Exhibitor listing
Sienna Red -  Eileen Lerner
Costa Rica Mermaid Triptych -  Eileen Lerner
Dreaming -  Eileen Lerner
Gehry at Sunset -  Daniel Jenney
Magenta Fire -  Judy Doherty
Ranunculus -  James Ransom
Bamboo III  -  Philippe Cheng
x-ray Handbag (Pistol Packin' Mama)  -  David Arky
Scars  -  Tamara Rafkin
Dive  -  Fiona Aboud
Individuum 3 -  Nune Karamyan
Twentynine Palms Pool -  Melissa Roldan
Cony Island Boardwalk -  Beth Green
Field of Gold  -  Beth Green
Within / Without -  Duane lyken
“The Corner” from the series “I am Already a Ghost" -  Cindy Konits
“The Sill” from the series “I am Already a Ghost” -  Cindy Konits
Untitled from the series Echoes of Silence #1290 -  Roberta Ruocco
Giverny #1  -  Angela Schapiro
Betrayed - Allaire Bartel
New York to Los Angeles #15, Nevada -  Ashok Sinha
Collage #2 (Invisible)  -  Liam Alexander
Stand n°  Room 209

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The core mission of ASMP is to advocate, educate, and provide a community for image-makers — fostering thriving careers, a strong sense of professional ethics, and an unshakable belief in the power of images.

Artists Exhibited at the show:

  • Fiona Aboud

    Fiona Aboud

     Fiona Aboud - Dive
    Biography : Brazilian-American artist Fiona Aboud creates images rooted in photography that are inspired by natural elements such as water and fire. Aboud’s lyrical and humanistic style frees the imagination while challenging issues of perception, multiculturalism and stereotypes. Aboud’s practice is influenced by photographers like Edward Curtis who documented Native Americans whose culture was in danger of disappearing. This mindset influenced Aboud to create projects that preserve cultures through photography, such as Sikhs: An American Portrait. Inspired by hate crimes and American realist painters explore what it means to be American and examine the human prejudice of physical differences. This series received numerous awards from American Photography, grants from the Sikh Foundation and was exhibited at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Her show at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle in May 2018, explored the central character she created from the cartoons of Vishvijit Singh. Inspired by Singh’s cartoons, she encouraged him to dress up as Captain America, which led to his persona becoming an internet sensation. His image and messages of tolerance are used in classrooms around the country to teach cultural understanding to school children. Her project for Sports Illustrated on Amputee Soccer players in Sierra Leone in 2007 inspired the making of the documentary “The Flying Stars” and the sale of her prints has raised thousands of dollars for job training for Amputees in Sierra Leone. More recently, Aboud’s work has pivoted toward abstraction to address narrative about self-perception and identity. With her Imperception Series, she creates a visual allegory for our distorted self-perception by projecting an image into water and then photographing the projection. Aboud collaborates with water to create a decisive moment infused with energy from our physical world. Aboud’s work has been published in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The Detailed Description : Imperception n. lack of perception Self-perception is imperfect and causes the viewer to experience almost complete distortion. I have observed this in myself and other women both peers and during my time working in fashion. A woman can be a model of perfection to others and she sees herself as fat, disproportioned, and disfigured. This reality has inspired me to represent this by showing nudes through refractions of water as a representation of the truth bending properties of the mind’s eye, alternating between a gentle obfuscation and energetic vibration as the self oscillates between optimistic self-assurance and raw self-critique. The beauty of the forms comes throughout nonetheless, showcasing that throughout the imperceptions, there is a familiar journey to find the balance between who we wish to be and how we see ourselves. To create the images I photographed nudes in the studio against various backdrops and then projected the images into water and photographed that reflection. I manipulated the water using drops, children's toys, agitating the water and various reflective surfaces. Besides color and contrast photoshop was not used to create these images.
  • Liam Alexander

