Exhibitor listing
Heat -  Abena Motaboli
N/A -  Ritu Kwatra
Sangham Sharanam Gachhami 5 -  Shraddha Rathi
Untitled II -  Shailly Lal
Untitled I -  Shailly Lal
Generosity - Manjusha Athani
Affirmation - Manjusha Athani
2018 -  Mark McGee
Digital Prints -  Mark McGee
Digital Prints -  Mark McGee
Digital Prints -  Mark McGee
Digital Prints -  Mark McGee
Digital Prints  -  Mark McGee
Untitled -  Dr. Junmoni Bora
PASTEL PURPLES  -  Dorothy Krakauer
Appealing Iris  -  Dorothy Krakauer
Nightlight savings time  - Diane Ponder
Golden behind the curtain - Diane Ponder
Glissando  - Diane Ponder
"Vertere”  -  Diana Leviton Gondek
"New York" -  Diana Leviton Gondek
"Dream”  -  Diana Leviton Gondek
"Afro Gatsby” -  Diana Leviton Gondek
“Overture”  -  Diana Leviton Gondek
“Family Time”  -  Diana Leviton Gondek
Nia - Ben Moon
Let Go - Ben Moon
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Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Surabhi Agrawal

    Surabhi Agrawal
  • Manjusha Athani

    Manjusha Athani

    Manjusha Athani - Affirmation
    Manjusha Athani - Generosity
    Biography : Believes in painting her inner expressions characterized by a sense of mystery that invites the viewer in. Her paintings acquaint you to a vibrant, mystical world, where you are the storyteller, creating and interpreting your own stories. Her creative work is ingrained directly in creative abstraction and is never static. Through the intangible elements of light, colors, textures and good visual balance space, Manjusha creates images of uninhibited sensuality. Being a master colorist, her rich tonal balance exuberantly depicts abstraction with passion, sensation, and feeling. She creates imagery filled with an intensity of atmosphere that makes the viewer an insider. Her work of art attracts the viewer. The viewer just wants to know more and tries to find out where is it started and where exactly it's going. The viewer's curiosity makes this artist take flight. Her work has been displayed at all the significant National and State competitions. She has won numerous awards and the most remarkable was N.S. Bendre Special award in the International competition. Her splendid and creative journey as an artist began at Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune where she completed her formal education in Fine Art, G.D Art Diploma in 2008. Subsequently, she completed her B.F.A degree from Bharti Vidyapith Pune in 2010. She presented her paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions held at almost all metro cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Pune. Her work of art has become part of the collection in India and abroad. What keeps her going is the constant appreciation from art lovers. Exhibition : Participation in Exhibitions:

    FINEXT Awards & International Exhibition of mini artworks | Bhopal, M.P. | 2018

    Solo Show:

    'I ... CONNECT' - Ark Art Gallery, Pune | 2012

    ‘Expressions’ - India Art Gallery, Pune | 2013

    Group Show

    Kala Spandan Art Fair, Neharu Center, Mumbai | 2017

    DD Neroy Gallery, South Mumbai, Mumbai | 2018

    All India Art and Craft Socity, New Delhi | 2018

    ‘Dostluk’ Neharu Wangchuk Culturl Center Thimpu, Bhutan | 2018

    ‘Baratdarshan National Festival, Pune | 2018
  • Nilesh Baraskar

    Nilesh Baraskar
  • Dr. Junmoni Bora

    Dr. Junmoni Bora

     Dr. Junmoni Bora - Untitled
    Biography : He was born in 1978 Nagaon, Assam, India. He Was post graduates from Gauhati University and later he was awarded by Ph.D in Astrology.He is a self thought Artist totally inspired by his family environment as his grandfather Lt.Sashidhar saikia, Govt.art & Craft school Calcutta(1927-33) Was a renowned Artist Of Assam. JUNMONI bora organised Solo exhibition as well as exhibited his painting in many National and International exhibition in India and Abroad.professionally he is now a practising Astrologer And an Freelance Artist.
  • Diana Leviton Gondek

