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Collage #2 (Invisible)  -  Liam Alexander
ASMP New York
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Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Liam Alexander

    Liam Alexander

     Liam Alexander - Collage #2 (Invisible)
    Collage #2 (Invisible)
    Biography : Liam Alexander is a fine artist and creative director who's intention is catalyzing social change through artistic expression. Liam has created community focussed independent creative projects such as: IThou at the NYU Kimmel Galleries, The Exchange at Rush Arts, and the forthcoming documentary series #StrokeofGenius (2019). His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions through out the United States, at the second annual Toolkit Festival in Venice, Italy and published in magazines like Nylon and Rolling Stone. He has also created projects for major brands like Wix.com, The City of New York, Samsung, and Renaissance Hotels. Detailed Description : Mathew (2015) - this portrait is from an ongoing series of portraits of people making difference, Mathew Shurka an advocate and Ambassador of the #BornPerfect campaign, his advocacy has contributed to gay conversion therapy bans passing in California, New Jersey, Oregon, Illinois, and Washington, D.C., paving the way for similar legislation to be implemented throughout the rest of the U.S. Human Flower (2016) - this photographic based collage portrait focuses on the beauty and fragility of the female form.
  • Philippe Cheng

    Philippe Cheng

    Biography : Philippe Cheng is a fine art based photographer in New York with studios in New York City & Bridgehampton, Long Island. Born and raised in New York City, he was educated at The School of Visual Arts and New York University. Detailed Description : These images are a selection from “ Still, The East End Photographs “. This a book project that is an evocative and poetic interpretation of a landscape that is constantly deriving its beauty and power from the earth’s palate and ever changing seasons.
  • Cindy Konits

    Cindy Konits

    Biography : Cindy Konits is a new media artist exploring family history, memory, and identity in the face of evolving technologies. She taught photography and video art at Stevenson University, Maryland for 15 years. Cindy created film, including “The Way I See It” about a family legacy involving Albert Einstein, screening at 19 film festivals worldwide, CD-ROM: “The I for Pleasure” at The Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore MD and solo traveling photography shows include “Now I See Kiev in My Dreams" and “The Best Woman for the Job”, both funded by NEH and NEA through the Maryland Humanities and Maryland Arts Councils. Detailed Description : The Pepsi sign on I-83 in Baltimore once glowed red, white, and blue with a digital clock and thermometer as I drove by on my daily expressway commute for decades. But a two-cent bottle tax to support Baltimore City’s ailing schools led Pepsi to abandon the area. I assumed that exploring the deserted 12-acre site would generate nostalgia for the “whole new way of living, coming alive and feeling free with pepsi”! Instead I was a voyeur into an exotic space/time so long severed from the elusive, scattered, and frightening present that no traces are accessible for retrieving memory.
  • Eileen Lerner

    Eileen Lerner

    Biography : I am a NYC based photographer and have a wander lust for travel and new experiences. I began my career working with luxury and fashion accounts as an agent for Helmut Newton and Mario Testino. I love photography and find myself trying new ways of seeing, and experimenting through mixed media concepts. Nature and Beauty are the paths to my imagination. Detailed Description : Unbound Realities Surreal Imagery inspired by Man Ray. To make us dream of other worlds existing within and beyond the boundaries of imagination. Always aware of how photographing becomes a magical act..the appearance and the changes, that I as a photographer can construct, I love photographing because of this moment of change. Visually aware that the concept is one thing and alchemy process another. That the surprise element is ever present whether from a gesture, or an emotion from a model, the light from a source, or the added element of the digital darkroom. I like the surprise of what becomes. My favorite artists are ManRay and Matisse, and each time I view a work of either, it is savored memory, and again a striking newness that moves me. Enclosed are Photographic Images which I would like incorporated into a show. The series I have photographed in different mediums and I have digitally enhanced them to look deconstructed and solarized. I chose not to solarize every image I take but feel that the ones that I do alter are transformed to another dimensionality. They stand as images on their own without added digital work, but as Man Ray, and other surrealists I love the aesthetic freedom. The over-process and defective development of light and dark giving an otherworldly vision. Man Ray’s muse lends itself to my inspiration of Man Ray and Lee Miller’s creative cycle. I hope to honor them. I like the way the deconstructive process creates a new meaning to my images, and I hope the viewer gets the sense of anticipation, that anything can happen in this world of unbound realities. Nothing's perfect and time will never be the same, and so I change, and so do my images, altering them to the transition between the surreal and the moment. I focus on beauty, in art and nature as if one. The line of a body is as important as the ghostly movement of tulips in shade.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Susan J Chen

    Susan J Chen

    Biography : Susan J Chen is an award-winning conceptual photographer with a healthy and playful sense of death in her photographic and motion-based work. While some girls played with dolls and dresses, Susan was drawn to the weird, bugs and worms as a young girl. Her work has been described as cinematic, moody and emotionally charged with color and dark humour. Her work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Tokyo, and published in photography annuals Graphis, PDN, American Photographic Artists among others. The Artist Statement you have already is okay. Detailed Description :
    "Making America Great Again Through the melting of the iconic Americana flag popsicle, “Making America Great Again” is a political commentary on the Trump era. The Frog Prince Part of an on-going series, Modern Fairy Tales reimagines well known fairy tales through their lesser-known, darker-rooted story. This series takes a modern re-interpretation in narrative, style and with dark humour. In the original Brothers Grimm, non-Disney version of “the Frog Prince”, the princess doesn't kiss the frog and live happily ever after. She throws the frog against the wall in a moment of anger and spite."
  • Kristofer Dan-Bergman