    Liam Alexander

     Liam Alexander - Collage #2 (Invisible)
    Collage #2 (Invisible)
    Biography : Liam Alexander is a fine artist who creates photographic based collage art. His intention is catalyzing social change through artistic expression. Liam has created community focused independent creative projects such as: IThou at the NYU Kimmel Galleries, The Exchange at Rush Arts, #StrokeofGenius, and the SAP Gallery of Purpose. His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions through out the United States, at the second annual Toolkit Festival in Venice, Italy and published in magazines like Nylon and Rolling Stone. He has also created projects with major brands like Wix.com, The City of New York, Samsung, SAP, and Renaissance Hotels. Detailed Description : I like to challenge the mind and how we see things with my work. Each piece has a message or vision that I am out to convey, some of my work focuses on catalyzing social change, some messages are connected to the individuals I photograph, and others deal with the human psyche, representation, memory, and and our experience of life. I believe that art should evoke something in the viewer, have them question themselves or their world. I am aware that this is something I don't have to do, but for whatever reason I have been granted a voice and a platform, and every day I get to choose to use that gift to take a shot at saying something that might move the world, or might move just one person.
  • David Arky

    David Arky

     David Arky - x-ray Handbag (Pistol Packin' Mama)
    x-ray Handbag (Pistol Packin' Mama)
    Biography : David Arky is not just an artist for art’s sake. To him, photography is a calling in which the final image is designed to achieve an end. So he’s well known not only for how striking and innovative his still life, conceptual and x-ray photography is, but also for his understanding of how the images will be used. Since his start, he’s seen photography as a kind of visual language, crafted in specific ways to solve specific challenges. His process, too, combines instinctive artistry with rigorous methodology: visualizing a solution, then physically applying ink to paper—in as many forms and as many times as it takes—to spark the solution. Detailed Description : The use of x-ray images and computers are tools for realizing David Arky's vision as an artist with an interest in Sciences of the natural world. Photography and the x-ray process both explore ideas of exposure of nature. An inner life is uncovered in the nature of x-ray photography and in the actions of the subjects. Static props from everyday life become animated and humanized with recognizable personas. Stories of the world and of nature become the nonsensical and yet unthreatening in the natural world and thus become deeply familiar. The drama of x-ray photography and particularly the sense that the viewers are left with theopportunity to allow their imaginations to wander and fill in the voids that color x-ray images seem to complete. The transparent-ness of the x-ray process allowed me to bring in added depth to the images. It also allowed me to add the language of my interest of how one sees sciences and art merge, while keeping some mystery about who we are in a world bound by sciences."
  • Allaire Bartel

    Allaire Bartel

    Allaire Bartel - Betrayed
    Biography : Allaire Bartel began her career in NYC by working as a photo editor and retoucher for high-end fashion photographers. Their outstanding reputations enabled her to work with some of the most esteemed clients in the fashion and luxury industry, including Vogue and Vanity Fair. Taking what she learned from this unique opportunity, she moved from behind-the-scenes to behind-the-camera, photographing portraits and products for luxury brands. Bartel’s personal work, in contrast, examines women’s issues in society. An early personal project, Boundaries, depicts the sexual harassment many women face in everyday life, and was shared widely on platforms such as Buzzfeed, HuffPost, AlJazeera, and others. Allaire served on the ASMP-NY board from 2017-2019 and currently coordinates photo shoots for the Yale School of Medicine. Detailed Description : This is an ongoing series about living with endometriosis, which I began after my surgical diagnosis earlier this year. Endometriosis is a chronic illness where tissue similar to the endometrium grows outside of the uterus. Symptoms can include (but aren’t limited to) extreme pain during or between periods, heavy or irregular menstruation, pain with sex, bloating and other gut issues, chronic fatigue, and infertility. While approximately 1 in 10 women have endometriosis, it takes an average of 7 years to diagnose and there is no cure. Learning to live with endometriosis is a journey that I will continue to document in hopes of increasing awareness of this life-altering disease.
  • Philippe Cheng

