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Geometria Celestial - Catalina Perl
N/A - Marcela  García Bonini
ampliaciones - Yuki Yamamoto
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Ruidos - Susana Muñiz Muñiz
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Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Maria Jose Benvenutto

    Maria Jose Benvenutto

    Biography : Educación 2010 – 2014 Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Facultad de Artes Visuales con certificado en Diseño Integral 2013 “Art Counseling para artistas”, Estudio de la Curadora Laeticia Mello, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013 “Seminario Actualidad en el circuito Artístico”, Catalina Papic, directora de la revista Arte Al Límite y profesora de Arte de la UDD. Premios 2013 Cuarto lugar en categoria “Obras sobre papel” Premio: “Lorenzo il Magnifico” Exhibition : Exposiciones colectivas 2012 “Pintura alumnos Universidad Católica de Chile”, Salón Audi, Santiago de Chile 2013 “No hay apuro” Galería Macchina, Segundo piso, Universidad Católica de Chile 2013 “Exposición Fundación Chile a Soñar” 2013 “ The New Florence Bienale 2013” , Forteza de Bazzo, Italia 2014 “Art of Dance”, Sala Gente 2014 “Artes y sabores”, Galería Isabel Aninat 2014 “Experimenta” Galería Opps, Avenida Italia 2015 Pintado de barriles en vivo en feria "Faxxi" 2015 "El orden espontáneo" Fundación para el progreso, FPP 2016 “Red Dot Art Fair” Miami, E.E.U.U 2017 “……” Galeria Madhaus (Próximamente) Exposición individual 2013 “Art of Dance”, Sala Gente 2014 “De la industria a la tela” Municipalidad de Vitacura Detailed Description :
    I re-interpret the landscape from a perspective focused on observation, from the sounds to the interaction of people with the environment and what is currently happening in society. I search for stories, whether of people, places, sound and nature, are personal experiences that are then transferred to the surface. Working mainly with painting and non-traditional materials as three-dimensional figures among others, my recent work is a reflection of travel. Much of the previous process is to collect moments from urban areas, rivers, forests, beaches and mountains. I transmit the painting through a gesture that moves between contrasts: determination and subtlety, transparency and density, static and kinetic, control and chance. These extremes coexist in perfect logic in their imperfection, a dialectic that defines their own identity to run with a unique character.
  • Marcella Casall

    Marcella Casall

    Biography : Artista italoargentina, vive y trabaja enBuenos Aires. Ha cursado estudios formales de música, diseño, teatro y literatura en distintas instituciones,además de pintura en los talleres de la Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Traductora Literaria, Jurídica y Pública (UMSA 1996) En el año 2013 decide comenzar a mostrar sus obras participando activamente en muestras colectivas e individuales. Concursos y salones 2017 106º Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Palais de Glace. 2016 61º Salón de Artes Plásticas Manuel Belgrano, Museo Sívori. 4º Bienal de Artes Visuales ÁreaTec. 22º Salón de Pintura Palermo Viejo. 38º Salón Nacional de Pintura Museo “Fernán Félix de Amador”. 2015 37º Salón Nacional de Pintura Museo “Fernán Félix de Amador”. Premio a la Creación Artística de la Universidad de Belgrano. 2014 36º Salón Nacional de Pintura Museo “Fernán Félix de Amador”. 3º Bienal de artes visualesÁreaTec. 20º Salón de pintura “Palermo Viejo”. 1º Salón Nacional de Pintura del C.A.B.J. 2013 Salón Alba de pintura, Galería Central Newbery. 1º Premio a la Creación Artística de la Universidad de Belgrano 2014. Exhibition : Exhibiciones colectivas 2017 Fundación Make-A-Wish. Soñarte. Sueños pintados. 2017 Bolsa de Comercio, de Buenos Aires, Hall central. 2017 Imago Mundi Art. By Luciano Benetton. 2016 “Inauguración”, Galería Central Newbery. 2015 “Abstracto, Geométrico, Madí”,Galería Central Newbery. 2015 Gallery Day, espacio de arte ESEADE. 2014 La noche de los Museos, espacio de arte de la Universidad de Belgrano. 2013Traduarte,Colegio de Traductores Públicos de C.A.B.A. Notas en medios gráficos Stilos Magazine nov.2016 Ámbito Financiero, 28-04-15 Ámbito Financiero, 18-02-15 Detailed Description :
    Su obra se caracteriza por una intensa búsqueda del color, su arte puede alinearse en la geometria concreta. Su inclinación por el arte comenzó desde pequeña, a punto tal que fue la creadora de su propia gama cromática, con una marcada pasión por la geometría y el orden, con una intensa paleta de colores que transmiten distintos estados de ánimo, desde la calma hacia el estallido.
  • Carlos Eguiguren

