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  • Laurina Paperina

    Laurina Paperina

    Biography : Laurina Paperina is an Italian artist who lives between Italy and Duckland, a small town in the Universe. She studied at the Institute of Art in Rovereto and the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, Italy. She paints, draws, creates installations and video animations. Working predominantly with the imaginary of contemporary heroes, her works reference contemporary pop culture and the 1980s and ‘90s eras of her childhood. Paperina has over the past years created artworks especially about on the Art World that present a ironic commentary in response to current events. Exhibition : Laurina Paperina has show her work internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in galleries, Art Foundation, Museums and public spaces (The Elisabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, USA / Stadtgalerie, Kiel, Germany / Triennale di Milano, Italy / Palazzo della Permanente, Milano, Italy / MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rovereto, Italy / CCA Kunsthalle, Majorca, Spain / Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporaneo, Victoria-Gasteiz, Spain / Museo Pecci, Milano, Italy / Kunsthaus Essen, Germany / The Royal Standard – Liverpool Biennal, UK / Janco Dada Museum, Haifa, Israel / École supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Nimes, France / J. M. Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan (WI), Usa / Madre Museum, Napoli, Italy / The Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, USA / FRAC Languedoc Roussilon, Montpellier, France / Hunterdon Museum of Art, Clinton, NJ, USA / Kunst Merano Arte, Italy / Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, Monfalcone, Italy / Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia, Italy / Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea di Trento, Italy). Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Italy, Usa, Germany, France, United kingdom, China, Belgium, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Israel, Ireland and Mexico. Publications include: Art in America, New Times Miami, SF Gate, SF WEEKLY, San Francisco Chronicles, Global Times, XL Repubblica, FAUX Q, Totally Dublin, Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Monopol, DPI publishing, Arte al Limite, Exibart on paper, Work Art In Progress, Kult, Espoarte and Arte Mondadori. Detailed Description :
    Martina’s Gallery is proud to present a peculiar Italian artist Laurina Paperina’s first solo show in Miami. As the newest big hit in Europe, it is time her work is finally shown in Miami. Laurina Paperina has demonstrated her sense of wit, and her unique and much needed sense of humour. Laurina Paperina uses the tools of her generation - humour and immediacy. Her animations gives life to ironic protagonists such as superheroes, and enjoyable characters like space frogs. They are simple subjects but extremely powerful. Symbolically, she creates a new language; the visual language of the next generation. As she herself puts it, it's all about “The heroes that we loved when we were young (...) somewhat fatter and with some white hairs relentlessly appearing here and there.” Paperina's characters penetrate the world of comics like a virus – lethally. Yet at the same time, they are friendly. These are not all, she adds, invented "knock-off" superheroes of genuine comic book characters. She is playing with fiction within fiction, and creating a strongly ironic and sometimes childish character to a genre that has often taken itself too seriously. In her drawings phrases appear in Pidgin English, corrections and crossed out words make the texts suitable for an international public, distorting names of famous heroes (Plastic Man becomes Spastic Man, for example). Paperina's light-heartedness allows her to openly express the difficulty in communicating a cultural reality which is certainly already familiar. Over the years, superheroes have had to face "super-problems", most which represent the principal fears of post-modern society. In this regard, the ready made of Duchamp, the famous works masters of pop such as Warhol and, above all, Lichtenstein, and the chaotic and information-overloaded universe represented in the paintings of Haring and Basquiat, post-modern society looks inside itself. Just like writing a text message, Laurina Paperina’s work is a reflect Artist's Documents:


Stefano Bergamaschi   
Martina Corbetta   
Martina’s Gallery was founded by Martina Corbetta in 2015, set at first in Seregno (Monza Brianza – Italy) at Corte del Borghesan.

Art Dealer, Art Critic and Curator, after several collaborations with Galleries, magazines and artists in the contemporary scene, Martina decides to set up a private gallery to deal with Italian and foreign artists following her passion for visual arts through her street-rooted pop taste toward painting.

She combines her brokerage skills with artists, sales ability with customers, and a new very important side of her life: travels, which allow her to find fresh and international artists and bring them to the Italian artistic panorama.

Since the opening, Martina’s Gallery curated a variety of Exhibitions: The Cover Man, Lucas Beaufort’s first personal Exhibition / Instinct, Alberto Monti’s solo show/ Street Memory an artistic festival in Seregno’s plaza with Enrico Cattaneo, Francesco Penci and Sem/ Nest, an exhibit with Elisa Bertaglia and Anna Turina / Tigre contro Tigre by Michela Picchi, curated by Rossella Farinotti.

Martina has partaken in the freshest fairs in the Italian contemporary art scenery like The Others (Turin 2014, Naturalized displaying Elisa Bertaglia, Francesca Manetta, Ryan Contratista and Monia Ben Hamouda; Turin 2015, Freedom displaying Lucas Beaufort, Elisa Bertaglia and Michela Picchi), SetUp (Bologna 2014, The Nature of things, displaying Bros, Davide Genna and Ryan Contratista; Bologna 2015, Nei luoghi dell’essere displaying Lucas Beaufort, Elisa Bertaglia and Eracle Dartizio where Elisa Bertaglia won the Prize Casa Falconieri di Bilbao in the category Best Painting.

In March 2016 the gallery participated at Affordable Art Fair in Milan with Internationally renowned artists such as Stikki Peaches and Pure Evil.

In May 2016 Martina arranged the very first anthological exhibition for Laurina Paperina in the Milanese Hinterland: Mix-tape curated by Rossella Farinotti. The show displayed more than 60 artworks of the Italian artist.

Toward the end of 2016 Martina closes the year with The Others Art Fair in Turin introducing a collective art-show displaying the American artist Dain for the very first time in Italy.

During the 2017 the Gallery takes part to Set Up Art Fair in Bologna, Drawing Room Art Fair in Madrid and Affordable Art Fair in Milan.
Now we are getting ready for the 2017 edition of Aqua Art Fair in Miami with a peculiar site specific project with Laurina Paperina.