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LDVC Art Experiences
LDVC Art Experiences
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LDVC Art Experiences is a global art consulting firm and content producer of unique artistic installations for the luxury lifestyle sectors. The firm brings together the complimentary experience and skills of its founders and principals: Lael DeWahl, owner of several art galleries in the Southeast and advisor to private art collectors worldwide, and Victoria Cerrone, a corporate art advisor specializing in major public art installations and fine art advisory services for the investment community, hospitality projects, and superyachts.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:



    Biography : Fiona (born Fiona Tan) is a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary and visionary woman. Her origins are a mix of Chinese, German, Dutch and Brazilian. She studied in Switzerland, France, Japan and the United States. Her interests are as wide as her background: fine art, healing, technology, spirituality, science, psychology, well-being, design.. To crystallize her vision she mixes her east and west heritage, point of views and techniques. After graduating from Parsons the New School for Design in 2006, she focused her attention in broadening her knowledge in the fields of energy, healing and wellbeing. She learned reiki, crystal healing and water science. She studied different philosophies and cultures. Utilizing her acquired knowledge, divine inspiration, unique diversified talents coupled with extraordinary vision she created a synergistic expression of energetic art: The Art of Transformation. Fiona uses light and energy as a medium to reflect experiences which help induce shifts in the viewer and space. Her art is a tool to inspire Transformation. She creates mixed media artwork using traditional techniques in conjunction with new technology. Her visualisation helps bringing different elements together to create a new reality. She mixes photography, digital art, drawing and painting linking the real world and the virtual world with the human hand. Fiona's methodology is a fresh take on a cubist approach, involving elements of post-expressionism and surrealism. In every project, she brings to light the cycle of life, often represented by a process of decomposition and reconstruction. In doing so, she exposes the ephemeral nature of human existence. Fiona’s artworks have been added to the Coral Spring Museum, shown internationally through solo and groups shows and fairs in Art Basel Miami and Asia. She received the ‘Futurum Award” for her use of new technology in the arts. Exhibition : AQUA Lobby - Art in Public Spaces Detailed Description :
    Title: Diamond SAKURA Elevation in 3 Material/Medium: plexiglas cubes with LED lighting system Dimensions: Column 19" x 19" (x number of cubes)
  • Dakota Havard

    Dakota Havard

    Biography : I was born in 1995 in foley alabama. I grew up in socially secluded part of america unexposed to anything artistically influential or important. My earliest recollections of aesthetic reasoning involved going through troves of trash and ditches for scraps of metal and other valuable detritus, to scrap and make small naive combines. I knew from very early on that I wasn’t where I needed to be and that I would be involved in making for the rest of my life. My formal artistic education began at SCAD, on grants and scholarships, and pursued my BFA in painting. I have shown in multiple SCAD exhibitions, in Philadelphia at the tyler school of the arts and a three person exhibition in Savannah Georgia. My work explores the return to the sublime in relation to a vapid and vile world through a personal and universal narrative and a visceral use of all media including paint, drawing, video,sculpture, sound and installation frequently combining all. The work is often comprised of scrap and debris, old drawings and children's books to add another element of identity. The identity is created and usually destroyed mimetic of the cyclical nature of nature. Exhibition : SCAD Define Art Student Showcase, Alexander Hall, Savannah, GA Detailed Description :
    "NOW (big red)" 2017, 40" x 50" Dye, Ink, Acrylic, Spray Paint & Bleach on Fabric
  • Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

    Jennifer Scott McLaughlin

    Biography : When in the presence of Jennifer Scott McLaughlin’s work, whether paintings or functional sculpture, it is quite obvious that she is in love with the natural beauty. While her abstract works often contain forms inspired terrestrial and aquatic vegetation, her functional sculptures can quite literally be a construct of the natural history of her surroundings. These works are often a combination of native, wild shells; naturally weathered mangrove, cypress, and buttonwood; or fossils and relics from the swamps and coastal regions of Florida. They inspire not only honest appreciation for the natural beauty and history of South Florida, but also an understanding of the vision necessary to collect and assemble these pieces into a form which can both beautiful and interesting, while also telling a the tale of a journey into a seemingly unforgiving and secretive land. Jennifer attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives and works near Boca Grande, Florida and has multiple solo exhibitions in New York City, Chicago, Sante Fe, Miami and Denver. Exhibition : AQUA Lobby - Art in Public Spaces Detailed Description :
    Title: Gasparilla Island Material/Medium: Mangrove driftwood, lightening whelks, copper Dimensions: 21 in height x 46 wide x 36 wide


Our services include:

We use a unique, collaborative selection process that is fun and effective. First, we develop an analysis of your project’s goals, budget and deadlines. Next, we research and select artwork that perfectly aligns with the design team’s intention. Our art consultants will deliver your vision, tapping every fine art form and media available, from the masters of Modern and Contemporary art, to emerging artists, large-scale sculpture, cutting edge digital technology, living walls, 3D projection, and multisensory experiences.

Art expertise is a valuable service to tap into when searching for the right piece or collection. Beyond fine art research and auction databases that are available to the public, knowing the right people in vetted art circles depends on years of trust and communication. By leveraging our global network of art dealers, galleries, auction houses, and financiers, we negotiate the best price on your behalf and assure proper market value is maintained.

Art interacts with light and space, with furnishings, traffic patterns, and with other art works in the space. By addressing lighting and presentation early in the design process, we save you money. With art as the inspiration for design, we work closely with architects and interiors designers, engineers and other design professionals to fully integrate art and design from project conception to completion and ultimate unveiling.

-Corporate Collections
-Luxury Residential
-Entertainment Venues

-Digital Art Content Production
-Experiential Digital Media, 3D Mapping + Lighting
-Immersive Technology Applications

Sensorial Immersive Artistic Experiences

LDVC brings you joy and wonderment while you help us develop and present the most talented emerging artists of the world.