    Carlos Eguiguren

    Biography : I was born in Connecticut, U.S.A. in 1984 and I am currently based in Chile where I live with my wife and children. I have been developing my art since I was just a child myself, mostly in a selftaught manner within the context of an artistic family heritage. In my early twenties I traveled through European and Eastern European countries absorbing in all of the abundant cultural and artistic array. Upon returning from this trip I settled in Chile where I created a series of seven large-scale paintings depicting archangels, which was shown in Santiago in 2011 and featured in the French magazine ARTRAVEL (edition #33). In 2012 I showed “Rosetones” a series of abstract paintings. My family and I traveled through Ecuador and Peru and were featured in the lifestyle magazine “MasDeco” and on Canal 13 News for our different and sustainable do-it-yourself living. Detailed Description :
    About: Papel De Piedra This work has been developed primarily in my studio / home in the countryside in Catapilco, Chile and through travels studying and collecting mineral specimens from Chile, Argentina and Peru, in the last couple of years (2014 - 2016) for grinding and using as color ( lapislazuli, chrysocolla, obsidian and others ) Exploring how to make different pulps for paper from various plants, this gives me different textures to work with. In this case the plant (paper) would be like the canvas for the ground stones, which show the purity of its own particular color, to sustain that, the ground stone is mixed with high quality animal gelatine, to create a sort of stone laminate, and painting the paper with stone pigment using an egg yolk tempera technique. It is integral to the work but perhaps not immediately apparent that it holds three main natural kingdoms (animal, vegetable, mineral) making the work whole corresponding to natural properties of understanding or of communication; its a complete cycle. Artist's Documents:
  • Collective El clan

    Collective El clan

    Detailed Description :
    Artis: MACARENA LANGLOIS PAULA NUÑEZ VALENTINA NUÑEZ The collective The Clan is created in May 2016 with the purpose of doing a collaborative work and joint research around the collage and its different possibilities of expression. The members share the training of architects and designer, and the experience of the workshop teamwork; at the same time they work in an individual way other means of expression like illustration, painting in acrylic and ceramics.
  • Marcela García Bonini

    Marcela García Bonini

    Biography : Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She trained as a ESL teacher in Buenos Aires, where she lived until 2002, when she moved to Milan, Italy. In 2005 she moved to Houston,Tx. USA. She lives in Miami, Fl, since December 2011. Artistic career In 1999 she stated taking lessons with the fine arts teacher Cesar Paredes. She also took some workshops with the artist Rafael Segui. She participated in art workshops and shows in Milan while living in Italy. She attended painting classes at Houston Arte League (Encaustic painting, Abstraction, Monotype painting) and Art History, drawing, Abstract Painting, Life Drawing at Glassell School of Fine Arts. She has taken part in art shows and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Houston and surrounding areas (Texas, USA), and in Miami, (Florida, USA) Exhibition : Shows, Awards and Publications Among other shows and awards: “La Pareja”- “The Couple” participates in the “Salon 2000- Artistas Plasticos de San Isidro. Bs As. Argentina Second Prize in Abstract Painting with “La Urbe V”- “The City V” – March 2001. Bs As. Argentina. Second Prize in Painting with “Puzzle II”- June 2001. Bs As. Argentina Participates in a show sponsored by the Fine Arts School Estimulo de Bellas Artes- July 2001- Bs As. Argentina Third Prize in Abstract Painting with “La Urbe VI- Un rayo de Sol”-“The City VI- A Ray of Sunshine”- December 2001. Bs As. Argentina First Prize in Abstract Painting with “Dos Elementos”- “Two Elements”- March 2002. Bs As. Argentina First Prize in Painting with “Volando”-“Flying” may 2002. BS As . Argentina Honorable Mention Casa de la Rioja with “Movimiento Otoñal”- Autumn Movement- June 2002- Bs As. Argentina “Dentro de la Pampa I”- “Inside la Pampa I” is featured in the book “Argentina Art Creators. 2003. Argetnina. “The City VI” participates in an art show on Contemporary Argentine artists in Paris- France. 2002 Awarded Artist of the Month recognition on the website: www.artonweb.com. 2004 Italy. “Two Elements” is featured in the book The Grand Book of Argentine Art”. 2004 Honorable Mention with “Amanecer”- “Dawn”. December 2004. Buenos Aires. Argentina “Dentro de la Pampa II” participates in the Salon Internacional de Artes Visuales- Pequeño Formato. Barcelona. Spain. June 2005 “NY 2001. Alter the Nghtmare” is featured in the book Argentine Art and its Personalities”. Argentina 2005. St Francis Episcopal Church Art Show- February 2006 and 2007. Obtains a Second Prize with “Creation Blast II” Third Prize with “A Venetian Night II”. Honorable Mention with “Drifting” at the Artists @ Work art competition . October 2006. Katy. Tx Second Prize with “Creation Blast II” . November 2006. Bellaire. Tx Detailed Description :
    My artistic style as an artistic expression offers the viewer an open window to the imagination, anchored in nature and the everyday experience. My intention is to offer multiple and diverse visual confrontations avoiding giving all the answers. I try not to control all the elements that constitute a painting, I like chance to play its role. I need to surprise myself first with a color, a texture or a shape in order to produce the same effect on the viewer. That element of surprise, intentionally sought after through composition and technique and integrated into the composition gives the painting an aura of mystery and makes us wonder what may lay there beyond the visually obvious. This dialog between the painting and the spectator is what gives totality to the painting, the answers found are personal and unique”
    Marcela  García Bonini - N/A

