Exhibitor listing
Peter P. Hopkins
289 Meserole St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
United States
T  (718)386-2863
M   (203) 249-8843
E-mail address : info.arthelix@gmail.com
Website : http://www.arthelix@gmail.com
ArtHelix works to engage the parts of the art world that others overlook- artists who may have no website or social media presence, or had simply stopped exhibiting altogether.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Charles Clough

    Charles Clough

    Biography : Charles Clough is an American painter and recipient of this years Guggenheim Grant in Fine Arts. A long time resident of Buffalo, Clough was among the vanguard of artists there (Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo and others) that formed Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Moving to New York City in those years he was also an early exhibiting artist at Colin De Land's groundbreaking gallery American Fine Arts Co. He has shown nationally and internationally for over 3 decades and paintings are represented in over 70 Museum collections.

  • Brian Gaman

    Brian Gaman

    Biography : Beginning in the mid-1970s Brian Gaman embarked on a highly personal exploration on the nature and process of seeing. His ambiguous sculptures rest on the border between industrial cast-offs and intricate, almost magical machines. Enigmatic, large-scale works on paper suggest physical form that has somehow evaporated into the mist. In all his work, Gaman sought to express a visual language that is seductive and unknowable. Fleeting and captivating, Gaman’s art implies that emotionally compelling meaning can be teased from even the simplest of visual gestures.

  • Peter Hopkins

    Peter Hopkins

    Biography : Peter Hopkins is an American artist,curator, and gallerist. A founding member of Colin De Land's radical American Fine Arts Gallery he has exhibited nationally and internationally for over 30 years. His work has been included in the Whitney Museum, the Corcoran Biennial, and Documenta IX and numerous solo, group, and museum exhibitions.

  • Royce Weatherly

    Royce Weatherly

    Biography : Born 1957, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Royce Weatherly, American painter, BA Wake Forest University (1980), MFA University of Wisconsin/Madison 1984, 2015 Guggenheim Grant recipient; has over 3 decades developed a profoundly simple and yet deeply enigmatic personal painting style that combines his peculiar Vermeer-like still lives with a eerie quietude devoid of narrative symbolism. Slowly made, these works are both luminous and precise in detail, but refuse any greater meaning than what seems to be laid out before us. A potato, or some cooking lard, or a cellophane cigarette wrapper minus the package of cigarettes; the unnoticed held up to scrutiny in an attempt to draw the extraordinary out of the ordinary under an intense gaze that is as much that of a philosopher, or a forensic scientist as that of a painter. Exhibition : Winner of 2015 Guggenheim Grant, and awarded prestigious Inge Maren Otto Fellowship to the Watermill Center 2017.


Founded in   2013
ArtHelix is modeled on the former American Fine Arts Co. Gallery created by Colin de Land.
It thinks of itself as a "meta" gallery-that is both a space dedicated to showing challenging art works, but also willing to look at the very ways that art galleries operate as cultural meaning creators.