    Diana Leviton Gondek

     Diana Leviton Gondek - “Family Time”
    “Family Time”
     Diana Leviton Gondek - “Overture”
     Diana Leviton Gondek - "Afro Gatsby”
    "Afro Gatsby”
     Diana Leviton Gondek - "Dream”
     Diana Leviton Gondek - "New York"
    "New York"
     Diana Leviton Gondek - "Vertere”
    Biography : Diana majored in Fine Arts and went on to become Art Director at Northwestern University. Diana is back to Fine Art and is now an artist-in-residence at Chicago's Zhou B Art Center. She is well established in the Chicago art scene with numerous group shows, solo shows, gallery representations, Artsy representation and multiple publications including two book covers. CBS News also did a special segment on her and her art. She has designed and painted three public art horse statues for Horses of Honor, owned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Ed Burke and Alderman Tom Tunney. Diana was commissioned, by Special Olympics, to create a painting to promote their 50th Anniversary in 2018. The painting is now owned by Timothy Shriver. Diana was also part of art fair exhibitions in Busan, Korea, Aqua Art Miami ‘17, New York, New York and London.
  • Dorothy Krakauer

    Dorothy Krakauer

     Dorothy Krakauer - Appealing Iris
    Appealing Iris
     Dorothy Krakauer - PASTEL PURPLES
  • Ritu Kwatra

    Ritu Kwatra

     Ritu Kwatra - N/A
  • Shailly Lal

    Shailly Lal

     Shailly Lal - Untitled I
    Untitled I
     Shailly Lal - Untitled II
    Untitled II
    Biography : A self taught artist,was born and brought up in the lush green surroundings of Madhya Pradhesh.Nature has been a great influence in her life and she has painted forest landscapes,seascapes and cityscapes in her own unique style.Did her masters in economics and sangeet visharad in Indian classical music.She has always been passionate for paintings and that has been a medium for her to express her emotions,thoughts and conflicts.Painting is a language for her soul and is a reflection of her ideas that have transformed on her mind and poured onto the canvas.She has exihibited her works inmany solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad.
  • Mark McGee

    Mark McGee

     Mark McGee - Digital Prints
    Digital Prints
     Mark McGee - Digital Prints
    Digital Prints
     Mark McGee - Digital Prints
    Digital Prints
     Mark McGee - Digital Prints
    Digital Prints
     Mark McGee - Digital Prints
    Digital Prints
     Mark McGee - 20”x16”
    20”x16” 2018
  • Upasana Mishra

    Upasana Mishra
  • Ben Moon

    Ben Moon

    Ben Moon - Let Go
    Let Go
    Ben Moon - Nia
  • Abena Motaboli

    Abena Motaboli

     Abena Motaboli - Heat
    Biography : Abena Motaboli is a Southern African born artist currently living in Chicago. She Lived in Lesotho, a landlocked country in Southern Africa through her formative years and moved with her family to the U.S to pursue her BFA. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at Columbia College Chicago and at L'institut Catholique de Paris. Most of her works take on the form of installation, sound, performance, writing and painting. Using medium such as tea, coffee, plastic, ink and dirt she makes reference to the degradation of nature and the interaction of waste and consumption in the western world. Growing up in international schools, communities, and being an immigrant, she is strongly influenced by the diversity of people, the other, the uncanny, and ideas of human resilience seen through human movement across territories. Often times her works make use of material referencing her culture and the importance of following the abstract lines of nature. As a result, most of her artworks try to offer a space to contemplate, exist in, meditate, or to realize the impermanent nature of everyday situations and life.
  • Diane Ponder

    Diane Ponder

    Diane Ponder - Glissando
    Diane Ponder - Golden behind the curtain
    Golden behind the curtain
    Diane Ponder - Nightlight savings time
    Nightlight savings time
  • Shraddha Rathi

