Exhibitor listing
Cavity -  Andrew Ooi
As It Were -  Nicole Renee Ryan
Monologue 21 -  Nicole Renee Ryan
Equal -  Andrew Ooi
Crying How Bright 3 -  Nicole Renee Ryan
Drained from Playing Games -  Hannah Pierce
Variation -  Andrew Ooi
Wanderlust - Joshua Hogan
Mammorial -  Sara Catapano
Remembering Marks I Used to Make - Joshua Hogan
Apartment Building (blue) -  Hannah Pierce
Other Days - Daria Sandburg
Lullabye - Daria Sandburg
Polyfungal 3 -  Sara Catapano
Hull of Othering - Daria Sandburg
Don't Pop -  Hannah Pierce
Flutter and Hum - Joshua Hogan
Polyfungal 4 -  Sara Catapano
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BoxHeart Gallery represents works by exciting and technically proficient emerging and mid-career artists. Rotating monthly exhibitions provide an outlet for conceptually engaged and aesthetically resolved exhibitions that both reflect contemporary art issues and are relevant to the community. Founded in 2001, BoxHeart also provides custom framing, art installation, and art consulting services.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Sara Catapano

    Sara Catapano

     Sara Catapano - Polyfungal 4
    Polyfungal 4
     Sara Catapano - Polyfungal 3
    Polyfungal 3
     Sara Catapano - Mammorial
    Biography : Sara Catapano was born in St. Louis Missouri. She attended UNC - Wilmington for two years before transferring to UNC - Charlotte where she graduated with a BFA in Fine Art, Ceramics in 2012. She received her MFA in Fine Art in Ceramics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2018. Exhibition : 2018: EPHEMERAL: Thesis Exhibition, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA- NCECA Student Juried Show, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA - Almost 17 and #We’reStillHere, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
    2017: International Juried Exhibition, The Center for Contemporary Art, Bedminster Township NJ - Sculpture X Symposium Juried Exhibition, Annex Gallery, Detroit MI - Sculpture X Symposium Student Juried Show, Annex Gallery, Detroit MI - Shape of Things, Student Juried Show, Bruce Gallery, Edinboro University PA - SPACE, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati OH, Create New +, MFA Juried Online Show, University of Montana
    2016: Concrete Delusions Candidacy Exhibition. Bates Gallery, Edinboro PA - Biomorphic, Ceramic Juried Show. American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pamona CA - Touchstone Collegiate Juried Show, Brockway PA
    Detailed Description : The relationship between the natural world and the metropolis of man is, at times, harmonious; however it is a habitual power struggle for dominance, progression and survival. Sara Catapano employs forms, textures, and compositions found in nature as design elements in her sculptures to juxtapose against architectural components that exist in materials reminiscent of industry. She fuses an abstracted reference to plants, bacteria, and geological systems with patterns of growth, decay, degradation, erosion, and gestation to create a biomorphic ingredient which both confronts and reacts to the minimal and formalistic component. Skeletonizing the influence of man-made structures and materials in relation to natural growth patterns. Her ambiguous forms discuss the complexities of organic life within the imagined environment they are created for; in some cases, she begins with a solid block of clay, carving into and through the material, exposing and leaving only the most essential tendrils for support and structure. Other works bring to life an imagined hybrid of micro/macro organisms with geological and biological flora and fauna from land and sea. Referencing the anatomical and parasitic residents of our natural world as a metaphor for the thoughts and feelings of the human condition, these bio-expressive forms are, in some ways, reactions and responses to social and personal experiences.
  • Joshua Hogan

    Joshua Hogan

    Joshua Hogan - Wanderlust
    Joshua Hogan - Flutter and Hum
    Flutter and Hum
    Joshua Hogan - Remembering Marks I Used to Make
    Remembering Marks I Used to Make
    Biography : Joshua Hogan was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and received his BA from Carlow College (now Carlow University). His paintings have shown nationally including exhibitions in the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of Art, and Fallingwater’s Huntington Museum as well as internationally in the Love Art Fair in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His series of paintings, "Radiance", are currently available exclusively through UGallery + Crate and Barrel. Paintings from his series "Bold as Love" and "Memories From the Future" are on exhibit at The Vault Gallery in Cambria California. His new series, "Wild is the Wind", is in progress and will be exhibited at The Affordable Art Fair in New York City and Superfine! Art Fair in Washington DC this fall! Exhibition : 2018: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh member Exhibit, Pittsburgh PA - Affordable Art Fair Fall Edition, New York NY - Superfine! Art Fair, Washington DC - LA Art Show, Los Angeles CA
    2017: Aqua Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach FL - Superfine! Art Fair, New York NY
    2016: This is the Sea, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA - Aqua Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach FL
    Detailed Description : While at Carlow, Hogan began a series of paintings inspired by his participation in the program, Semester at Sea. This journey to 15 countries, including Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, and Morocco, laid the foundation for the fluid shapes he creates today; a way to visually communicate his own interactions with people as well as the interactions he observes between people. In 2007 his paintings shifted from an earthy palette to a chromatic palette when color joined shape and exploded onto his canvases. His paintings evolve, hyper consciously, with the use of color and shape to describe environment and energy.
  • Andrew Ooi