    Kristofer Dan-Bergman

    Biography : Swedish born New York residing photographer. Brought up in a theater family in Stockholm. Started out as a photo journalist and slowly moved into commercial and advertising photography. During his whole career he has worked on his own projects mainly to discover himself in the discipline and the universe. This led to his first exhibit called 'Touch' which was an exploration of his relationship to stones. Many more followed i.e. ’S_PACE’, ‘allONE’, ‘Wall(k)’,’Evidence” etc. Kristofer also have done several documentary stories i.e. 'Garissa' (Kenya), Karen People of Burma and his latest Evidence (Eastern Africa). His work has been exhibited in several Museums (i.e. Fotografiska-Sweden, MOCADA-New York) and galleries. His series has won many awards including Communication Arts, Graphis, AI-AP, Applied Arts. Two of his series ‘Away’ and ’S_PACE’ was recently featured in the Italian Fine Art Magazine “Gente di Fotografia” where they used a photo from his ‘Away” series as the back cover. Detailed Description :
    My personal work is always a search and thus never really finished. Looking back at what I have done it seems it is an exploration of time, space and consciousness. The latest series 'Raging Mother' (working title) is a little different than the previous one because it is set in nature and specifically the ocean. Here I am going back to my roots …water.
  • S.M. Dyer

    S.M. Dyer

    Biography : s.m. dyer has had solo shows in Soho, NY, Brooklyn, NY and Connecticut, with both domestic and international group shows. She was accepted into a juried show by Randall R. Griffey, Curator at The MET, NYC. She has had images on the set of ‘God Friended Me’, ‘Train Wreck’, ‘American Odyssey’, ‘Succession’, the soon to be released ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ and ‘Compliance’. Her work hangs in Haddad celebrity campers. She’s been written up in L'Oeil de la Photographie magazine. Other pieces can also be found internationally in private collections, restaurants, and offices. Detailed Description :
    Intrigued with shapes and forms, s.m.dyer investigates through the ephemeral nature of nature, the spirit that is buried within. Using available light, she explores her subject through a variety of methods, motion and actions, exposing a critical comment on the relationship humanity shares with our environment.
  • Geoff Johnson

    Geoff Johnson

    Biography : Geoff Johnson was born in the heart of the midwest, and is currently based out of Omaha. Geoff got started in photography very young and by high school was singularly committed to the art of making photographs. Geoff earned his degree in commercial photography in 1997 and has for more than 17 years developed his vision while making work with editors and creatives throughout the U.S. Geoff’s work has been featured in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated and American Photography. In his commercial photography, Geoff specializes in agricultural, industrial, educational and health care work. His clients include American Airlines, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dove, Girl Scouts of the USA, Mayo Clinic, University of Nebraska, Sports Illustrated, Propane Education Research Council (PERC) and Werner Enterprises. Geoff is especially passionate about creating photos that feature hard work as a lifestyle: telling personal stories of Americans and Midwesterners dedicated to advancing the traditions of their chosen craft. Through his personal projects, Geoff strives to better his understanding of our contemporary society, and to convey his personal experience of it. Detailed Description :
    During my youth, endless, indeterminate piles of stuff filled the various rooms of our home and consumed daily life. We had no working fridge, the kitchen sink never functioned, and our only running water was from the bathtub. The normal rituals of childhood: family dinners, playing with toys, getting ready for bed, were disrupted. Behind the Door is a personal project I've been working on with my sister Jennifer about how we lived growing up. As children we developed strategies for concealing our living reality. Whenever someone would come to our front door we hid behind it, quietly waiting until they walked down the steps. Only when their feet hit the bottom stair would we crack the door to answer, pressing our foreheads close to the opening, and using our small bodies to obscure their view. Reentering my childhood home as an adult, I experienced again the fears and vulnerability we felt in that moment answering the door, our secrecy and attempts at protecting ourselves from the scrutiny of visitors. With these photos I wanted to share a little bit of my experience and show the experience of hoarding through the child’s perspective: the chaos of living, the insecurity of food, heat and clean water, the lack of personal boundaries and control over your space. Hoarding has difficult consequences for the sufferer, but less examined is how it affects children in the household. Behind the Door hopes to be a straightforward, honest portrayal from a child’s point of view. This personal project gave me an opportunity to reexamine my current self through my past experiences. The art of photography has great potential to offer a more objective, slightly detached understanding of a too-familiar event or space; creating opportunities for introspection, communication, and healing.
  • Aleya Lehmann Bench

    Aleya Lehmann Bench

    Biography : I am a painter turned photographer: BFA, Painting, 1979, Boston University; MFA, Painting, 1983, American University. I began working in New York in 1983, and early paintings were imaginary landscapes; then, following a period of transition, I turned to photography, initially working with film, and now with medium-format digital. In 2013, I began a figurative series, with a performative aspect to it: I create a theatre set, sew the costumes, construct props and backdrops, etc., and then working with models, who “perform” on the stage I have set, I capture motion, color, composition, like a painter in many ways. Detailed Description :
    “A very costly masque prepared but not shown”—the title for the series—is a phrase taken from documents describing the entertainment provided for Queen Elizabeth I in 1575 during one of her visits to Kenilworth. Villagers customarily provided lavish entertainment to impress—seemingly simple theatrical productions that, from contemporary descriptions, must have appeared as pure magic to all that witnessed. I am fascinated by these descriptions, and imagine myself present, breathing in colored air in my mind’s eye. I have an increasing interest in the rise of individualism: an individual’s courage to occupy a space, to perform there.


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