  • Gabriela Kerszenblat

    Gabriela Kerszenblat

    Biography : Currently Resides in Miami | Florida EDUCATION 2006, BFA, Visual Art, U.N.A (University National of Art), Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1999, MFA, specialization in Painting, I.U.N.A (University institute National of of Art). Buenos Aires, Argentina 1997, Post Graduated Studies in Painting, Fine Arts. Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art. 1997, Post Graduate Studies in Sculpturing sketches, Fine Arts. Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art. 1997, Post Graduate Studies in Monumental Sculpture Models, Fine Arts. Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art. 1996 , Advanced Training Seminar – Art History, Fine Arts. Prilidiano Pueyrredon, College of Art. 1995, MFA specialization in sculpture, Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredon college of Art, MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS 1994- Criollo Museum. Sculpture- groupal exhibition. 1995- Udaondo Palace. Exhibition of coordinators. 2003- Luis Perlotti museum
2004 – Museo Luis Perlotti. Grupal exhibition 2005 – General direction of Museum. First Prize - Adquisition. Permanent collection. AWARDS 2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum- Competition Zoológico de Buenos Aires - scultoric Croquis First Prize 2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum – Competition Barrio de La Boca - scultoric Croquis - Second prize 2003 – Luis Perlotti Museum - Competition Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Buenos Aires - scultoric CroquisFirst Prize 2004 –General Direction of Museums – Competition of scultoric Croquis in San Telmo - First Prize
2005- Dirección General de Museos – Competition Pesebre de la ciudad First Prize and adquisition
 2006- Galería de las naciones – competition Jorge Luis Borges. - Honor prize 2008 – Federacion de la camara de la industria – creative award - first prize 2015- Estimulos de Bellas Artes - design selection
 2015 – Luis Perlotti Museum – competition - scultoric Croquis. Third prize. Exhibition : EXHIBITIONS 2017 – Wynwood 28. argentina’s art in Miami. Grupal exhibition 2017 – Limud Miami. Creation of a mural where the public also participated. 2017 – Art wynwood. AC Contemporary Art. Grupal exhibition 2017 – Room mate Lord Balfour – organizer and invited artist. 2016 – Rubin Studio Gallery Collective Art Exhibition Art Basel Miami 2016 – Piano Concert and Art. Individual exhibition 2016 – Architecten bureau Klein. Wormerveer Holland. Individual exhibition.
 2015 – Distal Arte. Muestra individual.
2015 – Saap (Argentina society of Plastic artists) 2015 - Award Bigatti. Selected artist
 2015 – Facultad de Derecho (UBA) individual exhibition
 2015 – Salon Annual de Manchas – Museo Sivori 2015 – Estimulo de Bellas Artes.
 2013 – 2015 – Fine arts Buenos Aires – permanent Artist.
 2010 – Espacio Iluminatta. Grupal exhibition 2008 – Espacio Pilar. Grupal exhibition. Detailed Description :
    The last series of sculptures I've been working on is based on two themes: the Moebius band and the Sefirot. The Moebius band is a typological figure, one surface, and one border figure that possesses the mathematical property to be a non-steerable object. In the Moebius band, there's no point in looking at an inner side or an outside one, because it has a single face, even though it doesn't appear that way. The second theme, the Sefirot, is a circular form that represents emanations of light. These consist of 10 circles, each represents the 10 attributes that God has. As the Men is made in likeness and image, it only needs to move forward to be enlightened. If the man is captured by hate, lies, and evil its soul darkens. This man needs to generate spiritual resistance to let him achieve the light that he possesses in his soul. Because of these reasons, my work tries to assemble the concept of duality through the shape and the material (resin) that can achieve, at the same time, light and darkness, and smoothness and texture.
  • Julita Luco

