Exhibitor listing
Ornette - Carl Karni Bain
Nude  - Carl Karni Bain
Balconies -  Salomon Khammi
On the Ledge -  Salomon Khammi
The Nest -  Salomon Khammi
The Kiss - Mario Angel
Dance, Dance, Dance - Sandra Di Leo
Waiting -  Zoya Taylor
Out of Many - Series -  Zoya Taylor
Blooming Eye, Peony -  Lana Filippone
Carefree -  Lana Filippone
Pistol Bunny -  Lana Filippone
La Mascara - Marcelo Suaznabar
The Fish - Marcelo Suaznabar
Affection - Mario Angel
Unified in Energy - Mario Angel
Margarita - Carl Karni Bain
The Perfect Day - Sandra Di Leo
Blooming Eye, Peony -
From the Shadow -  Zoya Taylor
Flotando - Marcelo Suaznabar
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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Mario Angel

    Mario Angel

    Biography : Mario’s early propensity for drawing and painting led to success in his Dne arts degree. He cultivated his competency in drawing and learned watercolour and oil painting. He became skilled a several genres – portraits, landscapes, classical, impressionism and abstract. Mario has taught art for several years, participated in several show including juried show and on several occasions won the People’s Choice Award. He continues to be a “people’s favourite” gaining international acclaim in Europe and North America. For the past Dve years, he has been developing a semi-abstract series that explores life from the perspective of dreams. For the past seven year, Mario has participated in over 20 exhibits and art fairs and his work is collected widely in Europe, Asia and across North America. 1972 The Academy of Fine Arts in Colombia (Academia De Bellas Artes)
    Mario Angel - Affection
    Mario Angel - Unified in Energy
    Unified in Energy
    Mario Angel - The Kiss
    The Kiss

  • Sandra Di Leo

    Sandra Di Leo

    Biography : Sandra Di Leo is a designer and contemporary abstract expressionist artist. She studied art and design at George Brown College where she graduated from the Graphic Design program in 2000. Sandra has been working as a designer since her graduation and has won numerous international awards, while continuing to paint and establish herself as an artist; she has been painting since childhood. The elements and principles of Graphic Design play a significant role in her art. She works solely in acrylics, exploring childhood themes that are both imaginary and real through the fundamentals of colour, composition and texture. Sandra produces artwork that is not simply reflexive but continues to evolve as she grows in her practice. Sandra regularly exhibits in art galleries and major art events in Canada, New York and Mexico.
    Sandra Di Leo - The Perfect Day
    The Perfect Day
    Sandra Di Leo - Dance, Dance, Dance
    Dance, Dance, Dance

  • Lana Filippone

    Lana Filippone

    Biography : Lana is a sculptor living and working in Toronto. She grew up on the historic shores of Georgian Bay. A passion for story-telling and a firm relationship with its Natural History and folklore have found their way into the whimsical narratives that she creates. Lana received an honours degree from Queen’s University and a diploma in Ceramics, Craft and Design from Sheridan College. She has exhibited her work internationally, most recently as a Canadian contributor to a historic cultural conversation, exhibiting her piece “En écrins” at the Salon Nationale des Beaux Arts, (Louvre, Paris), about Canadian species at risk. She is a 2017 medalist of the Société Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres.
     Lana Filippone - Carefree
     Lana Filippone - Pistol Bunny
    Pistol Bunny
     Lana Filippone - Blooming Eye, Peony
    Blooming Eye, Peony

  • Carl Karni Bain (BAI)

    Carl Karni Bain (BAI)

    Biography : For close to three decades Carl Karni Bain (BAI) has been exhibiting across the United States especially in the San Francisco Bay area, North Carolina and New York. His work has been commissioned by authors, playwrights and corporations. As part of the Spence Gallery roster for the past five years, the mixed media artist has gained an international audience through features at over 20 international art fairs. Public Collections: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC The Harrison Museum of African American Culture, Roanoke, VA 1983 – 1985 California College of Arts & Crafts
    Carl Karni Bain - Ornette
    Carl Karni Bain - Margarita
    Carl Karni Bain - Nude

  • Salomon Khammi

    Salomon Khammi

    Biography : Salomon Khammi is a Colombian-born architect, designer and multidisciplinary artist who has worked with glass, wood sculpture, drawing and painting who is currently based out of Miami, Florida. After graduating from the Los Andes University in Bogotá with his degree in Architecture, he studied Design at the Polytechnic Institute in Milan. He has immersed himself in an art career in Toronto, Canada and Miami Beach, Florida. Salomon’s deconstructive process has been influenced by his international travel and architectural training which has culminated in a strong linear style with an elaborate color palette infused from his life in South and North America and many other places in between.
     Salomon Khammi - Balconies
     Salomon Khammi - On the Ledge
    On the Ledge
     Salomon Khammi - The Nest
    The Nest

  • Marcelo Suaznabar

    Marcelo Suaznabar

    Biography : Marcelo Suaznabar began exhibiting his work in Bolivia at the early of 16. Since moving to Canada just over 10 years ago, he has progressively increased his international reach. Having participated in about 10 museum exhibits (primarily in Latin America) over 30 solo shows, and countless group shows he has a broad following of serious collectors. Marcelo engages in the exploration of a subtle symbolic language; the images in his paintings are at the same time whimsical, complex, absurd and surreal. He has perfected the use of resin to add another dimension to the surreal elements of his work. Public Collections National Museum of Art. La Paz – Bolivia Center of Art Baie Saint Paul - Quebec, Canada Ralli Contemporary Museum of Art, Punta del Este – Uruguay Ralli Contemporary Museum of Art – Santiago, Chile Simon I Patiño Center of Contemporary Art – Cochabamba, Bolivia Sayego & Pardon Collection, Miami, USA.
    Marcelo Suaznabar - Flotando
    Marcelo Suaznabar - La Mascara
    La Mascara
    Marcelo Suaznabar - The Fish
    The Fish
    Also represented by:
    Projects Gallery,
  • Zoya Taylor

    Zoya Taylor

    Biography : Zoya Taylor is a self-taught artist. Growing up, between Germany, Jamaica and Canada, the young Zoya spent hours in drawing classes, visiting galleries and pouring over the works of master. After a career as an academic in the social sciences she started focusing on painting full-time in 2000 and has been exhibiting across Europe, the United States, Canada and Jamaica. In 2009, she was a recipient of the President’s Award in the Florence Biennale. Her art is included in the US Department of State, Art in Embassies. She enjoys a strong following in Oslo, Norway where she lives and exhibits regularly. Public Collections: The US Department of State – Art in Embassies The Norman Manley Airport, Kingston, Jamaica The International Association for Suicide Prevention 2013 Illustrations & public use of artwork: British Journal of Wellbeing, Psykisk Helse Journal, Norway; Le Monde, Norway; cover of Nella Larsen´s novel “Passing”; High School textbook in Norway.
     Zoya Taylor - From the Shadow
    From the Shadow
     Zoya Taylor - Waiting
     Zoya Taylor - Out of Many - Series
    Out of Many - Series


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