Exhibitor listing
Ahead to the Sun - Ki-Woong Park
Adam & Eve - Ki-Woong Park
Life is drama - Ki-Woong Park
Under water -  Yeon-Sun Kim
Under water -  Yeon-Sun Kim
Meet Dolphin -  Yeon-Sun Kim
Dream Lover -  Kyu-Ja  Lee
Sabbath Ⅲ - Ki-Woong Park
StoryⅢ -  Gyu-Soon Lee
StoryⅠ -  Gyu-Soon Lee
N/A -
Peacock -
Untitled -
Sabbath  - Ki-Woong Park
Dream  Lover I, -  Kyu-Ja  Lee
Whisper -
SCAI, Seoul
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SCAI Gallery 1
Seoam ri Geomam 2 ro 15bungil 92-14
Kimpo-city tongjin Eup
Kyunggi-province 03966 Seoul
T  +82 2 332 1805
M   +82 10 9257 2806
M   +82 10 9083 1805
Daewon Apt. 101-702, Sungsan-dong 596
121-251 Seoul
E-mail address : kifer@hanmail.net
Website : http://www.scai.co.kr
Partner of Spring of Creation Art Institute

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Kwang Sook Kim

    Kwang Sook Kim

    Biography : Graduate School of Fine Art Hongik University, Seoul Korea Exhibition : Gallery La Mer Solo Exhibition,
    Gallery Tableau Solo Exhibition,
    Gallery Ye Solo Exhibition,
    Affordable Art Fair Singapore,
    Affordable Art Fair Seoul,
    Line Art Fair Belgium,
    Exhibition Member of Korea Art Association etc.,
    70 Times Group Invited Exhibitions
  • Kyu-Ja Lee

    Kyu-Ja Lee

     Kyu-Ja  Lee  - Dream  Lover I,
    Dream Lover I,
     Kyu-Ja  Lee  - Dream Lover
    Dream Lover
    Biography : Graduated Hongik University, Department of Graphic Design,Seoul, Korea Graduate school of Fine art department at in Hongik University Beijing Art Festival Contemporary Fine Art (winning the Grand prize) Contemporary Women Art Exhibition ( winning the Silver prize) Korea International Art Exhibition (winning the Special selection) , etc.. Exhibition : 7 times Solo Exhibitions
    2017 Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
    2017 SCAF Art Fair
    2016 SCAI Small Sculpture Exhibition ,
    & Group exhibitions about 50 times.
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Artist
  • Sook-Kyung Joo

    Sook-Kyung Joo

    Biography : Graduate school of fine art department at in Hongik university Exhibition : <2times Solo Exhibitions>
    ● 2017 Gallery Luben(Seoul)
    ● 2014 Key Gallery (Japan Tokyo Ginza)

    ● Oil Painting Of Korea Exbition (Seoul)
    ● SCAF Art Fair (Seoul Lotte Hotel)
    ● KFAA Member Of Korea fine arts Association Exhibion(Seoul)
    ● Interchange exhibition between Korea and Okayama, etc 70 time

    ● The 17th painting Awards Exhibition of Korea (Seoul La mer gallery)

    ● The 14th Korea Fine Arts concours for peace (Seoul)
    ● Painting perfection of Korea (Seoul city Museum Gyeong huigung palace of arts)
    ● The 33rd Grand art exhibition of Korea (Seoul city Museum Gyeong huigung palace of arts)
    ● etc.
    Detailed Description : Painting & Mixed media Artist ● Oriental Great arts exhibition the invited artist ● Gyeonggi art exhibition and, Yangcheon art festival judge. ● Member of oil painting of Korea, Member of Korea fine arts association.
  • Myung-Ja Kang