    Julita Luco

    Biography : Estudios Educación superior, titulada en diseño gráfico, Universidad del Pacífico, Chile, 1994. Taller de creatividad, Concepción Balmes (2001-2014) Taller Matías Movillo y otros. Exhibition : Shows 2017 Art Wynwood, Miami, USA, Colectiva con AC Contemporary Art 2016 Aqua Art Miami, USA, colectiva con AC Contemporary Art. 2016 “Art Week”, Arte objeto, Santiago Chile. 2016 “Tentaciones”, colectiva, Casa Errázuriz, Reñaca , Chile 2016 “50av 512 km, 5º artistas visuales de Concepción y Santiago” Apech (Asociación de pintores y escultores de Chile),colectiva, Galería Marina, Talcahuano, Chile. 2016 “Ciudad en movimiento”, Individual, Casa Errázuriz, Reñaca, Chile. 2016 “La noche en blanco”, colectiva, Galería Javier Román, Málaga, España. 2016 “Transformarte”, colectiva esculturas con residuos tecnológicos, Metro Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. 2016 ExpoArte , colectiva, Santo Domingo, Chile 2015 Exposición bipersonal en Galería Isabel Aninat (Parque Arauco), Chile. 2015 “Sabores de nuestro mar y tierra”, colectiva, Casa Errázuriz, Reñaca, Chile. 2015 “Chanchada”, exposición colectiva privada, Santiago, Chile 2015 “Transformarte”, colectiva. Esculturas con residuos tecnológicos en Fundación Telefónica, Santiago, Chile. 2015 “Huevos de Pascua pintados”, colectiva. Centro Cívico Municipalidad Las Condes, Santiago, Chile 2015 EnterArte,(colectiva), Estación Mapocho, Santiago, Chile. 2014 Bancas pintadas, Municipalidad de Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. 2014 EnterArte, obra creada con residuos tecnológicos para Chilenter, Detailed Description :
    Painter, Chilean. He was born in Madrid, Spain on March 3, 1971 · Visual artist (dedicated to painting almost 20 years ago),   (belongs to the APECH, association of painters and sculptors of Chile) and designer. . He has participated in several solo and collective exhibitions in Chile and   abroad (some abroad: Aqua Art Miami 2016 gallery AC Contemporary Art and in Spain at Galería Javier Román, Málaga, some in Chile: Gallery La Sala, Government Palace La Moneda, Fundación Telefónica, Mapocho Station, FAXXI between others). · Some of his works are in private collections in Chile and abroad. · Performed workshop on Easter Island, "Painting in Rapa Nui", working with children, adolescents   and adults. · Has participated in projects of "Art Week Santiago", Chile; "Painted benches", in Municipality of Santiago, Las Condes and Ñuñoa, Chile. · Participated in projects "Horses painted", Municipality of the Counts, Chile. (2 years) · Participated in "TransformArte", Chilenter, creating a work with technological waste. . Participated with the work "Heart adventurer aboard a sailboat", in book of poems   "Between Jupiter and Mars, a greeting to the stars", by Antonio Skarmeta. · Among others.
  • Susana Muñiz Muñiz

