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Action Woman, Present/Future -  Lynn Neuman
Action Woman, Emerge -  Lynn Neuman
Prak-sis Ltd.
Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association
16 W. Ontario
Chicago, Cook 60654
United States
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Paintings and Ceramics

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Diana Leviton Gondek

    Diana Leviton Gondek

    Biography : Diana majored in Fine Arts and went on to become Art Director at Northwestern University. Diana is back to Fine Art and is now an artist-in-residence at Chicago's Zhou B Art Center. She is well established in the Chicago art scene with numerous group shows, solo shows, gallery representation, Artsy representation and multiple publications including two book covers. CBS News also did a special segment on her and her art. Exhibition : She has designed and painted three public art horse statues for Horses of Honor, owned by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Alderman Ed Burke and Alderman Tom Tunney. Outside of the US, Diana has sold artwork in Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands. She was also part of a group exhibition in Busan, Korea. Most recently she was commissioned by Special Oympics to create a painting to be used internationally to promote their 50th Anniversary in 2018 and now owned by Timothy Shriver. Detailed Description :
    The Future Looks Blight The Future Looks Blight "30 x 24" Oil on canvas 2017 "Chicago Blues" "Chicago Blues" 30" x30" Oil on Canvas 2016 "Balance" "Balance" 48" x 36" Oil on canvas 2016 "Family Wall" "Family Wall" 48"x 36" Oil on canvas 2017 "Between Us" "Between Us" 24"x 18" Oil on Canvas 2016 "Afro Gatsby" "Afro Gatsby" 48" x30" Oil on Canvas 2017 The Moment The Moment 40" x30" Oil on Canvas 2016 "Trilogy" "Trilogy" 24" x 28" Oil on canvas 2016 Diana Leviton Gondek Observations of the Human Nature Observations of human nature are seen throughout Diana's work. Inspired by real and imagined images, she works primarily with oil on canvas. Her work shows a certain kind of kinetics, and even at times transparency, to color and uncomplicated straightforwardness. Her own visual vocabulary
  • Lynn Neuman

    Lynn Neuman

    Biography : Lynn Neuman received her BFA from the University of Michigan and continued her studies independently with renowned teachers, such as Marvin Mattelson and Paul Klein. Recent solos exhibitions have been at Urban Innovations and Open House Contemporary Gallery. Group shows include CONTEXT New York and stARTup Art Fair Chicago. Neuman was selected by the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to receive a 2017 Individual Artists Program grant. She works out of her studio in Chicago. Detailed Description :
    Lynn Neuman’s series, Action Woman, is based on the Women’s March and addresses both personal and collective loss, hope and empowerment. Her paintings reflect the interplay of life in urban centers, connection and disconnection, interior and exterior, individuality and societal expectations and movement and stillness. As life increasingly becomes digitized and disconnected, she encourages viewers to connect with the subjects and to consider their own relationships. By capturing the dynamic moments where unlikely visual and compositionally rich scenes come together, they’re preserved for contemplation and reflection.
     Lynn Neuman - Action Woman, Emerge
    Action Woman, Emerge
     Lynn Neuman - Action Woman, Present/Future
    Action Woman, Present/Future


Founded in   2009
Eliza Spogis    Manager of the site
Miyeon Kwon    Director
Millie Mac    Gallery Assistant
Scarlet Chung    Gallery Assistant
GACI Project is created by Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association, which is a non-profit organization emphasizing art career development and art education. Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association was founded in January 2009 as a not for profit art organization. Prak-sis is a dynamic art experience, migrating to diverse locations across the cityscape. Since the Fall of 2010, Prak-sis has worked with small businesses and neighborhood support organizations for mutual benefit. With technology flooding our modern lives, Prak-sis seeks to promote art in new media as well as traditional art forms. Prak-sis continues to further develop and focus on online projects as we organize physical art exhibitions, bridging the gap between new technologies and traditional artistic practices.

GACI / Prak-sis is a cozy fine art gallery just north in downtown Chicago. We welcome local community and visitors to the city. We try to provide memorable art experiences with stunning artwork by Geon-Art Case International (GACI) Project and Prak-sis Contemporary Art Association (Praksis CAA).

GACI Project works with many different artists from nascent to experienced, emphasizing the development of their brands as well as enhancing their art careers under director, Mi-yeon (Geon) Kwon. At G-Art Case, we pay particular attention to solo projects and represent artists' artwork in a smaller scale at our gallery for both art lovers and collectors.