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Slam Dunk Success - Mike Mozart
212 Arts
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  • - Dain

    - Dain

    Biography : One of the most influential street artists to emerge from New York City, DAIN intriguingly combines the visual language of graffiti with old Hollywood glamour. Often mingling a female visage with male fashion, he creates distinct pieces with characteristics known only to his works. DAIN selects black and white images that speak to him, often not knowing the subject of the photo but choosing an image in which he finds the eyes outstanding. With a love for 1940s and 50s Hollywood glamour, his work reflects appreciation for an era when women dressed beautifully, revealing very little and leaving much to the imagination. DAIN works single pieces between the street and studio, and combines wheat pasting, silk screening, spray paint, collage and acrylic. He commences the process with collage, the foundation for the piece, using a photo that he layers with old advertisements, logos, and various images. He then chooses the colors for the piece after which he paints and layers spray paint onto the work. He finishes his works with his unmistakable “circle and drip” around the eye, an unintentional trademark yet clearly distinguishing factor of his dynamic works.

  • Matt Gondek

    Matt Gondek

    Biography : Matt Gondek is a Los Angeles Pop Artist who paints Deconstructed Pop Icons. He was born in Pittsburgh PA, but moved to Los Angeles at the age of 31. Matt knew instinctively that he was an artist at a very early age, creating his first work of art – a comic book – while still in elementary school. He is still painting comic book characters, but these days, they are more often seen on the sides of buildings or hanging in a contemporary art gallery. His first real creative job was as a digital illustrator, creating graphics for licensed clothing for the music industry. His proficiency allowed him freedom, and eventually led to him opening his own clothing and art boutique on his 30th birthday. Unfortunately, he quickly realized owning a boutique wasn’t for him. When the store’s one year lease was up, Matt closed shop and spent three months struggling with indecision and lack of direction. On a whim he picked up a paintbrush, inspired by a big stack of Mickey Mouse sketches he had begun for a freelance project. In one sketch Mickey’s head was exploding. When he finished his first painting, he began another, and then another. At that moment he had developed his signature style of painting, and a few years later is still creating the deconstructed cartoon characters and fractured pop icons of our childhood. Drawn to the clean lines, bright colors and accessibility of comic books, cartoons and video games, Matt’s skill lies in his ability to replicate the clean graphic style of digital illustration in his paintings. A self–taught artist, Matt’s creedo is “Figure it out as you go along.” Now a successful international artist, Matt has certainly figured it out, securing large mural commissions in Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Las Vegas, and selling more than 75 paintings in the past 3 years. He has had many successful gallery shows across the US as well as Paris, Singapore, and the UK. He has sold 15 pieces to collectors in Hong Kong, where the l

  • - Gumshoe

    - Gumshoe

    Biography : Originally from Baltimore, MD, Angela China began painting as a child. In 2010, she moved to New York City. Inspired by the movement of street art, she decided to introduce her work by using the city walls as her gallery, as many of the artists were, and she quickly became recognized for her signature heels in gum. "Gumshoe" murals began popping up all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. These murals organically began serving as backdrops for photographs by tourists, locals and even celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne and Perez Hilton; and this popularity has pushed China's Fine art to become a sought after commodity as well. Her work is now exhibited in galleries across the United States, popular hotels like Mondrian (New York) and Shore Club (Miami) and prestigious art fairs such as Art Basel Miami and Scope New York. China uses painting as a form of self-inquiry and self-expression. All of her paintings are, in essence, self-portraits. On the surface, her work is often viewed as “fun” and “sexy.” However, on closer examination, her use of iconic images and designer brands construct and then deconstruct an “ideal”- an ideal that she views as an unattainable standard of what society dictates she should be. It is evident that the inspiration of her work derives from her own inner conflict. Despite the dark undertone, her work invariably portrays the elements of hope, humor, and humanity.

  • Paul Jackson

    Paul Jackson

  • Mike Mozart

    Mike Mozart

    Biography : Mike designed a substantial amount of artwork for Alec Monopoly for almost 5 years, creating hundreds of pieces for him. Mike is a street artist from way back in the 70's. He became a Professional Illustrator and Product Designer in the 1980's and have illustrated over 100 licensed Kids Books with Disney, Warner, Ninja Turtles, and dozens more.
    Mike Mozart - Slam Dunk Success
    Slam Dunk Success

  • Charmaine Olivia

    Charmaine Olivia

    Biography : Charmaine Olivia is a self-taught fine art painter born in Southern California in 1988. She was raised by deeply spiritual parents who started teaching her yoga and meditation when she was four years old. Charmaine began oil painting at seven years old and has been a professional artist since she was 17. Growing up she spent the summers in the mountains at meditation camp studying intuition, metaphysics, and scientific methods of meditation. Spirituality and mysticism is a heavy influence in her art and her life. She is aware there is more to this physical world that we can see with our eyes, and uses painting as a means to explore these other dimensions of mind and thought. Charmaine Olivia is seeking to explore who we are as conscious beings in the universe, and the role color, emotion, and self-discovery play in living a harmonious, fulfilled life. She believes that every being is an artist in their own way, and allowing that creative spark to express itself is vital for the future world we want to create. Her illustrations, photographs and paintings have appeared in publications, museums, galleries and private collections all over the world. Some of her clients and projects include Urban Outfitters, Lady Gaga, Hallmark, Volcom Stone, Vans Shoes, Element, Nylon Magazine and Burton.