    Susana Muñiz Muñiz

    Biography : Susana Muñiz, born Buenos Aires, Argentina STUDIES AND TRAINING 1973-1975 Architecture U.B.A 1976-1980 Architecture of Interiors - Library of women. 2000-2002 Painting workshop Ana Collota 2008-2013 Photography Workshop Inés Miguens 2010-2012 Courses photoshop cs6 Marina Palazzolo. 2011 Course Illustrator CS6. Exhibition : Collective and individual shows 2016: Aqua ArtMiami - Basel Week - AC Contemporary Art (work sold during Aqua Art Miami). 2016: ArtMedellin (Colombia) - AC Contemporary Art 2015: ArtExpo New York - AC Contemporary Art 2014 Exhibition in Artespacio. Art Fair, San Isidro, Buenos Aires 2013 Fifth Exhibition Trabucco sponsored by the Municipality of Vicente López. Argentina 2015 Aqua Art Miami - Basel wek 2016 Aqua Art Miami - Basel Week 2017 ArtWynwood -
    Susana Muñiz Muñiz  - Ruidos

  • Juan Nieto Marin

    Juan Nieto Marin

    Biography : Taller de Arte de acción, impartido por Esther Ferrer. Casa Encendida. Madrid. 2003 • Taller de pintura, impartido por Luis Fega, Alcorcón, Madrid. 2002 • Taller de poesía visual, impartido por Fernando Millán, Alcorcón, Madrid. 2001 • Máster en Edición. Universidad de Salamanca.  1998 • Taller de serigrafía, impartido por Erik Kirksaether, Madrid. 1995 • Taller de pintura china. Cambridge, Gran Bretaña. • Curso de técnicas artísticas. Cambridge Regional College, Cambridge, Gran Bretaña. 1989 • Licenciado en Filología Hispánica. Universidad Complutense. Madrid. Exhibition : 2017 • I Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Junio, Málaga. •   37 Festival Iberoamericano de la edición, la poesía y las artes. Mayo, Punta Umbría (Huelva). • 2007   • Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos, OEI, Madrid. 2003 • Centro de las Artes. Doblar el espinazo al sol. Centro Alcorcón. Madrid. 1998 •  Suisho Gallery. Cambridge, Gran Bretaña. 1997 • Broughton House Gallery. Cambridge, Gran Bretaña. • Clare Hall Gallery. Cambridge, Gran Bretaña. 1995 • Galería Triángulo. Madrid. En colaboración con la C.A.M. (Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid). • Galería No se lo digas a nadie. En colaboración con la C.A.M. (Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid).  2017   • 20 x 20. Exposición colectiva. Galería Ra del Rey. Madrid. 2014 -2002   • ST. Libro Objeto:  Colegio de Arquitectos. / Círculo de Bellas Artes. /   Instituto Europeo del Diseño. / Museo del Grabado de Marbella. / Galería Astarté.  / El Ojo Atómico. / Galería Centro de Arte Moderno. / Galería Edurne. 1994 • Concurso Villa de Leganés. Madrid. 1993 • Feria Arte-Santander. Galería Quorum, Santander. 1992 • Concurso Villa de Leganés. Madrid.

