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Love Art Gallery
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United States
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Love Art makes it a mission to bring in pieces that amuse and excite. We are also proud to offer a wide price range that will enable first time collectors and those on a budget to experience the cool factor of having original, meaningful art pieces in their homes.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Amy Gordon

    Amy Gordon

    Biography : Amy Gordon is a fervent and soulful painter and designer. Her abstract work is a reflection of her diverse polarities growing up in rural North Carolina, Fabric and Menswear design life in New York City and Yoga teaching. Her pieces are inspired by the depths and complexity and fragility of the human experience. Through color, texture and negative space, she mimics the ebb and flow of the complex states of being. The premise of each work is the struggle to rise from darkness, pain and confusion of life's elements to merge to clarity, light and forgiveness. Her work is an invitation to empathize and connect. Amy, the artist and human, is in every piece she creates. Acrylic, oil,pastels and mixed media are organically combined with her fingers to mix, gracefully apply sand and scrub her way to a place of acceptance and beauty. Her studies at Textile and Design school of NCSU, fabric designer for Geoffrey Beene, Oscar De La Rente and Nautica, as well as her studies in London, San Francisco gives her diversity that is uncommon. She most well known as one of Greensboro's prime commission artists, selling over 500 paintings and shown in galleries such as X-Posure, Gregory Clark and Love art in Connecticut. She is also represented by Paul Robinson Fine Art in Atlanta, Vivid Interiors and Irving Park Art /Frame and Lucky Fish Galleries. Today her work ranges from sleek and minimal to organic, complex and multifarious. Amy brings a unique balance of subtle surprise and authenticity to her all of her paintings.

  • Cabell Molina

    Cabell Molina

    Biography : Cabell Molina is a contemporary artist transpalnted from California to the east. Where Cabell has proved herself unique is by making the intangible tangible by taking iconic im- ages and translating their meaning on canvas. She has culled an adventurous and playful method of creation born of her own experiences immortalizing the power of an image. Her works embody the layers of raw emotion that form by experiencing pop culture in both the present tense and as nostalgia. She uses type and graphics combined with paint, paper and layers to bring images to life. Her assemblage of bold, colorful mixed media collage work uses found elements, re-appropriated images and type, photography, Ephemera, oil pas- tels, aerosol, fabric and acrylic paint. Formerly an commercial art director, Cabell worked for multinational advertising agencies in cities all over the world. Prior to her stint in “the real world”, Cabell studied graphic design, art direction and collage at Art Center in Los Angeles. She uses her background with photo manipulation, graphic design and conceptual art direction to create her large scale power- ful pop art pieces. Her work has been in shows and private collections around the world. She creates commis- sioned conceptual portraits for clients as well. Cabell is also the owner/creator of Love Art Gallery and Studio. A boutique art gallery in the heart of the trendy downtown South Norwalk CT. She is committed to the idea the artist is just as important as the work and is making it a priority not only to exhibit outstanding work, but to foster a supportive artist community. The gallery has an adjoining studio where artists work on projects and collaborate on ideas as well as teach classes and workshops. In addition to cultivating strong relationships with artists, Love Art is passionate about helping individuals and institutions that are interested in expanding their collections. All of the work in the gallery is carefully curated and Love Art maintains a

  • Christine Marie Wexler

    Christine Marie Wexler

    Biography : Christine Marie Wexler Surf and landscape photographer from New York, who treasures the surfing communities of Montauk, the Hamptons and Rockaway, New York. Her work has captured the ever-growing landscape of these towns. Working with film and digital, her collections feature the many waters that surround us. Christine made a conscious decision not to focus on big wave surf photography and instead capture the true grit rituals and practice of surfing on the East Coast. Her style documents the preparation, contemplation and real time spent in the water. Locals appreciate her dedication and respect for the land and all its environmental changes. Her favorite images evoke emotion and connection with the sea. She is a graduate of North Carolina State University's Textile Design program and advanced studies at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City. Over the past 16 years, Christine has successfully built a following throughout the Northeast through commissioned projects, commercial installations, solo shows and client based projects with designers. My art allows me to feel the power of an ever-changing tide, it is a true reminder to ground myself and find gratitude in every day. Understanding my inspiration, my art pulls on the solitary, which the ocean will offer with its endless possibilities and peace all at once. –Christine


Christine Marie Wexler    Fair coordinator
Love Art is a gallery and studio located in South Norwalk, CT, specializing in contemporary, urban, and pop art. The gallery offers unique, original art from both local and international artists. Artist and owner/creator Cabell Molina is committed to the idea that the artist is just as important as the work and is making it a priority not only to exhibit outstanding work, but to foster a supportive artist community.