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Night Pool - Laurence  Jones
Black Palms - Laurence  Jones
Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
Stand n°  Room 116

E-mail address : info@rebeccahossack.com

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Ashley Amery

    Ashley Amery
  • Rose Blake

    Rose Blake
  • Ross Bonfanti

    Ross Bonfanti

    Biography : The anti-heroic sculpture of Ross Bonfanti is energised by a tension between the delicate and the sturdy, the fixed and the flexible. With tufted birds dangling precariously from wrought-iron bars, teddies stacked in haphazard towers and woodland bears balanced on rusted cans, expectations of weight, weightlessness, texture and form are fully de-stabilised. Bonfanti's concreatures are created from cement, hardware materials and found soft toys, all collected in the artist’s native Toronto. But even as he redefines their sumptuous bodies and studs them with nails and screws, Bonfanti deliberately retains the toys’ fluffy seams, their felt noses and their glass eyes. The sculptures stand in a striking state of in-between: Fortified for modernity and urbanity, the charm of a bygone age still lingers. Bonfanti's work is eagerly sought by major collectors in America and the UK. He has work in several public and corporate collections in Canada, as well as in the Hirshhorn Museum, at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington.
  • Daniel Diaz-Tai

    Daniel Diaz-Tai
  • Laurence Jones

    Laurence Jones

    Laurence  Jones - Black Palms
    Black Palms
    Laurence  Jones - Night Pool
    Night Pool

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Mersuka Dopazo

    Mersuka Dopazo

    Biography : Mersuka Dopazo and Teresa Calderón sees their works as a ‘travelogue from unexpected territory’. The Spanish artists create large-scale naïve-style collages from couture fabric and hand-made, natural papers. These materials are sourced all over the world directly from the craftsman, from locations such as Spain and Italy. Often densley patterned, the papers and fabrics are juxtaposed with gestural line, pigment and areas of gessoed white canvas, the collages exploring the balance of colour and the relationship between positive and negative space. Unexpected connections form between clashing textures and motifs and between the regularity of pattern and the spontaneity of broken graphite and improvised colour. Dopazo and Calderón's works have been exhibited extensively in the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Europe. They will be opening their first solo exhibitions at the Rebecca Hossack Art Galleries in London and New York in 2017.

  • Carla Kranendonk

    Carla Kranendonk

  • Morten Lassen

    Morten Lassen

  • Sylvain Lefebvre

    Sylvain Lefebvre

    Biography : "The sea…if you knock on her door, you will see that if she lets you in, you will never leave again. We go back a long way, the sea and me, and these ships draw us together. Maybe this is why, when I am with her, I never feel alone. I have not actually asked her yet but I guess, if I am still alive today, she must also care for me. Even though, as with any other old couple, neither her nor me will ever raise the subject. I had sailed for so long on her belly that one day it occurred to me that I had become more a man of the sea than of the land: I have spent more time treading metal gangways and exotic wood decks than walking on dry land. I have not actually finished listing all the ships I helped keep afloat… Ships like these are no more or have all but disappeared. Some have sunk to the bottom of the ocean, others, which have risen to the skies might well still be sailing above the clouds. Who knows? Some of them were more fun loving and others more serious in nature but all undoubtedly had a soul; their soul was borne out of human obstinacy − obstinacy is a form of self-belief, this is what drives you to create the impossible… These ships were impossible. They would challenge nature and scoff at it… Just like a house of cards in stormy seas. They had a spirit but even encased in steel, a spirit is somewhat fragile. We could compare this to an image on a negative inside a film compartment, which, exposed to the light, disappears only to be replaced by memories… My memories." Taken from the epilogue of Les Carnets d'un marin , Sylvain Lefebvre (Sylef) Glénat editions.

  • Barbara Macfarlane

    Barbara Macfarlane

  • Nikoleta Sekulovic

    Nikoleta Sekulovic

  • Phil Shaw

    Phil Shaw