists the freedom to play and produce experimental exhibitions.