Exhibitor listing
N/A -  Carole Jury
N/A -  Astrid Stoeppel
N/A - Bryant Small
Before Me After Me, The Shadows We Carry - Zoya Taylor
Tropical #61 - Gilbert Salinas
Paperwork #4,  -  Astrid Stoeppel
N/A - Nonos *
Frosting - Edward Lee
N/A -  Carole Jury
San Francisco Snow Globe  -  Brian Higgins
Emotion #9 -  Walter Brown
kyoka suigetu no zu ~ visionely something -  Ko-Hey Arikawa
Round Peg Looks For A New Hole - Paul  Darragh
the Barbers Toll - Paul  Darragh
Enceladus - Wo  Schiffman
Warming - Wo  Schiffman
Chiavi in mano - Michelangelo Pistoletto
Alessandro Berni Gallery
Stand n°  Room 112

Alessandro Berni Gallery
Via dei Priori 77
06123 Perugia
E-mail address : ale.berni@gmail.com
Website : http://www.alessandrobernigallery.com

Artists Exhibited at the show:

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Carla Accardi

    Carla Accardi

  • Sabre Esler

    Sabre Esler

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Amanda Armstrong

  • Maurizio Cattelan

    Maurizio Cattelan

  • Grazia Danti

    Grazia Danti

  • Isobel Egan

    Isobel Egan

  • Erol Gunduz

    Erol Gunduz

  • Ko-Hey! Arikawa

    Ko-Hey! Arikawa

    Artist's Documents:
  • Yang Mai

    Yang Mai

  • Man Ray

    Man Ray

  • Piero Manzoni

    Piero Manzoni

  • Jon Rollins

    Jon Rollins

  • Capucine Safir

    Capucine Safir