    Andrew Ooi

     Andrew Ooi - Variation
     Andrew Ooi - Equal
     Andrew Ooi - Cavity
    Biography : Born in 1979, Andrew Ooi is based in his birthplace of Toronto, Ontario. Self-taught, his art instruction began after attempting to replicate the printmaking process of his childhood idol, artist Albrecht Dürer. Ooi discovered how incising wood or metal, that is treating a plane in three-dimensions, was necessary for creating the uneven surface to make a print. Interested in experimenting with materials entailing the same sculptural aspects – available anywhere and only requiring his hands – Ooi embraced paper folding as his medium of choice. Since then, Ooi’s artistic development has increased to include inspiration from artists Alexander Calder, George Braque, Frank Stella, and more. His artworks have been recognized in both the design and art world – from Toronto to Jyväskylä, Finland – and are included in the publications Illuminate Contemporary Craft Lighting (Bloomsbury Publishing) and 1,000 Product Designs: Form, Function, and Technology from Around the World (Rockport Publishers). Exhibition : 2018: LA Art Show, Los Angeles CA - Anatomy of Resilience, Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa Canada - Affordable Art Fair Fall Edition, New York NY - Superfine! Art Fair, Washington DC
    2017: Aqua Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach FL - IOI OOI New Primitives, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
    Detailed Description : Andrew Ooi's artwork reassesses principles of painting and sculpture through a combination of primitive design and novel application of Japanese joinery and origami techniques. With a limited color palette, Ooi paints studied shapes and patterns onto individual strips of handmade gampi-fiber papers, he previously cut to size. He then folds the hundreds to thousands of painted strips into each other to create artworks with multiple planes – including a front and a back, inside and outside – similar to various prehistoric textiles, vessels, and adornments. Ooi’s intentional use of paper in constructing the artifacts by hand is a contemporary evolution of the stone, sticks, and finger-painting-in-the-sand methods of long ago.
  • Hannah Pierce

    Hannah Pierce

     Hannah Pierce - Drained from Playing Games
    Drained from Playing Games
     Hannah Pierce - Don't Pop
    Don't Pop
     Hannah Pierce - Apartment Building (blue)
    Apartment Building (blue)
    Biography : Hannah Pierce is a ceramic artist currently residing in Baltimore Maryland. She received her MFA from Edinboro University of PA. Originally from San Diego, Pierce relocated in order to attend Humboldt State University. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art at HSU in 2013. Soon after graduating, she started working as an educator at The Studio and Cheri Blackerby Gallery, a fine arts program for people with developmental disabilities. Teaching people with disabilities has allowed her to understand and experience countless creative, therapeutic processes and completely unique perspectives in art making. Exhibition : 2018: Clay Studio’s Graduate Student Biennial - the 50th and the 52nd Annual NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition, Workhouse Arts Center’s 6th Annual Workhouse Clay International - Ephemeral, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA as (NCECA Concurrent Exhibition) Detailed Description : Hannah Pierce's artwork consists of surreal, narrative-driven sculptures that primarily portray bizarre characters and various elements from urban environments. Within her playful, architectural configurations, she utilizes deceptive, illustrative qualities and exaggerative forms to distort the viewer’s perspective and enhance the theatrical nature of these narrative works. The distortions create an absurd, disorienting space that offers the viewer a more physical experience. These uncanny structures are usually accompanied by weathered surfaces, references to smog, unknown fluids, and other depictions of urban detritus. The characters within these dismal spaces appear to be struggling with their perplexing surroundings. Pierce tends to use visual metaphors that recognize our dependency upon man-made environments and our desperate attempts to conform to living in such unnatural conditions. In all her sculptures, the figures are visually separate from their surroundings in their illustrative, 2-dimensional format. This separation personifies an underlying tension and a sense of estrangement that everyone in our contemporary society can relate to. Being heavily influenced by Pop Surrealism, Pierce sarcastically pairs dismal scenes with pleasurable pops of color, playful perspectives, figure distortion, and many childlike references. In her most recent work, there is an obvious focus on addictions and habits, with an emphasis on oral fixations. Although these are adult issues, Pierce draws attention to childlike qualities when pertaining to concepts of excess, lack of self-control, and escapism. Within these works, she can bring a sense of humor and absurdity to some of the darker, more challenging aspects of being human in unstable, perpetually changing environments.
  • Nicole Renee Ryan