    Myung-Ja Kang

    Biography : Graduated Icon Studio in Seoul Archdiocese Completed Drouot Formation Art School in France Main Career - Registered the ARTFABETIC Global Artist's Name Dictionary in France('16) - Operating Member of Selected Artist with Myungbo Art Hall Media Facade - Judge of International Youth Exchange Art Exhibition of Korea-Chine - Judge of University Student Art Contest in Korea - Judge of Art Contest between Korea and China - Judge of Student Art Contest in Pyungtack City - Invited Artist and Operating Member of PHILAKOREA Stamp Exhibition - Lecturer in Continuing Education Program of Wonmyung Elementary School Present - Supervisor of National Public Servants Fine Art Association - Board & Central Committee Member of Kuk-bo Art and Culture Association - Invited and Contracted Artist of K-Artista - Member of ADAGP Global Copyright Association (Number : 1101343) - Member of International Association of Andre Malraux Committee - Member of Sangrok and Seocho Art Association Awards - Awarded Special Artist from Committee of Korean Arts Critics('17), - Awarded Artiste de l'Annee 2015 from Association of AIAM in France('15) - Awarded Golden Cat Award from Association of AIAM in France('14) - Awarded Ahn Jung-Geun Culture and art Award - Awarded Silver Prize in Korean Official Art Contest Twice etc. Exhibition : Solo Exhibition: 16 times(Seoul. NY, Spain, German, Malaysia, Japan etc.)
    Group Exhibition : 150 times
    Art Fair : 40 times (KIAF, Artexpo NY, SOAF, Hwarang Art Fair, Toronto Preview Art Fair, Grand Paris Salon Independence, Louvre Art Shopping, Paris HIP etc.)
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Artist
  • Yeon-Sun Kim

    Yeon-Sun Kim

     Yeon-Sun Kim - Meet Dolphin
    Meet Dolphin
     Yeon-Sun Kim - Under water
    Under water
     Yeon-Sun Kim - Under water
    Under water
    Biography : YEONSUN KIM MFA Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Painting Exhibition : 2019.12 Aqua art Miami Art Fair
    2019.10 Paris Louvre Art Show
    2019.06 São de Zerburg 'Eastern Light' Booth Personal Exhibition
    2019.02 Seoul Beauty Industries Global Art Fair 3 times
    2019.01 Solo Exhibition (Maru Gallery)
    2018.12 Seoul Beauty Industries Global Art Fair 2 times
    2018.12 Coex Seoul Arts Show Art Shop
    2018.12 Solo exhibition (Maru Gallery)
    2018.06 Salon international d'art Contemporain (France, Canne)
    2018.09 Arising Korean Contemporary Arts (Kwang gallery)
    2018.10 Dong Dok Art Gallery official exhibition
    2017.06 Paris Carrousel du Louvre Salon International d'Art Contemporain
    2017. Solo Exhibition (KEPCO)
    2017. Seoul Arts Ce ter Seoul Art Show
    2014 ~ 2018 Many of the first and group exhibitions such as Insa Art Center, Rememer Gallery, Seoul Museum of Art, and Cho Hyung Gallery
    Invitation and solo exhibition 5 times & many group events
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media artist
  • Hee-Ja Kwon

    Hee-Ja Kwon

    Biography : Finish the Hongik University Graduate school Art practice Diploma Course (painting) National Patriot and Veterans Culture Arts Association, Women artist Association, Hongik Assemble Group, Mokyeon Artist Group < Awards > - Hanyang Arts Exhibition foe unification of South and North Korea - 2016 National Land & Ocean Phenomenon Art Contest - Prize of President of the Korean Federation of Arts and Culture Groups - The 16th Korea Crafts and Arts Awards 2018 - Korea Fine arts Concours for peace on commemorating of centennial of the 3.1 movement - Exhibition of the position of Korean Painting - Art Exhibition for unification - Korean Women Artist contests etc. Exhibition :
    - Korea Hungary Art Festival (Budapest, Hungary) & Seoul Modern Art FESTA
    - Korea Contemporary Art International Art Fair
    < Main exhibitions and Careers >
    - International Art Fair (China)
    - Miami Art Fair(U.S.A.)
    - Invited exhibition of German national historical museum(German)
    - Korea Mongol artist Exchange Exhibition and others (China, Malaysia, Japan, German etc.)
    - Invited Exhibitions of Korean representing artists in Osaka, Japan
    - Women Artist group Exhibitions and invited exhibitions of Chinese women artists
    - Korea-China Land & Ocean Phenomenon Art Exchange Exhibition, China
    - PYUNGCHANG Winter Olympic Game Memorial Art Exhibition
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Artist
  • Gyu-Soon Lee

