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Upcycling Art Show
Joaquín Costa 51
Madrid 28002 Madrid
T  +34 915197786
M   +34 654911359
Fernández Oviedo 14
Madrid 28002 Madrid
E-mail address : info@upcyclingartshow.com
Website : http://www.upcyclingartshow.com
Gallery specialized in upcycling art

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Ángel Agrela

    Ángel Agrela

  • Miquel Aparici

    Miquel Aparici

  • Diego López Calvín

    Diego López Calvín

  • Carlos Sánchez Alonso

    Carlos Sánchez Alonso

  • Marta Sanmamed

    Marta Sanmamed

  • Claudia Stilianopoulos

    Claudia Stilianopoulos


Claudia Stilianopoulos   
UPCYCLING ART SHOW is an itinerant art gallery that was born as a free initiative based on the passion for art and with a close connection to Upcycling art or also called art of supra recycling.
We want to emphasize the meaning of Upcycling art as an artistic genre through which the sublimation of the discarded become a piece of art acquires a new aesthetic, moral or conceptual dimension.
Through this project we want to support the work of different artists, who use different techniques and supports, and that are within the framework of contemporary art.
Our aim is to create a platform for the dissemination of Upcycling art and its commercialization through participation in fairs and constant media work, as well as collaboration with other alternative spaces and the mobility of different artistic projects. Our aim is to clearly differentiate and highlight this artistic trend within the art market characterized by the use of reused materials for their subsequent transformation into a work of art.