    Nicole Renee Ryan

     Nicole Renee Ryan - Crying How Bright 3
    Crying How Bright 3
     Nicole Renee Ryan - Monologue 21
    Monologue 21
     Nicole Renee Ryan - As It Were
    As It Were
    Biography : A contemporary watercolorist, oil painter, and muralist from Mercer PA, Nicole Renee Ryan attended Washington and Jefferson College and graduated cum laude with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Professional Writing. She has been awarded a residency at the New York Student’s League at Vytacil, a fellowship at VCCA, and was nominated for Pittsburgh's 2016 "Emerging Artist of the Year" by Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. She was also featured in the newly released book of watercolors, Splash 15: Texture, by North Light Books. Most recently, her artwork has been exhibited at Superfine! Art Fair NYC, Architectural Digest NYC, Gallery Oh! Chicago, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Chautauqua Institute of Art NY, and the Heinz History Museum in Pittsburgh. BoxHeart is excited to exhibit her paintings at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City this fall. Exhibition : 2018: Anywhere and Nowhere, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA - Art of Place, Heinz History Museum, Pittsburgh PA - Mix and Match, Gallery Oh! Chicago IL
    2017: Remnants, Pop up exhibit 5852 Baum Blvd, Pittsburgh PA - In Conversation, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Point State Park University, Pittsburgh PA, Curator Njaimeh Njie - I Was There, Nutting Gallery, Wheeling WV - The Place and the Unplace, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA
    2016 Everywhere and Nowhere, Crary Art Gallery, Warren PA - Aqueous Open, International Watercolor Exhibit, Spinning Plate Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
    Detailed Description : Nicole Renee Ryan paints distant landscapes based on her memories of memories. Things remembered and things forgotten, emotionally charged ambiguous imagery, are represented by half realistic and half abstract shapes in vivid color - things real and unreal. Ryan creates overly romantic or tragic journeys defined as much by what is missing as by what is present. Ryan blurs out details, preferring her viewers fill in their own, imagining themselves in the soft, unfocused painted subject. She wants the suggested history of her image to feel like the viewer's history. Her landscapes shift and become their own active subject. They play, move, and break away, allowing imagination to enter and complete the almost lost memory. She uses shape, line, texture, and color to strip away reality and suggest a feeling of magic and other-worldliness in ordinary places. Ryan's ethereal landscapes dance between reality and abstraction and memory and imagination.
  • Daria Sandburg

    Daria Sandburg

    Daria Sandburg - Lullabye
    Daria Sandburg - Hull of Othering
    Hull of Othering
    Daria Sandburg - Other Days
    Other Days
    Biography : Daria Sandburg is a Pittsburgh-based multi-media artist. Using found historical objects, sculpted metal, fused glass, narrative, and traditional medias brought meaningfully together to form a new coherent whole, Sandburg gives form to time and memory by visually creating a quiet glimpse into a worn, personal history. Born in Rock Island Illinois, Sandburg was the co-founder of Bohemia Gallery in Tucson Arizona where she curated exhibitions while making her own artwork. In 2012, she moved to Pittsburgh for her residency exhibition, In Her Own Words, at Borelli-Edwards Galleries. In the 2013 35th Annual Frank Sticks Exhibit at Glenn Eure Gallery in Nags Head North Carolina, Sandburg's artwork received top honors with the Best of Show Award. In 2014, Sandburg's artwork was selected to appear in the Lions Gate motion picture The Last Witch Hunter, which was released in October 2015. In the summer of 2015, Sandburg took to the streets of Pittsburgh with her self-initiated social practice project, The Baggage Claim, an artistic community experience of sharing stories, burning up the drek, letting go, and using hope to fuel new possibilities. Her solo exhibition, The Journal of Repetitive Learning, threaded together shared stories from The Baggage Claim Project into her own artwork. Exhibition : 2018: LA Art Show, Los Angeles CA - Superfine! Art Fair, Washington DC
    2017: Aqua Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach FL - River of Blues, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh PA - Superfine! Art Fair, New York NY
    2016: Aqua Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach FL - Salon de Refuse, Gallerie Chiz, Pittsburgh PA
    2015: The Journal of Repetitive Learning, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
    Detailed Description : Using found historical objects, sculpted metal, fused glass, narrative, and traditional medias brought meaningfully together to form a new coherent whole, Daria Sandburg gives form to time and memory by visually creating a quiet glimpse into a worn, personal history. Sandburg's art objects are not intended to be perceived in isolation from her artistic process. Her selected materials awaken within the participant the value of daily experience and the connection between the universal and the individual organically. Her assemblage artwork contains hidden treasures. Open a jar to find a pendant, unravel fabric to reveal hidden text. Sandburg fosters imagination by creating a participatory experience between her artwork and the viewer. Sandburg's jewelry line is called One Thin Dime Designs. Her recent collection emphasizes individualized, wearable works of art created from very personal, sentimental objects.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Theodore Bolha

