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Little Devil -  Jared Knight
Golden Son -  Jared Knight
Ol' Blue Gallery
509 Church Street
Hannibal, Hannibal 63401
United States
E-mail address : art@artbytai.com
Website : http://www.ArtByTai.com

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Jared Knight

    Jared Knight

    Biography : Jared Knight is a Utah native born in Ogden. He has been studying painting professionally since the age of 13 when his parents discovered he wasn't any good at sports. Though he has received some basic training, a large part of his artistic training and education came from other artists. He has worked with art professors in a tutor type of environment and has even spent many evenings with squatter graffiti artists, soaking in their various styles in exchange for pizza and beer. Jared states he accepts advice and training from those he respects, not by setting or prestige. He has, however, worked with noted professionals, Steve Stones (Weber state university) Alan Jackson (Eccles art center) and Mark Woodfield (Ogden, Utah). As a visual artist Jared hopes to inspire and awaken people to develop ideas and opinions of themselves and the world around them that they may never have had. He works to keep his pieces open and ambiguous so that the viewer can attach themselves to the image and create a completely original relationship with it. Exhibition : Jared Knight's current collection of work focuses on the personal evolutions and adaptations an individual experiences and becomes as a result to the exposure of our current world.  The work represents the double-sided sword that is the matrix of information we are consumed by in these modern times and our personal reactions to it that eventually shape our identities as a result.  There has been no other point in history where a civilization has been so connected into the knowledge and experiences of others...there also has been no other time where the line between knowledge and noise has been so densely blurred.  Do we retain any control at all on what that saturated environment makes us become? "I hope my pieces allow the viewer the space to reflect on how their identities, points of view and understanding of the world around them have been shaped and shifted by being tuned into the collective consciousness of the modern day." - Jared Knight Detailed Description :
    artist statement: "Art is both a noun and adjective because its range goes beyond any line that could ever be drawn. People alone are without boundaries they transcend and exceed all limits by Themselves. The environment around them decides how limited they will be, our surroundings will be the root of all tribulations and torment. I hope that my Art will allow you to disarm your limits for a short period of time and let you learn more about who you really are. My Art will provide the context, you will supply the content." - Jared Knight
     Jared Knight - Little Devil
    Little Devil
     Jared Knight - Golden Son
    Golden Son

  • Tai Taeoalii

    Tai Taeoalii

    Biography : Growing up bi-racial in the predominantly white suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah, Tai fabricated a self-perception of abomination. Tormented with that angst and confusion at such a young age, he was fortunate to discover that the arts were a perfect way to express the frustrations of his cultural identity. Through his artistic explorations, Tai realized his auto-didactic ability, which evolved into experimentation with various types of art-forms, including graffiti and tattoo work, but no medium had captured and retained his affections as strongly as drawing with a ballpoint pen, hence being his central focus for most of his artistic career. Tai’s persistent drive to provide thought-provoking content has helped to develop strong social- media presence with a dedicated following of over 300,000 members on Facebook and Instagram and has played a critical role in shaping international success, helping to sell thousands of his original artworks worldwide. For more than 10 years, Tai has been touring the U.S. with his wife and two children, demonstrating the versatility of ballpoint pen through the trafficking of his artwork at galleries, museums and art fairs all across the U.S. and recently European nations. Exhibition : Tai’s recent artworks are surreal creations of ballpoint pen drawings on Mylar film, with additional accents of color created from pencils, pastels, charcoals and watercolors. While the imagery in his work is infused with symbolic imagery, bearing social and political commentary, Tai insists he never consciously approaches a drawing with the intent of forcing his beliefs or opinions on viewers, stating his creative process spawns from an organic and authentic subconscious journey, with manifestation more by virtue of his own self-evaluation and less of propagating his ideology. Detailed Description :
    Artist Statement: With the inspiration of music and the nostalgic memories of my turbulent teenage years, I’ve utilized my self-taught techniques in an effort to create art that evokes an honest & hopefully profound emotional experience.


Tai Taeoalii   
Adrienne Taeoalii