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Simard Bilodeau Contemporary
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary
1923 S. Santa Fe Ave
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90021
United States
E-mail address : aniela@simardbilodeau.com
Website : http://www.simardbilodeau.com
Simard Bilodeau Contemporary is a recognized art gallery based in Los Angeles, CA and Shanghai, China that features an exceptional collection of contemporary sculptures, paintings and photomontage.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Bauçan


    Biography : Born in Montreal, Canada, Bauçan is a poet of images, music, and words. Self-taught, he left college to dedicate himself to his art. In his twenties, he and Luc Courchesne founded the art regroupement Le Cénacle de l’Étendard, which published poetry books. He authored and published two books, as well as participated in many collective works with other published poets. Between readings of poetry, he recorded an album under an independent label and produced a short film, Le chat a fait de moi un oiseau ,with actor Éric Francoeur and cameraman Jean Cotonnec. Eager for adventure, Bauçan explored the Baffin Island and hitch hiked across Canada. At 24 years old, during his first trip to Europe, his paintings were exhibited at an art gallery in Pont-Aven, Brittany (the town where Gauguin lived). His paintings were exhibited at the Art Expo in New York, Paris, Brussels, Bordeaux, Nantes, Chicago, Texas, Toronto, Calgary, Dinard (France), Nice, Brest, Toulouse, Cologne (Germany), Kyoto (Japan), and Montreal, Canada. One can spot his paintings in multiple T.V. shows and movies, such as Beyond Borders with Angelina Jolie. Exhibition : List of distinguished exhibitions and awards of Bauçan: • Group exhibition at the National Library of Quebec, Canada- 1998 • Group exhibition at the Museum of L’Artothèque of Montréal, Canada- 1999 • Exhibit at the National show of Art Galeries of Quebec, Canada- 2000 • Participate with art dealer “Dimension Plus” at the Art Expo New York- 2001 • Won the first prize at the Painting Festival of Mascouche, Canada- 2001 • Solo exhibition at the Museum of L’Artothèque of Montréal, Canada- 2003 • Group exhibition at the Museum of L’Artothèque of Montréal, Canada- 2009
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  • Val


    Biography : Valérie Goutard, known simply as Val was born in France in 1967, and lived her youth through adolescence shuttling between South America, Africa, Europe and France. Val came upon sculpture for the first time in 2001. Her fingers and materials guided the artist’s accomplishments ever since. Val was in tune with her inner journey, immersing herself in the observation of nature and listening to her intuition. In 2004, Val settled in Asia and discovered the traditional craft of bronze work in the best Thai foundries. She established her workshop in Bangkok where she worked with a team who assisted her in creating her impressive sculptures. Over the years, her work has taken on monumental proportions. In April 2004 she exhibited for the first time in Bangkok and since 2005, her work has been permanently displayed in galleries. Val’s sculptures travel across Asia, from Hong Kong to Singapore to Shanghai to Taiwan. Her noted participation at the Shanghai Art Fair 2010, together with the unveiling of a monumental sculpture named Urban Life as part of the Jing’An International Sculpture Project, firmly established Val’s reputation amongst renowned sculptors. Val was regularly asked to carry out monumental projects in public and private settings; for example Inle Balance III and Urban Gathering for the Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok, Waiting III installed in Taipei New Times Square in 2014, and more recently, Inéquilibre in 2015, currently on display in the highest residential tower in Singapore. Val’s work also continues to be exhibited in numerous galleries and art shows across Asia and Europe. In 2015, she was awarded Trophée des Français de l’Etranger (Trophy of French Expatriates) in the Art de Vivre (Art of living) section, rewarding her work and her singular life course abroad. Later in 2015, Val was invited by the glass masters of ARS Murano to work with them in their studio on new glass creations. After several stays in Venice, she married glass bronze Exhibition : "Val – Anatomy of a creative path"- Solo Exhibition at the Museum of the Chinese Academy of Art (CAFA)- 2016 "Ocean Utopia"- Underwater Sculpture Garden- Koh Tao Island, Thailand- 2016 "Tenth Eonian Initiative"- Redsea Gallery, Singapore- 2016 LA Art Show- 2017
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  • Larry Lewis