    Theodore Bolha

    Biography : Theodore Bolha is from Latrobe Pennsylvania. After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a BA in Graphic Design, Bolha worked as a freelance designer and a full time designer for a local safety company. In 2008, Bolha decided it was time for a dramatic change - a change that would eventually lead him to discover his talent for paper cutting and it's efficacy as his new medium. While visiting a friend in Miami, Bolha happened to discover the artwork of Jen Stark. Her work, as well as the work of Zdzisław Beksiński and countless others, continue to make a huge impression on Bolha; paper's potential for self expression. Most recently, Bolha presented "Before We Were Born" a solo exhibition featuring his cut paper artwork at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Exhibition : 2017: Before We Were Born, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA Detailed Description :
    Theodore Bolha is a a self taught modern paper cutting artist. Almost any textured surface stimulates Bolha’s creative process. Referred to as automatism, Bolha works by allowing his subconscious to express itself however it will. Bolha does not plan out his designs in advance he instead allows them to, "grow with the flow". Starting with a very basic intention, such as a single dot or wavy branching lines, each layer of paper proceeds in unpredictable ways. While working Bolha thinks about where paper came from, its structure and fragility, its use and the future of paper in our society, how dependent on paper civilization had to be in order for us to get to where we are today. The resulting imagery, present in Bolha’s subconscious and manifested into his artwork, feels like a place beyond our reality. Bolha calls this place The Everside; the place we came from before we were born; a realm of pure emotion that lies just beneath the surface of our material world.
  • Seth Clark

    Seth Clark

    Biography : Seth Clark grew up in Seekonk Massachusetts. He received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008. Shortly after graduating, Clark moved to Pittsburgh and began “Abandoned”, a series of collage works that captured specific abandoned houses in Detroit. Utilizing his ambitious paper layering process to focus on deteriorating architecture, Clark exhibited extensively in Pennsylvania from 2009 through 2015 including exhibitions in the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and the Butler Museum of Art. During this time, he received three Design Excellence Awards from the AIGA Pittsburgh, Best in Show at Three Rivers Arts Festival, the Irene Pasinski Sailer Award, the Irving B. Gruber Award, and was a Flight School Fellow. In 2015, Clark was named “Emerging Artist of the Year” by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and he began experimenting with alternative materials to create three-dimensional artwork. Last year Clark was a resident artist at the Pittsburgh Glass Center where he worked collaboratively with glass artist Jason Forck to create “Dissolution” a series of works integrating the use of glass into their shared interest in decaying architectural forms. Clark has been featured in publications such as Creative Nonfiction, New American Paintings, and DASH, and featured in national blogs such as the Jealous Curator, Booom!, and Juxtapose. Most recently, Clark’s artwork was exhibited at Art on Paper and Aqua Art Miami. This March, he was a resident artist at the United World College of South East Asia where he taught students in Singapore principles of art and design. Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2017 Persistence BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA 2014 Studio Direct Union Hall, Pittsburgh PA 2013 Fragmentation BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2012 OPENStudio Assemble, Pittsburgh PA 2011 Art on the Walls Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council Pittsburgh PA 2011 City Blocks Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh PA 2011 Ruination Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2016 Aqua Art, Miami Beach FL, via BoxHeart Gallery 2016 Dissolution, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh PA 2016 Art on Paper Pier 36, New York City NY, via Paradigm Gallery 2016 Waning Worlds Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia PA 2015 AAP 104th Annual Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown OH 2015 Love Art Fair, Direct Energy Center Heritage Court, Toronto Ontario, via BoxHeart Gallery 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA 2014 echo Art Fair, Buffalo NY, via BoxHeart Gallery 2014 AAP 103rd Annual Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg PA 2014 Homeward Bound Strohl Art Center, Chautauqua NY 2013 AAP 102nd Annual Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh PA 2013 Disambiguate Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Kipp Gallery, Indiana PA 2013 New Juried Visual Art Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh PA 2013 Healthy Artists Modern Formations Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2012 Book 709 Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2012 New Juried Visual Art Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh PA 2012 Dive! The Inn, Pittsburgh PA 2011 RE-Construction Walnut Ink Gallery, Michigan City IN  2011 Restrospective Modern Formations Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2011 Homebound Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2011 New Juried Visual Art Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh PA  2011 Urbanic III Future Tenant, Pittsburgh PA 2010 Inside-Out ModernFormations, Pittsburgh PA 2010 Leaving My Mark Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2010 New Juried Visual Art Three Rivers Arts Detailed Description :
    Clark collages with found paper to reflect the fragmented and complex tactility of decay. Once he achieves a dimensional foundation, various medias like charcoal, pastel, and graphite are used to bring definition and depth to these raw materials. The processes of collage and drawing alternate between themselves lending to a seamless blend of the two mediums. It often takes months for the structure to appear out of the many scraps of paper and scribble, for as Clark describes, “something very energized and present to escape out of a slow history of abandonment”. Clark’s sculptural work further links concept and process. Materials like wood, polystyrene, and plastic are arranged and aged to emphasize a specific part of the structure. Clark’s 2- and 3-dimensional artwork illustrates the extent to which a small disturbance in a system’s parts can disrupt the entirety. As his sculptural work provides a closer look into a weathering section, his two-dimensional collage builds the narrative of the structure’s story.
  • Kyle Ethan Fischer

