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Stand n°  Room 117 / 221

229 Central Ave
1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11221
United States
T  +1 718 578 1195
E-mail address : info@space776.com
Website : http://www.space776.com
Art Gallery located in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Kerri Ammirata

    Kerri Ammirata

  • Eunkyung An

    Eunkyung An

  • Lynn Basa

    Lynn Basa

  • Hoyng Benjamine

    Hoyng Benjamine

  • Harsha Biswajit

    Harsha Biswajit

  • Megan Sirianni Brand

    Megan Sirianni Brand

  • Rim Chae

    Rim Chae

    Exhibition : 2017 NEW YORK ART EXPO SOLO AWARD WINNER 2016 GOOD DESIGN AWARDS - Gold Award 2016 The 15th International Jewelry Design Contest - Grand Award 2015 Le Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel du LOUVRE - Le Prix Eugène Fontenay 2015 GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2015 The 14th International Jewelry Design Contest - Gold Award 2014 The 13th International Jewelry Design Contest - Gold Award 2013 The 5th National symbol Design Contest - Selection 2013 The 27th Korea Fine Arts Contest - Selection 2013 The 9th World Jewelry Design Contest - Special selection 2013 GOOD DESIGN AWARDS 2009 Korea Design Exhibition - Selection 2008 The 27th Korea Fine Arts Contest - Special selection 2008 G-DESIGN FAIR 2008 - Special selection 2008 The 7th International Jewelry Design Contest - Gold Award 2005 The 30th International Pearl Design Contest - Silver Lipped Cultured Pearl Award & Selection JAPAN 2001 Asian Facet Award by Signity Prize HONGKONG 2001 The 28th International Pearl Design Contest -Bronze Award JAPAN < Exhibition > 2017 “Nature meets nature, Art meets art.” Solo Exhibition Hakgojae Gallery, SEOUL (2017.12.22.~2018.1.28.) 2017 ART KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan (Republic of China) (2017.12.8.-12.10 ) 2017 ART TAIPEI, Taiwan(Republic of China) 2017 KIAF 2017 The 16th Korea International Art Fair, COEX 2017 ‘Start Art Fair’ Saatchi Gallery, London 2017 Solo Exhibition Gana insa art center, SEOUL Detailed Description :
    Chae Rim is a troubadour who sings nature. Dense forests, silent ponds, and crepuscular evening scenery are present in her works. Wildflowers, shyly peeking out can also be seen. A friendly nod and kiss with the wildflowers, whispers from the forest fill the screen. The artist recites the song of nature and introduces her companions like Orpheus, who affected the plants and animals. Images of plants are prominent in Chae’s works. Obscure lines, unknown whether they are vines, leaves or tree branches, intersect, tangle, overlap, and slip with each other and make various expressions. The floating images of ecology decorate the screen and expand like vines. It starts minuscule, but gradually widens, and ultimately transforms into an enormous flow.Recently, Chae Rim has held numerous solo exhibitions not only domestically, but internationally as well, at Princeton Gallery (New Jersey, U.S.), BDMC Gallery (Paris), Able Fine Art Gallery (New York) and more. Chae has also received the "Solo Award" in Artexpo New York, expanding her activity range. This year, she was selected for "Start Art Fair," supervised by Saatchi Gallery (London), and had the chance to present her works. The artist’s recognition in various stages is not only promulgating the excellence of Korean culture but demonstrates craft technique’s ability to create magnificent artworks. While looking at Chae’s images, it feels as if the veil of sentiments has draped over the worn out everyday life and its busyness. Chae’s works accompany the encounter with nature and life, like the delight of meeting a flower in a tranquil place, while walking through a forest. I believe this encounter will present an unexpected "bundle of thrill and joy."
  • You Mee Cho