  • Catalina Perl

    Catalina Perl

    Biography : Cata Perl has a degree in Arts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2007), with a diploma in Post-photographic production at MacPc Academy (2008). Studies 2017 Workshop of dyes and floral pigments, Bioart Lab. 2016 Courses of perfection of acrylics Golden in specialized store Color Animal 2013 Watercolor, Corporación Cultural de Las Condes 2008 Diploma in Photographic Post Production, Academia MacPc 2008 Photography Integral, Professor Javiera Infante 2007 Bachelor of Arts, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 2002 Oil painting workshop, Sergio Stitchkin Painting Assistant, Painting Human Figure for Professor Gastón Laval, Workshop for the Expression of Works and Comprehensive Workshop for Professor Carmen Ariztía at the Universidad Católica between 2004 and 2007. Seppia store creator of art and design. Creator of the Seppia art workshop, dedicated to photography and painting, creation of works, research and teaching. Private lessons in Digital Photography, Photo Retouching, Oil Painting and Watercolor since 2007. Exhibition : Exhibitions and publications - Collective exhibition at Scope Art Show, Basel, Switzerland, year 2017 - Collective exhibition "Emerging" at Galería La Puerta Azul, year 2017 - Collective exhibition "Tree Art" of Gallery Espacio Siena in Hotel Noi, Vitacura, year 2016 - Book "Women in Art" by Editorial Arte Al Limite, year 2016 - Collective exhibition at El Ciruelillo Workshop, year 2016 - Exhibition in MásDeco Market organized by La Tercera, year 2016 - Collective exhibition at El Ciruelillo Workshop, year 2015 - Exhibition of a collective project with Gastón Laval and Constanza Ramírez in the Sala Vilches of the School of Art of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, December 2009 to March 2010 - Exhibition "Thresholds" of the selection of the best exams of degree rendered in 2006 in the Extension Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, March 2007 - Project Manager of the Art Students Center, 2005. Together with a team of 4 people, I coordinated the following projects: End of semester exhibition, 2005; First exhibition of PUC Art students, 2005. - Collective exhibition of End of Semester in Eastern Campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, year 2005 - Private exhibition in the shop Stgo / Milan, Nueva Costanera 3714, Vitacura, Santiago, year 2005 Detailed Description :
    She has also studied photography and painting, always aiming to deepen her knowledge in both disciplines: She was a painting apprentice in Sergio Stitchkin’s workshop (2002); painting apprentice in watercolor workshop at Centro Cultural de Las Condes, Santiago (2013); and Golden advanced course in Color Animal art supplies store (2016). She has participated in several collective exhibits, such as "Umbrales", a selection of the best art degree projects in 2007, and "Árbol Arte" by Galeria Espacio Siena in 2016. She has also been published in the book "Mujeres en el Arte" by Editorial Arte al Limite. She is currently dedicated to painting, exploring new formats and techniques for her work. She also teaches watercolor painting and digital photography at her private studio.
    Catalina Perl - Geometria Celestial
    Geometria Celestial

  • Yuki Yamamoto

    Yuki Yamamoto

    Biography : Yuki worked for 10 years in the restoration area of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Place that served to him to know of close to important works of the Chilean painting. When viewed in intimacy, Yuki comments, he understood the importance of matter in the work, where form, image and matter are part of the whole, and where each brush stroke has a unique character. In this process of discovery he attended a course of engraving in metal in the workshop 99 in 2002, and two years later he went to the workshop of Cristián Abelli to explore the color. Finally decided to change the course of his life and in 2008, he turned exclusively to painting and creation. Detailed Description :
    Contemplation is an aspect of Yuki Yamamoto's personality that he inherited from his Asian origins. From a Japanese father and a Chilean mother, the artist has created a work based on the admiration of the harmony of nature, the Chilean landscape, but also in the observation of her own soul. Thus, pleased by the beauty of the imperfect, the observation of feelings and moments, Yuki claims to feel comfortable in both placidness and melancholy. Currently, the artist is in a new project where she works the theme of "the house", a figure that has captivated her since it consists of an icon of great strength in the collective imagination. Through three-dimensional painting and through the use of cut wood, bronze sheets, copper and corrugated cardboard, Yuki expresses the meaning of community and affluence of family groups gathered in the house. His work will be presented in August this year at an art fair in Amsterdam and in November will exhibit at the Cultural Center of Hill. Through her work, Yuki expresses the life in itself, an internal search where the more it delves, the more layers appear and this motivates it to continue penetrating. Because for Yuki, that's what life is all about, a constant search and that gives you immense pleasure.
    Yuki Yamamoto - ampliaciones