    Kyle Ethan Fischer

    Biography : Currently a practicing studio and scenic artist in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Kyle Ethan Fischer mimics elemental processes like erosion, deposition, combustion, and cooling in his art making. His sculpture’s structures are attended through the adoption of various man made grids like antique needlework, beadwork, chicken wire, or diagrams of nano-tubes, military weapons, and silica. He maps a subjective temporal experience for the viewer based on collective information. Fischer received his BFA in Painting from The Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme Connecticut. After pursuing painting he received a stipend and scholarship to study abroad at the National College of Art, Dublin in Ireland concentrating on sculpture and installation. After returning to the US, he attended the Corcoran College of Art in Washington DC further exploring sculpture and installation receiving a specialized degree. Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2012 Sea Creatures and Blood Vessels, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2011 Sing Inside Me, Huntington Museum, Farmington PA 2009 Meta-Consciousness, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2007 Mixed, Moxie DaDA Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2006 Martyr, Zenith, Pittsburgh PA 2003 Word Art, Northern Virginia Community College. Manassas VA 2001 Rendering the Liminal Zones, Hemi-Cycle Gallery, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Distortion, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2017 Superfine!, New York New York, via BoxHeart Gallery 2016 Aqua Art, Miami Beach FL, via BoxHeart Gallery 2015 The Watcher/The Watched, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2015 The Unspoken, Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery, New Kensington PA 2015 Love Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario via BoxHeart Gallery 2014 echo Art Fair, Buffalo NY via BoxHeart Gallery 2012 Touchstone Faculty Exhibit, Fallingwater, Farmington PA 2010 Art of the State, State Museum of PA, Harrisburg PA 2010 Biennial 2010, Westmoreland Museum of Art, Greensburg PA 2010 Exchange: AAP Centennial Exhibit, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh PA 2009 Fairy Tales, Future Tenant, Pittsburgh PA 2009 I am the Master, Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2007 Boxes II: Group A, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA 2006 Secrets: Group A, The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA 2006 Collaborations, Digging Pitt, Pittsburgh PA 2005 Inside Out: Medicine & Practitioner Drawings, Spotted Salamander, Pittsburgh PA 2001 New Talent II, Signal 66, Washington DC 2000 Exchange, CSU Gallery, Long Beach CA 1999 Copley Society Annual, Copley Society, Boston MA Detailed Description :
    The work Kyle Ethan Fischer presents addresses the multiple systems of interaction in the creation of a movement or idea and reflects the dualities they manifest. In the current political landscape in America and geopolitical course that the world is taking society is increasingly left void and unaware of the importance of community and self. The awareness of the multiple systems which interact to create community is dependent on the individual. The self is likewise formed from community. Simultaneity in the development process works on a global scale. Whether crisis is reflected in the market economy or in an individual’s own financial turmoil; it is in these crises that we as individuals and as a community change. Abraham Lincoln said “I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.” Whether the desire be for self control or for political, societal or artistic control; crisis coupled with a lack of power leads to distress. Producing work in post- colonial America Kyle Ethan Fischer addresses the vestiges of colonialism and the dualism of both a European and native worldview which often operate in opposition. By visually investigating system duality he surveys the conscious, unconscious and meta-conscious. By mimicking elemental processes like erosion, deposition, combustion, and cooling in his art-making Kyle Ethan Fischer explores artistic control physically. Nature is both the controller and the crisis for the materials. Structure is attended through the adoption of various man made grids like antique needlework, beadwork, chicken-wire, or diagrams of nano-tubes, military weapons and silica. As a basis Fischer is able to map a subjective temporal experience for the viewer based on collective information. Through additive and deductive manipulation of both the process driven and structural building blocks Fischer is able to mutate the outcome creating imagery that is more poetic than didactic and redistributes th
  • Heather Kanazawa