    Philippe Cheng

     Philippe Cheng - Bamboo III
    Bamboo III
    Biography : Philippe Cheng is a fine art based photographer in New York with studios in New York City & Bridgehampton, Long Island. Born and raised in New York City, he was educated at The School of Visual Arts and New York University. His work is in the Library Collection of The Museum of Modern Art and The Parrish Art Museum, and in many private collections. Detailed Description : The narratives of my creative and working life, while one and the same, are consistently the subjects that I return to time and again. The issues of social consciousness and the disconnect and separation that surrounds a particular reality, to the richness and the arc of family life and the social rituals that help define us; from birth to marriage to loss, and to the landscapes we live in; figuratively and metaphorically. And specifically I have been thinking very much about the idea of landscape and what it can represent. The physical landscape has always inspired me to interpret and look for meaning beyond what is immediately clear. To parse and photograph the spaces that are in between the distinct shapes that we define as trees, road, earth, and water. While this has engulfed me, and has been reflected in a book project entitled, “ Still, The East End Photographs “, this persistent artistic imperative has extended to a new narrative entitled, “ Beautiful Chaos “, which represents an exploration and intentionality of (not)seeing and of the tactile while reflecting many of my inclinations whether visually referred to or discovered in context. And while many of the images are natural landscape based, I have extended my visual palette to manufactured static environments that have been abstracted as color fields.
  • Judy Doherty

    Judy Doherty

     Judy Doherty - Magenta Fire
    Magenta Fire
    Biography : Judy Doherty is an American-born artist based in Fremont, California. Judy’s work explores natural and man-made processes which change the environment both quickly and slowly. She creates photographs, water-based paintings, and mixed media prints. By exploring the concepts of landscape and time, Doherty establishes a link between the landscape’s reality and that imagined by its conceiver. These works focus on concrete questions that determine our current and future existence. Judy began her art career working alongside her mom carving wood for prints, painting, sculpting, and making collages. She attended the Culinary Institute of America and became a pastry chef before launching a graphic design and commercial photography company. She completed a Post Baccalaureate in Visual Arts at UC Berkeley Extension in 2016. She is now studying sustainability as an MPS candidate at the CIA. Detailed Description : The colors that I use in Magenta Fire are inspired from wildfires.. Fire is beautiful and it makes me feel that I am on the edge, entranced in beauty but in danger of no return, no escape, and no way out from the heat and destruction.
  • Beth Green

    Beth Green

     Beth Green - Field of Gold
    Field of Gold
     Beth Green - Cony Island Boardwalk
    Cony Island Boardwalk
    Biography : After interning for Ansel Adams, Minor White and Richard Avedon, Beth Green worked for the wire services, photographing world leaders including queens, Popes and Presidents. The first female photographer in a professional sports locker room, Beth received national awards for this work. After a decade as a Newsweek magazine photo editor, Beth focused on architectural and corporate photography, changing executive photography of women: a Photo Pro cover story noted how she more naturally and attractively portrayed such executives. She photographed top executives for Bank of America, American Express, Cantor Fitzgerald and other companies. Beth currently concentrates on fine art photography based in Manhattan and the Hudson Valley. Detailed Description : I am a very traditional photographer from the world of film and large format photography. With the advent of digital photography, the use of digital manipulations in my work is minimal. I believe in the play of light on the subject to create my images. I crop entirely in my camera and turn my camera on the world around me. Light is my paintbrush and is the tool for my artistic license. My main interest is the image as it is in the moment. Though the world is constantly changing, how you arrange the image in your viewfinder can capture a memorable picture forever.
  • Daniel Jenney

    Daniel Jenney

     Daniel Jenney - Gehry at Sunset
    Gehry at Sunset
    Biography : I have been a client base professional photographer for over 14 years in the fields of interior design and architecture based in the Greater New York. When not on assignment I seek out unique structures with complex design elements to keep my interest and creativity sharp. Detailed Description : Ive always been fascinated by the singular vision it takes to make a unique structure. To see if in your mind and make it a reality on such a grand scale is stunning to me, even more amazing is that the building has to be functional as well as beautiful. I have sought out unique structures and design elements within them that I feel are begging to be photographed. The small details that together make up the larger whole truly fascinate as you can see the care that went into even the most mundane parts. This piece shows this architectural detail in an abstract manor letting the viewer focus purely on the design
  • Ted & Nune

    Ted & Nune

     Nune Karamyan - Individuum 3
    Individuum 3
    Biography : Ted & Nune (Ted Andreasian and Nune Karamyan), based in New York, are a couple in life and duo in photography. They create in their works an emotional connection with architectural subjects. They accentuate the unique feel of man-made structures and present them in surrealistic settings to elevate them in the viewer's consciousness. Notable awards: IPA 2019 Gold Architecture-Abstract /series of work INDIVIDUUM IPA 2017 Gold Architecture-Historic TIFA 2017 First Place in Category PX3 2017 Silver Architecture-Buildings MIFA 2017 Silver in Portfolio, Bronze in Bridges TIFA 2016 First and Second Places in Category MIFA 2016 1st in Architecture-Citiscapes. Detailed Description : We are drawn like evening moths to the city’s canvas of lights. This series was born from the desire to show a city’s synergy in one out-of-camera frame. We view the city’s singular static elements as an interconnected dynamic organism; the skyline cells as synapses firing gossamer traces of information among one another. We chose the night for this series because it hides more than reveals. The city comes alive in its artificial form where the human presence is more assumed than observed. We are still trying to figure out whether this system is ultimately positive or negative. It is as complex as our lives and composed of both elements.
  • Cindy Konits

    Cindy Konits

     Cindy Konits - “The Sill” from the series “I am Already a Ghost”
    “The Sill” from the series “I am Already a Ghost”
     Cindy Konits - “The Corner” from the series “I am Already a Ghost"
    “The Corner” from the series “I am Already a Ghost"
    Biography : Cindy Konits is a new media artist exploring family history, memory, and identity with evolving technologies. She taught Photography and Video Art at Stevenson University, Maryland for 15 years. MEMOIRE INVOLUNTAIRE selections (2018-2019) have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Konits' documentary short “The Way I See It” screened at 19 festivals worldwide. Two solo photography exhibitions were funded by NEA and NEH. Konits earned her Photography MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a graduate fellowship. Her work is held in national collections. Detailed Description : Facing serious family illnesses and the vulnerability of the planet, I consider my mortality. Since the subconscious does not recognize the passage of time however, I live in childhood, adolescence and adulthood all at once, unable to comprehend my own death. I consider instead what will survive me. The Scottish poet Don Paterson said “almost everything in the room with survive you. To the room, you are already a ghost.” In this series I photograph myself as my ghostly presence in the spaces I inhabit. The obsolete Polaroid camera and expired film employed will also survive me, though they too are already ghosts in the digital age.
  • Eileen Lerner

    Eileen Lerner

     Eileen Lerner - Dreaming
     Eileen Lerner - Costa Rica Mermaid Triptych
    Costa Rica Mermaid Triptych
     Eileen Lerner - Sienna Red
    Sienna Red
    Biography : My photography is a combination of mixed media and layers adding to the textural composition…that lend elements to surreal and pop. I like to push the 3D in the photography. Most of my work have elements of Beauty, Nature and Architecture. Whether it is a composition of all combined or individually. Inspiration for me comes from many great artists, in many fields. Some the greats like: Matisse, Mozart, Ninn, Miller, O'Keeffe, Penn, Avedon, ManRay, Rodin, Colette, etc. I like the way the deconstructive process creates a new meaning to my images, and I hope the viewer gets the sense of anticipation, that anything can happen in this world of unbound realities. Nothing’s perfect and time will never be the same, and so I change, and so do my images, altering them to the transition between the surreal and the moment. I focus on beauty, in art and nature as if one. Detailed Description : Surreal Imagery inspired by Man Ray. To make us dream of other worlds’ existing within and beyond the boundaries of imagination. Always aware of how photographing becomes a magical act..the appearance and the changes, that I as a photographer can construct, I love photographing because of this moment of change. Visually aware that to concept is one thing and alchemy process another. That the surprise element is ever present whether from a gesture, or an emotion from a model, the light from a source, or the added element of the digital darkroom. I like the surprise from what becomes. My favorite artists are ManRay and Matisse, and each time I view a work of either, it is savored memory, and again a striking newness that moves me. Enclosed are Photographic Images which I would like incorporated into a show. The series I have photographed in different mediums and I have digitally enhanced them to look deconstructed, and solarized. I chose not to solarize every image I take but feel that the ones that I do alter are transformed to another dimensionality. They stand as images on their own without added digital work, but as Man Ray, and other surrealists I love the aesthetic freedom. The over-process and defective development of light and dark giving an otherworldly vision. Man Ray’s muse lends itself to my inspiration of Man Ray and Lee Miller’s creative cycle. I hope to honor them. I like the way the deconstructive process creates a new meaning to my images, and I hope the viewer gets the sense of anticipation, that anything can happen in this world. Nothing’s perfect and time will never be the same, and so I change, and so do my images, altering them to the transition between the surreal and the moment. I focus on beauty, in art and nature as if one. The line of a body is as important as the ghostly movement of tulips in shade.
  • Duane Lyken

