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Kiss Moment -  Niclas  Castello
HG Contemporary
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HG Contemporary
527 west 23rd street
New York, New York 10011
United States
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E-mail address : phg@hgcontemporary.com
Website : http://hgcontemporary.com
HG Contemporary specializes in bold, process-oriented work by emerging and established artists. The Chelsea-based gallery is committed to developing an international, modern and contemporary program by presenting ambitious and diverse exhibitions emphasizing both aesthetics and concept.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Niclas Castello

    Niclas Castello

    Biography : Niclas Castello was born in the 80’s and grew up in Germany. His early fascination and curiosity for the world of colors made him part of the street art movement in East Germany. His restless search for the new, led him to the famous Montmartre district in Paris, where he joined the street art scene around INVADER and found inspiration for his art of painting. Shortly after his return to Germany, he again set off to distant shores, to New York, where he developed his unique style and his unparalleled career began. The American performance artist and curator Arleen Schloss, mentor to artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Keith Haring, was one of the first to recognize the outstanding talent of Niclas Castello. During his two-year stay at Arleen Schloss’s New Yorker loft, Niclas Castello immersed himself in neo-expressionistic compositions and developed his distinctive style so well-known to today’s art community. His work is honored in the world’s most important art institutions and recognized by renowned auction houses like Philips de Pury, London & New York. Articles about him can be found in journals such as the Garage Magazine and he regularly takes part in reputable art fairs such as the ART BASEL.
     Niclas  Castello - Kiss Moment
    Kiss Moment

  • Autumn de Forest

    Autumn de Forest

    Biography : Autumn de Forest is a 15-year-old professional artist whose bold work emphasizes creativity as a force for positive social change. Recognized as a prodigy at age five, Autumn is the youngest artist in history to have had a solo exhibition at a major American museum. In 2015, Autumn was honored by Pope Francis for her deep contribution to arts and culture, and several of her works now reside in the Vatican Collection. Autumn is also the youngest artist appointed to the President’s Committee for the Arts and Humanities and was personally appointed by Michelle Obama. Equal to her creative endeavors as a fine artist is Autumn’s commitment to humanitarian efforts and giving back through the arts. The Autumn de Forest Foundation contributes to worldwide causes, most recently for the events in Aleppo, but also giving to organizations such as the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Sandy Relief, Boston One, and relief efforts in Haiti and Japan. Autumn has lectured for global corporations, universities, government agencies, and has been invited to speak at Harvard on the importance of arts and education. Central to her vision as an artist is Autumn’s belief in creativity as uniting and universal, creating work that is modern, curious, and extraordinary.

  • Marc Gumpinger

    Marc Gumpinger

    Biography : Marc Gumpinger is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who built one of the world's most influential mobile social gaming networks, eventually acquired by Blackberry®. Prior to founding the gaming network, Marc earned a PhD in Human Biology. His visionary capacity and deep knowledge of the future and innovation led to his journey as an art maker. Marc leverages 3D software and associated algorithms also used by movie production companies to create utterly un-real worlds that he paints in large format oil on canvas. "My works question our perception of reality in times where a significant part of our life happens digitally. The paintings figuratively depict a reality that was entirely created on the computer. Now, what is more real: the computer reality or the oil painting? This is the transformation of surrealist Rene' Magritte's 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' into the digital age," said Marc Gumpinger.

  • Tim Bengel

    Tim Bengel

    Biography : Inspired from a young age on trips to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart near his home of Ostfildern, Germany, Tim started imitating drawings of artists like Cy Twombly and Kandinsky from the age of 9. He was confused what simple dashes of color could mean and started realizing the importance of defining his own style. Earning his first art award at 18 for a collage about the European financial crisis made of coins, Tim then became determined to define a technique with “great recognition value.” He developed his method of using sand, gold and glue between 2014 and 2015 before becoming a YouTube sensation by sharing videos of his process leading up to dramatic conclusions where he would reveal his intricate images by letting the un-glued sand and gold fall from canvases when turned vertical. With over a quarter million social media followers, Tim now chooses his themes carefully, wanting each “to be a challenge,” and “not to be subordinated to anyone or any ideology.” When not producing, Tim engages himself with art and philosophy at the elite university of Tübingen. His focus is therefore to continue defining the unique qualities of his artistic expression while trying new and bold methods. “My conviction is that arts can neither be learned nor taught. The whole of the arts needs to be absolutely free.” Two of his videos were viewed a combined 250 million times

  • Zhenya Xia

    Zhenya Xia

    Biography : Zhenya Xia Autobiography - In The Artist’s Own Words Zhenya was born and raised in China where elementary school taught her the rigors of calligraphy, an art and vector of communication requiring a great command of one’s hand. During her formative years, she was influenced by her grandmother who taught embroidery and about the multiplicity of colors in the Chinese visual tradition. From embroidery to art in general, there was only one conscious step, which she took as she veered towards later in an artistic occupation. But the reality of far-eastern education caught up with her, guiding her to start studies in exact sciences, as a preparation for a rational world. She was selected to pursue studies in France. Her desire to study fine arts was ever-more present there, yet she yielded to family pressure and started a master in finance in Paris. One thing leading to another, and her serious studies led her to work in finance in the Caribbean. The logical follow up was a move to Lausanne, Switzerland, for an MBA with the prestigious IMD School. Everything was set in stone for a perfectly paved life, leaving no room to her artistic dreams. One day, a professor asked the class to make a painting to develop the subconscious. What a joy and satisfaction it was to smear on that small canvas, and suddenly, she realized that painting was the meaning and purpose of her life. Her decision was firm and immediate. She left school on-the-go to buy her first brushes, her first easel, and her first frames. As she stood in front of that white and empty canvas, she repressed feelings of unreasonableness: she was embarking on an adventure without any knowledge, except for some superficial memories of art history classes; without any technical baggage in drawing and coloring, save her primary school smudges. She had to engage and question, launch a narcissist introversion. But free from any social, scholastic or idealistic constraints, she enjoyed the possibility to be free


Philippe Hoerle- Guggenheim    Owner/Director
Tricia Chan    Brand and Marketing
Alexandra Frayser Herrera Oria    Associate Director
HG Contemporary is a breakthrough gallery founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in 2014. The gallery has built a reputation for unearthing distinct artists and producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts. The gallery is committed to developing an international contemporary program that is ambitious as well as diverse. This commitment carries with it an innovative and clear vision about producing exceptional art exhibitions as well as a deep understanding of visual culture's function within and beyond the walls of the gallery. This approach includes a digital path, which is under way. HG Contemporary has been privileged to produce exhibitions featuring: acclaimed street artist, RETNA, Tim Bengel, Stuart Alpine Miller, Jason Dussault, Massimo Agostinelli, Olga Tobreluts among many others.