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E-mail address : alvaro.perez@me.com
Website : http://@blackshipmoment

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Lesly Chacón

    Lesly Chacón

  • Bernadette Despujols

    Bernadette Despujols

  • Diana Gomez

    Diana Gomez

  • Valeria Krasavina

    Valeria Krasavina

    Biography : Valeria Krasavina is an artist and fashion designer based in New York/Miami. This year she is presenting her new project "Fine Frenchie". Detailed Description :
    Welcome to the world of Fine Frenchie, where a fine taste for fine things meets a tiny bit of humor and a touch of real life. Let's be honest: even the most glamorous of us love them a good side of fries with a large milkshake when no one is watching. Fine Frenchie is about a french bulldog and her daily encounters, fabulous yet relatable moments that are inspired by passion for fashion and the beauty of a complex modern lifestyle.
  • Keyser Siso

    Keyser Siso