    Heather Kanazawa

    Biography : Heather Kanazawa was born in Pittsburgh PA in 1984. She received her BFA in 2007 and her MA in Art Education in 2011 from Edinboro University. Previous exhibitions took place at; Glass Growers Gallery in Erie PA, Crary Art Gallery in Warren PA, and the Wellsville Creative Arts Center in Wellsville NY. Her current exhibition, "Investigations of Life" at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh PA is a documentation of her travels, particularly time spent in Japan and the influence of Japanese life. Kanazawa recorded her feelings and emotions regarding essential moments of being in a culture infused by the idea of “Zen” and meditation in contrast to the fast-paced atmosphere of daily work life embedded in the culture. Kanazawa currently lives in Kennedy New York. Exhibition : 2017: Investigations of Life, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA Detailed Description :
    Heather Kanazawa's oil and wax paintings are studies of memory and place. Her work is mainly abstraction, because she feels that most memories are simply recordings of colors, textures, or sounds. She develops them, adding and subtracting paint, scraping, taking away, and playing with color and texture. It is through this process that the work begins to develop and feel fully realized. Kanazawa works intuitively and lets the act of painting guide her through each step. It is through this process that she is able to convey a sense of depth in her work. Her goal is for the painting to take on it's own voice and, in essence, to become another place other than the initial trace of memory.
  • Irina Koukhanova

    Irina Koukhanova

    Biography : Russian born Irina Koukhanova was educated at the Moscow Institute of Art and Industrial Design (Stroganovskoe), the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth MA and the University of Notre Dame IN. In the past ten years, Koukhanova has participated in numerous exhibitions both national and international. In 2010, she had a solo exhibition “Stahlhartes Gehäuse”, at DKO Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland, and was subsequently offered gallery representation. In 2013, she was awarded Best of Show in BoxHeart Gallery's "Art Inter/National" exhibition and her solo exhibition "Panoptic Landscape" was on exhibit in 2014 at the gallery. In 2015, Koukhanova's artwork was featured in the "ND Artists, Sculptors, Professors” exhibition at the Snite Museum of Art and the Sound Bend Museum of Art. Koukhanova has three completed public art commissions in which she dealt with all aspects of large-scale project proposal and fabrication. The highlight of her temporary large scale outdoor work was included in Navy Pier Walk, Chicago, juried by David Pagel, where she exhibited a 16' high sculpture fabricated out of steel and marine vinyl. She has participated in and won awards at national juried group exhibitions at Boston Sculptors Gallery, MA, Owensboro Museum of Art, KY, Marlboro Gallery, MD, Indianapolis Art Center, IN among others. Koukhanova has received full scholarship residencies at Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, Santa Fe Art Institute, New Mexico (both sponsored by Joan Mitchell Foundation Grants), and Vermont Studio Center. She is a Creative Workforce Fellow 2016. The Creative Workforce Fellowship is a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture, made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga County residents through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. She is currently the head of the sculpture program at Cleveland State University, and has been teaching in that capacity since 1999. Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2015 New Work, Link Gallery, Kent State University Trumbull, Warren OH 2014 Panoptic Landscape, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2010 Stahlartes Gehause, DKO Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2016 Aqua Art Miami, via BoxHeart Gallery, Miami Beach FL 2016 Noves Histories, Urban Arts Space, Columbus OH 2015 Art+Tech, Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor MI 2015 HWD Sculpture Exhibition, Rosewood Arts Center, Kettering OH 2015 The Watcher/The Watched, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2014 ND Artists, Snite Museum of Art and South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend IN 2014 Rouge et Noire, DKO Gallery, Zurich Switzerland 2014 Stirring Waters, Galeria Umelcov Spisa, Spisska Nova Ves Slovakia 2013 Object XVIII, Galeria Z, Bratislava Slovakia Detailed Description :
    In her two - and three- dimensional work, artist Irina Koukhanova addresses the space where the solitary struggle and triumph of the individual psyche unravel through a multitude of references escorted by an ironic grin. "Panoptic Landscape" captures an all encompassing system viewed from the perspective of a human or an animal, an adult or a child, and alludes to authority, power play, and the dynamics of entrapment. Her devotion to using a wide range of materials emphasizing their inherited symbolism was developed into a body of work bridging the gap between installation art and object making. In recent years, Koukhanova has added a fourth dimension to her sculptural work by expanding into two-dimensional work through printing techniques and drawing.
  • Kal Mansur

