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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Andra Douglas

    Andra Douglas

    Biography : The art of Andra Douglas attempts to capture a passing moment; "The America I know is so quickly changing. I try to grab these images", she says. Trained, with a Master's Degree from Pratt Institute, the artist further explains; "my art freezes an instant. It lets me capture things I do not want to lose.“ Raised on a Florida cattle ranch with a father whose church was Nature, Douglas learned by watching colors, animals and seasons. The passing nature of life is captured and a deep love of rural America is revealed in her nostalgic American landscapes. Andra Douglas arrived in NYC straight from the ranch and applied her same fearless gaze to the flora and fauna of that most urban environment. She has developed her technique with mastery, command and fluidity. Exhibition : Ignited Summer from the Bouchart Series, Pool Party, from the Elegiacal Series

  • Janene Gentile

    Janene Gentile

    Biography : Janene Gentile uses music, color, and emotional reactions to sensory events in her autonomic paintings, to mark the drama that stirs the human spirit and shapes the world. These works become expressive imprints of instants in time through paint. Situations move her. Her emotional interplay with reality, as she sees it, informs her work. Born in the Bronx, she is proud of the influences of cultural diversity that molded her perspective. Her influential force of color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, the soul, the piano with the strings. The ocean of enormity fills her empty spaces, pulling and pushing against the vast skyscrapers and land line horizons raising a mural of life: reality of life - "the gentile painter"

  • Ara Ko

    Ara Ko

    Biography : Ara Ko eludes the chains of definition as an artist. She has formal training but the impulse to expression is more personal and intimate. A digging out from a mine of manufactured images to a work all her own that is colorful, segmented, clashing and musical. The art is product, language and commentary on Korean Pop Art. It is as much a compulsion to produce as a fragmented report from a two dimensional world to a three dimensional object. She is linear, driven and explosively expressive with a demure and even retiring manner. The images pop and while they are reminiscent of earlier world movements in art none of her objects is copied but rather each is its own, evading definition, suggestive and popping in the space. Unaware of material boundaries, she is a creative making her own work.

  • Andrea Silberhorn-Piller

    Andrea Silberhorn-Piller

    Biography : Combining intuition and insight has been the driving force in Munich-based Andrea Silberhorn Piller's life and work as an artist. She works intuitively, guided by the color and the material, wood or canvas, that she uses. It's about her and each very specific moment in colors. The intuitive phase is then followed by a very deliberate approach exploring specific organic shapes or forms as they have evolved. She traces the lines and recommences drawing or painting. Faces, animals or flowers that the artist may see in the artwork inspire her. Sometimes, to achieve the desired balance, she overlays stripes and or monochromatic fields, deliberately, consciously, step by step, layer by layer.


belenmoreno Studio represents working artists. We have exhibited in NYC, Miami, Miami Beach, Zurich, Lausanne, Geneva and Saanenmoser. Our sensibility is international and although we focus on European, Latin American and American art, we also have artists from as far away as India and Iran. We opened in June of 2010 as B2 Art and reformed in 2016 as belenmorenoStudio. The art we represent is unified by inventiveness but not limited by form. It can be figurative, abstract, or performance art as well as photography, sculpture and installation. The artists we represent are distinguished by their dynamic engagement with the world whether through a plaintive cry, a celebration or intimate insight into Nature on our increasingly crowded planet.