    Gyu-Soon Lee

     Gyu-Soon Lee - StoryⅠ
     Gyu-Soon Lee - StoryⅢ
    Biography : Hongik university practical education process member of Korea Fine Arts Association, Geumcheon Fine Arts Association, Seoul Women Artists Association and the Director Conference and the panel of judges at 'The Drawing Contest with the disabled' and 'The Drawing Contest of Yesterday and Present in Geumcheon'. Exhibition : 019 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Art Roam)
    2018 Arising Korean Contemporary Arts (Kwang gallery)
    2018 Pyuchang Winter olympic game memorial Exhibition (Mrtro Art Museum)
    2017 art 3f Paris (Art fair international, Porte de Versailles,Paris)
    2017 Singapore art fair Affordable (F1 Fit Building)
    2016 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Sumokwon, Seoul)
    2016 Solo Exhibition (Gallery TrES Nantes, France)
    2016 Solo Exhibition (Gallery 3.1)
    2014 Solo Exhibition (Gallery Patio)

    In times horizons (Galerie TrES, Nantes) and 80 times of Collective Exhibitions
    Several special selection awards and accepted awards
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Artist
  • Jeong-A Lee

    Jeong-A Lee

    Biography : Master’s Course in Fine Arts, Graduate School of Hongik University [Awards] 36th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special AwardPublic Contest Exhibition, Participation Award 13th Grand Art Exhibition of International Consolidated Art,grand prize [Present] Invited Artist of Korean Fine Arts Association, Seoul Fine Arts Association, and Korea Art International Exchange Association Exhibition : 11 times Solo Exhibition

    [Group Exhibition]
    2018 Seoul art show (Samsung-dong, coex mall)
    2018 Seongnam art fair (Seongnam art cent 808 gallery)
    2014~2017 Seoul Modern Art Show(Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum )
    [Art Fair]
    2019 Belgium Brussels art fair (Brussels)
    2018 Singapore art fair (Singapore)
    2018 Cannes art fair (cannes, france))
    2018 New york Affordable Art Fair (Metropolitan Pavilion, New york)
    2017 Art Shopping 2017 (Paris Louvre Carrusel)
    Detailed Description : Mixed Media Artist
  • Ji-Young Lee

    Ji-Young Lee

    Biography : B.F.A in Ceramic and glass art, Graduate School of Hong-ik University, Seoul B.F.A in Oriental painting, Graduate School of Hong-ik University M.F.A. in Art Education, Graduate School of Hong-ik University Exhibition : -SOLO EXHIBITIONS
    Love and Peace of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul Arts Center(2019)
    KSCAF Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center(2019)

    International Exchange, The Lyon Municipal Art Museum, France(2019)
    The Korea Minwha Art Fair, SETEC, Seoul(2019)
    Swiss Rhy Art Fair Basel, Swiss(2018)
    The Korean Culture Center, Osaka, Japan(2018)
    Hong-ik Woman Korean painting Association(2012~)
    The Korean Unity Art Contest, The Korea Museum, Seoul(2017~)
    The Hongmiyoen Art Festival, The Chosum Ilbo Art Museum, Seoul(2017)
    The Unsan Association, The Insa Art Plaza, Seoul(2017,2016)
    The Youngwoo Association, The Insa Art Center, Seoul(2016), etc.
    Detailed Description : Oriental painting Artist
  • Ki-Woong Park