    Kal Mansur

    Biography : Kal Mansur received his BFA from the University of Texas while also playing a year of semi-pro baseball. Working with solid acrylic sheets of varying colors and thicknesses, Mansur shapes this material into a sculptural object. The object is adhered into an acrylic case and capped by translucent acrylic. This diffuses the internal sculpture, enabling light to reflect and refract. While analogous to light and space and finish fetish movements, and while recalling the pristine minimalism of Donald Judd’s constructions, Mansur’s work is unique in his use of focus and diffusion as compositional elements. The work represents an oscillation between organic and inorganic, light and color, field and edge, made and unmade. In early 2016 alone, his artwork was exhibited at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, BoxHeart Gallery, the Architectural Digest Design Show, Art Breda (Netherlands) and the Affordable Art Fair (Belgium, London, New York). Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 New Valkyries, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2015 Recent Works, George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2012 Mirage, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill, Ottawa ON 2010 Emblems and Insignia, LE Gallery and Reference, Toronto ON 2009 Meet Your Maker, Median Contemporary, Toronto ON 2008 Monuments, Gallery Fuse, Toronto ON 2007 Signs, Engine Gallery, Toronto ON 2006 Raw, Studio show, Toronto ON 2005 Leblanc Organization Gallery, Brooklyn NY 1999 Here Gallery, Soho New York NY 1997 Biblios Art Gallery, New York NY 1993 La Hacienda Gallery, Toronto ON 1993 Cedar Ridge Art Gallery, Scarborough ON 1992 Cedar Ridge Art Gallery, Scarborough ON 1991 Round Up, Toronto ON SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2017 Title TBA, George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2016 Kal Mansur: New Work, George Billis Gallery, New York NY 2016 Affordable Art Fair, New York NY, via reference: contemporary 2016 Miami Project, Miami Beach FL, via reference contemporary 2016 Aqua Art Miami, Miami Beach FL, via BoxHeart Gallery 2016 Group Exhibition, Chase Edwards Contemporary, Bridgehampton NY 2016 Recent Works, George Billis Gallery LA, Los Angeles CA 2016 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs CA, via George Billis Gallery LA 2016 Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm Sweden, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam Netherlands, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg Germany, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Affordable Art Fair, Brussels Belgium, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Affordable Art Fair, London Battersea, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show, New York NY 2016 Affordable Art Fair, New York NY, via reference: contemporary 2016 Art Breda, NL, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2016 Affordable Art Fair, London Hampstead, via Galerie Nummer 40 (Netherlands) 2015 Red Dot Fair, Miami FL, via George Billis Gallery LA 2015 Affor Detailed Description :
    After 20 years as a painter, it occurred to artist Kal Mansur that light and color are mediums in and of themselves. He began using colored acrylic glass and developed a process of cutting, gluing, sanding, and buffing to alter their levels of translucency and reflectiveness. The material imbues color with volume and as light moves through the work, colored shadows are created. For him, the ability to control and "conduct" how light interacts with surfaces is an ongoing attempt to create a visual braille, that is, a language by which color, light, and composition can be felt and not merely observed. A visual artist specializing in acrylic glass construction, Mansur's artwork manipulates available light. Internal elements appear to shift, depending on one's viewpoint. The translucent surface both conceals and reveals space behind the picture plane, an oscillation between two and three dimensions. Also represented by:
    reference: contemporary,
  • Kuzana Ogg

