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&gallery is based on the concept of offering a platform for local artists to broadcast their work to collectors near and far. They work directly with artists and curators that have been either trained, established or are living in Miami.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Nice'n Easy

    Nice'n Easy

  • Evan Sahlman

    Evan Sahlman

    Biography : Evan Sahlman is an up and coming fine artist based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Originally focused on sculpture and ceramics, Evan has pushed to train himself on a broader scale in the world of painting, often mixing materials of acrylic and oil with graphite and raw materials. Sahlman pushes the boundaries of representational art as he integrates local plant life and color. His contemporary interpretations of environment and form can be seen in his vibrant interaction of stroke and expression.
    Artist's Documents:
  • Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez

    Biography : The multidisciplinary work of Patricia Schnall Gutierrez (including painting, drawing, sculptural objects, performance and installation) draws its inspiration from a self-referential account of personal memories, situations and emotions. Using distinct choices of mediums, household objects and materials, she creates an autobiographical account of the everyday, drawing the viewer into an intimate dialogue that often probes questions of gender and sexuality. Through her personal stories, she shares a unique perspective on controversial issues facing contemporary woman and society. Patricia Schnall Gutierrez was born in Buffalo, New York and received a BFA (cum laude) from SUNY Buffalo in1978. After a move to New York City in1980, she continued her education at the New York Studio School. In 2007, Schnall Gutierrez relocated to Miami, Florida where she currently lives and works. She has exhibited in numerous art institutions including the Naples Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Museum of Florida Art, Appleton Museum, Lowe Art Museum, YAA Museum, Patterson Museum, MADA New Media, as well as in University Exhibitions, Art Fairs and Galleries in and outside of Florida. Her work was selected and showcased in the private Sotheby's auction at the Margulies Collection, she has received the Award of Excellence from the Biennial Six Exhibition at the Florida Museum of Art and was also a recipient for the Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs Visual Arts Fellowship. Exhibition : The choice of execution and materials is essential to accentuate the intent of each particular piece: hundreds of filled plastic garbage bags hung on shower hooks, draped washing machine tubing with sounds of home, paper packages constructed alongside volunteers, intimately photographed domestic portraits, drawings, paintings and interactive public works, all contributing to the larger collective dialogue they are inspired by. The ontological conceptualization of woman continues to unfold in the twenty-first century. Through my various work, I strive to create an awareness of how women have been defined in the past and the insight this knowledge gives us as we move forward. My work remains focused on the exploration of the contemporary feminine character based on traditional, political and personal circumstances. The work, post-minimal and conceptual in nature, ranges from two-dimensional and installation to performance and collaborative projects. The content reveals an intimate commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world, the role of women and personal life stories.


Jordan Trachtenberg   
Annie Berkowitz   
Founded in 2014 by Jordan Trachtenberg and Annie Berkowitz, &gallery is an art and exhibition space for contemporary art + design in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami.