International Contemporary Art Fair

December 3 - 7, 2014


ArtFix Daily: Aqua's 10th Sets Records!

by Aqua Art Fair

Of course, Art Miami and CONTEXT weren't the only members of the Art Miami Family of Fairs to set records in attendance and sales during Miami Art Week 2014...

Why? Because Aqua Art Miami happens concomitant with both. That's why. And, as ArtFix Daily so faithfully reports, Aqua's 10th Anniversary set some pretty hefty records of its own.

Read all about it right here.  

A "Friendlier, Kinder" Kinda Art Fair -- More Kudos About Aqua's 10th!

by Aqua Art Fair

Aqua's 10th Anniversary Edition generated all kinds of accolades, among the most recent came from Hyperallergic (Kate Sierzputowski's "A Casual Approach"), OregonLive (Janet Eastman's citing the Pacific Northwest) and Artnet (Sarah Cascone's "A Friendlier Kinder Take on the Art Fair").

Meriting mention among the trio of pleased features was a veritable catalog of Aqua exhibitors, including Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Shulamit Gallery, Industry Gallery, ArtSlant, Coagula Curatorial, Whitespace Gallety, Good Luck Gallery, Toomey Tourell, Mayer Fine Art, Space 776, Elisa Contemporary Aty, Antonio Colombo, Victori Contemporary, Autobody Fine Art and Morton Fine Art.

In other words, Aqua got a three-pack of coverage that was compoundingly complimentary. Thanks everyone!

(Pictured Jim Payne courtesy Coagula Curatorial

Karen Finley Wants to Paint Your Psychic Portrait @ Aqua - & New Times Gets the What's What

by Aqua Art Fair

Miami New Times gets Miami's own John Hood to go up against the one-and-only Karen Finley before she paints folks inside out at Aqua Art Fair...

Get with the what's what right here

(Photo courtesy Timothy Greenfield-Sanders; Karen Finley at Aqua courtesy Coagula Curatorial

Aqua Work of the Day: Greg Slick "Crannog"

by Aqua Art Fair

Greg Slick (Jersey City, NJ 1961) 

Crannog, 2014

acrylic on wood panel, 35 3/4 x 47 3/4 in

Courtesy Matteawan Gallery, Beacon NY 

Aqua Work of the Day: Fred Tieken "Sanctuary"

by Aqua Art Fair

Fred Tieken 

Sanctuary, 2014

acrylic on canvas 36" x 48" 

Courtesy Perihelion Arts, Phoenix AZ 

Aqua Work of the Day: Ion Yamazaki "30 Days of Barefoot"

by Aqua Art Fair

Ion Yamazaki 

30 Days of Barefoot (2013)

Inkjet prints mounted on foam board

22' wide / 10" tall 

Courtesy of Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design, Georgia State University 

30 Days of Barefoot documents the Yamazaki’s daily, barefoot walks throughout downtown Atlanta. Yamazaki uses his own feet to capture and document the residual traces of the individual lives and activities of the city.  The visible emergence and re-healing of blisters on his feet over the duration of the performance indicate both the vulnerability and strength of the Yamazaki’s body when subjected to the public urban space.

Aqua Work of the Day: Benjamin Sack "Will to Pleasure"

by Aqua Art Fair

Benjamin Sack 

Will to Pleasure

ink on paper 25.5" x 19.5" 

Courtesy Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond VA 

Ben Sack creates imaginary cityscapes of extraordinary complexity and detail, filled with myriads of miniature and sometimes recognizable buildings. His technical skill is matched by his vision :

“I've always been fascinated by "the big picture." The grand idea of sublimity. All the artists who I admire have in their careers been able to capture this idea. An artist is one who creates worlds, for me I'm after the world of the sublime.”
- See more at:

Aqua Work of the Day: Clint Imboden "Dug #1-7"

by Aqua Art Fair

Clint Imboden 

Dug #1 through 7

cast polyester resin and found shovel 

Courtesy Autobody Fine Art, Alameda CA  

Aqua Work of the Day: Dale Thompson "Your Apathy Kill Me"

by Aqua Art Fair

Dale Thompson (Toronto)

your apathy kill me

acriylic on birch

24" x 48"


Courtesy AWOL Gallery, Toronto 

Aqua Work of the Day: Dominique Labauvie "Fractals 1"

by Aqua Art Fair

Dominique Labauvie (Strasbourg, France 1948)

"Fractals 1" (2014)

22 x 30 inches

Charcoal and pastel on sommerset paper 

Courtesy Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami 

Artist Biography: Before leaving Strasbourg in 1968, Dominique Labauvie studied Art History with Roland Recht and Louis Grodecki, then continued his formation in sculpture in Paris. He had his first one-man show at the Gallery Bernard Jordan, Paris (catalogue) in 1985 and in 1986 receives the Villa Medecis Hors les Murs (catalogue) and spends one year in Germany. In 1989 he has a sold out solo exhibit at the FIAC with the Gallery Maeght. 1997 brings him a commission by the city of Paris of a monumental cast iron sculpture Horizons Suspendus, which is installed on the Quai de Seine. Labauvie is the recipient of the prestigious Grant from The Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation in 2009 and in 2010 the new Tampa Museum of Art gives him a solo exhibition of recent and commissioned works entitled Musical Lines in My Hand (catalogue).

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