    Kuzana Ogg

    Biography : Born in Bombay in 1971, Kuzana Ogg relocated to New York with her family at the age of ten. She received her BFA from SUNY Purchase, New York in 1995 and moved to South Korea, spending the next six years teaching English in historic Kyung Ju. In 2001, Ogg returned to the United States first living in New Mexico, and then settling in California's Central Valley in 2012. Ogg has participated in two residencies: in Red Wing Minnesota, and in Colombo Sri Lanka. Her paintings have been included on the sets of both television shows and feature films—the most recent of which were Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Southpaw, and My All-American. Ogg's first solo museum exhibition was Oil at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art in 2014. A second solo followed shortly thereafter, Rev Zero at the Bakersfield Museum of Art in 2015. Her work has been exhibited, published, and collected both privately and publicly, nationally and internationally. Exhibition : SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016 Yasna, Tinney Contemporary, Nashville TN 2015 Rev Zero, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield CA 2015 California Crude, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2014 Oil, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo CA 2014 Kuzana Ogg-Digital Exhibition, C-Space, Beijing China 2013 Urbane, BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA 2013 Open Pollination, Brink Gallery, Missoula MT 2013 Kuzana Ogg, Tercera Gallery, World Wide Web 2012 Pattern Language, GVG Contemporary, Santa Fe NM 2012 Kuzana Ogg, Tercera Gallery, World Wide Web 2011 Super City, Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque NM 2010 Worli, Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque NM 2010 Pochkhanawala Road, Gallery Gray, World Wide Web 2008 Honey, Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque NM 2007 Mango Season, The Gallery at Mesa Public Library, Los Alamos NM 1994 Elysian Fields, Triangle Gallery, SUNY Purchase NY SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2015 35th Anniversary Exhibition, Wally Workman Gallery, Austin TX 2015 The Unspoken, Penn State New Kensington Art Gallery, New Kensington PA 2015 Dress:Up Kuzana Ogg and Lynette Cook, Gallerie Citi, Burlingame CA 2015 Telephone, Satellite Collective, Seattle WA 2014 The Way and the Wayfarers, Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg PA 2013 Lost But Not Forgotten, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield CA 2013 Exchange, Postcard Collective, Tuscon AZ 2013 Sex Sells, Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago IL 2013 Summer Salon, Fresh Paint, Culver City CA 2012 The 2012 Rawls National, Rawls Museum Arts, Courtland VA 2012 Papergirl Zagreb, BIC Information Center, Zagreb Croatia 2012 Tilting at Windmills, Porter Butts Gallery University of Wisconsin, Madison WI 2012 The 27th Annual Tallahassee International, Museum of Fine Arts FSU, Tallahassee FL 2012 Spring Fling, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn NY 2012 LaGrange National XXVII Biennial, LaGrange Art Museum, LaGrange GA 2012 Odes and Offerings, Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery, Santa Detailed Description :
    The principles that govern Kuzana Ogg's aesthetic are balance and restraint. Her early years in India were flooded with noise, color, and fragrance. Her grandparents’ home in Bombay was somewhat buffered from the outside chaos of people and cars by lush gardens. This paradise of quietly growing coconut trees, exotic lilies, and always newly turned wet red earth was invaded hourly by squalling parrots and barbarous crows. Their cries filtered through the foliage as though they were the softened echoes of the havoc on the streets. Going anywhere in Bombay requires infinite patience and time. A simple errand to get a plastic bucket devolves into an all-day affair involving epic traffic jams and monsoon-huge waves crashing over the seawall. But, even as a very small child—She was easily distracted by the lurid Bollywood billboards rushing past the car window and promises of notebooks with end-papers of fuchsia block-printed flowers and new erasers in the shape of rabbits or fried eggs. Bombay is steeped in perfume—from yards of jasmine and roses garlanding doors, to sandalwood burning at the fire temple, to a hundred different lunches cooking at the same time—there is always fragrance in the air. It might be ordinary, like freshly watered concrete walls or the starched muslin saris of nursery school teachers; or extraordinary, like the scent of raw silk stored in the recesses of a teak wardrobe. Its presence everywhere instilled the conviction in Ogg that just as fragrance occupies a stratum deeper than sight or sound, majesty is also hidden beneath the surface of things, and majesty is an anchor that restrains and balances the chaos of experience. It is the primordial root that underlies even the most discordant things. The general pandemonium of Bombay in the early 1970s serves as a visual alphabet. Through Ogg's travels and migrations, this alphabet continues to recombine, developing into a painterly language. In any form of communication, she ha
  • Crista Pisano

    Crista Pisano

    Biography : Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Crista Pisano began painting in oils in 1989 under the instruction of John Phillip Osborne at the Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ. She graduated from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2000, receiving a Bachelors Degree of fine arts painting, and in 2003, received a Masters Degree of Fine arts Painting from the New York Academy Graduate School of Figurative Art. She is a member of numerous art organizations including the Barrett Art Center, the Rye Art Center, the Garrison Art Center, and the Lyme Art Association, where she is an Elected member. Additionally, she belongs to the Palisades Interstate Park Commission’s “Artists in the Parks” program and the Hopper House in Nyack, NY. Pisano currently lives and works in the Hudson River town of Nyack, NY and is represented by the Sylvan Gallery in Wiscassett, ME and BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. Detailed Description :
    Pisano paints landscapes mostly en plein air as well as in her studio in Nyack, NY, and is known for painting on a small scale. Influenced by the Hudson River School, she also loves the Macchiaioli, a group of Italian Painters active in Tuscany in the second half of the Nineteenth Century. Some of her favorite artists are George Inness, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Martin Johnson Heade, and Edward Lear.


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Nicole Capozzi was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and studied close to home at Carlow College (now Carlow University) earning her BA in 1998. In 2001, she opened BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh's east end. As a gallery owner for over 17 years, Capozzi has curated, coordinated, and hosted over 300 exhibitions for regional, national, and international artists providing an outlet for conceptually engaged and aesthetically resolved exhibitions that both reflect contemporary art issues and are relevant to the community. Working in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood, she is proud to exhibit emerging and mid-career artists whose artwork exemplifies the diversity and originality of contemporary art. Named by The Culture Trip as one of Pittsburgh’s “10 Best Contemporary Galleries”, BoxHeart has recently exhibited in New York City for the 2018 "Affordable Art Fair", Washington DC for the 2018 "Superfine! Art Fair", and Los Angeles for the 2018 “LA Art Show”. Gallery services include custom framing, art installation, project management, and art consulting services for both private customers and corporate clients.