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Ghostprint Gallery
Ghostprint Gallery

Richmond, Virginia
United States
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E-mail address : info@ghostprintgallery.com
Website : http://www.ghostprintgallery.com
Ghostprint maintains a primary focus on figurative painting, leaning toward the surreal, while often extending the boundaries of "fine art" by featuring award-winning illustrators and street artists.

Other Artists represented by the Gallery:

  • Thea Duskin

    Thea Duskin

    Biography : Thea Duskin is co-owner/curator of Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Duskin works in a variety of mediums centered around collage and painting which are incorporated into her tattoos in a trompe l’oeil manner. Exhibition : Museum Für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur, Switzerland Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia University of Houston, Clear Lake, Texas (e)merge Art Fair, Washington, DC Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York Gallery Oder 24, Berlin, Germany Detailed Description :
    During 20 years of tattooing, Duskin has created work on skin that is deferential to the body’s form. Many of her recurring motifs come from the natural world and are interpreted in a painterly manner that differs from Japanese and traditional styles. Her work has been shown and published internationally.
  • Josh George

    Josh George

    Biography : George was born in 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri. He holds degrees from Central Missouri University, and The Kansas City Art Institute [1997]. George has taught painting at Pratt Institute of Art and the Illustration Academy and is currently on the faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond VA. George has also guest lectured at Accademia di’ Arte di Brescia, and Syracuse University’s MFA in Painting Program. Exhibition : Paul Scott Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2012 Emory and Henry College, Emory, Virginia, 2012 Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, 2010-14 Tria, The Suchman-Bart-Metheny Gallery, New York, New York, 2009 Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri, 2006-08 Entroterra, Milano, Italy, 2004-09 Gallery C, Raleigh, North Carolina, 2004,2011 Garage Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2007 Arte Novello, Bozzolo, Italy, 2006 Hallar Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 2003-06 Jules Place, Boston, Massachusetts, 2001-06 One Man Exhibitions: Galleria d’Arte Moderna Di Stile, Brescia, Italy, 2002-04 Coda Gallery, New York, New York, 2000-04 Jayne Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999-02 Shiraz Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1999 The Art Garden, Kansas City, Missouri, 1998 East 51st. Street Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, 1998 Detailed Description :
    Josh George uses a highly inventive technique in his work, combining collage and painting: he first prepares a panel with layers of maps (usually of Italy), wallpaper and other elements. Once this foundation is laid down, the figures are painted in, then embellished with additional collage that further enriches them. George’s vibrant colors combine with the complex layering to create an visual experience that is exciting for the viewer. Also represented by:
    glave kocen gallery,
  • Sterling Hundley

    Sterling Hundley

    Biography : Sterling Clinton Hundley is a professor in the Department of Communication Arts at VCU. He is also a core instructor in the Art Department, a reiteration of the Illustration Academy, which is based in Richmond and Kansas City. As a prominent illustrator, Hundley’s clients included Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Atlantic Monthly, Entertainment Weekly, G Q, and The Washington Post; he also worked regularly with major theater companies. Exhibition : Selected Shows 2013 -Delaware Museum. Group Exhibition. “Spoils of Saint Hubris”, Solo Exhibition. Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA. 2012 -Ratner Museum. Exhibition. Washington D.C. Society of Illustrators 53rd Annual (exhibition and book); Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, New York, NY. 2010 - “Crew”, Solo Exhibition. Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA.            “Lift Off: The Art of Airships”, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA.           “Curious and Curiouser: Inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’”, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA. “20th Annual Small and Miniature Show”, Washington D.C. 2009 - “Emergent”, Solo Exhibition. Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, VA.   “Kokeshi Doll Show”, Japanese American National Museum, Los Angeles, CA.   “Inaugural Exhibition”; Art: Raw Gallery, New York, NY. “Midnite Snacks”; No Globe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  2008 - Paint for Print; Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL. Detailed Description :
    Hundley now concentrates entirely on his painting and teaching, working in a style as abstract as it is realistic, focusing on themes of ambition, loyalty, apathy and the resulting consequences within contemporary culture.
  • Anita Kunz