  • Paul Richard

    Paul Richard

    Biography : Richard's work has been collected by the likes of: Marc Jacobs, Beyonce, Jay-Z, John Varvatos, Justin Bieber, Elton John, Gerard Butler, and Christina Aguilera among many others. Press features and favorable reviews have appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Vogue, Architectural Digest, and Time Magazine. His work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Art Boston as well as other institutions. Despite his abilities as a realist painter in the gallery setting, Paul Richard’s street portraits possess a playful sense of spontaneity and quickness as he manages to capture the facial features of his subjects with nothing more than a few drips of paint. Rather than applying his portraiture on the surface of a building, allowing for the work to be more easily seen by pedestrians, Richard plays with the public’s general inattentiveness to their urban surroundings by painting on the city’s sidewalks.

  • - Sage

    - Sage

    Biography : Sage is an urban artist originally from Saint Joseph, Missouri. While his passion for art has always been prevalent through childhood, his first love was found in drawing and illustration. His grandmother, Susan Walter (oil painter) had urged him to pick up a paint brush and was the one to give him his very first set of supplies. Sage quickly picked up the techniques of painting and only two months later, he had his first his first showing in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. After receiving a very positive reception, it was then he knew he wanted to become a voice of inspiration in the art industry. Since his first show, Sage has had the opportunity to travel the world for art, commissioned work for professional athletes and musicians, and has work hanging in many countries. Sage has quickly grown to become one of the leading emerging urban artists due to his content and unique style and technique. His work has been called "extraordinarily refreshing" and "admirable and intelligent" by gallery owners across the US. With a recgonizable contrast between a visually stimulating background paired with highly detailed subject matter, Sage has created a unique way to emotinally connect with everyone who views his art. He has been known to produce pieces that have themes of inspiration and motivation and artful depictions of everyday situations or struggles felt throughout the world. "Obviously the goal is to have people of all ages appreciate my work, but I enjoy targeting younger generations with my message because in my opinion some never really give it art a chance. They associate most art with only what they've seen in their text books. I want them to connect with art like they connect with other creative forms like music." said Sage in a recent interview. "I don't mind presenting my messages and intentions for my work in an obvious way, because no matter how obvious I make it, you will personally connect with the message in a way no one else can, and that's whats impo



    Biography : WRDSMTH is an LA-based street artist who aspires to inspire others on a daily basis with colorful and well-chosen words crafted into indelible thoughts that are temporarily tattooed onto walls around the world. WRDSMTH is a published author, screenwriter, former advertising copywriter, and an emerging street artist. Born and raised in the Midwest, he relocated to LA and started doing time in Hollywood, chasing the dream like countless others. Past and present worlds merged when he came up with the concept for WRDSMTH — a unique combination of stenciling and wheatpasting — and began temporarily tattooing walls in LA with indelible thoughts and phrases. Active in the street art community since November 2013, he’s made his mark in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, Philadelphia, West Palm Beach, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Kraków, Edinburgh, and Melbourne. He’s been featured in Playboy, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, LAist, LA Magazine, and The Philadelphia Enquirer. He was named one of The Art of Elsyum’s 2014 Emerging Artists and his work has been sold at Julien’s Auctions.

  • Steven Swancoat

    Steven Swancoat

    Biography : Steven Swancoat is a 31 year old full time Ob/Gyn doctor and artist living in New York City’s TriBeCa. Steven moved to New York in July 2010 as a medical student where his father encouraged him to “give art a try”. Picking up the brush for the first time, he never imagined how his life would change forever. This will be his second time exhibiting at Art Basel. Swancoat’s art, Pop-Neoism, is acrylic and mixed media on canvas, which has pop art & abstract expressionism influences. In just five years as a self-taught artist, Steven has had multiple exhibitions, made over 250 paintings, has been featured on Bravo Television and various magazines, and has raised over $20,000 for various charities through his artwork. Notably, Swancoat hosted an art show & fundraiser at Susan Sarandon’s Ping Pong Club SPiN. Swancoat’s newest art form is Astrophotography, where he captures high resolution, large format shots of the moon with his various telescopes. Aside from art and delivering babies, Steven is writing and directing his first film, continuing to use his art to raise charitable funds, and pursuing patents of medical device inventions that he designed as a resident to save lives and money in operating rooms worldwide.


Founded in   2014
Hannah Hughes    Operations Manager
Marc Leader    Director
Founded in 2014 in New York City’s East Village, 212 Arts is committed to the promotion of urban artwork and New York culture. We exhibit a diverse group of artists including 70’s and 80’s graffiti pioneers, internationally acclaimed street artists, and New York cultural innovators. We are dedicated to displaying both old and new school urban artists as a means of charting the evolution of today’s visual vocabulary. Although our artists work in different mediums and styles the bottom line is we would never show a piece we ourselves would not be proud to display in our homes.