    Duane Lyken

     Duane lyken - Within / Without
    Within / Without
    Biography : Primarily, a Fashion & Travel Photographer, Duane’s images have been featured in outlets like Essence, Forbes, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) and Instyle magazines. While working in High Fashion with major sponsors like Nissan, Macy’s and Pandora, Duane donates his time as a photojournalist to a variety of non-profit organizations around the world covering their efforts to bring awareness to a variety of social causes. Photography is his ultimate passion so you will never hear him call it work. Making a difference with each and every person he encounters gives his photography purpose that can be seen in all his collections. Fine Art has always been his favorite as he visits countless galleries and museums around the world. Now he is living the dream of creating and making a statement with his own art. Detailed Description : Spellbound is a collection inspired by Duane’s view of the resilience and tenacity of women throughout the many emotional, physical, mental and sexual traumas. Women supporting women is paramount in creating a safe space and begin the healing process. It provides connection to one’s self with the freedom to be reacquainted with self-love, beauty sexuality, divinity and spiritual awakening. This collection is simply for you to “be with” and explore all the ways to honor yourself. An opportunity to see another for who they are beyond the physical. See the vulnerability in each piece and just how powerful it can be to live in the presence of that.
  • Tamara Rafkin

    Tamara Rafkin

     Tamara Rafkin - Scars
    Biography : Tamara Rafkin has been creating artwork most of her life and exhibiting work for over half of her life. Her works have been exhibited on three continents and are in several private and public collections, while her commercial work has appeared on book jackets, in national / international magazines and graced album covers. Tamara grew up in Charleston S.C. and has lived many places including Atlanta, NYC, San Francisco, Aalst, Belgium and has recently relocated to the Hudson River Valley in NY. This varied experience contributes to her outlook, has provided inspiration and influences the process of her artwork. Detailed Description : Scars explores the concept of how traumatic events, if discussed and made part of the cultural vernacular, can over time find a way to hold beautiful elements. They are part of Berlin culture, shrapnel wounds left all over the city from WWII & the East-West divide. Berlin has chosen to leave these marks as a way to remember the past, continuing a dialogue about those events and keeping history alive in people’s minds. An interesting metaphor for the way to deal with trauma, I found beauty in this - not in the horrors that created these wounds, but in reverence to them.
  • James Ransom

    James Ransom

     James Ransom - Ranunculus
    Biography : James Ransom is an award-winning photographer most well-known for his use of color. He studied photography under John Telford at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. In 2001 he moved to New York City to pursue a commercial career where he still lives with his wife and four children. James has shown work at AIPAD and has photographs in several private collections in the U.S. and abroad. Detailed Description : Ranunculus Color educates us about our world. It warns us of danger, makes us hungry and soothes our soul. It adds another dimension, as it were, to space and time, enriching our life experience. It is another language in itself. The human eye can see up to 7,000 colors, each represented by a different wavelength of light. When we see a color what we are actually witnessing is a wave of light reflecting off an object. Our eyes absorb and process that light and we assign it a name: red, green, blue, turquoise, burnt sienna. Color is a common thread throughout my work, and I find myself drawn to vibrant flowers and plants. I explore their graphic elements by isolating them on a dark background. By varying the quality of light, I reveal colors unnoticed at first glance. The viewer discovers something new in the familiar and this evokes a response. The language of color is not spoken.
  • Melissa Roldan

    Melissa Roldan

     Melissa Roldan - Twentynine Palms Pool
    Twentynine Palms Pool
    Biography : Melissa Roldan is a Los Angeles based photojournalist specializing in capturing cultures, landscapes, and the people who inspire them. Prior work as a print producer and respected photo editor at various stock agencies completed her holistic vision of the business. Clients include Vitamin Angeles/Walgreens, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Latina Magazine, and Ad Council. Melissa has been featured in and received awards from esteemed organizations such as Photoville LA, National Geographic Travel, International Color Awards, The Art of Photography Show, MOPLA asmpLA, PHOTO L.A., and Women in Photography. She is currently a member of ASMP, blink, and Photographers Without Borders. Detailed Description : An observer since childhood, I am curious about people and cultures near and far. Photography allows me to explore this in an immersive and authentic way. In a journey of the senses, I survey the emotions, textures, and colors of the people and places that create them. Mindfully working within or without the frame, I create images that tell a singular yet cohesive story. A story that asks questions or evokes a deeper meaning beyond the viewer's initial perception: a person through gesture, an object through color, or a place through light.
  • Roberta Ruocco

    Roberta Ruocco

     Roberta Ruocco - Untitled from the series Echoes of Silence #1290
    Untitled from the series Echoes of Silence #1290
    Biography : Photography has been a very important part of my life, it is a way of seeing what my heart feels and capturing it forever. My parents immigrated to America from the island of Capri. I am first generation born in Palm Beach, Florida and was fortunate enough to spend my summers in Capri. I grew up capturing the two places closest to my heart through my lens, not ever realizing the relevancy.While in college studying international marketing at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I took a black and white photography class. Which inspired me more than anything and ignited my passion. I graduated from FIT, got married had two beautiful children and shortly thereafter I went back to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where I received a BFA in photography. It was a challenging journey but such a noteworthy experience on so many levels! You can find me capturing moments anywhere between New York, Palm Beach and Capri! Detailed Description : Caught within the redundancy of the ebbs and flows of life, I had lost a sense of who I once was and what was vital for the importance of my existence. I had placed everyone and everything before myself. Instead of falling deeper, I have leaped towards freedom, mirrored within the ocean. The ever-changing light reflections and ocean waters have breathed new life into me. As I stand at the ocean's edge, I am renewed by its endless possibilities
  • Angela Schapiro

    Angela Schapiro

     Angela Schapiro - Giverny #1
    Giverny #1
    Biography : Photographer Angela P. Schapiro, born in England and educated in France, is a former advertising executive and film producer who now makes her home in Upstate New York. Her work is widely exhibited and published both in the US and internationally. Ms. Schapiro is the official photographer of Maverick Concerts, in Woodstock, NY. Other clients include The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Carl Icahn, The King Faisal Foundation, Fleet Bank, Conrad Black and the Ulster County (NY) Chamber of Commerce. Detailed Description : LIFE IS MY FOCUS: MY WAY OF SEEING. We are in an era when anyone with a digital camera or smart phone can take a good photograph, but the true Art of photography is far more complex than that. Much of my artistic work continues beyond the initial image that is captured. This process involves an intense period of revisiting and exploring the initial image. There is immense satisfaction in being able to create work via enhancement and manipulation of imagery until it satisfies my artist’s eye.
  • Ashok Sinha

    Ashok Sinha

     Ashok Sinha - New York to Los Angeles #15, Nevada
    New York to Los Angeles #15, Nevada
    Biography : Ashok Sinha is a New York-based photographer whose large scale landscape photographs picture uncommon perspectives, delegating the horizon in the bottommost third of the image, or as seen while photographing directly over the edge of a icebreaker ship or through the window of a transcontinental flight. While his interest in the beauty of the natural world endows a unique attention to the unnoticed, his commercial career as an architectural photographer informs bodies of work that focus on the built environment. His photographs have been exhibited at The Museum of the City of New York, the International Center of Photography, and The Royal Photographic Society. Sinha is also the founder of Cartwheel Initiative, a nonprofit that works with displaced and refugee youth, which empowers these young people to tell their stories through the use of photography and multimedia. Detailed Description : New York to Los Angeles is an ongoing series of aerial photographs shot during cross-continental commercial flights between the two cities. I want to capture the beauty and abstract qualities of the landscape below, which often goes unnoticed despite the fact that millions of fellow travelers share this perspective every year. With only a self-made camera modification, I am deliberately limited when shooting through airplane windows. I carefully choose specific seat assignments and flights to take into account seasonality and variations in flight paths. Since I only make photographs during extremely short timeframes relative to the duration of a typical flight, a lot of this work depends on a fair amount of trial and error, weather conditions, and a bit of plain luck.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Susan J Chen

    Susan J Chen

    Biography : Susan J Chen is an award-winning conceptual photographer with a healthy and playful sense of death in her photographic and motion-based work. While some girls played with dolls and dresses, Susan was drawn to the weird, bugs and worms as a young girl. Her work has been described as cinematic, moody and emotionally charged with color and dark humour. Her work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Tokyo, and published in photography annuals Graphis, PDN, American Photographic Artists among others. The Artist Statement you have already is okay. Detailed Description :
    "Making America Great Again Through the melting of the iconic Americana flag popsicle, “Making America Great Again” is a political commentary on the Trump era. The Frog Prince Part of an on-going series, Modern Fairy Tales reimagines well known fairy tales through their lesser-known, darker-rooted story. This series takes a modern re-interpretation in narrative, style and with dark humour. In the original Brothers Grimm, non-Disney version of “the Frog Prince”, the princess doesn't kiss the frog and live happily ever after. She throws the frog against the wall in a moment of anger and spite."
  • Kristofer Dan-Bergman

    Kristofer Dan-Bergman

    Biography : Swedish born New York residing photographer. Brought up in a theater family in Stockholm. Started out as a photo journalist and slowly moved into commercial and advertising photography. During his whole career he has worked on his own projects mainly to discover himself in the discipline and the universe. This led to his first exhibit called 'Touch' which was an exploration of his relationship to stones. Many more followed i.e. ’S_PACE’, ‘allONE’, ‘Wall(k)’,’Evidence” etc. Kristofer also have done several documentary stories i.e. 'Garissa' (Kenya), Karen People of Burma and his latest Evidence (Eastern Africa). His work has been exhibited in several Museums (i.e. Fotografiska-Sweden, MOCADA-New York) and galleries. His series has won many awards including Communication Arts, Graphis, AI-AP, Applied Arts. Two of his series ‘Away’ and ’S_PACE’ was recently featured in the Italian Fine Art Magazine “Gente di Fotografia” where they used a photo from his ‘Away” series as the back cover. Detailed Description :
    My personal work is always a search and thus never really finished. Looking back at what I have done it seems it is an exploration of time, space and consciousness. The latest series 'Raging Mother' (working title) is a little different than the previous one because it is set in nature and specifically the ocean. Here I am going back to my roots …water.
  • S.M. Dyer

    S.M. Dyer

    Biography : s.m. dyer has had solo shows in Soho, NY, Brooklyn, NY and Connecticut, with both domestic and international group shows. She was accepted into a juried show by Randall R. Griffey, Curator at The MET, NYC. She has had images on the set of ‘God Friended Me’, ‘Train Wreck’, ‘American Odyssey’, ‘Succession’, the soon to be released ‘Isn’t it Romantic’ and ‘Compliance’. Her work hangs in Haddad celebrity campers. She’s been written up in L'Oeil de la Photographie magazine. Other pieces can also be found internationally in private collections, restaurants, and offices. Detailed Description :
    Intrigued with shapes and forms, s.m.dyer investigates through the ephemeral nature of nature, the spirit that is buried within. Using available light, she explores her subject through a variety of methods, motion and actions, exposing a critical comment on the relationship humanity shares with our environment.
  • Geoff Johnson

