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Canadian Art
350 NW 29 ST
Miami, FL 33127
United States
T  3058497999
E-mail address : info@tranter-sinnigallery.com
Website : http://www.tranter-sinnigallery.com

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • J.F. Albert

    J.F. Albert

  • Jay Bird Bell

    Jay Bird Bell

  • Kristina Burda

    Kristina Burda

  • Christopher Gorey

    Christopher Gorey

  • Wolfgang Kals

    Wolfgang Kals

  • Rob Martin

    Rob Martin

  • Barbra Steinman

    Barbra Steinman

  • Halina Stopyra

    Halina Stopyra


Mona Tranter   
Grace Gil   
Established in 2009, Tranter-Sinni Gallery is a secondary market gallery specializing in work by Modern, post-war and contemporary European and North American artists.
The gallery provides an intimate space for exhibitions of art and sculpture, with a strong reputation for historically focused exhibitions that have an excellent impact both critically and on the secondary market. Serving an international clientele, we aim to work closely with private collections, estates, foundations and other institutions to promote the highest quality, most significant and valuable art fo r our collectors.