    Ki-Woong Park

    Ki-Woong Park  - Sabbath
    Ki-Woong Park  - Sabbath Ⅲ
    Sabbath Ⅲ
    Ki-Woong Park  - Life is drama
    Life is drama
    Ki-Woong Park  - Adam & Eve
    Adam & Eve
    Ki-Woong Park  - Ahead to the Sun
    Ahead to the Sun
    Biography : 2012 Graduate Nottingham Trent University Graduate School of Art & Design (Ph.D. of Sculpture) 2000 graduate Hongik Univ. graduate school of Fine Art Dept.(Ph.D. of painting) 1989 graduate Hongik Univ. graduate chool of Fine Art Dept.(Master of Fine Art) 1986 graduate Hongik Univ. Fine Art Dept. (Bachelor of Fine Art) Exhibition :
    2018 Momo Art Museum (Sam rye Art and Culture Village)
    2015 Able gallery (Seoul)
    2012 Sun Gallery (Seoul)
    - 1851 Gallery (Nottingham Trent University, UK)
    2010- Gallery MIZ (Seoul)
    2010 -Hanbyukwon Gallery –Woljun Art Museum(Seoul, Korea)
    2009 Gallery Ho (Seoul, Korea)
    2008 -Galerie Kalt (Munchen, Germany)
    2007 - Korea Electricity Plaza Gallery (DVD. 4 art.co.kr) (Seoul, Korea)
    2006 –Gasan Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
    -Hun Gallery (NewYork,USA)
    -Central Utah Art Center (Utah, USA)
    -Artodrome Gallery (Forchheim,Germany)
    2005 - Insa Art Center(Seoul, Korea)
    - Gallery Ho (Seoul,Korea)
    2004 Sejong Art and Cultural Center(Seoul,Korea)
    - Insa Art Plaza Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    - COEX Convention Hall(Seoul,Korea)
    2003 Noam Gallery(Seoul,Korea)
    - Insa Art Plaza Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    2002 Lotte Gallery (Anyang,Korea)
    2000 Cable TV 37 A&C Collection (Seoul, Korea) (Regular Broadcasting, Video)
    - Internet E Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    - Hanjoo Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    - Jongro Gallery (seoul,Korea)
    1999 Hanjoo Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    1998 Korean CAAF(Seoul,Korea)
    - Kyung Ki province Art and CulturalCenter(Suwon,Korea)
    1996 Insa Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    1995 Gallery Doal (Seoul,Korea)
    - Munhwa Daily Newspaper Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    1994 Korean CAAF (Seoul,Korea)
    1993 Yukyung Gallery (Seoul,Korea)
    1982 Moyer Art Center (Se0ul, Korea)

    2017 Affordable ART FAIR Singapore (F1 Fit Building)
    - Art Kwangju(Kimdaejung convention center)
    2016 Aqua Art Miami (Miami)
    -Affordable ART FAIR Singapore (F1 Fit Building)
    -Spectrum Art Miami (Miami)
    2015 Concept Art Miami (Miami)
    -Art Kwangju (Kimdaejung convention center)
    -SCOPE Basel (Swiss Basel, SCOPE Pavilion)
    -Affordable ART FAIR Singapore (F1 Fit Building)
    -Affordable ART FAIR (DDP plaza)
    2014 SCOPE Basel (Swiss Basel, SCOPE Pavilion)
    2013 SCOPE Basel (Swiss Basel, SCOPE Pavilion)
    –32nd Line Art (Pla
    Detailed Description : 3 Dimensional Mixed Media Artist
  • Soo-Mi Park

    Soo-Mi Park

    Biography : MFA: Hongik University Graduate School Awards: Korean National Art Contest Awards and others Exhibition : Solo Exhibition: 12 times
    (Insa Art Center, Sejong Cultural Center, Kwang gallery and others)
    4 artists’ show: 6 times
    (Insa Art Center, No gallery, Kwang gallery and others)
    International Art Fair: 3 times
    (Swiss Geneva Artfair. Singapore Affordable Artfair, His Artfair)
    Group Exhibition: 180 times
    (Seoul Women artists Association Exhibition, Eunpyung Artists Association Exhibition, Art Metro Exhibition and others)
    Detailed Description : Mixed media Artist
  • Mi-Jung Seo

    Mi-Jung Seo

    Biography : Hongik Graduate school of Arts Exhibition : 9 times solo Exhibitions
    8 times Art Fairs
    Detailed Description : Oriental painting artist


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