    Shraddha Rathi

     Shraddha Rathi - Sangham Sharanam Gachhami 5
    Sangham Sharanam Gachhami 5
    Biography : I seek Rainbows …. In the rubble of Time’ Sometimes it is the movement of the world around me that inspires me, sometimes it is the stillness of the moment, says artist Shraddha Rathi, who lives and works in Bangalore. Born in 1974, Rathi studied performing arts and architecture as a student. The blend of the two fine arts prepared her for this path that has beenless travelled. She started with historical art and physical architecture in 1997 . ‘Every painting has a story to tell’ is her belief. Painting is her language of expression – an expression of her thoughts and visions. The three dimensions which she constantly builds on, in her works, are space, texture and expression. Through rhythmic forms, colours and textures she conjures up thought provoking and inspiring paintings often displayed at various exhibitions, across the globe. Today, her art appears in the collection of business houses and patrons in India, US, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands and many more. She looks forward to showing with National Gallery of Modern Arts and other galleries of international repute. “The dream that keeps me awake and fuels my inspiration each day, is to showcase my works at the Soloman R Guggenheim museum, New York, designed by my favourite architect FL Wright’ says Shraddha Rathi. Exhibition : Solo Shows
    Aug 2018 - Grazie Infinity, Sublime Galleria, Bangalore
    June 2016 - Taj Vivanta, Coorg
    Aug 2015 - Vivid Impressions, Mahua art Gallery, Bangalore
    June 2015 - Aalankritha art gallery, Hyderabad
    Nov 2014 - Transitions, Art Corridor,The Taj West End, Bangalore
    April 2014 - Taj Vivanta, Coorg
    May 2011 - Shubham, Aurangabad
    March 2011 - Shadows, Art Walk Oberoi, Mumbai
    Dec 2009 - ICCR Art Gallery, Hyderabad
    April 2009 - Chitra Kala Parishath, Shadows, Bangalore
    Group Shows

    May 2018 - The Nehru Centre, London, UK
    March 2018 - Art to heart, by Underthe rain tree, Bangalore
    March 2018 - Private show by Farali , Farali, Bangalore
    March 2018 - Live painting Art Park, Art Mantaram
    Jan 2018 - Whitefield Art collective, Bangalore
    Jan 2018 - Private show by ALL, Welcome hotel, Bangalore
    Dec 2017 - Aqua Art Maimi, USA
    Nov 2017 - Bridgrport art centre, Chicago, USA
    Nov 2017 - Time and Space, Bangalore
    Sept 2017 - Aakaar, Nehru wangchuk cultural centre, Bhutan
    Sept 2017 - Gallery Sara Arakkal, Bangalore
    Mar2017 - Gallery Third Eye, Bangalore
    Feb 2017 - Taj West End, Bangalore
    Feb 2017 - Art Chutney, Whitefield art collective, Bangalore
    Dec 2016 - Happiness at sale, Galerie de arts, Bangalore
    Dec 2016 -Small and beautiful, Art Houz, Bangalore
    Oct 2016 -Aalankritha art Gal, Hyderabad
    July 2016 -Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Bangalore

    June 2016 - India Arts and Gems Fair, Bangalore
    June 2016 - Experiencing the abstracts, Mahua, Bangalore
    Feb 2016 - Art Chutney, VR Bengaluru, Bangalore
    Feb 2016 - Taj West End, Kala for vidya, Bangalore
    Jan 2016 - Art O Whitefield, Canvaslane, Bangalore
    Dec 2015 - Save a Mother, Auction, Bangalore
    Oct 2015 - Swasti Art Gallery, Bangalore
    Sept 2015 - Vivid Strokes, Volvo art loft , Singapore
    July 2015 - After the Rains, The Taj West End, Bangalore
    June 2015 - Anahata2, Art Mantaram, Bangalore
    April 2015 - Akanksha, Chitrakala parishath, Bangalore
    April 2015 - Auction at Lions Charity Ball, Taj vivanta, Bangalore
    March 2015 - Reflections, Folly- A
    Detailed Description : A journey within…. These set of works focus on my thoughts and ideas of Indian culture and teachings of Buddha …. ‘Sangham sharanam gachhami’, depicting Buddha in white, a colour that encompasses spirit of purity and evolution. The colourful images in this series, came forth as repetitive patterns, reflected themes from my subconscious mind, based on life and symbolic relationship between man and his thoughts. And how the ongoing process of thoughts designs our life.
  • Lucky Tonk

    Lucky Tonk


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