    You Mee Cho

  • Jin Cho

    Jin Cho

  • Minji Cho

    Minji Cho

  • Ahhi Choi

    Ahhi Choi

  • Cacho Falcon

    Cacho Falcon

    Biography : In 2003, Cacho began selling what he termed “Therapeutic Denim”—jeans custom painted with personal images. Clients brought their denim to Falcon, and as they told him about their life, he rendered their stories and confessions onto the material. These drawings were the beginnings of Falcon’s identity narratives. The drawings also marked the beginning of his dream-like style, which is often situated in a psychological tapestry of private and public spaces, not dissimilar to the urban setting from which Falcon lives and works. In addition to Falcon’s “Therapeutic Denim”, he began cutting and fitting T-shirts with a similar artistic idea. The custom-made garments displaying unapologetic and individual emblems of experience or identity caught the attention of Perry Ellis, which led Falcon to Fashion Week in 2004. Elle Magazine included one of Falcon’s denim jackets in their pages that December and soon afterwards Falcon designed a one-of-a-kind collection of denim for Guess. In 2005, American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, wore a pair Falcon’s jeans to the finals. Despite the attention he received from the fashion industry, Falcon also worked odd jobs and lived in small apartments throughout Brooklyn with other young Paraguayans taking root in New York City. He continued to make custom clothes with a Whilhelmina agent who booked him gigs at various denim stores in malls across America where he drew on clothing for individual customers. While Falcon found this work both interesting and somewhat bleak, he was still largely motivated to make work based on personal experiences. In 2006 he returned to New York City and decided, for the first time, to devote the majority of his work to painting and drawing his own life experiences and, this time, onto canvas. Here, Falcon was forced to revisit painful childhood and early adult experiences. When he began to paint his own stories—riddled with torment, abuse, addiction, and the failures of past relat

  • Elizabeth Guipe Hall

    Elizabeth Guipe Hall

  • Jinbae Jung

    Jinbae Jung

  • Il-Jin Jung

    Il-Jin Jung

  • Minjin Kang

    Minjin Kang

  • Jenna Sunjoo Kang

    Jenna Sunjoo Kang

  • Hyunae Kang

    Hyunae Kang

  • Hyejin Kim

    Hyejin Kim

  • Jongmin Joy Kim

    Jongmin Joy Kim

  • Jungsan Kimyunsik

    Jungsan Kimyunsik

  • Jaechun Ko

    Jaechun Ko

  • Sueim Koo

    Sueim Koo

  • Michael Krasowitz

    Michael Krasowitz

  • Jourdain Jongwon Lee

    Jourdain Jongwon Lee

  • Sunhwa Lee

    Sunhwa Lee

  • Youngmee Lee

    Youngmee Lee

  • Chanjoo Lee

    Chanjoo Lee

  • Mao Yo-Wen

    Mao Yo-Wen

  • Kyung Tae Min

    Kyung Tae Min

  • Lisa Petker Mintz

    Lisa Petker Mintz

  • HuNoo Nam

    HuNoo Nam

  • Saehyun Paik

    Saehyun Paik

  • Seung-Man Park

    Seung-Man Park

  • Dohyun Park

    Dohyun Park

  • Barbara Rachko

    Barbara Rachko

  • Cindy Rhee

    Cindy Rhee

  • Jaikwang Rim

    Jaikwang Rim

  • Dave Rogers

    Dave Rogers

  • Mihaela Savu

    Mihaela Savu

  • Jiyoung Shim

    Jiyoung Shim

  • Soo Yun

    Soo Yun


Founded in   2013
Jongwon Lee    Director
Seojong Park    co- director
An artist based space located in the young and energetic Bushwick area, SPACE 776 is a community space for local artists working on a wide range of diverse projects.

Founded in May 2013, Space 776 has accommodated over 30 extraordinary artists who live in New York, giving them the opportunity to expand their careers. Located in the young, energetic neighborhood of Bushwick, director Jourdain Jongwon Lee developed the space from his former project ‘Space N’. Together with the artists, he is committed to consistently devising new projects.

Already, Space 776 has presented Bushwick Open Studio 2013, 7 Emerging Artists, Winter Salon Show, Ambush Art Show, and Kaleidoscope. And many more are underway this year.