    Anita Kunz

    Biography : Anita Kunz is a renowned Canadian-born artist and illustrator whose work has been published internationally for nearly three decades.Some highlights among Anita’s many honors: in 2003 she became the first woman and the first Canadian to have a solo show at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C; she presented a TED Talk in California about her numerous New Yorker Magazine covers in 2007; she was named Officer of the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honor, in 2009; her work was included in a collection of work curated by Lady Gaga for Polaroid that was shown at the Phillips de Pury Gallery in New York in 2011; and in 2012 she received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal of honor. Anita frequently teaches workshops and lectures at universities and institutions internationally including the Smithsonian Institution and the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington DC. Her summer workshops have been conducted at the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, and at the Masters of Art degree program at Syracuse University. Exhibition : Kunz’s works are in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, the Archives of Canada, Le Musée Militaire de France in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. Kunz’s clients include Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and many other publications. In addition, she has also illustrated more than 50 book covers.  Detailed Description :
    Kunz's work is characterized by an interest in politics, social justice and the human condition. Recently Kunz shifted focus from overt political commentary to archetypal and anthropological themes.Recently she published100 Nudes (droll drawings of famous men worldwide). Kunz feels that before mainstream media became so conservative and politically correct, she had the freedom to make her earlier work more daring. She now feels compelled to make personal work that is one-hundred percent her own.  “I’d prefer making work that is somehow meaningful and maybe open for debate than something that may be considered purely decorative.”
  • Juan Perdiguero

    Juan Perdiguero

    Biography : Perdiguero was born in Madrid in 1963. His academic credentials include Doctoral Studies in Fine Arts,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an M.F.A. in painting
State University of New York at Buffalo and a B.F.A. in Art Conservation and Painting, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He now lives and works between New York, where he is a professor of drawing at SUNY, Oswego and Madrid. Exhibition : Selected Solo Exhibitions: 2014 - "Loop" , Twin Gallery , Madrid , Spain 2013 -“Bestiarium”, 3 Punts GALLERY, Berlin, Germany 2012 - “Animalario”, 3 Punts GALLERY, Barcelona, Spain “Caninos”, TWIN GALLERY, Madrid, Spain “Perros Indalo”, GHOSTPRINT GALLERY, Richmond, Virginia “Caninos”, ART Madrid ONE PROJECT, TWIN GALLERY, Madrid, Spain 2011 - “Animalidad”, TYLER ART GALLERY, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, New York 2010 - “Animal”, 3 PUNTS GALLERY, Barcelona, Spain “Young Art”, ART Madrid, 3 PUNTS GALLERY, Madrid, Spain 2009 - “Macacos”, DELAWARE CENTER FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ARTS,
 Wilmington, Delaware, USA 2008 - “Tekeningen, Gemegde Techniek”, DOKHUIS GALERIE, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2007 - “Perros Manchados”, GALERIA ARTIFICIAL , Madrid, Spain. “Perros Negros”, GHOSTPRINT GALLERY, Richmond , Virginia
2006 - “Perros Fragmentados”, THREEWALLS, Chicago “Perros ”, SOFA Art Fair, ANN NATHAN GALLERY, Chicago 2005 - “Galgos”, GALERIA RAYA-PUNTO, Salamanca, Spain “Naturaleza Animal”, GALERIA METROPLOLITANA, Barcelona, Spain. “Galgos 2”, GALERIA ARTIFICIAL, Madrid, Spain 2004 - “Canes”. MARCIA WOOD GALLERY, Atlanta "Unrelated Connections”. WELLS COLLEGE, Aurora, New York “Humano”, ECCA GALERIA, Madrid, Spain Detailed Description :
    Juan Perdiguero brings together concepts of photography, drawing, painting and printmaking in his work in a sophisticated and contemporary interpretation of the Spanish Baroque tradition, one of his major influences. He states, “I manipulate the technical borders between media as a way to attract, seduce and confront the viewer - as a result of this, my images are classical in appearance, but strongly contemporary in the way they are conceptualized and rendered.”
  • Benjamin Sack

    Benjamin Sack

    Biography : Sack hails from Laguna Nigel , California, he is a recent graduate, Cum Laude, of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. where he received his BA in Communication Arts. Exhibition : Sack's work has been exhibited at the Anderson Gallery, The New York Society of Illustrators and the Museum of Russian Art. He is represented, in addition to Ghostprint Gallery, by Hubert Gallery , NYC and Robert Fontaine Gallery , Miami.Recently he was Artist in Residence on Holland America Line, Grand World Tour on the m/s Amsterdam, 2014. Detailed Description :
    Ben Sack creates imaginary cityscapes of extraordinary complexity and detail, filled with myriads of miniature and sometimes recognizable buildings. His technical skill is matched by his vision : “I've always been fascinated by "the big picture." The grand idea of sublimity. All the artists who I admire have in their careers been able to capture this idea. An artist is one who creates worlds, for me I'm after the world of the sublime.” A time-lapse video of Sack completing a drawing is available at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvcnZFu35xU
  • Alicia Suarez