    Larry Lewis

    Biography : Larry Lewis is a master painter and sculptor who has been developing his art for over 45 years, coming from an art director background and developing into an accomplished and renowned artist. Lewis was born in California and raised in a strict environment. He felt constrained and frustrated by the perception of the world that he was offered, and the arts enabled him to explore the limitless world for which he thirsted. This continues to be his ultimate motivation. He has traveled the world as a nomad, with the characteristic instability typical of an artist. Lewis is inspired by the countries in which he has lived: USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Australia. He has cultivated a cultural knowledge that is widespread, representing the philosophy that inspires him to create. Each of his works contains layers of symbolism and philosophy. Lewis’ work has much more than aesthetic value; he has the intimate intuition of the artist’s eye and mind. Lewis constantly questions. He has found complete satisfaction in this never-ending cycle. He is on the eternal search for truth, both as a visionary philosopher of the present and a visionary of the future. He continuously renews his search of creative forms and approaches. The social and human conditions are at the heart of his inspiration- subjects that are in constant flux. That is why he is unable to arrive at an ultimate conclusion, as humanity continues to transform and evolve. He is on a permanent and insatiable quest, and his next collection reflects his socialistic journey. Lewis has attained a variety of recognition and continues to renew his creations to the next level. He has been and continues to be exhibited all over the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Russia, UK, … His artwork can be found in prominent museums such as the de Young Museum in San Francisco, Hot Springs Museum of Contemporary Art, The Coral Springs Museum of Art, The Evansville Museum of Art, as well as many im Exhibition : Shanghai Art Fair LA Art Fair Beijing Art Fair Evansville Museum Solo Show- Evansville, Indiana, 2016 The Coral Springs Museum of Art Solo Show- Coral Springs, Florida, 2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Solo Show- Hot Springs, Arkansas, 2009
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  • Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez

    Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez

    Biography : Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez was raised in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles where he was exposed to art at an early age, in the form of graffiti art and aerosol based mural paintings. After being commissioned for his first public mural, his career progressed with further commissions and he was eventually selected, through a rigorous interview process, by world-renowned sculptor Robert Graham to join the Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Torso Project” in 1992. Muñoz Hernandez continues to work at the esteemed Robert Graham Studio today, and has worked on several internationally acclaimed public works including the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C., Duke Ellington in New York, Charlie Parker in Kansas City, and our Our Lady of Angels Cathedral doors in Los Angeles, California. Muñoz Hernandez’s works range in materials from acrylic, ink, pigment on paper, wood, and canvas, to multi-dimensional cast and fabricated bronze, with patina and powder-coat. His work has been included in numerous museum and gallery shows over the past twenty years.
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  • Harmonia Rosales

    Harmonia Rosales

    Biography : Harmonia Rosales was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1984. At age of five, Rosales’ parents, her mother a children’s book author and illustrator and her father working at a university, made the decision to move to the town of Champaign, Illinois to offer their children a better environment to grow up. Her home life was rich, filled with watching her mother create art, listening to her Cuban father’s salsa music, and frequent trips to the Art Institute of Chicago. The artistic seed was planted early on as she sat under her mother’s art table and copied her every movement. Rosales, a self-though artist, has picked up technique through acute observation of paintings, noticing things like the precise shade of green used for veins. She identifies as an observer, which has contributed to her now innate sense of anatomy, bone structure, and light play. Her observation combined with her intuition, guide her painting style and allow her to create without outlines. After divorcing her college sweetheart and having the responsibility of caring for two kids as a single mother, Rosales found empowerment in setting a good example for them by doing what she loved- painting. She gained independence and discovered herself during this period. Rosales’ painting style came into its own after a friend gave her a set of oil paints for Christmas, a medium she had previously forgone for acrylic paints. Rosales settled on a classical style after deciding to reject current trends towards abstract or photorealistic contemporary art. Rosales hopes that her work will encourage the viewer to think about current issues, and that it will empower and uplift women, starting with her daughter. She aims to do good via her art and promote awareness of social iniquities. Her painting style signature is exceptional and the subjects she chooses have deep meaning. Exhibition : Simard Bilodeau Contemporary Grand Re-Opening- 2017
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  • Jon Seeman

    Jon Seeman

    Biography : Jon Seeman was born in Laguna Beach, California, USA in the early 1950’s. From a young age he was fascinated by creation. As part of an artistic family of inventors, engineers, and artists, he felt he had art in his DNA. Seeman completed his first steel sculpture at the age of fifteen. In his early twenties he relocated from his small Californian artist community to Manhattan, NY to become immersed in a major art center. He searched for his voice by experimenting with different art media. The first medias in which he worked were not adequately satisfying. He desired a more challenging, hands on approach to creating three-dimensional pieces. That is when sculpting became an urge. Seeman apprenticed with several artisans and learned necessary skills, before moving back to Laguna to start his own art studio and continue his advanced art education. The goal was to become an artist with an unprecedented aesthetic. Seeman has been most inspired by early abstract modern art. He finds the structural integrity of steel gives him the ability to support the balance and feeling of suspension expressed in his drawings. He uses innovative techniques to join his engaging forms with nearly invisible connections, creating sculptures inspired by the dynamic interaction between geometric elements. This creates an effect that challenges the very principals of gravity: “I design without regard to gravity which in turn provides me with the welcome challenges of fabrication.” Seeman constantly invents innovative construction techniques that allow him to exert forms in play with implied motion and suspension. Along with the ever-growing demand of collectors worldwide, multiple cities and corporations have commissioned Seeman to design, engineer and create high visibility public sculptures. He continuously challenges himself push further into the creative process. Seeman is now entering a new chapter of artistic output, presenting masterpieces with luxury car brand automotive
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  • Yalda Sepahpour

