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reference: contemporary
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reference: contemporary
130 Cawthra Avenue, Suite 104
Ontario M6N 3C2 Toronto
T  416-888-6167
E-mail address : info@referencecontemporary.com
Website : http://www.referencecontemporary.com
Abstract Painting and Sculpture

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Margie Kelk

    Margie Kelk

    Biography : Margie Kelk's artistic practice reflects contemporary concerns about cultural history and politics. Kelk takes an exploratory and experimental approach as she appropriates and reconstructs visual fragments of ideas through diverse artistic media that includes ceramic sculpture, installation, drawing and painting, video and photography. Kelk has been exhibiting her work in Canada, the United States, and Europe since 2000. Kelk is a graduate of Wellesley College, the Johns Hopkins University (PhD.), and the Toronto School of Art degree program.

  • Kal Mansur

    Kal Mansur

    Detailed Description :
    Kal Mansur's work is characterized by acrylic pieces of varying colors and thicknesses contained within a diffused acrylic case. The play of light becomes apparent when one focuses on the edges, which cast colored shadows, depending on the spatial relationships within the composition. This kinetic quality is foundational to Mansur's work, creating a hybrid between gestural abstraction and the pristine constructions found in minimalism. Also represented by:
    BoxHeart Gallery,
  • Matt Neuman

    Matt Neuman

  • Courtlandt Swartz

    Courtlandt Swartz

    Detailed Description :
    Courtlandt Swartz suspends sculptural forms of acrylic paint within prisms of hand cast acrylic glass. Selectively affecting the surface clarity allows internal elements to be concealed and revealed. There is no single or immediate way to experience the piece. Every angle exposes a different refraction of the brushstrokes contained in the sculpture. Having a longstanding background in realist painting has inspired Swartz to move into three-dimensional space, searching for a medium that provides multiple images simultaneously.
  • Michael Toole

    Michael Toole


reference: contemporary is committed to the development and support of emerging and mid-career artists. Our international exhibition program emphasizes abstract painting and sculpture. The gallery highlights critical engagement with the artistic process and with the intentions behind an artist's mode of production, furthering the premise of skill as currency.

We partner with commercial galleries and art fairs to ensure our artists' works gain a broader international platform. We work with art consultants and architects to deliver custom artwork and outfit spaces with compelling and contemporary work.