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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Al Diaz/SAMO©

    Al Diaz/SAMO©

  • Harif Guzman

    Harif Guzman

    Biography : Born in Venezuela and raised in New York, Harif Guzman’s works are bold and rich in expression. Harif is a New Yorker who grew up in his father’s print shop and was exposed to an industrial scenery at a young age. Harif’s work is influenced by the imagery of mechanical reproduction and employs techniques that challenge iconographical conformity. It’s no surprise that Harif’s creative diversity has become a cornerstone of his artistry. How could there be any other result with a trajectory from his start as a shop worker turned street-smart skate punk, to his later career as a successful international artist. Transformation is the soul of Guzman’s work. To express this theme, he employs found materials and his philosophy of second-hand imagery and ideas that for him characterize contemporary urban existence.

  • Myles Hendrik

    Myles Hendrik

  • Davia King

    Davia King

    Biography : Artist Davia King’s work is bright, bold and layered with meaning. Through careful color selection she creates a backdrop on which she then embeds her interpreted images, producing striking works of art for the canvas and the street. Enlisting the help of models, Davia reads the essence of a person and then paints it onto her canvas. What is revealed is a rich reduction of a single character, that at the same time contrasts against the whole. All of the uniqueness of a single person is blended with the essences of the others who participated, everyone brought together into a galaxy of connectivity. Each grouping is joined to form something larger than themselves. Davia puts the unique messages of these peoples into a hieroglyphic of pictures and lettering scribed onto her canvas.

  • Danny Minnick

    Danny Minnick

    Biography : Danny Minnick’s work is thick in texture and energy with an uninhibited sense of action, featuring a host of characters in dazzling vibrant color. Play and grit go hand-in-hand in Minnick’s work, which often traverses large canvases and mural walls. Unrestrained by the formal notion of the canvas there is a freedom in his abstracted expressionism that paired with a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity transcends the mundane often leading to his characters occupying both his studio walls and floors, a series of actions and cartoon calamities meeting in a crescendo of shape and color. With solo exhibitions at Los Angeles's De Re Gallery & London's Maddox Gallery, Minnick’s paintings are a bold and powerful new contender to the art scene’s stage.

  • Alison Mosshart

    Alison Mosshart

    Biography : Alison Mosshart’s work is a catalog of memories and passions. Lead vocalist for rock bands the Kills and The Dead Weather, the road is Alison’s constant and vibrant path. Movement, action and instances frozen in time dominate her pieces. An expression in a passing face, pitch-hued tire marks etched in asphalt, the colors of a song, the jagged edge of a chord, all can be found in the paint and canvas. A lack of boundary often matched by disturbing distortion make Mosshart’s work irresistibly arresting.

  • Chad Muska

    Chad Muska

    Biography : With a storied career as a professional skateboarder Chad Muska brings the freedom, movement and grit of the skateboarding world to his accomplished sculptures. Heavy and stark, Muska’s minimal pieces play with core textures of stone, wood, steel, concrete and other industrial materials. Transition and a unrestrained form are the backbone of Muska’s sculptures. He says, “Skateboarders look at metal and concrete already as objects of artistic expression, it’s like a canvas.” And same limitless expression moves throughout his art. Full of contrast his sculptures are meditative yet striking, curved stone meets sharp metal, and dark concrete pushes against the cool brown of driftwood. Muska invites and intrigues the eye through a push and pull of the height, size, shape and the junctions of the industrial materials that he uses to produce work that is as unmistakable as it is masterful.

  • Nico Turner

    Nico Turner

    Biography : Soul, mystery and identity all entwine themselves throughout Nico Turner’s multi-disciplinary creative exploration of the world. Photographer, painter, multi- instrumentalist, DJ, performer, videographer, artist, all of these and more describe Nico. All of these and more, a consummate visionary Nico moves from having been the percussionist for Cat Power, to vocalist in her own solo shows, to videographer for Flaunt magazine pieces. Nico is a curious and soulful observer of beauty and of grit, of things mysterious, of the unconventional and abstract. Her art is palpable and allows viewers to peer into realms we might otherwise miss or not comprehend. Her sound and visuals create haunting landscapes, divine moments and alluring beings.

  • Robyn Ward

    Robyn Ward