    Yalda Sepahpour

    Biography : At age 21, Yalda Sepahpour is the youngest painter Simard Bilodeau Contemporary has taken under its wing as an emerging artist. Born and raised in Teheran, Iran, she comes from a family that is open to the world and its variety of cultures. Art became a passion for her at 8 years old when she had her first awakening. Once it was time to enter college, her parents sent her to study in Switzerland, offering their daughter the best education possible. At school, she had the opportunity to have a very critical art teacher, pushing her further in technique and her creation process. When she started painting with one continuous line on the canvas, British tutor Preece told her that she had something interesting going on, which provoked a spark into her creative mind. Exploring this element, it allowed her to discover a new world of artistic experiments. In 2015, she seized the opportunity to continue her studies at LCAD in California, where all of her family joined her to start a new life. Yalda’s studies in CA, allow her to refine her technical skills in traditional style painting, as it is perceived by many conventional critics that a great artist needs to master the great master’s technique in order to get true artistic recognition. She embraces this process and those who create realism style paintings with a focus on technique, and at which she is proving to be exceptional. She finds her true inspiration is the opposite of what is being taught in academia, and it reveals to her who she is, her values, what she strives to embrace and then convey. It is in fact the principles of imperfection that nourish her creativity. It is the woman’s unique strength and inner beauty that Yalda depicts with her series of works presenting feminine nude women holding weapons. It is her way of reminding the viewer of current events taking place outside America that are unacceptable, inhumane, and in need of immediate resolution. It is her personal way of honoring her un Exhibition : LA Art Show 2017 Art Beijing 2017 Simard Bilodeau Contemporary Grand Reopening- Los Angeles 2017
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  • Marie-Laure Vareilles (Maïlo)

    Marie-Laure Vareilles (Maïlo)

    Biography : French artist Maïlo is a former architectural designer. In the last few decades, she has traveled each continent a camera in one hand in search of powerful images that testifies the diversity of each country and civilization that compose our planet. She is inspired by the mission of being the memory of all the fast changes in the world: the people and the habitats that compose it, the urbanization of the landscapes and the internalization of cultures. When the artist travels, she absorbs what surrounds her: the population, the nature, the architecture, the substance and above all, the light. Then begins the photographic work; the purpose of which consists in capturing what her eyes see. As a witness with her camera, she seeks for contrasts: the grand, the miniature; the landscape, the urbanity; the busy, the quiet; the far, the close; the pure, the obscure. Each photo she takes can become a piece of a puzzle that she will later insert into an impressive new image. When she returns to her studio, she lets herself be seduced by a slide. She looks at the picture and absorbs it until her imagination starts telling her a story. The dream takes her away a little further into this new voyage, while the final assembly becomes visible. She puts together different images from different journeys to create a remarkable fictional imagery. The creation of these montages enables a dream; it lets her invent a new story that can surprise her. It is her expeditions to far territories such as Australia, India, China, Ethiopia, Himalayas, Iran, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mongolia that most mark her creations, allowing the viewer to travel and make the story of their own. Maïlo’s work has been shown and continues to be shown all over the world in prominent exhibitions, art fairs and publications from Europe to Asia to America: LA Art Show, Shanghai Art Fair, China Art Fair, SIAC, GMAC, Peninsula Art Museum, and many more. Her body of work, artistic and philosophical approaches are t Exhibition : LA Art Show Shanghai Art Fair China Art Fair SIAC GMAC Peninsula Art Museum
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Guy Simard   
Aniela Guyot   
Eve-Marie Bilodeau   
Since 2011, French Canadian proprietors Simard and Bilodeau have participated in many prominent art fairs, including: Art Beijing, Shanghai Art Fair, Los Angeles Art Show and others in Hong Kong, Macao, Miami and Toronto. The art passionate owners are committed to presenting a select group of renowned and emerging artists from different parts of the world. The gallery thrives to embark on art projects; exhibitions and collaborations with high profiled institutions, offering their artists high exposure; and for the collectors continuously increased credentials and value for their investments.

In 2015 and 2016, Shanghai Art Fair invited Simard Bilodeau to create a monumental sculpture garden for the exhibition. This was the occasion for the gallery to leave a remarkable imprint with medias, corporations and private collectors as a recognized leader for monumental bronze sculptures in Asia.

With great success in USA and China, and two permanent locations, we are dedicated to explore the world markets of art, offering our clientele the best artworks that our journey allow us to discover. With high-standards and strict criteria, the artists we select have credentials, aesthetics qualities and exceptional skills; each of them offering their own perspective on actual and envisioned cultural and philosophical principles.

As gallery owners and passionate art collectors ourselves, our intention is to create a fulfilling personalized VIP experience for our clients. We believe that: “an art acquisition should be determined by one’s connection with the artwork.” We aim to develop a lasting, respectful and meaningful relationship with the collectors. We truly believe that art collecting is a passion that brings profound gratification and can fulfill a passion that can sustain an entire lifetime, and generations to come.