  • Ruby Yunis

    Ruby Yunis

    Biography : ESTUDIOS Psicología, Universidad Católica de Chile. (1959) Antropología, Universidad de Chile. (1971-1972) Orientación Familiar y Juvenil, Instituto Carlos Casanueva. (1982-1983-1984) ESTUDIOS DE ARTE - Residency Program, Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2017). - Residency Program Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2012). - Residency Program, Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2011). - Advanced Solar Etching on Japanese Paper with Encausting Wax Workshop Soledad Salamé, Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2011). - Residency Program, Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2010). - Solar Etching on Japanese Paper with Encausting Wax Workshop ,Soledad Salamé, Sol Print Studios, Baltimore, MD, USA (2010). - Taller Avanzado de Grabado Solar y Relieve Soledad Salamé, Sol Studio, Baltimore, MD,USA (2009). - Técnicas de Grabado Ivonne Chia Fan, Taller 99, Santiago, Chile (2009). - Taller de Grabado Solar y Monoprint Soledad Salamé, Sol Studio, Baltimore, MD,USA (2009). - Filosofía del Arte, Sergio Soza, Centroarte-Investigación, Santiago, Chile (2004-2005-2006). - Figura Humana, Eva Lefever (2003). - Acuarela, Técnicas Mixtas y Acrílico, Eva Holz (1998-1999-2000-2001-2002) - Metodologías Creativas para una Enseñanza Inventiva del Arte, Dr. David de Prado Diez Escuela de Arte, Pontificia Universidad Católica (1994). - Acuarela, Judith Oddó (1995-1996). - Taller de Creación, Sergio Soza (1987-1988-1989-1990-1991). Centro Arte (1986): Pintura, Sergio Soza Percepción, Francisco Gacitúa. Historia del Arte, Luis Catalán. Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo (1985): Pintura, Benito Rojo. Dibujo, Fernando Feuereisen. Estética, Milán Ivelic. Taller de Berta Orrego (1979-1980). Exhibition : EXPOSICIONES COLECTIVAS 2012 Santa María del Mar, Rocas de Sto. Domingo, V Región, Chile 2011 Santa María del Mar, Rocas de Sto. Domingo, V Región, Chile 2008 “1er Salón Pintura Contemporánea” Palacio La Alhambra, SNBA, Stgo. Chile 2005 Casa de la Cultura, Rocas de Santo Domingo, V Región, Chile 2004 Art Mater,Casa Mater, Santiago, Chile 2002 “Feminae" Universidad Mayor,Santiago, Chile. 2002 Chilearte "Borderío",Santiago, Chile. 2000 “Palestina Vista por Chile”, C.P,Santiago, Chile. 1990-1991-1992 V,VI,VII “Encuentro de Pintores”, C.P.,Santiago, Chile. 1989 Palacio de la Alhambra, Santiago, Chile. 1989 “IV Encuentro de Pintores de Ascendencia Arabe”, C.P.,Stgo, Chile 1987-1988 “Palestina Vista por Chile”, C. P.,Santiago, Chile. 1986 Sala Centroarte. Santiago, Chile. 1980 Sala La Capilla “Teatro Municipal”.Santiago, Chile. EXPOSICIONES PERMANENTES Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Facultad Ingeniería, Santiago, Chile Stevenson University, Baltimore MD, USA Ilustre Municipalidad de Santiago, Santiago,Chile Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile Club Palestino, Santiago, Chile Capilla La Tercera, Longaví, VII Región, Chile Sus Obras están en colecciones privadas en Argentina, Chile, España, Japón y USA EXPOSICIONES INDIVIDUALES 2015 “Cosmovisión de un Mundo Paralelo”, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile 2015 “Under the Sun” Hyllier Art Space, Washington DC, USA 2013 “Subjects of Splendor” Art Fussion Galleries Wynwood, USA 2011 "Expo Arte" Colegio People Help People,Sala 13, Rocas de Santo Domingo, V Región, Chile. 2007 "Traspasando Umbrales" Sala Jerusalem ,Club Palestino,Santiago,Chile 2002 "Explorando el Alma", Artex Galería,Santiago, Chile 1990 "Desde la Luz" ,Club Palestino,Santiago, Chile EXPOSICIONES INTERNACIONALES 2017 "Art Wynwood" Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL, USA 2016 Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2015 “Under the Sun” Hyllier Art Space, Washingt Detailed Description :
    “Los grabados solares los empecé y realizo en Baltimore, trabajo allá. Son un medio ecológico en el que no se usa ácido y no hay daño al medio ambiente ni al artista”, describe respecto del método que utiliza una plancha metálica con emulsiones fotosensibles. “Se trabaja con la luz solar o una caja de luz y produce lo mismo que el ácido”, termina. Respecto del trabajo de pintura, hay un abismante diferencial. Así, habla de los pasos y las diferencias: “Primero hago el proyecto, es un trabajo más conceptual al de la pintura. Hay que dibujar, hacer la serie. Mi última serie de grabados fue en base a investigaciones sobre los mundos paralelos. La NASA, el espacio estuvieron presentes en el estudio y todas las formas que hay en el universo”.


Founded in   2004
Maria Cristina de la Vega    Owner
Maria Cecilia Maguire    Art Director/Curator
AC Contemporary Art is embedded in the art market in Argentina since 2004. Fairs presenting us in international art.
Our proposal seeks to show sections of the new Argentine art, some of the many artistic expressions of young artists whose works seek techniques and materials are varied, a mapping of Buenos Aires, without thereby be subject. We understand the international art fairs as a large window display and a great opportunity for our most outstanding and creative artists.