    Alicia Suarez

    Biography : Born in South Africa to Spanish parents, Alicia Suarez received her BFA in Art and Printmaking from Port Elizabeth Technikon of Art and Design in South Africa and her MFA in Spain from the University of Sevilla's School of Fine Art. She now lives and paints in Manhattan. Exhibition : Suarez has exhibited widely in Spain (where she received a number of prestigious awards) and since 2004, in New York, Berlin. Johannesburg, Edinburgh, Barcelona [Tres Punts Gallery], Brooklyn [Jan Larsen Art] and Strasbourg. Detailed Description :
    Alicia Suarez‘s early years in South African inspire the central elements of her exquisitely detailed paintings of people and animals. The work combines graphite with African and coffee-based pigments, producing an elegant amalgamation of delicacy and strength.
  • Amanda Wachob

    Amanda Wachob

    Biography : Amanda Wachob is a New York based painter and tattoo artist who works in a number of media . Exhibition : Wachob has shown extensively in galleries nationally and internationally : Yves Laroche, Montreal; Robert Berman, Santa Monica; Minescapes, Osaka; Roq la Rue, Seattle; Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico; Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, to name a few. She has also been featured in numerous publications. Detailed Description :
    Regarding tattooing's potential as a fine art form Wachob states : "In the same way that a brush can paint the interior of a house or render a fine oil painting, I see the tattoo machine as a tool that can make art." Her work on silk and linen takes the idea of the controlled black line (the basis for most tattoos) and develops its potential in spontaneous gestural marks. The unifying element throughout Wachob's work is her painterly style and control of the medium. To quote Hilary Greenbaum in the N.Y. Times ; "Her originality within the field pays homage to the defiance of her trade’s origins, while the exuberance of her work acknowledges the living and breathing vitality of her medium."
  • Nancy Camden Witt

    Nancy Camden Witt

    Biography : Nancy Camden Witt (1930-2009) created over 600 paintings in her distinctive surrealist style during her lifetime. Witt is a prominent member of The School of R.P.I. (Richmond Professional Institute which merged with the Medical College of Virginia to form Virginia Commonwealth University in 1968 ).She received a B.A. from Old Dominion University in 1965 and an M.F.A. in sculpture from VCU in 1967. Two volumes of her work have been published: "On Alternate Days: Paintings by Nancy Witt “. Exhibition : Witt's work is held by many museum and corporate collections including Chase Manhattan Bank (New York and Zurich), the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Virginia and the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina. Selected Exhibitions: 2005 - Randolph-Macon, Ashland, VA. 2004 - Kaine-Marie Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA. Rentz Gallery, Richmond, VA. 2002 - Cudahy’s Gallery, Richmond, VA. 1996 - Nancy Moore Fine Art, New York, NY. Between the Muse Gallery, Camden, ME. 1995 - Zeitgeist Gallery, Norfolk, VA. 1993 - 20th Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA. 1990 - Cudahy’s, New York, NY. 1984 - Portsmouth Gallery of Fine Arts, Portsmouth, VA. 1983 - Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, NC. 1982 - Reynolds/Minor Gallery, Richmond, VA. 1976 - Asheville Museum of Fine Arts, Asheville, NC. 1974 - Touchstone Gallery, New York, NY. 1973 - Sharon Bennett Gallery, Atlanta, GA. 1968 - Eric Schindler Gallery, Richmond, VA. Detailed Description :
    Nancy Witt describes her work as “metarealist,” moving between the inner and outer worlds. Inspired by Vermeer, identifying with Magritte, and steeped in Jung, she incorporates dream images, the unconscious, the places and things she loves in her paintings. The works embody a sense of mystery realized through her meticulous technique. Apropos Witt states, “I am aware that it can be the virtuosity that attracts viewers and fervently hope that’s not where they stop.”


Founded in   2007
Geraldine Duskin    Director
Gabriella Vasquez    Assistant
Thea Duskin    Director
Ghostprint Gallery is a contemporary art gallery representing established and emerging artists, both national and international. Founded by Geraldine and Thea Duskin in Richmond, Virginia in 2007, Ghostprint Gallery has mounted over 75 exhibitions during its past 8 years. We are located in Historic Scott's Addition.