    Geoff Johnson

    Biography : Geoff Johnson was born in the heart of the midwest, and is currently based out of Omaha. Geoff got started in photography very young and by high school was singularly committed to the art of making photographs. Geoff earned his degree in commercial photography in 1997 and has for more than 17 years developed his vision while making work with editors and creatives throughout the U.S. Geoff’s work has been featured in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated and American Photography. In his commercial photography, Geoff specializes in agricultural, industrial, educational and health care work. His clients include American Airlines, Boehringer Ingelheim, Dove, Girl Scouts of the USA, Mayo Clinic, University of Nebraska, Sports Illustrated, Propane Education Research Council (PERC) and Werner Enterprises. Geoff is especially passionate about creating photos that feature hard work as a lifestyle: telling personal stories of Americans and Midwesterners dedicated to advancing the traditions of their chosen craft. Through his personal projects, Geoff strives to better his understanding of our contemporary society, and to convey his personal experience of it. Detailed Description :
    During my youth, endless, indeterminate piles of stuff filled the various rooms of our home and consumed daily life. We had no working fridge, the kitchen sink never functioned, and our only running water was from the bathtub. The normal rituals of childhood: family dinners, playing with toys, getting ready for bed, were disrupted. Behind the Door is a personal project I've been working on with my sister Jennifer about how we lived growing up. As children we developed strategies for concealing our living reality. Whenever someone would come to our front door we hid behind it, quietly waiting until they walked down the steps. Only when their feet hit the bottom stair would we crack the door to answer, pressing our foreheads close to the opening, and using our small bodies to obscure their view. Reentering my childhood home as an adult, I experienced again the fears and vulnerability we felt in that moment answering the door, our secrecy and attempts at protecting ourselves from the scrutiny of visitors. With these photos I wanted to share a little bit of my experience and show the experience of hoarding through the child’s perspective: the chaos of living, the insecurity of food, heat and clean water, the lack of personal boundaries and control over your space. Hoarding has difficult consequences for the sufferer, but less examined is how it affects children in the household. Behind the Door hopes to be a straightforward, honest portrayal from a child’s point of view. This personal project gave me an opportunity to reexamine my current self through my past experiences. The art of photography has great potential to offer a more objective, slightly detached understanding of a too-familiar event or space; creating opportunities for introspection, communication, and healing.
  • Aleya Lehmann Bench

    Aleya Lehmann Bench

    Biography : I am a painter turned photographer: BFA, Painting, 1979, Boston University; MFA, Painting, 1983, American University. I began working in New York in 1983, and early paintings were imaginary landscapes; then, following a period of transition, I turned to photography, initially working with film, and now with medium-format digital. In 2013, I began a figurative series, with a performative aspect to it: I create a theatre set, sew the costumes, construct props and backdrops, etc., and then working with models, who “perform” on the stage I have set, I capture motion, color, composition, like a painter in many ways. Detailed Description :
    A very costly masque prepared but not shown—the title for the series—is a phrase taken from documents describing the entertainment provided for Queen Elizabeth I in 1575 during one of her visits to Kenilworth. Villagers customarily provided lavish entertainment to impress—seemingly simple theatrical productions that, from contemporary descriptions, must have appeared as pure magic to all that witnessed. I am fascinated by these descriptions, and imagine myself present, breathing in colored air in my mind’s eye. I have an increasing interest in the rise of individualism: an individual’s courage to occupy a space, to perform there.


Liam Alexander   
Alyssa meadows   
The American Society of Media Photographers is the premier trade association for the world’s most respected photographers. ASMP, founded in 1944, has nearly 7,000 members and 39 chapters.

This year our booth is curated by Pamela Jean Tinnen; Lead Curator and Exhibits Manager, NYU Kimmel Windows, and Director for YSP Gallery. We will feature works by Allaire Bartel, Angela P. Schapiro, Ashok Sinha, Beth Green, Cindy Konits, Daniel Jenney, David Arky, Duane Lyken, Eileen Lerner, Fiona Aboud, James Ransom, Judy Doherty, Liam Alexander, Melissa Roldan, Philippe Cheng, Roberta Ruocco, Tamara Rafkin, Ted Andreasian & Nune Karamyan.

Included are experimental, documentary and fine art photographs that explore concepts of visual ambience, nostalgia, and residual memory. The arresting realism of some images are intentionally juxtaposed against abstract and experimental works, providing opportunities for subjective interpretation. Yet, all featured artists share an affinity for elucidation and artistic formalism.