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Galerie LeRoyer
Galerie LeRoyer
60 Saint-Paul St W
Québec H2Y 1Y8 Montreal
T  (514) 287-1351
E-mail address : info@galerieleroyer.com
Website : http://www.galerieleroyer.com
Founded in 1995

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Ole Aakjaer

    Ole Aakjaer

  • Ivan Alifan

    Ivan Alifan

  • Yoakim Bélanger

    Yoakim Bélanger

  • Knowledge Bennett

    Knowledge Bennett

  • Éloïse Brodeur

    Éloïse Brodeur

    Biography : Éloïse Brodeur was raised in an environment suitable for the development of her own creativity. Her mother was a painter and her father an architect. She graduated from Concordia University in Montreal and received various awards and scholarships for her artwork. Brodeur also had the opportunity of attending advanced drawing workshops in Umbria, Italy. Since 1999, Brodeur has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada. While exploring the theme of the cow, Éloïse Brodeurs' work arouses debate. She certainly calls into question the way our society functions, our methods of consumption, abundance, excess, overproduction as well as the historical domestication of the animal. She also respects her subject's peacefulness and equanimity by using a palette based in contrast. The emptiness or the pure space that surrounds the subject, brings balance and calls for serenity and introspection in the viewer.

  • James Burke

    James Burke

  • Manolo Chrétien

    Manolo Chrétien

  • Barbara Cole

    Barbara Cole

  • Tim Conlon

    Tim Conlon

  • DOC Desire Obtain Cherish

    DOC Desire Obtain Cherish

  • Denis Dulude

    Denis Dulude

  • Anke Eilegerhard

    Anke Eilegerhard

  • Fidia Falaschetti

    Fidia Falaschetti

  • Dominique Fortin

    Dominique Fortin

  • Karim Ghidinelli

    Karim Ghidinelli

  • Marco Grassi

    Marco Grassi

  • Stev'nn Hall

    Stev'nn Hall

  • Martin C. Herbst

    Martin C. Herbst

  • Zhuang Hong Yi

    Zhuang Hong Yi

  • Jan Kalab

    Jan Kalab

  • Mark Khaisman

    Mark Khaisman

  • Maya Kulenovic

    Maya Kulenovic

  • Jouets LaFrance

    Jouets LaFrance

  • Éric Lapointe

    Éric Lapointe

    Biography : As a graduate of the Bachelor of Visual Arts program at Laval University Eric Lapointe has been sculpting in bronze for 12 years. He is represented by galleries in Quebec and the United States, and his work has garnered recognition. His sculptures are a explorative creation using the principle of tri-dimensional anamorphosis, which creates a paradox between reality and illusion. He attempts to set a formally emancipated representation against a restored image (viewed through a lens integrated in the sculpture) corresponding to our usual view of a given subject. This optical illusion not only serves form itself, but also its own purpose, as Eric's goal is to question the validity of our perception of reality. Through his choice of subjects, he offers to the observer's critical gaze different viewpoints on the modern world.

  • Éric Lapointe

    Éric Lapointe

  • Alesandro Ljubicic

    Alesandro Ljubicic

  • Kai McCall

    Kai McCall

  • Claudio Napolitano

    Claudio Napolitano

  • Claudio Napolitano

    Claudio Napolitano

  • Yann Normand

    Yann Normand

    Biography : The artwork by the collective Normand/Ferland can be uniquely defined as being forged under a singular creative force. Both originating from Quebec, Yann Normand and Nancy Ferland have for over 10 years been guided by a daring desire for experimentation and spontaneity. By the authenticity of their artistic approach, they brought their creations beyond any form of trend; thus inscribing them in timelessness. In 2010, the work in duet and the signature Normand-Ferland have found an end because of Nancy Ferland's death (1972-2010). Today, drawing at the same source, Yann Normand pursues the work, letting energy and strength express through the creative fire, and give birth to a new work, under a different day.

  • Lyle Owerko

    Lyle Owerko

  • Stikki Peaches

    Stikki Peaches

  • Andre Petterson

    Andre Petterson

  • Edvardas Racevičius

    Edvardas Racevičius

  • Jérome Rochette

    Jérome Rochette

  • Martin Rondeau

    Martin Rondeau

  • Marie-Josée Roy

    Marie-Josée Roy

  • Jacqueline Surdell

    Jacqueline Surdell

  • Antoine Tava

    Antoine Tava

  • the London Police

    the London Police

  • Rock Therrien

    Rock Therrien

  • Saskia Van Kampen

    Saskia Van Kampen

  • Nick Veasey

    Nick Veasey

  • Willy Verginer

    Willy Verginer

  • Paul Villinski

    Paul Villinski

  • Idan Zareski

    Idan Zareski

  • Zekoff



Brian Brisson    Founder
Galbraith Sharon   
Alexandra Conners    Director
Founded in 1995, Montreal Canada